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Shadow Fight 3


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Shadow Fight 3 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nekki Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nekki Limited, with the latest current version being 1.25.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 133347 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Shadow Fight 3 App

How does it Work?

Legend has it that a hero will come to end the fight for shadow energy. He will have to learn three fighting styles, collect the best weapons and challenge the strongest warriors.

The world is on the edge of an epic war. The mighty force unleashed by the Gates of Shadows many years ago has turned into a weapon, and now three war clans are fighting to decide the future of this force.

The Legion warriors want to destroy the dangerous energy. The people of the Dynasty want to use it for their own benefit. While the mysterious ninjas of the Heralds clan explore the darkest secrets of the shadow power.

Three clans, three world views, and three fighting styles. Which side will you join?

Shadow Fight 3 - is an online RPG fighting game that continues the story of the Shadow Fight universe with new characters in 3D. Get ready for action, cool brawls with powerful fighters, and an exciting adventure around the world, where mystical forces reign.


Ninja, knight, or samurai? Only you can choose who your hero will be. Win unique skins in battles and customize your equipment colors to create a unique look.


Explore the fighting styles of each of the 3 clans to create your personal combat style. Your hero can fight like a cunning ninja or a mighty knight. Harness shadow energy to deliver powerful and impressive blows that can change the course of the battle.


Warriors around the world await the appearance of a hero who will end the struggle for the power of the shadows. Influence the storyline by choosing your clan. Defeat powerful bosses to challenge your nemesis, and then explore other worlds and travel back in time to learn new details of the story.


Even when the main story battle is over, the action continues. Win duels by fighting other players' heroes controlled by AI. Brawl with the strongest warriors to take a place at the TOP-100 leaderboard and become a legend of your region!


Collect your personal arsenal of weapons and armor to experiment in battles and look cool in duels. After collecting a full set of equipment, you get unique abilities to make it easier to win in a brawl.


Fight in regular themed events where you can win rare skins, colors, weapons, and armor. In these battles, you will face new heroes and learn a lot of interesting details about the world of Shadow Fight.


Colorful scenery and realistic combat animations can rival the best console games.


Follow us on social media to learn the tricks and secrets of the game from fellow players! Share the stories of your adventure, get updates and participate in competitions to win great prizes!






* Shadow Fight 3 is an online game and requires a stable internet connection

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    Top Reviews

    • By Baksheesh and

      The micro transactions aren’t that bad and here’s why

      I played Shadow Fight 2 and comparing this one to the previous I would say it improves in some areas and in others it’s lacking. Some improvements I think is the combat. I personally like the different fighting styles with each faction. Some have strengths and their own weaknesses as well. One think that needs improvement on the the weapon balancing. I feel there are just some weapons that have combos that can be a bit much at times. I don’t really have a problem with the micro-transactions. I haven’t spend any real money into this game and I don’t plan on it. I think people are being harsh about them in this game. It’s a free game you guys. This is how they have to make money. I can’t relate to the people who say this game is pay to win. Of course there is gonna be that super duper legendary armor and weapons that you can only get through buying the card packs, but having the over powered armor sort of ruins the point of the game. Answer this question: If every person you fight is easy and not a challenge, then is the game still fun? I think most of you would say no it’s not. To the others, then you’re gonna have to spend money. In conclusion, this is a great game that shouldn’t be looked down upon for having micro transactions. If you think it’s bothering you that much then just play another free game.

    • By Gijchbkb

      Great game, but has some issues.

      First of all I would like to say that I genuinely enjoy playing this game. It’s a great way to kill some time when you’re bored. However, this game is not without it’s faults. They’re more noticeable once you get to about chapter 2 in campaign and rank 3 in live fights, which aren’t actually live fights. They are more similar to CATS duel system. They use a players name and equipment, but are A.I. controlled. The biggest problem I have with this game are that once you get to a certain point, it gets to difficult to progress. When you’re at the katana boss in chapter 2 of campaign and at about rank 800 in duels. The way the game works is that you have to play duels to get better equipment to beat the campaign missions which in turn give you the xp needed to unlock higher level equipment also earned from duels. One you get to the guy with the katana you have to play duels to beat him. The problem is that the duel system is designed to keep you in check. It’ll let you win some battles and then give you a guy you can’t beat without better equipment, which you cannot earn without winning duels. Perhaps if chest unlocks were about 3 times shorter you could get equipment faster, but as is your inventory fills with chests so you cannot get more.

    • By NickityNixkname

      Amazing graphics, fighting styles, storyline, and more!

      From the start, this game helps players use weapons the right way and get good at the game, without an hour long tutorial. The story starts off giving you pretty basic yet useful weapons that don’t require combos and can just do a lot of damage. Later on through the start, you start learning new moves and getting new weapons. Then in the next chapter, you receive different weapons. These ones involve combos and more, but by then I felt like I knew how to play. The last set of weapons given are ones that require punishing your opponents flaws to do damage, which by then you know how to do extremely well! Then after you get all three you can decide which kind of weapons you want to get as rewards, which you can change any time you want. The other great thing about this game is it’s complex A.I, making the player have to change their tactics. The A.I learn from the players moves if they keep doing the same thing, causing it to predict the function. This also stops the players at the start from not learning more. The story mode is also unique and bosses have special abilities that you don’t have. Honestly, I suggest people get this awesome game.

    • By Cbabynurse

      I like the game a lot.

      Personally, I have played “Shadow Fight” since Shadow Fight 2 first released. As I saw the trailers and ads for Shadow Fight 3, I got really excited. Whenever I got my hands of Shadow Fight 3, I played it for hours. Right now I am so happy for 2 main reasons: One being that the game is actually difficult. In the second game, you could defeat Impossible rated levels with ease once you got used to the controls. In the third game, however, that is not the case. While yes, you can defeat Impossibles, but the game is much more difficult. The second good thing is when you get to the end of the game, instead of just doing raids like in Shadow Fight 2, you actually get events for special armors, and you also get to do duels whenever you want. A third thing that completely blows this game out of the water for me is no energy. For anyone not familiar with energy from Shadow Fight 2, you could do 5 battles until your energy ran out, and it took 20 minutes to get one energy back. In other words, you could play the game for long. The last part of the game that is nice is fancier graphics. In the second game, it was literally black, like a shadow. Now it has nice graphics, which I guess just makes the game more fun to look at.

    • By Yungwill1

      Better rewards

      I like the game but it’s really hard to get any epic and legendary equipment/perks. I feel like you gotta but them in the shop. I just feel like when there’s some type of event, the value of the rewards should be way better. There should be less rare equipment/keys and more epic and legendary stuff. Because when I win rare stuff I don’t feel like I won anything because I always get rare stuff through missions, side quests and duels. I also think that players should be rewarded better based off of the difficulty of the mission. For example, there have been times where it took me a long time to beat a boss on insane or impossible. Then when I finally beat it I get rare equipment. If I win an insane or impossible mission I should be getting more gems, epic/legendary equipment, not rare equipment. This should really matter since the game gets harder as you progress. I shouldn’t have to keep buying great things, I should be rewarded well on my hard work. And it’s not like the items are cheap. There’s a lot expensive items in the store but most of the time I can’t get what I want because I don’t have enough money or gems. Like if the game is not gonna reward a lot of gems or money don’t make the items in the store really expensive. This also includes shadow energy. I just don’t understand how I can have legendary items equipped but they will barely hurt the opponent. It doesn’t live to the name.

    • By Deno242

      Suggestions and feedback

      First off there is Way too much micro transactions. gems makes coins obsolete, the packs cost gems an the best items cost gems it should be coins to buy new weapon packs and shadow energy to upgrade them, gems should be used for shortening wait times. Overall gameplay is great except for the fact of waiting for side quests and survivals those modes should just be continuous why do I have to wait 7 hours just to play one quest or round of survival, that makes absolutely no sense. Events yeah but side quests especially they need to be fully continuous. If you can’t decode gems out of the game bring back fight energy use the gems for purchasing gear packs, coins for upgrades since they’re easier to earn an upgrades are always required to have the best chance, and use shadow energy as fight energy where it’s aquatinted to the players level so each regular story quest cost 50% of shadow energy side quest cost 25% survival fights cost 75% and boss fights cost 100% so with the players level, a level 1 would have 100% shadow energy total to use for main, side, or survival quests, level 2=200%, level 3=300%,etc. basically the higher your level the more you can fight. A fully depleted shadow energy bar or icon refills after 2hrs no matter the level. Cause you want to give players a break from the game but not to long of a break that they forget it till the next day/week/month.

    • By Johnny cage 54

      The game is good but the chapter 4 bosses are way to op

      Look, this game is really amazing. Like the graphics are so good for an iPhone and just blows most games out the way. The fighting techniques and moves are really awesome too. But here is where the game gets its cons. Yeah the weapons are pretty cool but at the same time some won’t do you justice because if you really play the game and understand it your weapons really depend on range. (for example, if I had a spear and the other guy had a sword I would destroy because I could cheese the whole game by keeping him away from me buh yet still hitting him which also causes a lot of damage.) Also sometimes the game depends on speed of weapons. Like some time you would press the button but don’t hit 4 secs later. That’s a really late reaction time but for lighter weapons they hit right away so I believe the weapons need to be fixed. Also chapter 4 is a little to op because when you verse some of the shadow fighters all they need to do is hit you once or three times and you are already dead while you do not have any armor or good weapons to go against that fighter. It’s like a lose lose situation that is impossible to win. Plus when you receive upgrades it only upgrades that bad stuff in your inventory why don’t the game upgrade the good stuff it doesn’t make any sense. But really just the attacks on chapter 4 character are way to strong and impossible to beat for people who does not have really good stuff in their inventory.

    • By bhjjjbn

      Amazing game but it has issues

      I love this game but to be better than shadow fight 2 it needs some fixes the pvp and graphics are great but the system of getting through with the game is not great. Weapons and matchmaking aren’t the issue it’s the rate of progress it takes to get through each chapter now I just started the game two days ago and I’m on like chapter 2 or 3 and which sounds great but I’ve already spent around $12 which I don’t usually do for ANY game until like my 2nd month of playing it and the reason why I paid a bit of money is because this game is fun but it can be so hard to get through the bosses and the other battles and it’s also hard to get shadow energy which upgrades your gear which honestly I really hate and it’s very difficult to get any further progress into the game. I like shadow fight two’s version of upgrading your gear which was with coins and I think that Nekki could make shadow fight 3 way more easier if shadow energy was way more easier to obtain or get rid of shadow energy and make coins upgrade gear but I think that’s more complicated to put into the game than just make shadow energy more obtainable to players. So Nekki if your reading this can you please make the game just a bit more easier by making shadow energy more obtainable and only then in my opinion will make game would be more fun and can be equal or better than shadow fight two. Sincerely Untalk99

    • By Curt E.

      I love this game, but it has a huge issue.

      I’ll keep it short because nobody likes walls of text. This game is extremely fun, has great graphics and fantastic gameplay. The micro transactions aren’t forced on you at all, and on top of everything it actually has a story with fun bosses. However, the weapon balancing is off-the-charts bad. It’s like Rock Paper Scissors, almost, except way worse, so ignore the analogy. I was getting annihilated in PvP by Spears when I had an axe, because I had no range. Then I unlocked a spear and I annihilated everyone else in PvP because I did have range (and a BS attack that basically guarantees a free hit). Now that my level is higher, I’m running into people with curved swords that can trap me in automatic 4-hit combos, then start over again because I have literally no time to attack, their attacks are just way too fast. The shadow abilities are a little ridiculous, too, simply for the fact they are 100% unable to be blocked. Anyways, apologies for the wall of text after I said I wouldn’t give it. This game is genuinely very fun, and probably my favorite I have installed right now, this issue is just too big to ignore, and it makes many fights feel unfair, or at a disadvantage simply because of what you’ve earned from crates, which is a huge no-no. I would absolutely still recommend this game to anyone, but the developers NEED to fix the balancing.

    • By 5ynth

      I’m incredibly disappointed by how much this game became pay to win

      As a veteran player, I was incredibly excited for the release of chapter VII as well as the return of the winter festival event, however I must say that I’m disappointed by how unbalanced and grindy the game has become. I completely understand the logic behind creating the stability score as a means of putting everyone back to square one, but it is incredibly difficult to increase your stability, even in a week’s worth of playing without spending real money on things like “completion packs”. Furthermore, I am also disappointed in how unbalanced the “boss fight” of events has become. Events were supposed to be made so that people from all equipment levels have a chance at receiving a better set of gear, not discouraged them from playing the game with incredibly unbalanced boss fights. To name one is the “Bad Okada” battle in the winter festival ascension. He is an incredibly hard to fight opponent, who can summon ice bots and attack you simultaneously, easily finishing you off within 3 shots or less. And this is only on the basic ascension battle progression with the final judge set equipped. The only times I was able to beat him were when I perfected him after at least 15+ failed attempts. This doesn’t make me want to try harder and continue playing the game. It makes me want to rip my hair out and delete the game. What happened Nekki? Get your act together and make Shadow Fight 3 fun to play again.

    • By pubesandwich

      What’s the point?

      I’ve played this game for hours, minutes at a time, and there is some real problems... I’ll start with the pros- good graphics, (mostly) responsive controls, a few different game types... now the cons- hit detection at times can be arbitrary, it sometimes registers multiple button presses as one long one ( this leads to you foolishly winding up for a huge move only to be interrupted by a jab following a combo) the biggest flaw to me is PROGRESSION. After completing all of the story mode campaigns, I get greeted with “more coming soon” oh come on, was it that hard to make the game so far? Time based objectives in “side missions” will “allow” you to play roughly 4-5 matches per day, which will upgrade your existing equipment or (rarely) grant you new abilities.. “battle” mode is a supposed pvp game where you play an online opponent, and here is where the problem lies. I have found it impossible to reach 1600 battle rating, because every time I get close, it puts me against people with a waaaaay higher rating with way better equipment than I have, so I slowly go up the ladder only to get knocked down 2 pegs. To make it worse, the game gives you “upgrades” in the form of cards, but I find they tend to only upgrade the crappiest gear I have, instead of the better stuff I have, and there is no way to sell the old crap I had when I started. For now, a 3 star review, will review better if they improve the progression, I might even spend real money on it.

    • By phishyfishy

      Grind of a game with a focus on micro transactions

      Shadow Fight 3 is an visually stunning fighting style game with a text campaign story marked by individual story battles. The player progresses through the story to level up the character and eventually reaches soft walls for content with “insane” or “impossible” difficulty. I’ve seen comments that if you’re skilled enough you can win at this difficulty, but in some situations there really is no possibility of winning even at the highest skill levels. For example, an opponent that literally out heals any damage you could possibly do. Overall the game is alright, but the story is extremely slow to play through as a result of that soft wall designed to force a player to grind or pay for tokens, keys, or other in game currency to have a chance at maybe leveling up their gear or gaining “stability” points. In some cases the soft wall goes so far that the story becomes irrelevant and disjointed and has caused me to skip through the text. Even casually, this game grinds your progression to a halt in an effort to force you to pay for something. Add in the card mechanism and poor translation of the text and you’re left with a distasteful feeling much like an uninterested pretty date that costs you a small fortune. I was happy to pay for a game to support the developers and did make an in-game purchase. However, I won’t be making further purchases for this game and recommend others do the same.

    • By Curtis Le Burtis

      Pay To Play

      If you plan on playing this game for long, don’t download it. I decided to spend money on a free game so you guys don’t have to. This game is a solid 5/5 for gameplay. However, regardless of how many challenges, side quests, events, or chests you open there is no way to progress without dumping money into it and that is exactly what I did. So you’d think that, fine a little money to support the creators of a game I enjoy right? It should get be going for at least a little bit. I bought one of their 14$ special deals on equipment to get past a boss that was stuck on impossible that I just could not beat. Went from impossible to easy. However, with in THREE missions it was already unbeatable. Again, no way forward, without any money. I’ve put a decent amount into this game and still have ran into money walls over and over again. The structure of this game is precisely that. Love the gameplay but spend money to keep playing. At least in a fashion that didn’t feel worthless. On top of that, store prices adjust based on the amount of gold on you have so their prices are always just outside of your reach. You can always upgrade but those materials come in minuscule amounts infrequently. Everything about this game screams pay to play and if you want a game that putting money into will elevate the experience do not download this game. It is not worth your time or wallet. Also have played this game for 2 months, and beat most missions on insane.

    • By Cancer game reviewer

      Waste/ takes little skill just money honestly

      This game is a waste of time it’s more of a game where you just open chests with a long wait time you can’t progress fast and have fun because you only level up through story but to play each level you have to have a even higher power level which you get through chest and most of the time the good weapons require a higher level. Also you can’t progress with pure skill because every time you beat one story level the next part of the story is literally impossible. Also you have to wait for more side quests which are the only thing to get better weapons but they also have a long wait time. Yes the game is fun but that’s when either your evenly matched or have a higher power level. With not being able to progress with pure skill you can’t because attack’s others have when they are a lot higher level then you can take your whole health bar down with a simple combo move. It’s also pretty hard to dodge because once you mess up a dodge you get knocked down and they can hit you down again before you have the chance to do something. I’m fine with waiting for chest but maybe they could shorten some. Also I think you should be able to level up weapons and armor through multiplayer. Another thing is adding friends so you can fight them. I like the training aspect but maybe you could have her fight back with out damaging you so you could fight infinitely.

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