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  • Last Updated: 2019-12-02
  • New version: 17.0
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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit


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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rockstar Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rockstar Games, with the latest current version being 17.0 which was officially released on 2019-12-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8641 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Grand Theft Auto: iFruit App

How does it Work?

PLEASE NOTE: iFruit has been updated for GTAV PC. Please select "Social Club" as the platform for PC support.

How would we survive without apps? Apps can transform your mobile device into essential tools like a harmonica, disco ball or convincing moustache. Somewhere out there is the perfect storm of touchscreen technology to fix everything that’s wrong with your life. And maybe all you’re missing is the iFruit app. Maybe not. At least you’ll have something to keep you entertained while your significant other prattles on endlessly about their day.

iFruit hooks directly into your experience of Grand Theft Auto V with some fun activities to further postpone the need for real social interaction. Keep up-to-date on the latest Grand Theft Auto V news, log into the Rockstar Games Social Club, stay connected on LifeInvader and launch other Rockstar Games apps.

Los Santos Customs

The Los Santos Customs app offers players the freedom to create their ultimate vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere. At the bar, on the beach, on the toilet. This is the future, we’re almost sure of it. You can even create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – order your personalized plates before they’re gone!

Also choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods and spoilers. Upgrade your engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension, and accessorize with new lights, horns, tires and body armor. Place your order on-the-go and find it waiting for you in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V, or send your order in while playing and get a call from your local mechanic to swing by. Everybody’s had some work done in Los Santos, so don’t let your ride be the exception to the rule.

Chop the Dog

Depth of content, high production values, defecation. It’s the app that has it all. Because who doesn’t love tending to a virtual pet? Chop is Franklin’s canine sidekick in Grand Theft Auto V. Look after him well in the “Chop the Dog” app and you will reap the benefits when playing as Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V. Pet him, feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war, teach him tricks. Too much or too little of an activity, however, will cause Chop to become unhappy, and nobody likes an unhappy Rottweiler. Take Chop on walks to give him a chance to work off last night’s steak and Piswasser and to mark his turf in the hood - defending his ladies, fending off gang members and even protecting the beach babes of Los Santos from unsightly tan lines by removing their bikinis.

Looking after Chop successfully is reflected in his behavior in Grand Theft Auto V in a number of ways:

• He will be more helpful and responsive to Franklin

• He will perform tricks such as sitting, begging and giving paw if properly trained through the app

• He will sniff out the nearest hidden items when the player takes him for a walk

• Earn enough credits through walks and proper caretaking and exchange them for new collars for Chop

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Top Reviews

  • By HiMrBobPlayz

    I don't understand the terrible reviews.

    It does exactly what it says it does. You can launch other gta games you have installed on your phone, a link to a guide to install, a way to teach chop tricks and customize him (kinda dumb and funny but I'll only do it once most likely), and the most important part (something I have no reason why you can't do it in the normal game without the app) change the words on your license plate. It doesn't glitch or mess up and you will probably get this, mess around for 30 mins. Change your plate, and uninstall. I don't understand how this has 2 stars though it deserves at least 4

  • By Miner4Life13

    If you read this please answer

    i am half confused on everything with this app then i got use to it for a few things here and there but i have a question are you able to manage your crew things like motto and picture because when i made mine my wifi kicked me off it when i was just done with my crew and then when i was doing the logo it stoped so now its something i dont want and if this isnt possible then maybe in the future this could be a new update because ipod cant make any edits to the logo for my crew. so now its a pink logo when my crew color is lime green i tell ya it doesnt match at all.

  • By D. Hill


    iFruit is mainly designed to work as a management tool and portal into the Rockstar games world, specifically for GTA V. From the main menu users have the option to go to the Rockstar Store, the web page for numerous GTA games as well as the instruction manual or social tool pages for GTA V such as Los Santos Customs, Chop The Dog, Snapmatic and Life Invader. Users can also go to the settings page where you can switch your gaming platforms, link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and set up notifications for in game GTA features. Arguably the most beneficial use of the app is the ability to go to the Social Club site where you can just about manage and customize anything GTA V related whether it is account, character or community related. Users can also stay informed of the latest Rockstar Games news whether it be new game features released, website sales on games and merchandise and much more.

  • By Killy D

    In need of major overhaul and updating

    This app is good at what it does but what it does well isn’t enough. I know rockstar could make this app into something better than what it is, needs more apps and possible a portal to the internet in game so we can view the prices of things. It doesn’t even need to be able to purchase things. Another idea is give us access to most if not all of the Interaction menu. Give us access to all of the in game phone apps if we wanted to call our mechanic or manage our CEO/VIP/MC on it. Maybe even let us change our Crew Logo and colors on the app! This could be a cool app but after all of the updates it looks like you guys let this project long forgotten. I gave it three stars because it doesn’t do anything poorly, but it doesn’t get five stars because there isn’t enough that this app can do that makes it a valuable tool worth having in the modern GTA Online world. Please make this better!

  • By Camoqueen86

    Could be more

    Interacting with Chop is much more cartoony than I expected, but is cute and fun. I like that I can customize my cars in the app, but I wish I could see my available funds before spending money on upgrades and from what I can tell so far I can’t see how much money I have in the app. I like being able to access the social club from here, but wish it was more integrated in the app opposed to just opening a web browser. I can do that on my own. I’d love to see more options like being able to access AmmuNation to purchase/customize weapons, clothing store to buy more clothes and accessories for my character and create outfits, and even be able to go to the tattoo shop in the app. At least browse tattoo designs even if I can’t actively purchase for my character. This app could be so much more than it is, there’s so much potential here.

  • By SenpaiLovesPanda

    Have an idea but so far moderate

    This app is amazing if you want to be able to have a closer connection to your dog chop or your cars, BUT I was thinking for online we could make outfits or go clothes shopping without buying anything on our iFruit app (irl) and make the outfits and when we get in the game we can go to the store and know what we want to but instead we are sitting at the clothing store for 4 hours and deciding not to buy anything... (done this multiple times). I’ve also done multiple times of thinking of an outfit but u don’t want to waste the money buying it if I don’t know what will look good with it. I hope you consider my suggestion and thank you for having the time to read my Review. - UDMC Smartbutterfly4 (Prospect)

  • By Silverzeus3

    In serious need of an update.

    I like the app. I don't use it much, because its not good for anything other than creating or putting on custom plates. But now with the Bikers Update, I can't even put my plates on my new bikes. It is stable for me. Only ever had it crash once. But if they put more work into this app, it'd be so much better. A major overhaul to what it already does. More customization options, that fit with the actual customs shop. A benny app, perhaps. Access to the websites from this app, so you can see prices of things, but not able to buy them, because I know that would glitch out. But, overall. It's an ok app. Nothing too special about it. Not anymore. And I know Rockstar can change that.

  • By jdebalsi

    Can’t log in

    I love this app, but there is a major issue. If you are like me, you forget easily for passwords and only have a couple that you use. So I tried them and one of them worked! (I put keep logged in feature on) The next day I went to go on the app. I was logged out. No biggy, I thought until I tried to log in and I couldn’t. It said I had to log into social club to re-activate the account, but I am logged into social club. I logged out and logged in through PlayStation, and I was good. I went back to the app to try the password for social club, not PlayStation. Sign in failed. It said that had to log in to social club... I AM!! So now I can’t log in and do cool stuff like make a custom plate like I always wanted. Please make it a way for the app to have a button to log in through ps4, Xbox and everything else, like on the social club website. Because if anybody has this problem we are in trouble...

  • By D3rkAssasainX

    In desperate need of an update...

    I only ever really use the app to put custom plates on my vehicles. But even that seems broken just like a solid chunk of the app. Sometimes, the app won’t register the last vehicle I’ve driven so that I can make an order for it, and it’ll register a personal vehicle that I haven’t touched for a while. A custom order {for some reason}, costs $100,000 in GTA. Whether it be Five, or Online. While that’s no big deal at all, I feel that it’s way too expensive for a simple upgrade. The rest of the app is also fairly disappointing. Chop the Dog really has no point of being touched, settings are fairly limited, and even then, you have the option to just go to Social Club instead. Overall? Not the best. It requires a serious update, last one we received was over a year ago.

  • By BobbyDuhBeast

    Fix the LS Customs PLEASE

    The LS Customs honestly is horrible. Being able to make custom plates is awesome. But when your ONLY trying to make a custom plate and then hit order, it automatically applies EVERY customization that’s already selected, even if you’ve selected none. I spent $300,000 in game to customize my Dominator GTX, then went to make my custom plate, and hit order, and it got rid of EVERY customization, but I mean hey, I got my plate. So now I only have to go make another $300,000 to RE-customize it. 😒 And it doesn’t even have EVERY customization the IN-GAME LS Customs has. You guys should make customizing from the phone better because a lot of my friends have had the exact same problems happen. Or just make a way where you ONLY are ordering the plate and now other customizations too.



    I used to use this app all the time to make personalized license plates and do stuff for chop when i played story mode but today I decided to make a new car for the fun of it and I wanted a new plate. so I reinstalled the app and had a ton of trouble signing in like everyone else and when I tried to open the Los Santos Customs section it would load for a few seconds and the app would crash. at first I wasnt too bothered by it and i opened up the app again and had to sign in again (even tho i had checked auto sign in) and opened the LSC section and it crashed again. I tried a few more times to the same result. Really disappointed this app use to be great but now its just sad. please fix it.

  • By KY.Mom.of.4

    The app is bugged

    I cannot sign in. The first problem is that I can’t see what I'm typing into the sign in bar as its the same color as the bar. Secondly it just isn’t working. I rest my password and have attempted many times. I know I'm putting the correct information in but it still won’t let me in. So I can’t even use the app. This is an issue as I doubt the app will get fixed any time soon since it won’t be selling any shark cards. To make things worse something happened and I had to make a new social club account, which whatever thats fine but I loss access to my custom plates that I payed for and now I can’t use the app to get them back. Thanks Rockstar. Please fix this soon. I payed money for plates that I can’t access anymore. UPDATE: I was able to get into the app, however I had to repurchase all of my plates. This in not the fault of the app but Rockstar social club somehow just loosing my account. The app still deserves 1 star however. It be much more simple if we could just do this in LS customs in GTA Online instead of using this app. The only reason 90% of people ever downloaded this app was because of the plates feature. They should do us a favor and put the custom plates in LS customs and just take this app of off the store.

  • By StephR14

    This app is not worth the trouble

    I downloaded this app thinking oh cool I can get a custom license plate. It asked for my info like email and password which I typed in. Later I realized I put in the wrong email for my ps4 account because you have to link your account and I put in the correct Info for my actual account and it told me it was still the same ps4 account. Eventually I got the correct account but the app told me I switched my info and I needed to refresh the app. So I closed it out and opened it again. When I went to change my license plate again it told me the same thing every time I tried to go to the custom plate section. Or any section for that matter. I repeated the process about 5 times and got the same result. I ended up deleting and and re getting the app. It went smoothly until the same section I was having trouble with aka the LS customs center. The problem once again occurred. I don’t think I am going to try this again as to me a custom plate is not worth the trouble but if the developers fix this I would be happy.

  • By Mitchell449821

    Great reflection of R*’s bug-fixing abilities

    I do not write reviews for apps but this has put me in such a bad mood I felt compelled to. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. Couldn’t see what I typed when I logged in. The text is whited out for whatever reason. Then, after waiting 10 minutes for the app to load, I waited another 10 mins for it to download resource packs. When I opened the Los Santos Customs app to change license plates for GTA Online, the app spent nearly 10 mins just loading, again. And for what? The app to crash. Tried again, crashed again. Rockstar has once again neglected to update their content and it’s no surprise to me. It’s so sad that it’s been nearly 10 years and this app hasn’t been able to run cleanly. Rockstar cannot for whatever reason spend a day fixing this absolute train wreck of an app, and it’s a perfect reflection of what can be expected by them if you’re new.

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