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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-17
  • New version: 2.0.8
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Serenity: Fun Brain Game

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Word Serenity: Fun Brain Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Hi Studio Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Hi Studio Limited, with the latest current version being 2.0.8 which was officially released on 2020-09-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 82,143 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.61618 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Find words, sharpen mind and have fun! You can get calm and relaxed in this innovative, challenging and addictive word game! WHY WORD SERENITY? Word Serenity is a brand-new puzzle game from the developer of Word Town, Word Search Pop and Wonder Word! With soothing music and artistic hand-drawn pictures, you can relieve stress while exploring your trip to become a word master! HOW TO PLAY? Simply tap those balls with letters to make words and solve puzzles! With relaxing nature sounds and engaging gameplay, it is the perfect way to unwind! WHAT’S SPECIAL? - IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: artistic hand-drawn pictures, soothing music, ambient soundscapes and addicting puzzles, definitely a head-to-toe relaxation! - NOVEL GAMEPLAY: simply tap balls to connect words and to feel the vibration, totally different from regular word swiping and connecting games! - GRAVITY-BASED CONTROL: just shake your device and relax yourself with the bouncing balls! - UNLIMITED SURPRISES: rich themes, inspiring quotes, holiday events, various rewards… Play now to discover more! - ABUNDANT CONTENTS: 2500+ levels, daily puzzles and tremendous challenges, are you ready to beat the game? WANNA CONTACT US? New ideas to help us improve Word Serenity? Need help while playing? Feel free to contact us! You can: - Send us a message in Word Serenity - Or email us at: wordserenity_160_1@histudiosupport.com - Or follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wordserenity/ Get Word Serenity Now!

Top Reviews

  • It’s okay

    By chsufivkak
    It’s the same words over and over again lumped into different categories. Like Kitchen and then another category labeled Microwave Oven. Or animals and then zoo animals. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put together Juice or Panther. Or how many love categories there are with all the same words like “love” and “marriage”. Very repetitive. There’s not a lot of substance to this game and after a short while it’s no longer challenging because the words are basically all the same. They also have a couples bugs like, you can put together words that aren’t a part of the puzzle and earn points for them. So one day I put together the word “cold” and it acted like cold isn’t a word. But that’s not the only word it doesn’t think is a word. If there are a couple different ways to spell “knowledge” (meaning selecting different bubbles still gives you the same word) you have to find the exact collection of bubbles that the game wants to make the word correct. Maybe it doesn’t want (know)(led)(ge) it wants (kno)(wle)(dge). It’s not that great. I don’t like it enough to let it keep wasting space on my phone. I’m deleting it.
  • Loved it

    By Holo Sohma
    Still other then pulsing and lit no other way to tell you that you can get extra money for words is full. No need for a score thing since you get NOTHING for it no extra corns every 100 or anything. It has ads between EVERY level now and honestly it’s longer ads then gameplay. Idk why developers have to ruin the app with ads so from now on so you all get no revenue from the excessive ads I’ll turn off WiFi... it’s not an online game and there’s no need in it to try to get money. If people weren’t willing to pay before adding more ads and nothing new otherwise won’t really get you anything else either. Also I hate how you have no way of knowing you filled the extra words since it doesn’t like pop up or anything on the game playing area so you can sit there still getting words then look to realize those words you’ve been getting are wasted and you don’t get them added to the next amount or anything.
  • Pretty decent.. But..

    By hshshahakwkyeiwjw
    So, when I first downloaded this game, the levels wouldnt give you any ads. And I thought, “oh! finally an app that doesnt have ads!“ but little did I know, after those levels, there would be an ad after every SINGLE puzzle. Dont get me wrong, the game its self is amazing. Its pretty easy. But the ads kinda ruin the fun.. I think this game should have way less ads. I also have a couple suggestions. 1: Being able to make your own puzzle and being able to make it public. So, I think it would be a really cool feature if you could make your own puzzles. The more people play them, the more coins you make. 2: daily log in’s, and more ways to get coins. I think for daily log in’s, you can get coins. Also, the more you log in everyday, you get more coins as an award for playing. For more ways to get coins, like making your own puzzles and making coins off them, As I mentioned earlier. Also, maybe doing daily quests to get free coins, example: Quest: “Beat 5 puzzles in a row for 500 coins!“ I think this would really make the good so cool. And also, maybe daily gifts, kinda like the log in, but, its a little extra. For the gifts, maybe you can get coins, and maybe a “no ads for an hour“ or something like that. I think this would encourage people to play more, so they can try and get that and not running into ads a lot. Besides all that, the game overall is pretty good, thank you for taking the time to read this. bye!
  • Amazing game to play all day

    By Harrisonismycat
    This game is a great game to play when you are stressed. Just sit on your bed or couch and play. The relaxing music soothes all your pain. It isn’t one of those games that just stress you out. This game actually is relaxing. This game is the an awesome game. You might be really mad at some point.🌋 This games cools you down.🗻 More relaxed and more relaxed ⛰🏔 Soon you are better and you are relaxed enough to do whatever you want.😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
  • movement of prompt to "buy coins"...covering up w posit

    By Norm M
    has decreased my points by 1,200 (don't use hints) would give this app a 0 if I could... I like to take my time and figure out words ... an annoying prompt due to MOTION prompts me to use(or buy) coins. Since I have ADHD this is an "unable to concentrate distraction". Also, cannot figure out daily wedding (no explanations), and the motion in the background in app store is another crazy making feature as I write this review. Apple features (what sells for most, including pages, etc) was not designed for someone like me. btw, am on level 74 w/o using any hints ... have paid 3.99 for no adds, get bribes to watch ads for a minuscule amount of points. What part of "no ads" does apple and developers not understand? What the majority of users will tolerate, I assume. Also, the falling snow's movement in "Arctic Peace" is another distraction that drives me crazy. not designed for someone with ADHD....cac, wife of nhm.
  • Too many ads!

    By Austinpetey
    The game itself is pretty neat, good concept BUT IT HAS A 30 second ad after every play. Sometimes the ad is longer then the time it took me to solve the puzzle. I’ve played games with ads in them but very few have had has many ads as this one. I imagine the amount of ads in this game is trying to force me to pay the $3.99 to remove them however the only thing it iaforcing me to do it sadly delete it. The serenity I got from playing the game was lost while watching the numerous ads. I might pay $1.99 but 3.99 is just to steep. If you can afford by all means try this game out. If your not made of money then I suggest keep looking for a different game. P. S. Just a note, I have never posted before but the amount of ads just really bothered me, that I felt the need to post now.
  • So slow

    By Qwsdfvhjhtftbyjdkdkk
    This game moves at a snails pace taking forever to get from level to level. I don’t need to take 11 seconds to watch my score add up and be able to click the next level and I don’t need an additional 6 to wait for the level to be set up (showing the word and dropping the balls) I just want to play the game and it takes at least 15 seconds between every round to play a simple game where I am done with the level within 10 seconds. To put the 15 seconds into perspective for every four rounds you are waiting a whole minute. That sounds small but think about how long a minute is on your microwave. Please speed it up a little.
  • Fun! But a little limited...

    By Podcast junkie7
    Very relaxing game that’s fun. My only criticism is the extremely heteronormative and monoculture categories—like weddings, Valentine, Holiday Decorations (Christmas is apparently the only holiday in this universe), family (assumes that all families are full of love?). I wish the lists were more inventive, like countries, traditions (from different cultures, please!), breeds of dogs or other pets, periodic table, literature, mathematics, ethnic foods. I bought the ad free option, so I hope the categories become more diverse soon!

    By Finger war
    Word serenity calms down my brain. So when I can not concentrate I just play for a few minutes then I can concentrate so much better. Also word serenity has sharped my mind and its just wonderful. Word serenity is so fun and calm I just can not stop playing. I really recommend it. Word serenity is not in the play store yet its only in the app store but it soon will be. I can not wait for word serenity to have more new fun calming levels.
  • Daily challenge

    By 1002JS
    I like your improved daily challenge. When the partial words didn’t all come down at the same time, I felt frustrated, which is the opposite of what this game intends to do. I was pleasantly relieved when the format was changed and all the partial words came down at the same time. Great improvement!

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