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Lottery Scratchers


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Lottery Scratchers is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by App Happy Games LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - App Happy Games LLC, with the latest current version being 2.7 which was officially released on 2021-07-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 18472 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Lottery Scratchers App

How does it Work?

Do you ever wish you could win the lottery? Well today could be your lucky day! With the new game Lottery Scratchers, you get to experience the same fun and excitement as playing real scratchers, without actually having to lose money. Test your luck by playing over 30 different scratch off tickets ranging from Bingo to Red Hot 7’s… and if luck is on your side, you may win BIG!!


• Over 30 different scratch off tickets

• Real feel scratching effect

• Huge Payouts

• Win multiple times per ticket

• Win up to 20x the prize.

Ready to test your luck and win big?

Disclaimer: This game is intended for an adult audience and does Not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Our game is meant for amusement and entertainment purpose only. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By JasDaph

    Fun but disappointing

    Love the app... Occupies spare time! However when you run out of credits and play the free game there's glitches where I've won $10 on multiple occasions only for it to say sorry not a winner.... Also have had a few times where I've hit big, as in $250 or $500 and the app froze losing my winnings! If not for that I'd definitely give 5 stars and hope to get the glitches fixed!

  • By Locococo8

    Fun app to pass the time

    This app is fun to pass the time with. I enjoy playing and winning is all luck. I played one day and won a prize on every game. Another day I don't win anything but it's fun to try. You don't win real money but you get free credits everyday to use. There is also a ticket that's free to play if you're low or out of credits. Overall very fun.

  • By double Dan sleep


    I wish I would update them put more than Chris Christmas once a different one thing a freaking Christmas please update the different cards like $30 cards to make it more fun to win and I’ve been all the win Christmas ones I’m getting tired seen Chris don’t even Christmas time

  • By AwolJackson95


    Not big into this kinda stuff whether it be for fun via (app) or going out and actually purchasing real lottery tickets. But I stumbled across the app and figured I'd check it out. Definitely glad I decided to do so. Installed it 2 hours ago and have been on it since. Very fun and entertaining!

  • By HalfPint101991

    Thumbs up

    I only just started; but I enjoyed the game it is relaxing, and easy, simple, and doesn't take much brainpower. LOL. I might write a review later on after I play the game a little while longer because I really don't know much about it so let's see if my opinion changes.

  • By maxolava

    Money app

    It shows the video of you winning money right there fast but it’s not true when you get to win the hundred dollars it says you have to keep playing and that’s not true

  • By Tekigha


    I’m new to this but I am addicted to scratch offs. So I love it because it’s like the real thing I just wonder do u really win cash money. I use to play this other game like it but it was. Total rip off I hope this 1 isn’t. And when I’m wining the money where is it that shows me how much I have and how to redeem????! So please help me or reach out via email

  • By llittlecutie2

    Love the scratchers but

    I love this lottery without spending to much money. The only thing I have a problem with is when I buy tokens and scratch a few off and all of a sudden it freezes on me so I lost the money that I put into it. I guess I need not to buy coins anymore

  • By Chemguya

    Great game, but there is a bug

    I enjoy this game because it’s a way that I can play lottery tickets for fun much cheaper, lol. The developers have made it such that there is a bonus for logging in every day that grows incrementally from one day to seven so you can earn some free coins, with you earning more the more you logon each day. The problem is you are supposed to get 50,000 coins after seven days, then every day after seven that you continuously log on. However, on day eight it resets back to day one, rather than continuing the counts. I would play this game more often if they fixed that bug.

  • By ;):):D:P<33

    Fun but...

    I’ve been looking for games that you can win real prizes or cash so I came across this game and I played probably 20 scratchers and I won 250,000! I got so excited but then I reread your info on this game and found out it wasn’t real money kinda disappointed but thought it can’t be that easy to win 250,000 so that’s when I double checked. This game is fun to play when your bored or if you’re into scratch offs but just know it’s no real money haha

  • By luxurydiamondlifestyle

    Ight game

    It could be better! If only you could when real money via PayPal! Maybe you would take that in to Consideration! Because you winner on the starches off but it not real money! You should have a way give a free amount if you share it with friends are you can have a option to cash out to PayPal or bank! If you make those type of changes then I give you a five stars!

  • By Jenniferk82

    Needs updated on daily credits

    After reaching day 7, you should be able to continue with day 7 for every day you do not miss. Starting back over at day 1 is very depressing. I understand everyone game wants to make money but I want something to entice me to stay playing. Whether or not I spend cash. Other than that I love this game.

  • By NickNameAyyyy


    You cannot win actual money playing this!!! DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP!! You’re legit throwing it away. If you enjoy scratching things off for no reason, sure you’ll like this app... just don’t buy the micro-transactions and it’s completely free to play. But for the rest of us: When you win a scratcher it gives you money that can only be used to play more scratchers. There is no way to redeem your prizes for cash. This is obviously a trick to get you to either pay to play more thinking you’ll win actual money, and even if you don’t pay you still watch the ads and they profit. Waste of time, total scam!!!

  • By Paigemonsterx


    I won one dollar and it gave me no choice to cash it into PayPal or anything I thought that was just ridiculous and even if you have to get to a certain amount to cash into PayPal it didn’t tell me about that either I prefer lucky day if your looking for an app like this to earn money and prizes lucky day also gives you bonus tokens each card you scratch off and if you make it to 3mil you can cash it in for prizes it’s amazing but lottery scratchers is horrible

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