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  • Last Updated: 2020-12-02
  • New version: 1.0.10
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Candy CEO - Business Simulator

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Candy CEO - Business Simulator is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Chimpanzee, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Chimpanzee, LLC, with the latest current version being 1.0.10 which was officially released on 2020-12-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,053 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.47293 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

You have $1000 in your pocket. Yes, your pants only have one pocket. Embarrassing, I know.... But all you need is a dream. And you have one. Build your startup from the ground up on the perfect candy and compete for global market dominance. Most businesses fail, will you make it to the IPO? • Raise venture capital for a stake in your company • Acquire competitors and grow your marketshare quickly • Craft a candy that balances sweetness, flavor and health • Research products and product features to give you the highest margin and best PROFIT. • Hire social influencers to promote your product. • Work towards your IPO and become a millionaire. • Start in your hometown and fight for marketshare until you become a GLOBAL competitor. • Hire a marketing team to build your brand and drive traffic to your sales team. • Build your sales team from the ground up and convert leads to sales. • Attend events to increase sales and brand awareness. • Automate your process for more efficient production. • Hire experts to create the BEST product on the market. • Treat your employees to trips and fun to keep morale high. • Build out your C-SUITE. CEO's, CFO's, etc. • Global leaderboards • Frequent updates with lots of fresh content on its way!

Top Reviews

  • It’s great

    By goopypoop
    It’s hard to get used to at first but the realism is like a breath of fresh air in this mostly idle style game types Edit: I think a rework of the tutorial would be very helpful for not only new players but also people have been playing without realizing how some aspects of the game fully work giving the player a better understanding Another thing I noticed is that maybe the description of different tabs should have a better explanation for those tabs I really have enjoyed this game so far even I haven’t gotten far I’ve had more fun losing in this game then mindlessly tap the screen and tapping upgrades the choices you make actually matter and make a difference it also has very neat aspects that I hope the developers grow upon like the ability to adjust the sweetness and taste of your candy to even me able to acquire other company’s these little things keep the game very interesting I feel like this game has a long way to go but I love the way it’s going
  • Far Too Difficult

    By delerioustyles_
    the concept is neat and i like the design/colors but the actual gameplay is way too difficult and the tutorial does absolutely nothing to help. if you're going to make a realistic business management simulator you need a realistic training course that doesn't just throw you to the wolves. i started over about 5 times and could not at any point get my daily earnings out of a deficit. i also find it dumb that you can't "fire" or reduce the amount of things/workers that you bought, if you want it to be realistic you need to give the player a chance to modify their business plans to suit the money they have. if an adult can't figure it out then a child definitely couldn't and i assume that is your target demographic. i really hope you improve the game in the future and make it less difficult to play as i would love to actually make a fancy candy on it someday.
  • Great app

    By Bestnameever543277964
    This game is truly amazing. Insanely hard in the beginning. Someone please tell me is it at all possible to play without spending any diamonds? I know you are given enough diamonds in the beginning so purchasing them isn’t necessary but I really wanted to make it with only the $1,000. I’ve seen recommendations of being able to fire staff and for advertising to be a recurring charge and should be figured into weekly profits. I also think brand recognition should also play a role maybe advertising becomes less effective as your brand grows, but consumers that know your product continue to buy your product.
  • Really good, tons of potential, but incredibly tricky

    By universalworst
    I just want to reiterate another review I saw. It’s a really fun game but having no option to fire people makes things tough. Also it’s not always clear what effect certain purchases will have until after they’re made. I plan to keep trying to find the right balance to start off, and I honestly appreciate the challenge, but I think it would help to have a little more room for error early on. You can make reasonable choices but still wind up in debt after the first week and have no way to get out.
  • Somethings not right here

    By IHopeYouChoke_09
    I’ve been playing for a few hours and I keep failing, even in the beginning when I only have 4 “family” employees. I’m selling every product I produce in a week and yet my profits keep going down. In the first 1-3 weeks I make 300+ units and have around 300 profit but as I keep playing suddenly selling 300+ units only give 67 in profit. I haven’t added any expenses, I keep morale above 100 with the free option. Yet profits drop despite sales (and all other options) remaining the same. And once profit drops down to around 20 (for selling 316 units???), production drops. Even though morale is high (literally 108 sometimes) production starts to go down, instead of pushing 300+ units i can only produce 270 (with 4 family employees) and profits go into the negative. It doesn’t make sense to me, what’s happening.
  • Fun game, couple minor changes

    By Ahdheiqpzbcn
    Overall it is a very fun and quite realistic game. For all you saying the game is too hard, that’s what business is like!! I enjoy the aspect of trial and error and the hockey ramp effect is noticeable. I don’t think the game needs to be any easier but I wish you could fire employees. Also the IPO keeps giving me around 100MM for my business valuation, which is severely undervalued, even as my business continues to grow. I have billions in cash, that should also be factored into valuation. Other than those things a very fun game.
  • I would rate 5 stars but…

    By 123469302629363
    I really love this game it’s fun and challenging. But once you get the hang of it and are making a lot of money the game gets kinda boring…. I’m making 5.3 million a week and have over 6k employees but it’s hard to make more money and to keep expanding. Like I said.. kind of boring.
  • An actual business game finally

    By 44 Foundation
    This game is great. There are no ads, you don’t need to pay to win, and all the aspects of the game are pretty spot on to how an actual startup works. You can get investors like in shark tank, buy out your competitors, expand from a local to an international business and set your prices to cover costs and gain profit. This game really is the best business game on the App Store. The only thing is that I got bored of it once I figured out how to succeed.
  • Great Game

    By Caddy823
    It definitely took multiple tries to understand everything going on, but I saw a profit fairly quickly and I was able to make a lot of money. It’s really fun if you take some time to understand it and mess around with everything! However, I would love to see an addition of the option to fire employees in the future. Overall, it takes time to see a profit, but it’s a fun time waster for quarantine lol!
  • Okaaay

    By Aj Gouin
    after about 10 restarts I finally got the hang of it and the game is ultimately really fun. Although I would say that formulating the candy can really set you back a lot and sometimes can mess up the business. I found just upgrading the health with gems two times was sufficient enough to complete the game.

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