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  • Last Updated: 2020-02-28
  • New version: 1.0.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Desert Island Fishing

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Desert Island Fishing is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Springloaded Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Springloaded Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.0.7 which was officially released on 2020-02-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,830 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.55335 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Lost at sea, nothing to do but fish! Jump into a universe overflowing with surprises and addictive re-playability in the newest game from Springloaded, winner of a Google best of 2016 Indie games award! · Fun, simple, one-touch arcade fish catching, inspired by the greatest fishing games of all time! · Hundreds of fish to find, all with their own unique entertaining descriptions. · 7 Islands (plus more if you figure out how to find them). Each one has their own inhabitant who has a rich backstory to explore! · Upgrade your gear and power up your heroes to make fishing for those boss fish a walk in the park! · (Coming soon) Link up with your friends and play daily challenges together against the rest of the world! · Dive deeper into the Pixona Universe! Meet fishing heroes from our other games, Tiny Dice Dungeon, Campaign Clicker and The Last Vikings."

Top Reviews

  • Enjoyable to a point 7/10

    By CupcakeLove0311
    This is one of the few games that I downloaded that can run offline and still be as enjoyable as if it were online. The game has a simple concept of fishing with interesting additions such as leveling, better items, different characters and odd items. This being said, I’ve had my fun with the game, along with the couple struggles I’ve faced. The game is great, but for the long run there are some problems that keep me from wanting to return. After playing the game for a little over 2 hours, I found that getting the rarer fish wasn’t financially helpful as the more expensive food out-priced the total sale of all 25 rare fish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game to get into if your bored and want to some time having fun fishing for unique fish/items in different locations. After a while, I thought I unlocked a character that looked like an Eskimo, but he never became unlocked. I didn’t know where to look for help on the issue, and became frustrated. Some of the GUI is messed up as well with the fish food you select not always appearing at the bottom of the screen, or the little radar button in the bottom left appearing. A simple app refresh usually fixes the issue, but it does come back up. In the future, I hope there is some updating done that I can come back to replay the game. The game has a lot of promise for being a good game in the future, and I will gladly come back if some more updating is done. -Ryan
  • Well...

    By AwesomePossum50
    I mean, it seems pretty fun at first, but as you play more, you have to spend more and more on bait/hooks if you want to catch the stuff, which is still annoying because each fish has a different hook speed. (Imagine playing a FPS where each life your sensitivity randomized itself, so you could never get used to controls before dying and having it randomized again, catching fish feels like that). Then leveling up/upgrading characters is a huge pain, because you have to catch certain sets of fish, some requiring you to clear out your tiny inventory in order to hold them all, and many times, you have to catch maybe hundreds of fish in order to be able to keep buying and upgrading rods in order to be able to reach the needed depth. Especially because you need to buy tons of bait all the time, so it's really hard to save up. And once you finally catch the whole set of fish, you can trade them in for 2 skill points to split between your characters, and they barely do anything. To be honest, I'm not even sure if I can complete any of the sets I currently have to choose from because my character isn't a high enough level to use the rod he needs to fish deep enough for most of them... There are aquariums you can put fish in to earn tiny amounts of money every few hours, but with the money I need to spend on bait, I can't make any headway on buying more tanks...
  • Ad watching simulator

    By do not harm ferrets
    It's not really a bad game, but it's designed around the expectation that the player will be watching tons and tons (and tons) of ads. I made the mistake of spending money on this, before discovering that it doesn't matter because the money generating drone actually does hardly anything and I was still going to need to watch hundreds of ads to have a chance in hell of getting any progress in the game. This is a disrespectful and exploitative practice and is highly disappointing to see in yet another otherwise promising game. The only upside to this horrible scheme is that the ads are technically not forced on you. You just won't be doing much of anything without regularly watching them. Update: I added one star because I have been playing this game regularly and figured out a way to get progress without watching too many adds (just one a day for 5 pearls). It takes some time and trial and error but figuring out which expert bait to use for each category and filling up aquarium slots with rare catches makes the grind bearable. But the fact that inventory can only be acquired through a huge expenditure of pearls is a big problem still. It is also impossible to access the treasure island without watching tons of ads. Ads are terrible, nobody likes them. If I cannot buy out of the ads for a reasonable cost this review will never improve.
  • Good idea, but geared towards making you watch a lot of ads

    By Ad Island Fishing
    In premise the game is fun, the graphics are cute, but after a couple of hours it really bogs down. You can sell a fish for around $20, which will help you buy 25 pieces of rare bait for $600. And you might go through several of those to try to catch one rare fish you need to complete a set. If you get the option to catch that rare fish, then you have to play 2 mini games to determine if you catch it (gets easier as you upgrade your fisherman, which you can by selling sets of fish, which means you need those hard to catch fish, which is generally annoying). Of course about 10-20% of the fish you catch are ads (either 5 second ads that you need 50 of to try to catch some extra goods, or a 30 second ad for $500). So you have the option to not watch ads but you won’t really get very far. Keep in mind some of the necessary gear in the game can cost up to $100,000 and still have to be upgraded with more gold. To really play the game you will need to spend some cash and watch the same 30 second ads over and over (around 1 every 5-10 minutes of gameplay). It is easier to just buy a $5 game that you can play and enjoy, but free games are free for a reason, so enjoy those ads!!!
  • Lots of fun!

    By LiviaZita
    Really like how easy it is to pick up the game (and to put it down when needed). Love the 8 bit art style (always have). Glad the ad watching is entirely optional, and when you do decide to, it’s not obtrusive or annoying. Just click on watching the ad and I do something else while it plays. The only thing that I found wasn’t so clear, and I hope this helps future players if they read this, is that the little radar icon on the bottom left actually helps you finish your collections and level up! It tells you what you need to use to complete a collection. I didn’t know this and nearly deleted the game (because face it, who is going to experiment and test every single lure, hook, fisher, and bait combination to find a fish and try to level up. Anyway, it’s a very cute and fun little game to play, and I don’t mind spending some money on it to support the devs.
  • Good but could be better

    By Mogan Ironwolf
    The game is good. I like the interesting “fish” you can get. I have done enough trades to unlock the guy on the iceberg, which I am looking forward to seeing the goofy things you can get. And I really want to get all of the messages to tell the story of the first guy. (I’m great with names) So what can be improved you ask? The radar for one. I have to go against the radar constantly because it is locked in on something like the angelfish when I want it to lock on to the fast food set so I can complete another set towards unlocking a character. Also, occasionally after an ad, the radar will skip to another set. It’s annoying. It would be nice to be able to select the active set. Please fix this or add another fishable feature. Last thing is that sometimes the more expensive hooks break when I am very close but I get more leeway with a less expensive hook.
  • Pretty Good!

    By LadySindrak
    I’m only having one small problem, when I put a fish in the aquarium and try to collect money, it says I’m not connected to the internet, which I am. Everything else that requires internet on my phone is fine, and I’m not using LTE by mistake, it’s something going on in the game. Also! Please, as we unlock more fish and objects, can we earn more than two skill points at a time? Or at least when we level up can we earn points with each level? Because I can’t keep my characters up with the skill required for some of the quests, I’m unable to get a few of the resources. I also don’t really like that the value of the lesser fish/objects goes down so dramatically as you catch them. For example, the angelfish in my game were worth $20-$22 at the beginning and now they’re only worth $14-$15. Those fish are extremely common, and I understand dropping the prices on them, but it’s really hard to earn enough money to buy bait, rods, and hooks without watching tons of TVs. This is a personal preference of course, the game is perfectly playable and very cute as is, I just wish gold was a tad easier to get. That’s about it I think! I do enjoy this game very much! I’m curious to see where it goes in the future!
  • Optional ads are GREAT!

    By Honlasic
    This is the only game that implements ads well. There are no annoying pop up ads or ad banners which so many apps love to use. The ads are entirely optional, so people who want no ads can have no ads without paying money. The only ads are rewards. Said rewards are entirely optional, meaning that the game can be played without ads or purchases. There is a general problem with ads: some ads are greyscreens which don’t do anything. This is not a problem with the game itself, but rather with the ad companies. I would suggest having a small advertising team (maybe 1 to 2 people to start with) to choose what ads would be appropriate for the game. This would also probably fix the grey screen ad problem, as well as removing any ads that might be inappropriate or unpleasant for some people. Overall, this game is a perfect relaxation game. It provides enough action and variety to be interesting, while still being calm enough for even the most casual players to play the game. One more recommendation: add an optional grayscale version for colorblind people.
  • Fun for about 10 minutes

    By Bigdrew253
    This game could be great. But the devs are clearly trying to find ways to make you spend money. Starting out your inventory slots are very few. There is no way to upgrade the amount you can carry unless you spend $3 on some pearls. For the first couple “missions” it’s fine. But after that it fills up to fast and if you get something you need there is no way to delete inventory to keep it. You then have to release your mission item and then delete inventory then try and get it again. It’s a huge pain. There are TV’a that pop up that give you free coins when you watch an add but they then stay in you inventory taking up a slot and coins can’t buy you extra storage. Only pearls which cost money. Would be a way more fun game if the devs would allow you to expand inventory capacity without spending money each time.
  • Suggestions

    By bangdode
    I love the game but i feel like there could be more done. For example, if a set has all common fish then 1 skill point could be added to a character, however, if there are enough rare, very rare, ultra rare, etc. fish in a set then more skill points could be added to a character not just two each time. This way going after rarer fish makes it more worthwhile. Also (I'm not sure if this is already implemented) but you could also add that selling fish with higher ranks = more money. One more suggestion. Add more actual fish. It seems there is more miscellaneous objects to fish for than actual fish themselves. Other than that great game.

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