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DC Legends: Fight Superheroes


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DC Legends: Fight Superheroes is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Warner Bros.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Warner Bros., with the latest current version being 1.27.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14443 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the DC Legends: Fight Superheroes App

How does it Work?

Recruit Justice League Legends like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and many more in the ultimate DC superhero fighting game!

As the shadow of the Blackest Night prophecy falls on every world, sheer willpower alone cannot save the shattered DC Universe. It’s up to you to lead a team of DC’s greatest champions to victory, but know this: the Universe cannot be restored without a strategic mind.

Download now to experience the ultimate strategy RPG, packed with all of your favorite Justice League superheroes and villains. Join Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Joker and many more in a battle against Nekron and the Manhunters. Collect and level up your unlikely team of Super Heroes & Super Villains to save the world in epic 4v4 combat!


• Collect and form teams of Superheroes and Super Villains from across the DC Universe

• Superman and Lex Luthor? Batman and The Joker? Bring together unlikely allies to build your roster and battle against rival teams!

• Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or build your own Suicide Squad

• Collect new DC characters every month and earn a Legendary hero for free!


• Immerse yourself in an exciting story mode across iconic DC locales, including Metropolis, Atlantis, Themyscira, STAR Labs, and more

• Unleash Superman’s Heat Vision, Bizarro’s Flame Breath, or Flash’s Speed Force Vortex on wave after wave of undead foes!

• Survive multiple battles by utilizing your whole roster to gain exclusive rewards and characters in R.E.D. Alert Mode

• Compete against other players around the world to demonstrate your superior team-building skills, and climb the ranks in 14 unique Leagues!


• Strategically rank up your Superhero or Super Villain to Legendary, for improved stats, new Super Powers and a new legendary appearance

• Upgrade iconic gear for your hero, like Batman’s Batarang, Sinestro’s Power Battery, or Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite Ring!

• Experience Rebirth - unlock new looks and additional skins!


• Join forces with friends - work together to complete Alliance missions and fight together to take down Alliance raid bosses!

• Weekly PVP events - Arena, Blitz, Showdown and Siege tournaments

• Show off your winning strategy - Poison Ivy buff steals or Green Lantern energy shields? You decide!

• Earn exclusive rewards for participating in special events and challenges

Dominate the DC Universe! Download this unique superhero fighting game TODAY!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCLegends

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Top Reviews

  • By RicanRoyal14

    Be willing to put in the time.

    I have been playing this game everyday for almost a year and a half. Strategy games are my favorite and this one does not disappoint. Every character plays a different role, and there a numerous team combinations to play and discover. New characters are released every month along with revamping their older characters who's move sets could use some polishing up. It's exciting to play a game that's constantly evolving and adding something new. Yes, it does take some time to establish well rounded teams. You'll collecting random fragments everyday waiting to see which of you characters will be the next to rank up. The strong team you have this month, can be completely different from the one you have the next month and that's what makes it fun. I love this game and look forward to every new character and feature it brings in the future!

  • By Kingsdaughter613

    Finally! An app I can play without paying!

    I love this game. I can collect all the characters without having to pay a dime. There are so many ways to get the best currency, and heroes constantly recirculate through the shop, meaning that a little patience will give you an awesome team. Patience being the key word. You do need patience to get up to a high level. Once you reach about level 60 five star, focus on upgrading gear and abilities. And pay attention to secondary traits. It doesn’t matter how powerful my enemy is, if I’ve slowed him down down so much he never gets to move. In the end, it comes down to tactics as much as brute force. I recommend this game for anyone who loves DC, enjoys casual tactics and can wait for better rewards.

  • By The Elven Minstril

    Fun game with major Balance issues

    I have played this game every day for about a year, give or take a few months. I enjoy it for the most part. It is fun to fight with my favorite super heroes and slowly build them in strength and power. The game stands well as a free to play game. You can of course pay money to acquire things quicker, but it isn’t mandatory. And there is plenty to do without having to spend a lot of cash for time-earned energy. But in the past few months, one character, in combination with a handful of others, has been so brokenly overpowered that a team with him (Deathstroke) cannot be beaten in auto play and generally beats teams several hundred or thousand power points stronger. Ninety percent of the top ranked players are exploiting Deathstroke teams. The makers of the game have done little to fix this and have even gone so far as to delete any forum post making this complaint. I waste many PVP resources each week trying to reset my opponent list until I am not burdened with facing a half dozen of them at once. If this balance issue was fixed, I would give this game a 5 star rating.

  • By Justolini

    Been playing a few years

    I used to play Injustice, the mobile app, which I liked much better than the console version of that game. I gave it up after mysteriously losing characters and a bunch of gear and levels and stuff (apparently due to limited free memory on phone). New phone, new game! I haven’t had that issue in DC Legends, thankfully. I can’t really compare Injustice to DC Legends because they are so different. Legends is more of an classic RPG style game, where your team of four heroes take turns against another team of heroes. Your team consists of 4 and the hero in the leader position gives the team a special ability. The game requires a great deal of time if you want to compete with the big dogs. There’s an option to spend money, but it’s not required, and I don’t recommend it. Items in the shop are WAY overpriced and it’s easier to earn the stuff in game than to spend your hard earned $. I recommend saving your gold to strategically recharge so you can earn levels, gear, ranking, etc via battles. What you get for the gold by spending it in the in-app shop is pretty pathetic usually.

  • By Bbbbbbrandonyo

    Great game but...

    I really enjoy this game a lot. It brings together a very nice roster of characters and the addition of reworks on characters gives you hope that if a character isn’t too good upon release, they might be in the future. It goes both ways however since it could be that they change a character entirely. There are many things I would love to see in the game in its future, but the one thing I’d like to request to the Devs (For what it’s worth) is the addition of guaranteed fragments from heroic mode. Nothing is more frustrating than spending double the amount of energy you do in regular mode to not even receive 1 fragment for a character you want. The guaranteed fragments would make it so you could at least slowly get characters you want as well as the opportunity to gather new heroes knowing that it’d be possible with the guaranteed fragments. I know there’s probably reasons why the fragments aren’t guaranteed, but I was thinking it could be possible since Injustice 2 was random before and then was updated to give guaranteed shards.

  • By Maranta Red

    Deathstroke is to powerful

    I don’t like how strong Deathstroke is, he’s immune to everything I feel with these games there should be some type of balance but there’s not. The vast majority of people that have high ranks there main character is Deathstroke so if you want to be strong you would need Deathstroke. My rating is higher then the opposing team I have 3 characters that outclass Deathstroke and some how he’s taking them all out. If you going to have a person that powerful then it should be Superman or he should have a immune ability which I have not yet seen on him. Do not like how strong or powerful Deathstroke is, your rating would have to be very high to beat Deathstroke and he just so happens have a move that takes all your energy, if that move comes out be prepared to lose all your energy, I don’t find it to fair. Overall I like the game just don’t like how Deathstroke seem to be the most powerful character. There shouldn’t be just 1 powerful character there has to be balance.

  • By Capwell1976

    Good but…

    First the good. There is a lot of content characters, decent amount of energy for daily rewards, straight forward leveling, raid event common, always coming out with content. Now the bad. Pay to play is boss, pvp with pay to win players can halt you almost a days worth of energy. Have to use energy to restart the board if you run into one. Worthless characters that you will never use including the big three. All the new characters overpower the old. Some way over powered but if you didn’t spend the money. You wouldn’t be able to make them viable. Events are guild based. So if you play solo you will not get the best rewards because you can’t amass points. Also 2 week pvp top guy gets more points then you with bought energy then you can collect in 6 months roughy I finish top 1000 with 2k points, winner will have roughly 6k to 8k. disclaimer time I started playing within the first month of launch so I’ve got years dedicated. I did spend a little money in the beginning to get leveled and get my favorite leveled. Normally finish pvp within the top 1000 so not to bad. I log in twice a day when energy is maxed and play until it’s all used. So all it all, I enjoyed this game for years but just tired of road blocks from the pay to play. I know the game is free and they need to make money. Now it’s time to freely hit the delete button.

  • By Robregon1

    Decent concept...mediocre execution

    Before I begin ranting...let me preface this by saying that the game play can be pretty fun, when it’s working, but I don’t recommend putting money into the in-app purchases as the return on your investment can be very disappointing. I’ve been a comic fan for close to 50 decades...it seems that Warner Brothers has taken DC from THE industry leader, into a painfully slow downward spiral to where they’re putting out second rate product at best. It’s disappointing because DC always was (and always WILL be) my favorite comic company. This game is similar in play to their longtime rival’s offering...but the graphics here aren’t as polished, the character interaction is limited and comparatively rudimentary to the competition. The programming is becoming increasingly glitchy, I get at an error message at least one time every time I play and on occasion the game will crash during game play. So far to date the RAID BOSS event that periodically is featured is a shining example of everything I’m talking about here. I got multiple screenshots to show I’m not making this up...every time the event comes up. Characters will freeze while the timer runs out...you’ll see your characters bobbing up and down but not attacking and sometimes the raid bosses kill your characters while you’re unable to attack back. I can go on and on about the shortcomings but I think you get the point.

  • By Aloha Geek

    Good game with some minor flaws

    When I first started this game I had a really good time. Most off the mechanics are good and the idea of being able to play as many of my favorite dc characters helped me really enjoy the game. However the major problem for me is leveling up characters and getting new ones. I applaud this game for trying out a new way to level up characters but I think the traditional leveling system in games is much better. The problem with this games leveling system is characters don't level up when you fight. This leaves a problem in the game that haunts your progress. You need items received after beating a level to upgrade your characters so if you get stuck on a level you are stuck playing heroic mode to get more and you can't get new characters to change your battle strategy. In the end this is my only major complaint and one that I don't think will be changed at this point in the game. The only other problem I have is when fighting you can let the a.i. Take over for you but the a.i. Often works terribly, I've had battles where I was 200 points above my enemies level and they utterly demolished me no matter how I set up my team. In the end I think this is a good game with some problems but still entertaining enough to play for a long time.

  • By MARivers

    Slow on the bug fixes

    I like this game. However there are almost always a handful of conspicuous bugs in the game that are oftentimes within battles. I’ve come to accept those and be okay with them. There are other bugs that really get in the way of actually playing the game I’m not so forgiving of. Every time the game comes out with its monthly or sometimes even more frequent updates/campaigns it will tell you it’s downloading updates before you can open the game. Once you have it open, nothing will render and it will say it’s downloading updates in the lower left corner. If you try to play nothing works and it will crash. This lasts about a day where you can’t play. Today makes three times this month and it’s not even three weeks into it. That breaks out to about 85% of the time I can play and enjoy it. The rest I’m left opening it, crashing it, reloading, rinse and repeat, write review. I don’t understand how this isn’t caught during QC.

  • By TitaniumAcolyte

    It used to be SO much better...

    I’ve been playing DC Legends practically everyday since it first came out in 2016. The game is virtually the same as it was when it first came out, though it has amassed a rather large roster of characters, both heroes and villains. The new characters introduced each month were the reason I kept coming back day after day and why I’ve spent money to grow my own roster of characters. I’ve dedicated countless hours playing in PVE arenas, upgrading my characters and fighting in PVP battles to acquire the characters I’ve wanted and perfect my teams but it seems like certain game features have changed in the last few months. I’ve noticed that the game’s PVP matchmaking is drastically different than it used to be. I myself have a pretty good PVP team but it seems like every time I play the PVP arenas, I get matched with other players who are so far beyond my level and impossible to defeat, making the game both infuriating and aggravating. I don’t know what the game developers changed or why they changed it, but the game just isn’t as fun as it once was. It’s sad that after dedicating and spending so much time playing this game, that it’s now not worth playing anymore. I just hope the game developers fix the problem.

  • By Rydia006

    Unbalanced heroes

    When this game first started, it was fun to play. After hanging on for almost a year of playing this game, I have to stop. The creators are so oblivious about the unbalanced of the characters. They were able to correct one character power after hundreds of complaints. However, they continue to over power a few of them. Using these over power characters together you become unstoppable and can defeat any opponent with much higher levels without taking any casualty. I.e. Powergirl can easily defeat a whole team single handedly as long as she has at least one go around. Etrigan can do the same with two turns because his intelligence will be off the roof. And then the new Starfire, she is so over power and un-killable. she hits hard and almost on every character’s turn (when pair with a continuous heal heroes like Swampthing...) and has death immunity. She can kill Almost all teams without it even being her turn. It vexes me each time waiting and waiting for the creators to correct these unbalances, but now I am done and will delete the game. It would be nice if the creators actually play the game so they can see the problems that the players see.

  • By adclegendsplayer


    This game has so much potential, but there is so much that holds this game back. Everything from pay-to-win characters, matchmaking, and pvp. Characters that were released over a year ago are still not available to farm. One might get lucky and have a character available in the shop, but that is completely random. Also, there are characters that will decimate some of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. The matchmaking is horrible. It is not uncommon to be pitted against a team that has 10k power above your best team. If you want to refresh, it will cost you. The pvp has to be the worst of any of these types of games. The reset every week where if you don’t obtain a specific amount, you will be penalized or lowered. I can understand that for the higher tiers, but the lower tiers... all I have to say is, I am disappointed in this game. I want to like the game, but there is such a pay wall, it makes it difficult. If someone were to start now, from the beginning, there would be no chance.

  • By StewartADorsey

    Game is great but Support is worthless so...

    I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half. I’ve never had in-app purchase issues, until July 3, 2020. I purchased an energy gear pack and didn’t receive anything. I didn’t think anything of it because things happen. So I closed and restarted the game. Still nothing. I planned on purchasing the max allowed so I made another purchase and got what I purchased every time, except for the first one. So I put in a ticket and got a response. My issue is the response I got stated because my bank statement shows the purchase as still pending I’m basically not getting what I purchased and had already been charged for. I sent screenshots of my bank statement and apple purchases. This is unacceptable. You have never made me wait for a transaction to post in order to get what has already been charged and paid for before this. Now, because of something that is YOUR fault, I have to wait for you to decide when you want to fix the issue basically. I’ve spent honest to God probably over $1,000 on this game, and you don’t want to just fix the problem and keep a customer happy. Again unacceptable.

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