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LIMBO is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Playdead. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Playdead, with the latest current version being 1.1.22 which was officially released on 2021-01-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2405 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the LIMBO App

How does it Work?

Apple Design Award Winner.

What the press said:

“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”

10/10 – Destructoid

“The game is a masterpiece.”

5/5 – GiantBomb

“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”

5/5 – The Escapist

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”

5/5 – Joystiq

Winner of more than 100 awards, including:

Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”

Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”

Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”

GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”

Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”

X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game”

IGN’s “Best Horror Game”

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Top Reviews

  • By Mah Tee Ice

    It met my expectations, and then some...

    I am a game developer myself and while I will acknowledge that some of the art and graphics of Limbo inspired some that in my first game “Rubberband Stan,” I never actually played Limbo. I read reviews about it saying that the controls were frustrating at times but I did not experience that. In fact, I felt the controls for the iOS mobile version were nearly flawless for what the game is. You could even use just one finger (or thumb) if you wanted to—though it’s easier to use two. I do expect that this game has a very narrow target market. Basically, if you enjoyed games like “Another World” (also called “Out of This World”) or perhaps the very first “Prince of Persia” on PC, then this game is for you!! There were certainly times that I felt “stuck” and I eventually “cheated” by watching bits of walkthrough videos, but it was at no fault of the developers of the game—I was really just too lazy and/or impatient to figure things out. Overall, Limbo was a great experience and exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with!!!!

  • By CamNYC78

    Limbo is a reference in gaming, deservedly!

    I felt compelled you write this after seeing the first review of the App Store competing the similarities between “Limbo” and “Unravel”. That’s clearly a review from a guy who for whatever reason played Unravel first. But let us be clear: Limbo isn’t “pushing Unravel further...” Limbo came out a full SIX years before Unravel! Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t play either game. They’re both great. And Limbo *continues* to be great after so many others that copied its beautiful and poetic visual style, the waltz of the sweet and the darkly violent elements that will shock you by its beauty, and horrify you through its poetry. Because really, there’s nothing there that’s truly graphically obscene, and there’s more violence in PG movies these days, one might argue. But the violence and dark elements of Limbo are a triumph exactly because it manages to remain poetic and tame enough to have wide appeal , but to also shock and terrify through its poetry; the shadows of what is suggested more creepy and brutal than what one actually clearly sees. And when you got that beauty and genre defining style in service of a very solid puzzler/platformer and story, you got yourself a treat you cannot miss. So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Limbo, do yourself a favor and start right now! You’ll be glad you did!

  • By Czech-it-out!

    Puzzley Platformer

    What a cool game! Other reviews said it was worth the money, and I’d have to say I agree. It was really refreshing to have such a nice blend of environmental puzzles and hand-eye coordination as a change of pace from the more traditional room-escape games (though “The Room” still holds a special place in my heart😬). The atmosphere was engrossingly stark, inducing a rather somber mood with occasional moments of panic while trying to avoid disaster, the disasters being horrifically “cute”. I absolutely recommend playing this game. Just be careful of sweaty fingers, as they tended to make my split-second decisions a little frustrating sometimes (the game can be really intense!). Looking forward to the second installment as well.

  • By Gtrain7407

    Beautifully Sad.

    There are very few games out there that come even remotely close to successfully invoking as much raw emotion and imagination as Playdead's LIMBO produces. The way the developers were able to harness darkness and pain and transform it into something as beautiful as this is truly remarkable. The way the visuals are meticulously paired with the audio is also brilliant. This just further proves how much attention to detail was paid during the making of this masterpiece. The game mechanics are near flawless, with only minor issues when dealing with time sensitive obstacles. But, l've literally played the game so many times that at this point, they are not even noticeable. Worth every single cent.

  • By jadr80

    really good

    rare to find a game of this caliber. monument valley is the only other one that comes to mind. i didn't have a problem with the touch and drag interface that others complained about. it's not like you have to touch and drag directly on top of the the character. you can do it anywhere on the screen so it doesn't block your view, and i'm on an iPhone SE which is the same size as a 5. people on 6 or 7 should have nothing to complain about. the game itself is a beautifully designed. the physics of the game is also well thought out. loved playing it for a few weeks. sad it's over.

  • By Tatianamv12


    Honestly, at first I was hesitant to download this. I’ve never paid for an app before but this game has such high rating and it looked interesting. I had to try it, hoping I wouldn’t lose 4 dollars. I definitely didn’t. This game is so fun I couldn’t put it down for days! It really tests your mind at times! I wish there was a second version like a sequel! I’m sad to have finished it but also glad because I was dying to know how it ends. It was so satisfying to reach that last level. If you’re wondering if you should download this, just stop right there and buy it. You won’t regret the 4 dollars! I love this game, it’s so well made!

  • By Rate Matser

    Appreciated Game!

    Seriously guys what wrong with all of you? The game is incredible and designed beautiful and scripted uniquely and you complain? I haven’t played a game in 15 Years! Yep you hear that right and Limbo Dazzled! Love it and this is my first review on App Store ever. I just wanna thank you guys for the incredible game as I wish there was more of it and would love to pay more to get more levels doesn’t matter as long as the game have the same script and same elements and design. Thank you! And I would highly recommend the game if anyone just ignore those reviews which doesn’t make any sense. Cheers to you all folks.

  • By Sarajsh

    Absolutely love it, except....

    Brilliant game. I absolutely love it except I don't know if to a bug in the game or my iPad. I have to delete and reinstall the game every time I play it in order to get the sound back. The sound is great the whole time I'm playing. I go to another app or turn my iPad off, go back to Limbo and there's no sound. So far I haven't noticed any of my other apps losing their sound. It takes less than half a minute to delete and reinstall, but still. Even so, I think this game is worth every penny and much, much better than Monument Valley I or II. Wish there were more like this!

  • By Bluepurpleyellow

    This is what gives me faith in mobile games

    Nowadays where the App Store is dominated by throwaway apps, very few games truly stand out as masterpieces. I have only encountered maybe 5-10 such games in the past 10 years of the iPhone's existence. This is one of them. This game is incredibly simplistic yet refreshingly complex. It represents a challenge well worth the effort it takes to complete it. The game is beautiful and actually has a storyline that adds a personal touch to the quest. One of the best games I've ever played for its content, design, purpose, and execution. There's a reason this is one of the essentials.

  • By ZooberDude

    Not my cup of tea

    I gave this 4 stars because there is obviously a lot of effort and love that went into this game. The art is nice, though it’s kind of subtly gory. However, if don’t like the idea that the game’s physics and possibilities are never clear, and so you just end up jumping from puzzle to puzzle without knowing what you’re even supposed to do, then stay away from this game. There are no hints, and then new ways of interacting with the world are constantly being introduced. So instead of actually solving a puzzle logically, you just end up trying to figure out what the game wants your solution to be. There is only ever one solution to each puzzle even though logically you could think of multiple ways to solve it if you were the protagonist yourself in real life. That might not be a problem if the game didn’t try so hard to illicit an anthropomorphic response. So it gets kind of frustrating that instead of thinking the problem through you just end up guessing what the game expects of you.

  • By Jus' Groovin'

    Excellent Game. Sluggish Control .

    I agree with many other reviewers: this is an excellent game. You are left to your own imagination to figure out what to do as you travel through Limbo. There are plenty of obstacles blocking your path. There are also optional ways available to get around them, if only you can discover them. This part is very enjoyable. Also, as others have mentioned, control is sluggish at times. Your finger on a touchscreen does not provide the positive control of a joystick, and there are many maneuvers that could benefit by that. I wish the gameplay was a little more forgiving because my finger's moisture level changes over time and I believe that affects the recognition of subtle inputs.

  • By koetto

    Loved it until I couldn’t finish it.

    I loved this game, right up until I beat the last saw with the gravity trap and fell through the glass. After that, nothing happens, he just lays there dead while the game sounds keep going. Restarting the game does nothing. I’ve beaten it a half a dozen times by now, but I guess that’s just the end of the game: kid dies stupidly in limbo trying to find his sister. I read a lot of comments about the terrible controls on the iPhone and I’d also like to agree. There were sections that took way more time than they needed to because I had to swap between seeing the character and controlling the character.

  • By Bleuz Meats

    Great game, horrible controls

    Echoing the previous reviews that gripe about the controls - I'm on an iPhone 6s+, and there are many time sensitive and accuracy puzzles where I knew exactly what I needed to do, but had to retry dozens of times to get through because of the terrible interface. This is not challenging and fun as you develop hand-eye coordination, it's frustrating and dumb when the little guy gets stuck or stops running because the touch screen won't respond to small finger movements. And often if you have to switch directions you can't even see the kid until you lift your finger and reposition it. Replace the stupid touch-and-drag with left / right / jump buttons and this would be way more fun.

  • By rjh19820813rjh


    Wanted to love this game, but ended up deleting after about an hour of gameplay (before completion - no idea how long the game is). Here’s the deal: it’s gorgeous scenery and great concept, but really bad implementation. The puzzles are hard to solve without any clues or hints. It harkens back to Zack & Wiki model of try-and-die where you have to guess your way through these obstacles, jumps, pushing or pulling items you can’t even see, or else die trying and redo the whole thing over again. The controls could be fine, but lagginess means that you may or may not make that perfectly timed jump to move on. Further making things difficult are the random spikes and traps to kill you for no good reason. It’s pretty ruthless and not fun. That’s coming from a guy who loves puzzle and adventure games. Limbo is a huge miss for me. Totally overrated. Stick with Where’s my Water, King Rabbit or Plants vs Zombies.

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