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Clawbert is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by HyperBeard Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - HyperBeard Inc., with the latest current version being 1.20.4 which was officially released on 2021-02-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20456 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Clawbert App

How does it Work?

Clawbert is a lonely claw. He only has two fingers. But he has a full heart! Help Clawbert find friends. Make Clawbert happy again!

Collect the cutest, most adorable toy creatures from surprise eggs as you try to fill your collection.

OMG is that a rare surprise egg?!? Catch it before the machine resets.

Collect them all! Unlock all the toy creatures and a surprise could be in store for you.

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Top Reviews

  • By Unicorn Age 9

    Prepare to lose hours in the cuteness!! 😻😻

    I absolutely LOVE Clawbert (and all hyper beard games for that matter) but this game is just better than the rest. Ok, sure it may take a few minutes to get an egg open, but you can always go do something else while you wait, or if you have the coins you can speed up the opening. Clawbert is about a lonely claw and you collect eggs for him to have more friends. Clawbert himself and the friends are all extremely adorable and I love how they are animated. You can collect hundreds of eggs (and friends) for a lonely little guy. The controls are like a real claw machine, with the joystick and the grab button but you don’t need to pay to play. I have only been playing for a few minutes and I am in love already. If you have not downloaded this I would HIGHLY recommended it and if you have, good for you keep playing. I wish I could give it more stars. Know what, I give this game 15 out of 5 stars. Go check it out right now. Well, why are you reading this still? GO PLAY CLAWBERT!!!

  • By Wanda Moosejaw

    Hilariously cute :3

    This game is entertaining to an extent. You get hooked to it but you don’t have to be paying full attention to it as the eggs take time to hatch, so you can carry on with life lol. I love the kawaii look of it but what I love the most is the humor in the descriptions of each toy. I’m taking screenshots all the time because I find them hilarious. It is my kind of humor so I truly love this game. My only suggestion/wish would be to be able to move the claw once you grab an egg to be able to drop it somewhere else (to grab coins, gems or the piggy bank). You can, though, grab an egg and drop it slightly on a different spot by placing the claw as far as possible WHILE STILL having the egg in its reach, while one of the sides still pulls it into the claw and when you drop the egg it’ll land in slightly a different spot and luckily roll away from where it previously was.


    Sticks wit you forever

    I was 5 when I downloaded this. I loved the game. Yet here I am 4 years later and has the most toys and puzzles AND hats than my whole friend group. I've been playing this for a long time, never seemed to let go of it. So cute, simple, and addicting. I could play this for an hour and you could scream my name but I would be so attached I wouldn't here you 😂. Nothing stops me from completing the daily check list wether it's vacation, going on a plane, or any other distraction that leads me away from it. No one can stop me getting my rewards >:3. For those who need a app they can stick with, calming, simple, and cute this is defiantly the game for you. I even recommend it for al the emos at there! I better see you download this right now, I'm watching you >:3. (I really hope some of y'all didn't take the "I'm watching you" thing seriously XD)

  • By tea-rose

    Cute little diversion

    This isn't really a "game." There are no mini-games, no activities; you pretty much just push a couple buttons to move or lower Clawbert in order to pick up eggs and coins. The eggs hatch after certain periods of time, the length of which varies depending on how many characters you have collected in each world zone. The coins usually reward you with a small amount of coins and you are always given the option to watch an ad to earn more. Coins are totally optional, as are gems. You can pretty much just check in on this app every half an hour or so to hatch an egg or grab some coins. I love the artwork and it's a fun thing to check in on every now and then. If you like cute characters like San-X and Sanrio mascots there's no reason not to download this. A nice touch: each world has original visuals, characters and music.

  • By liyboi

    Entertaining and Cute!

    I found this lil' game cruising through the appstore and fell in love with the adorable collectables! There are aspects of the game where you can buy diamonds but it really isn't mandatory, which I find relieving. Also, while the wait for the eggs to hatch increases, you can still try to get coins or play with the hats. The wait never passes the point of an hour as far as I can tell, which is also great! Compared to other waiting games that make you 8 hours for one egg, it is nice to see that you can just do something for an hour and come back to it than having to like sleep on it. I don't have any negatives as of yet, but it definitely isn't a game for when you are waiting at an office or something. It is more of the satisfying, collecting game persona, so if you don't like those then don't bother.

  • By Hi!Heres a rate

    Very cute and simple game!

    I was scrolling through cute games, and this had came up. I clicked on it and checked the photos of the game then downloaded it. I opened the app and it was amazing from the start! The cute foods, animals, and more! It’s a simple cute claw machine that gives you cute prizes as I said the food and animals. I started playing today and I love it already, I played it for about 5 minutes to start, and got lots of prizes! Game is great for if your feeling sad or bored at the moment, or for road trips! It is also great for when you have a lot on your mind and want to relax and clear your mind! Have your own world of cute creatures and food once you download the app! I hope this review helped! If you like this app, I recommend searching “Cute apps” in the search bar. A lot of games like this one pop up!

  • By Not working .. e.e

    Puzzle Pieces

    Edit: The bugs that I have been upset about has been fixed and it makes me SO happy! They listen to the problems these reviewers have (besides the time fix on the eggs, but I am one that does not mind the wait) and fix them. You definitely earned this fifth star. 😊 Cannot wait for more updates. This game is adorable beyond words. I love the little claw game concept and the adorable "plushies" you get in the result of waiting for an egg to hatch. It is twice as adorable receiving the notification messages with emojis! But, the problem with this game is the puzzle pieces. I love collecting the pieces, but there is a bug where I cannot access the second puzzle on world one and I have a bunch of puzzle pieces unopened. The screen just blanks out whenever I try to access it. Can you please fix this? Thank you! 😊

  • By apilonia


    Clawbert is amazingly cute! There is no adds just happiness and cuteness! I play it everyday and the characters are so cute and positive ( some of them lol) anyways, this game is super good! You should get it especially if you love claw machines. But, I also have a couple suggestions. 1 please add more islands! I have all the islands in clawbert that I still did not finish collecting the surprises but I will soon maybe, can you make a new update in the game for more amazing and cute islands here are some that you can make. A north poll would be adorable, a pet shop island, and maybe a castle! These are some islands that I would love for you to make! 2 less coins please in Clawbert I spend all my time and coins on just puzzles or coins can we have less coins would be great! So that’s all my suggestions thank you for reading bye!

  • By nov05mama

    Overall a great, cute app - a bit glitchy though!

    Overall, the app is great. I love collecting all the little tokens and such. Some parts are very glitchy though. Once I unlocked Volcano Island, all of a sudden the checklist rewards stopped working. I can get the checklist item rewards, but not the reward for completing all three. I thought, perhaps, it was because I had collected all the checklist items, but I still have at least two (in volcano island) that are missing. Also, Volcano Island seems to never really drop any toys - mostly just coins and puzzle pieces over and over again. I guess the further you progress in the game, the harder it is to unlock toys (which makes sense in worlds where you’ve collected over 50%, but not so much in worlds where you have less than 50%).

  • By Toastosterone

    Pretty Good! Feedback for the team-

    I'll start off with the positives: -lovely art! -solid, simple mechanics and design* -great, unobtrusive, no-pressure ad and micro-transaction design! (good on you!) -great variety and attention to detail -fun level aesthetics -over all great, very strong design asthetic! -obvious heart and care throughout -confident humor and neat lil references -pretty fair numbers and currency rates alright, now the negatives: -*iffy wait times, not sure how to feel about different types of eggs in the same world being different amounts. odd. -* this is nit picky, but all shapes have the same circular rolling physics. could spice stuff up with different shape physicalities! -window pop up frequency is very high, could definitely do with less! (ex. grabbing a new egg) -layout and purchasable items not very intuitively accessible -currency is alright, but i feel that coin value can become very inflated -adding power ups to the store would be a quick fix and make layout a bit less wonky! the biggest thing i would change!! - i got this app thinking the more i collected in game, the more iOS stickers i would get! would love to see a direct relationship between in game and sticker collections implemented in the future. (obviously not for every single toy, but some.) i feel like its a missing piece in this game. TL;DR cute, fun, varied game! simple and non-obtrusive good micro transaction and ad design needs more iOS stickers!! worth the download!

  • By Radaradaradaradaradarada1

    Fun but flawed

    This game is pretty much just a cute game that you can play when your bored, you catch toys and try to collect them all. There is nothing to complex about it which is kind of its beauty. However no game is without flaws and there is one thing about this game that annoys me. You have to wait for the eggs to hatch for a certain amount of time and you can skip by using coins. This is simple enough but what bugs me is the inconsistency of times and how much you have to pay. It starts off with you only having to wait about a minute and you only have to pay a small amount of coins but it quickly increases and after a short while you then have to wait about an hour and pay a much less reasonable price without anything changing. The inconsistency of this really bugs me. I know the game needs to make money somehow but its a bit annoying how they do it. Besides that I promise its a fun game :)

  • By Dinosaur Lu

    So cute...but....

    I know that almost everyone else said this, but, THIS GAME IS OVERWHELMINGLY CUTE! (In a good way) but I love the game for many reasons, not just the cuteness. I absolutely love it because there are no ads (unless if you want one to get a prize) this is a major factor in a game that will make me play it. Sometimes in other games, there will be so many ads that I just delete the game. It’s crazy. I also love the game because it is so unique. I have never seen a claw machine game before. The one thing I want to change is the fact that you can get coins from eggs. I have a feeling that others feel this way also. I would much rather get a bunch of toys than coins. I really hope that you guys consider these changes and have a cute day! Also, do you mind giving me a magic word? I’ve tried everything I could think of. Please and thanks! Thank you so much!

  • By worriedconsumer

    Simple yet fun!

    I downloaded this game before a long plane ride home and I love it! It’s really fun and cute little diversion from whatever is going on. What I like best is the design and how simple the game is. It’s a bit hard to get diamonds unless you complete offers which seem to come from dubious sources or through sheer luck through the daily spin. Which to me is easy to ignore at this moment since getting the first extra space for eggs was easy enough. I would still give it 5 stars but the ads are a little much. If it was more predictable (like before the machine was reset or whatever) or even watch an 30 second ad for a certain amount of diamonds I wouldn’t mind it as much. But they seem to either not happen at all or I get 3 ads in one short game session. An improvement I have already seen is that the ads are less than a minute now. So I will still highly recommend this game to anyone!


    It Crashes A Lot

    I used to have Clawbert but deleted it after a while because I progressively stopped playing it, but after a few months I decided to get it again and the first time I used it since installing it again it wouldn't get past the screen with so and so color with a cute face that was blushing without crashing. I tried again after the first crash, and it crashed again. And again, and again. It go so annoying that I deleted it and the next morning I decided to give it one last chance. And you guessed it, it crashed! So I deleted it. Clawbert used to be amazing before I deleted it, no crashes, the main reason I really deleted it was because I lost interest due to long egg hatching waiting time. But now, that egg hatching problem is nothing compared to the crashing now that I can't even play the game. Hyperbeard, your games tend to crash a lot for me, and I don't know why. I just really hope you guys can fix this issue so that I can play Clawbert again!

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