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Blades of Brim


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Blades of Brim is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Sybo Games ApS. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sybo Games ApS, with the latest current version being 2.16.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6338 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Blades of Brim App

How does it Work?

This free game gives you endless fun that never ends, filled with cool missions and unlimited weapon and armor upgrades available.

Join running forces with the awesome heroes of Brim to save the world from the invading army of Goons!

Dodge into an epic, enchanting and endless universe where magic and mayhem awaits your unique wall running character, as you complete quests on your run to become the greatest hero Brim has ever seen!

Take a stab at collecting treasure and gold coins whilst you dash & dodge, jump & roll, and hack & slash your way through the mega army of goons in order to upgrade your epic characters, weapons and magical blades.

Attempt to leap over the endless depth of treacherous and dangerous cliffs as you hack and slash goons and their ugly bosses with your magical sword.

● Leap over deadly cliffs & run on walls to escape the nasty goons

● Dodge enemies and obstacles on your path.

● Collect essence & gold coins to upgrade your character and blade

● Slay the hideous villains

● Befriend pets such as Elemental wolves, horses and magical dragons

● Level up your armor and boost your weapons

● Perform fast paced hit-combos and wall-running stunts on your running path to become the greatest hero of all time!

● From the creators that gave you the #1 game of all time, Subway Surfers!

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Top Reviews

  • By Hesha&Durdy

    Absolutely Amazingly Addicting

    This game is so fun!! Ride Pets, collect Power-Ups, and chase Panicky Looters! Wide variety of unique upgradable weapons and gear, each providing their own respective power-up addition. Coins, Equipment, and Pets are just easy enough to attain to keep you playing. Although the green cliffs and briars of the “normal” world become a bit redundant. Perhaps devs will consider implementing a change in location/scenery after running so many meters. Maybe even allowing users to choose the scenery they start with after they’ve completed a certain goal (Destroying “x” Summoning Crystals) for example. Also, a ranking system would be nice and A story with animations that are played when certain meter milestones are reached/summoning crystals destroyed. All-in-all this is a great game that I hope you all enjoy as much as I do! Thanks to all the developers! 🤘🏻

  • By rueversus

    Good game... but...

    Let me start this with an “I love this game”. I have played it since it came out and always come back to it every now and then. I used to spend hours playing, and really probably still could. The only complaints I have is the lack of updates and the general uselessness of most armor and weapons. I want to be able to use other armor and different characters but I’m forced to use whatever makes Midas touch last longer and goldthorn to grind coins. Would be cool to be able to transmog like wow does and keep the ability on whoever on whatever equipment. Also, please don’t abandon this game! Out of all the endless runners I’ve played this is definitely the one with the most depth. The gameplay is fast and fun as hell. I’d still recommend downloading and playing if you’re new and reading this review. 5 stars still but listen to my plea.

  • By xXNinJolieXx

    Better than Super Mario Run

    In my personal opinion, this game is great, deserves 5/5 stars. Been playing for a week, and still not getting bored :D I was excited about Super Mario Run, and waited a couple months...but found out that you had to pay $10 just to play the levels aside from 4 free ones. The gameplay isn't even that great :/ I was dissatisfied before I found this: Blades of Brim. I downloaded it, and the gameplay is just plain amazing! Much better than their previous game, Subway Surfers, because of how you get different weapons and characters, all with unique abilities that help you throughout an infinite level. No levels means that the entire game is free, except for in-app purchases, which is fine by me. Overall, 5/5, I'm addicted.

  • By TechiGrl27

    Awesome Running Game

    Love this game. It has good old fashioned running game with side screen swiping and tap attacks. I thought it would be boring at first but there are so many special moves and actions that it makes it less boring and more fun. I’m usually not a fan of robotic feeling running games but this feels smooth, relaxing, and fun when I play it. It gets more challenging and you can earn pets. I’m glad that there’s not too much spells or witchcraft. I’m a Christian and that’s against my beliefs. The summon command doesn’t mean casting a spell but means to call either with a whistle gadget or shout. Some of the characters are iffy but air stick with the elf girl. It’s good against evil. You beat monsters, wizards and other things like that. The game overall has great graphics.

  • By zlyvv

    I love the game!!!

    The very first time I saw this game, I was super surprised about how incredible it looked! I saw that it was made by the same creators of one of my most FAVORITE games subway surfers! I downloaded blades of brim and I instantly got super addicted to the game!!! I was so shocked at how much it changed from subway surfers literally everything was different and so amazing! Just by the gameplay, the graphics, the costamization and everything else was so well made! I can tell you guys put SO much work into the game and what you just brought out to me made all of my frustrations disappear, all of my sadness, everything! Literally everything! Please make sure you guys keep updating and bringing us more things to make the game even better!

  • By AlpacaJ

    A Must-have

    Truly a breathtaking game. Unlike Subway Surfers, no matter how many times you play, the gameplay never gets repetitive. Items and rewards are fair to get with a little effort, and the game makes sure that you understand all the functions from the moment they’re implemented. One of those games where it’d be fun to play even if you unlock everything. With controversial mainstream games on different devices ever-changing in popularity and opinion, it’s nice to know we have a game we can all agree on, made by a company we all know and love. At first I was worried it’d be another cash grab, but now I realize that is is my new favorite game. If you are looking for a game to blow your mind, THIS IS THE GAME TO DOWNLOAD!!!!

  • By Chan_Whyat


    As advertised, this game was made by the same company as Subway Surfers. I currently play the original train-jumping obstacle, and when I saw this game, I knew it would be really fun. BRIM has a similar feel to SS, but this time it focuses more on character than on the running itself. I have played running sword games before, but they became boring because of the difficulty of leveling up gear. I like how upgrading is specific to each weapon and every character can wield each item. I also feel that this game is much more calm since there isn't a leaderboard, unlike SS. Challenges are displayed while you run, allowing players to complete them without having to pause every time.

  • By Dugaboth

    Power ups need tweaks

    To start off I love the game, the only thing that bugs me is the magic shield and poison strike power ups. They seem like a lackluster Midas touch, magic shield makes you invulnerable, but with the exception of easy to dodge obstacles so does Midas touch, and again poison strike lets you kill enemies in one swing, but Midas touch also does that. On top of it all Midas touch gives you gold for killing Enemies and while running. It just makes me feel like as I level I get worse power up choices. However that doesn’t change the game for me, I still love it, I just wish the power ups were alittle more unique.

  • By Scandalbandaljaskred

    One issue

    So, love the game, one issue I hope developers may pay attention to, is how silly it is that epic weapons with certain elemental effects like lightning, stone, ice, knock back enemies that would usually be killed in one hit; like the normal goons and flappers - and they get petrified, iced, or shocked but remain as an obstacle that if you run into them without attacking a second time, will damage you! Ridiculous when you're swinging the Shard of the Thunderlord, a big sword, and it electrifies/stuns an enemy that a common-type sword, and almost every lesser weapon in the game, would kill in one hit. This really takes away from the motivation to buy certain elemental epic weapons or to bother upgrading them. In a quest where the objective is to eliminate an amount of enemies, it's very hard to do with the Shard of the Thunderlord, since you haven't actually killed a great deal of them with one hit when almost any other weapon would. It seems like if this feature is intentional, it takes away from the epicness and functionality of epic weapons and gives preference to elements like arcane and fire... please fix this.

  • By Mertalize

    Brim Blade Balancing

    Amazing game, really good use of the freemium model. I recently acquired the "Blade of Brim", the game's title sword, and was disappointed to find it quite underpowered compared to other late-game weapons. The issue mostly stems from the first two weapon abilities: Even with collecting coins to extend the duration, the two temporary extra hearts won't last past Difficulty 3, which is early game at best for a majority of players. Plus, once the temporary hearts run out, the first two powers vanish, which makes it much worse than MOST other epics. The title sword should be pretty unique. It should be one of the main choices for late game players, since it is, yknow, the name of the game. Maybe the first ability could be something like: "All power ups last an additional X seconds" (Probably around 2 or 3) and the second could be "Double Jump" and the third could be "Wallrun for Coin Magnet". The fourth is fine as it is. The idea here is creating a weapon that exists to naturally buff all elements of gameplay: Powerups, movement, coin collection, and offense. I'd even consider going against the coin magnet upgrade and adding hit protection instead, to coincide with the defensive aspect of the blade's original design. Also it would be cool if you were to add a sort of "head start" element to skip to difficulty 3, because the run speeds in difficulties 1 and 2 are notably slower and the score they give is almost useless for high score runs anyways.

  • By 🐉dragonboy🌚🌚🌚🌚

    Overall, it's okay.

    This is overall another one of those "Endless Running Games". The only thing different from the other apps to me, is that I actually like this game. Now, the one reason (I guess branches off into multiple) that I am not rating this 5 stars, is the Essence. Not the way you get it, that's fine to me, it's the price of stuff you can get from essence. I understand you want players to buy the essence or earn it. However, for those who don't want to waste money on games, it takes a month just to earn enough for the weapon/chest/armor that they want. In the case of chests, you can spend 500 essence in exchange for two times the cost of the "Epic Chest". And if you are like me, trying to get the dragon, you have not got it yet. I have spent about $50 trying to get the dragon from the chest. "Did you?" You might be asking; the answer to that is, I did not. Now, I gave up a few months ago, but was still pretty angry about it. If you could do an event with all the dragons available for a low price, many players would be overjoyed.

  • By Sonofthedawn

    Revised review

    My previous review was 5-star, after spending a few minutes with the game I loved it. Now after a few weeks I have seen the good and bad. The biggest issue I have is that at higher difficulty levels, the enemies become so numerous that it becomes difficult to keep track of where they are, or where they will be once you get past the big enemy or environmental feature that frequently obscures your view of upcoming enemies. This is especially frustrating with the armored enemies who take multiple hits to kill. When attacked, they jump ahead a few steps and must be attacked again. In the higher difficulties, the screen is already filled with enemies, and these armored ones bouncing back create situations where there are too many enemies grouped together and there is no way to avoid getting hit and losing a heart. It makes it hard to justify still playing when you know eventually the game devolves into chaos once you get far enough. Hopefully devs can figure this out because the game is a lot of fun to begin with.

  • By Thehandsomeogre

    Good Runner with Some Bugs

    I typically don’t write reviews for “freemium” phone games, but I thought the devs did a good enough job to warrant one. Aesthetically, this game is top notch. It has a very pleasant art style and everything fits well together. Gameplay is what you expect from an endless runner in that it becomes increasingly difficult as you survive the gauntlet to the point of becoming completely reliant on twitch reflexes in order to overcome obstacles. That being said I did encounter a couple wall glitches where I would either clip through a wall or my character wouldn’t animate when jumping off a wall run. Now as a free game I understand the implementation of ads. For months after I installed the game I would die and be presented with 1-2 ads. No biggie. Recently the ads don’t load after a death and I am no longer able to use blue orbs to revive myself as the button to do so is unresponsive. This results in having to close out of the app and reboot it which on its face isn’t a big deal but once you realize you’ve died “x amount of times” it becomes very tiresome. Overall it’s still a fun game. I never spent a dime and was able to progress at a fairly steady pace. I’d encourage anyone to give it a try even with the “ad bug”, but as for me I need to wait for either an iPhone or in game update to fix the issues I ran into. I haven’t seen anyone else writing about this problem so it might just be me. I’m using a fully updated iPhone 8.

  • By YoshiDude47

    Recent update caused more problems than problems solved

    This update seems to have removed a lot of content, and I’m a little upset that this hasn’t been noticed right away. For starters, whenever I start a game, no User Interface elements load in at all. No score counter, no HP bar, no point bonus percentage, nothing. Also whenever your run ends it just ends in a black screen where I have to exit the game and reboot it. I really enjoy this game, but I’m very disappointed to see an update that would fix bugs cause others. Please fix this as soon as you can. February 26th update: still experiencing these bugs despite seeing various bug fix updates within the last month. Edit (April 23rd, 2021) After two months of experiencing this issue I have not seen any progress towards fixing this bug that makes it impossible to play. I really do enjoy playing Brim and I don’t want my enjoyment of it to be tainted due to it being in an inoperable unpolished state. For context, these bugs are coming from a current iPhone 8+ user. Could it be because my device isn’t current enough to support the games programming? Edit (May 11th, 2021) I apparently learned that the only way to bring the game out of that state was to delete the game as its data and redownload it again. - Yoshidude47

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