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RISK: Global Domination


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RISK: Global Domination is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SMG Studio. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SMG Studio, with the latest current version being 3.1.3 which was officially released on 2021-06-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 114047 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the RISK: Global Domination App

How does it Work?

Everybody wants to rule the world! Now you can play the classic game of Hasbro's RISK online.

Cross-platform multiplayer lets you take on the millions of players playing on mobile and PC.

All purchases carry across via your RISK account, no matter on which platform you play.


• Multiple game modes available: Global Domination online, Play Friends online, Single Player, and Pass & Play

• Authentic rules – it’s the RISK you know and love

• Join or host battles against opponents online

• Use Automatch mode to be pitted up against players of similar rank online

• Up to 6 players/AIs

• Start with Classic for free

• Unlock 6 more classic and unique maps with a one time premium purchase

• 50+ more maps and counting to buy as additional DLC packs

• 10+ of single player scenarios to tune your skills with across a variety of maps

• Custom rules and game modes available: Capitals, blizzards, fog of war, limited turns, 70% control

• 5 difficulty AI settings for rookies and veterans

• Guided tutorial mode and in-game help

• Critical game stats and achievements

*extra maps and player avatars available for an additional cost

RISK is a trademark of Hasbro. © 2020 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved

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Top Reviews

  • By The Lozenger


    I love playing risk and an always looking to do more of it, but unfortunately none of my friends share my enthusiasm, as the game has a playing time of upwards of two hours. However, when I found this my friends suddenly got more intrigued. With a colorful scheme and a game mechanic called “blitz”, (a new way of attacking) you can do away with the tedious dice rolling that stretched the hours of regular risk. This, along with auto setup(optional) did away with the boring parts of risk and got to the fun stuff quick-world domination. (And there are multiple maps too so you could dominate Boston, the United States, and Europe in loads of different maps) This game solves my passion for risk in two ways: gets my friends to play with me and gets totally random people to play with me so there is never a shortage of games to play. P.s. If your an obsessive risk player like me you’ll wanna get the 7 dollar thing which allows you to play an infinite amount of games without having to wait for your tokens to return(also gives access to multiple more maps) but if you are playing two games of risk or less per day then I’d say don’t but it and just wait for your tokens to regen.

  • By AdMan_eleventy7


    I really enjoy Risk, and the game is Risk... kind of. The game is coded to encourage use of certain armies or create a certain win/loss ratio rather than giving you the autonomy that makes Risk... well, Risk. If they made it a true random number generator for each dice roll, this game would be exactly what it should be, and would be great (5 Stars). You might be saying “sounds like sour grapes...” but when I frequently attack a location with ten plus armies and the enemy square does not lose a single army? Granted, it’s mathematically possible, but not to the point that it should happen 4+ times EVERY game. I have NEVER seen it in the board game with actual dice. In my last game, I attacked one map piece containing 12 armies with 4 different map pieces each with 7 (24 total attacking armies), and lost all but the occupying army, while doing 4 total damage. Would appreciate the developer fixing the game to make each individual dice roll based on a RNG 1-6. This would make the game far less frustrating. At this point, I have enough of a handle on their algorithm to determine when I should stop attacking to avoid losing all my armies... not that quantity matters anyway 😒

  • By AF Joe 2017

    Great but A.I. Can make it almost unbearable

    Overall the game is great and when I play with random people or friends and family it’s a ton of fun and easily one of the best games out there. But.... when someone quits or there’s just an A.I. From the start it’s absolutely terrible at times. The A.I. Won’t make any moves considered the least bit strategic and will attack whoever’s closest. I hate winning a game because someone on the opposite side of the map quit and now a mindless parasite is backstabbing my enemy making sure they have zero chance of survival while suiciding itself. It’s a waste of time and doesn’t make the win fun. All I ask in the game is for a more intelligent A.I. Then it would be an easy 5 out of 5 for me and for many other people I’m sure. One other thing that would be great would be a chat room. Although I could see that getting toxic it could still be useful and make the game much more immersive adding a whole additional layer of strategy. Sorry for the 3 stars but it truly is a major inconvenience in the game. Thank you for you consideration, hopefully it gets fixed soon

  • By owksokwozmksoskms

    No flaws accept one

    I know this game is great and is really similar to one of my favorite board games risk but this one is shorter. I would like to however see what territories can be attacked. Example North Africa and Spain. I didn’t put defenses on North Africa and Red player was in Spain. He put 6 troops there and I wondered if he was going for Europe. Instead he attacked North Africa. I got really made I raged. Red player later won the game. I didn’t see any dotted lines so I thought he was hacking. But I later learned that I could attack Spain. I know this has happened to other people and is really annoying for starters in the new mobile risk who just didn’t know that could happen, I’m one of those starters in this mobile game of risk.I would really like to know what areas can be attacked. I have learned which ones can be attacked now. I am now a Intermediate ranked player in my first month of playing. Also Australia is to easy to hold so can you make a New Zealand or Taiwan ( Taiwan to get into New Guinea And New Zealand so you can get attacked from Chile).

  • By rashid89

    Good game but app requires improvements

    Great game, app is very glitchy. The app team needs to focus on fixing glitches which happen too frequently in the app (mainly during online multiplayer games and when trying to connect or create new games). App disconnects often even though internet connection is good - this usually leads to bad moves played by the BOT which temporarily takes over - this is very frustrating as it could lead to a player losing a game which they’ve been playing for 45 min... team needs to also include the ability of messaging players during gameplay - communication is key in this game.. it would also be good to include messaging in the area where you create multiplayer games to be able to invite friends to games and agree on key gameplay options. It would be good if we could also see who’s online - app currently has the option of adding friends but hasn’t built any options besides adding them as friends (so it’s pretty pointless). Otherwise great game..

  • By Firjgkogltpgllg

    AI difficulty, Same Time Risk, Dice

    Global domination is a good add on to the game, but there’s room for some real improvements. When playing single player, there should be a campaign, because constant playing of the same single player scenario gets boring. On top of this, the AI difficulty should be fixed. An AI expert is no more challenging than an AI novice, which can be infuriating when you’re looking for a challenge. A new game mode could be added to this game, as seen in Risk II for the computer, called Same Time Risk. Allowing for multiple territories attacking one single territory at the same time can be a more exciting way to play Risk. More strategy and skill can be involved as well, because the entire attack phase is preformed simultaneously by each player. Lastly, the fact that the dice are not random takes away from what makes Risk, Risk. A player should not have an easier time, because they’re doing good, and a player should not have a harder time, because they’re doing bad. Please consider these suggestions as I’m an avid Risk fan and player who just wants to see the Risk app thrive.

  • By youmanme

    Bad Updates

    This game is one of my favorite games to play, but after the last update it ruined how I feel about the game. I was a master rank, but after they updated it this last time I went all the way back to a novice rank. The game constantly glitched; kicking me out of the game, it would redo all of my moves that I had already made but take away all of my troops. I lost so many games in a row because of this. The developers keep worrying about adding features instead of fixing this and that is why I rate the game so low. I have spent a lot of time playing this game and have learned all the of the tricks to winning the game. I understand that I will not win every game but when these glitches keep me from winning while also knocking me down in the ranks, I do not enjoy playing it. I in fact have just become irritated because this happens every game. Also with the new update everything is just a jumbled mess and is completely unnecessary. The logos for the type of game being played is also less appealing. And with the alliances, there should be a way to communicate with your allies. This could be a separate game mode. The game is also full of cheaters and that should be worked on as well to make the game more fair. I’m more unhappy with the new update than the game itself. Because the concept is great.

  • By 30jk30

    Messed Up Dice

    I’m not going to be like some people here and claim that everything is a conspiracy and the dice are no exception. However, I’ve noticed a few trends when rolling: 1. A 4v2 in the attackers favor almost always ends in the attacker losing all troops and the defender losing none, or occasionally one. 2. Attacking with 4 against another 4,5, or 6 generally results in a low casualty victory for the attacker. 3. The last very noticeable trend is that of troop battles where both sides have troops in the numbers between 10 and 15ish. When clashes like these happen between armies of similar size, the attacker usually comes out on top with just a few casualties. Again, I’m not going to claim conspiracy or anything weird or rant at what I’m sure is a relatively small team of devs to “fix the problem immediately”. I just thought I’d point out that it can be very frustrating for players and I myself have rage quit quite a few games in which this happens often. Not trying to be a toxic player but in some instances, logic would show that rolling dice in the above scenarios multiple times is extremely slim, and happens more than the odds would suggest. Hope y’all see this, and, other than this, the game is great. Just the dice taking the two stars away.

  • By DanoleBoone

    Coin collecting

    It’s a very addictive game. Really like the different versions/skill level of the games. The different versions consist of different continents to conquer. Not sure if it is or not, but I think each computer avatar should have a different battle plan. The different game packages they have I have not bought one yet. I may have to buy one once I get bored with the current continents. The coins that we earned in the game should be allowed to be put towards buying a game package. That probably won’t matter anyway because the coins you earned cannot be received pass the next amount ending in zero. For example. When you finish a game and you have 57 coins no matter what you do it will not let you pass 60 coins. It says if you watch this video you will receive five coins. I have never received five coins for watching any of the videos. If you have anywhere between 56 to 59 coins it will not let you receive past 60. Then all the methods to receive coins are removed until you spend more coins. It would be nice option where you can have an alliance with any of the other computer avatars until the alliance is broken by one or the other. Or if you conquer one of the avatars you can receive coins.

  • By DarkDeath29

    Love most of it

    I love the game risk and I love this app, Usually. The app does tend to crash a lot, i just finished playing a multi player game and I won! But it does not seem to matter it took forever to process the results, so I waited patiently for like 5 minutes, then I waited very annoyed for another 5. I turned on airplane mode to see if I could discount and reconnect it would help at all. And then it allowed me to keep playing and taking my turns, after I had the whole world concurred and then my turn timer bar did not stop moving as I tried to take some turns and then I had like 800 Troops built up just cause it let me keep playing by the time the timer bar finished it just sat there when my turn should have ended. I should also add that in a previous online game when I was very close to winning the opponent had 3 territory’s the game froze when his turn timer ran out and just sat there. This in now 2 online games I have “lost” because of this. While I would still recommend the app it gets very frustrating how often the game does stuff like this. Never as bad as this time and even as someone who has only left one app review I felt the need to let people and the hopefully the creators know.

  • By Jorge E.O.

    Great, but dice is not random

    I really enjoyed this game. It looks great and works beautifully, but the dice is not random. The game places an advantage to one player from the beginning, at times sympathy to losing players, and at times purposely preventing players to gain territory on a given turn. I have been playing this game every day for two weeks and it’s a continuous trend. The advantaged player has an easier time taking over territories while not losing many points, if any at all, and this is felt throughout the game. Once in a while justice is served, but the advantage continues. On the other hand a player that is losing, including myself, is given sympathy by winning unbeatable odds. Worst case scenario, one game I attacked the same territory with a 6-2 odd from multiple territories for 4 full turns and lost every battle never obtaining it. Seems like bad luck, but I defended a similar situation, for not as long, and even still questioned the “randomness” of the game. After playing the game for some time you can predict some battles especially if one player is losing or you lose a battle that is clearly in you favor, so you learn to not attack because you will continue to lose for that turn. It seems like the idea is to drag on the game or make it more fun, but it just becomes frustrating. If this algorithmic sympathy/advantage is fixed, the I will re-download and play, but for now I’m done. I’ll stick with the board game.

  • By Kashmear Rose

    Dice being rigged & ads

    This game isn’t random at ALL it is just rigged for the people then let’s then win almost anything with ease and the people that got left behind just have to deal with it here is a little story I got a garbage start and then worked my way up and as soon as I got slight success the tearing my army up twice I faced a 2 with a 6 and twice they failed and died then I attacked a 7 with a 20 and lost 14 troops and then attacked a 10 with a 20 and lost 2 then the enemy came in with a 8 against a 19 and win only losing 2 troops and destroyed my game I am better than the average player and it is infuriating to work up and out play everyone then once you start winning to have the dice start to totally mess you up and several other people have said the same thing and the developers even put in a chat saying and I quote “the dice hate me” they acknowledge the dice issue but they only put a chat in and not actually fix the problem. Also there are ads like every time I click out then go back into the online to reload the games. Also I think it’s a bad idea to make people wait to play your game because then you are missing out on ad money and also in app purchases and yes they make you pay for infinite tokens (which are the things you need to play games).

  • By LTFire357

    Don’t bother with support

    When you send in a comment, complaint or even a suggestion to them is a waste. First, when trying to contact support you are directed out of the game to send an email to them. Second, after typing everything up and sending it in you will get a return email back. Third, now the email wants you to go to this site they highlighted and now you have to re-type everything again. ??? Why ??? Oh, that way they do not get complaints or anything they would have to do something then. Maybe, they can say they get any complaints because people are NOT going to sit there and re-type everything again when it was already done and sent to them. This way people just say the heck with it as they can tell that nothing will be done so why waste my time again.... I enjoy the game of RISK but this is not RISK as the game is fixed against you to make you spend money, money, money to play. Playing RISK is supposed to be a game a risk and reward. But, this game is not a game a risk when it is fixed against you. Play global with supposed to be other real players but it is not. The same name playing single player as when I played global. Also, both players (computer) would only attack me and not the other computer. So it is 3against 1 and this happened 7 straight games. What risk? When you have already loss before starting, how many times have you gone first when playing?? Nope, usually 4,5 or 6 to play out of 6 players. What a joke !!!!!!!!!

  • By i sell and buy stuff

    Horrible “random dice”

    There is fun to be had playing risk regardless but when you’re losing purely due to impossible dice outcomes it loses its appeal. I’ve played dozens of games of real risk. Hours long to fight those giant battles and rolled tens of thousands of dice in doing so. Yet in those experiences I have 2 memories of the completely lopsided outcomes that you’ll find in every game here. I always pick “True Random” when I look for games because it automatically skews to some other option if you don’t. Regardless no matter where I am in my games my dice rolls are always a perfect 16% for my overall stats. This started after my first game. Each game You will see multiple massive defeats that hate statistically improbable. I’m talking someone attacking with 20 against 3 and killing only 2 guys. Or attacking through 10 counties with only single defenders and Losing 20 troops to do it. That’s a defender winning 2 times before losing when he’s rolling 1 die against 3 10 times in a row... If you’ve played with real dice you know these things can happen but the frequency that it happens here is insane. But don’t worry. Once you’ve lost you’re whole army on a single attack that should have been a guaranteed victory the enemy will lose some extra troops here and there so the numbers don’t look skewed at the end of the game. I’ve got pictures of the battle logs that I took out of frustration but of course I can’t post them here. Deleting app.

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