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Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD


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Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Veraxen Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Veraxen Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.15.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 415796 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults HD App

How does it Work?

10 000+ free jigsaw puzzles for adults. Daily new puzzles. Make puzzles from your photos.

Play real colorful puzzles! 10,000+ beautiful HD pictures are in this app. Put together the Daily Free Puzzle and make jigsaw puzzles of your own photos.


- A lot of FREE puzzles on the More Puzzles screen

- Colorful quality pictures

- Daily FREE Puzzle - a surprise every day

- Change the background and the tile size

- Sort the puzzle pieces on the field or leave them in the tray - make it convenient for yourself!

- Save the progress and come back

- Distract yourself and relax with jigsaw puzzles


Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD contains in-app purchases, which you may acquire through your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.


Before You use the App, please read carefully our EULA and Privacy Statement (please use the links located below).

Pay special attention to the section '’California Consumer Privacy Policy" in the Privacy Statement to be informed of the categories of personal information to be collected from You and the purposes for which the categories of personal information will be used, as well as Your rights and our obligations toward You and Your privacy.

EULA: https://veraxen.com/terms.php

Terms of Use: https://veraxen.com/tos.php

Privacy Policy: https://veraxen.com/privacy.php

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Top Reviews

  • By AvidIpader

    My Favorite Jigsaw Puzzle App!

    I have tried several apps. This one is my favorite. The puzzles are beautiful and well designed for jigsaw puzzles (not all blue sky), it has a lot of options (choose number of pieces, edges first), flashing the pieces on the board. But, some other apps have this too. What makes them stand out is the value. The deals for getting a lot of puzzles for a low price, the vast number of puzzles, plus a daily free puzzles and the occasional free puzzle in the library keeps me coming back. It is also nice that there are no annoyances. They have offers for more puzzles that pops up when you first open the app, but that’s it. This means that you can take a look at the picture while putting together the puzzle and not have to wait through ads. And, it does not immediately wisk you away to another ad as soon as you are finished with a puzzle. My wishes are (1) that we can see the puzzles inside the daily deals before buying (2) that the tray could be white so that the shape is easier to see. It has the option of choosing the background color, but the color in the tray is a darker version of this. (This is less of an issue now that I have discovered the Edges option, however.). (3) I wish that it showed the number of puzzles that I have purchased and which ones I have completed some puzzles in.

  • By Kriss820

    5 stars before update - UPDATE: Back to 5!

    Updates since the big one done around Thanksgiving have gradually turn this back into the app I loved!! I play it nearly every day again. The only new function I still don’t care for is the screen rotation. I would prefer it stay locked in a horizontal position. I also added app to my phone but doubt I’ll ever use it there as screen is just too small for puzzles. *** Before yesterday I loved this app, and hope things will eventually get fixed so I love it again. With the current update it has become difficult to even get a piece to move. I often have to select it numerous times to get it to go anywhere (I’ve used both my finger and a pen). I really don’t like that the board rotates when you rotate your ipad. It keeps me from looking at my puzzle at a new angle. Don’t really care for the new slightly smaller board, or that what when you want to preview the image it fills the screen. It was often helpful to see the preview and the work I’d already done at the same time. I lost all my statistics except total puzzles played (no longer have time averages or counts for each size puzzle). But what upsets me the most (other than the pieces not responding like they use to) is that almost half the puzzle packets I’ve accumulated over time (250+) I can’t seem to access now.

  • By TetleyB

    Beware malicious adware with use of this app!!!

    My wife and I downloaded this app and, although the ads were annoying at first, the rest of the app was good enough to make up for it. An ad comes up, you wait a few seconds for a tiny, minuscule “x” to pop in the corner, you hit the “x” and the ad goes away and you go back to the puzzle. Now, at least once or twice an hour we get malicious adware on this app trying to convince us that there are multiple viruses on our iPad Pro due to visiting “adult websites” and we need to go immediately to their website and pay them to remove it. We’ve never been to any “adult websites” and, as it turns out, there are no viruses on our iPad either. A little online research showed that there are several disreputable apps out there that allow this sort of malicious adware to be used within their apps. Unfortunately, this otherwise nice puzzle app is one of the ones that allow this sort of malicious material to appear in their app. If it were just another ad, the “x” would appear and you could get rid of it like the rest of the ads. This malicious adware doesn’t do that. It locks the app completely, forcing you to kill the app and start all over again. I would definitely avoid this app like the plague until these types of ads are no longer allowed within the app.

  • By Walgene

    Great puzzle app!

    For years I used a different puzzle app and actually I still do. But I decided to see what else was available and I found this one. I love the pictures and the way the pieces are arranged so they are so easy to get to. When using actual puzzles I always started with the edge pieces first. This puzzle app makes this easy. They are arranged in a edge column so you can drag each piece into the workspace easily. You can even separate the edge pieces from inside pieces with just a tap of a choice button. I can pull them out quickly and get started, unlike the other puzzle app where I have to spend more time arranging the pieces. The internal pieces are just as easy to get to to complete the puzzle. I have 2 improvements to suggest: 1) add choices of background colors. Any puzzle that have grey colors blend with the background making it difficult to see the pieces. I just finished the free puzzle of the day, 4/18, and I ran into that problem. For a while I thought I had run into a glitch when I could not find an edge piece because it was so close in color to the background or work board space. 2). Add a name or some description to each puzzle. Sometimes when I do a scenic puzzle, I would love to know where it is in the world. Finally, thanks for a great puzzle app.!

  • By blue katie cat

    The best puzzle app!

    This is the best jigsaw puzzle app I’ve tried ( and I’ve tried most of them). The photos are varied and beautiful. You never have to buy more, because they give away 25 puzzles a week: a free daily puzzle plus free puzzle packs on Facebook. Other things I like are that I can sort the edge pieces with one touch & I can move unmatched pieces off the board. The photos used include nature, cities, animals, and graphic designs (like a group of crayons) - some easy, some hard. You can choose how many pieces, and if the pieces are rotated or not. I went ahead and purchased the ‘no ads’ upgrade, because I hate ads. This only gets you a few other perks, but the extra puzzle packs aren’t included. Since they give away more than I can do in a week, this doesn’t bother me, and I like supporting the developer directly. The only thing I wish is that there were more paintings included, especially of fantasy scenes. Though most of the puzzles are photos, a few are drawn or painted. Unfortunately, most of these are very easy or would appeal to children. With this app, I’ll never run out of beautiful puzzles! My thanks to the developers.

  • By Knitty Piggy

    Hooray!! Doing mental cartwheels!!

    This is my updated review for one of my very favorite apps. I have been hoping for a couple of years that the folks at Veraxen would make a version of their outstanding jigsaw puzzle app for iPhones in addition to the one for tablets. They have done it!! Ran across this by accident looking in the app store for something else. I have bought far more in-app purchases with this company than any other. No other jigsaw app has such artistic pictures and arrangements of subjects. Really beautiful, absorbing and relaxing. Thankyou so much, Veraxen for making your app for iPhones now, I am delighted!! ——My previous review: This is hands down, the best jigsaw puzzle app in the App Store for Apple. The selection of pictures is great, the quality and variety of the photos is simply outstanding. My absolute favorite. I wish you could also make a version for the iPhone as well. Would love to have this on my phone to go. I don't carry my iPad Air everywhere, because it's a bit too heavy, so would love it for my phone. Keep up the great work. Just love it!! Like taking a mini vacation.

  • By cisstene

    FROME RENE love this Game

    It’s fine I guess but right now I’m not my name right now Justina because I’m 13 I could be on my moms phone whenever So yeah this game is fun I guess but it’s also super fun but it’s a bowling ball so fun but also blow into I spelled some stuff wrong hopefully U don’t mind ummmmm guess I’ll tell you about me myself I am always lazy and I stand my brother stuff and I always play on my moms phone even though I don’t got a phone because my mom took it for me and then she gave it back and then my dad took it from me for some reason back like where I was I’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself I’m like I said I’m lazy And I like eating sweet stuff and I hate my phone so I blamed it on my brother who threw it in the pool then my brother got wet and then yeah I love lying I love my dogs I love pets I have shellfish three cats and two dogs and as you can see I’m always on my mom’s phone so she gave me a new phone which I’m playing back to myself I love laying in my bed I love playing on my Xbox and that’s all on right now I have some secrets I have a crush hopefully you guys can read the saw but yeah you guys are so do fun

  • By MeMoJoTiki

    Fantastic, Challenging,Brain Teaser and Great Hand-Eye Coordination

    I have always enjoyed a challenge and this Jigsaw HD App is giving me this and more! I have a few puzzles on 3 different packages I have not completed but I will but I don’t like one package puzzle that I have downloaded but I will finish it in my own time but for the most part every package has been fun and most have been very challenging and enjoyable to work! I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for fun, rewarding and a challenge! There are many free puzzle packages and many many great puzzle packages to purchase as low as $.99 and most I’ve seen is $4.99. The more expensive the more puzzles in the package about $.10/puzzle. I have found all the puzzle packages I have downloaded have at least one usually more are very hard along with an easier one. Many colorful scenery puzzles, animals, architectural, beaches, castles, lighthouses, beautiful homes, landscapes and more. One can choose the number of puzzle pieces you want like if you would buy a box puzzle in the store! Good Luck Y’all and Enjoy This Jigsaw App!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • By 2busy4me

    Upgrade disappointment!!!!!

    I have used this app for years and always enjoyed it, but the latest couple of upgrades have been frustrating and today’s even more so. The changing of where things are is frustrating when you have worked it for years and your fingers automatically go. I liked the pieces on the side and do not like them at the bottom! Imagine my dismay when a puzzle I had spent hours working on suddenly had no pieces on the board they had gone to the pieces area. When I went out to figure out what had happened and if there was a way to undo the action for I did not even think I had touched anything. When I found where they had out the in progress puzzles, the one I had just been working on was not even there. I can’t seem to find it! Sorry guys, but this is not acceptable, that you can accidentally lose all the work you have done and there is no way to put it back! I am amazed that I received a response to this review from the company. I appreciate their answers and concerns about my experience and willingness to take into account what I am concerned about. This is why I am updating my review. There is one comment they made which is not true in my case. If all the pieces have exited your board accidentally, and you close down the free daily puzzle it does not save it in the puzzle in progress, it just disappears.

  • By AbrahamFroman

    Ads were extremely pervasive until I paid, but I’m glad I did

    I played around with several puzzle apps and I liked this one the best. I sometimes use an ad blocker/logger and I saw that this app was making TONS of connections to dozens and dozens of different ad servers. You’re making a killing on selling puzzle packs, how about toning down the ad quantity and doing a much better job at vetting ads? My reason for reviewing today is because they just updated the app and moved the puzzle piece bar from the right side to the bottom. Why?!? I’m using this on an iPad like most people would be (because the pieces would be too small to grab on an iPhone). Am I the only one that uses my iPad when sitting down on a couch, or laying in bed? Having the pieces along the bottom makes it SO much harder to use. Please change it back, or better yet, let the user choose which of the four edges to put it on. Also, please try to finally change the piece shapes and layouts randomly. I feel like I’m cheating when I can recognize several puzzle piece shapes and know exactly where they go regardless of the image on them. I know people have been asking for this for a long time.

  • By KakiCol

    Latest update as of 10/6

    The issue was fixed again but then you changed it back. Based on all the other people who agree, why do you keep moving the pieces to the bottom. At least give people the option. It is much better when they are on side. Also as another user commented why all of a sudden do you have the same exact pieces for every puzzle. It makes it so I know where certain pieces go. I miss when each was different. You had fixed the issues I had the last time I wrote this review and now you regressed with the latest update. You made the puzzle area smaller again and moved the pieces to only be at the bottom. I prefer it to the side so I have more screen for the puzzle. And why all of a sudden do I have to watch a 30 second ad when before it was only 5 seconds. Previous: The latest update is awful. The puzzle used to be my whole screen and now it is tiny with unused space to the sides. There should be an option to have the pieces on the side and not only on the bottom. I also dislike that you cannot see the full picture over the puzzle you are working on and instead it covers the whole screen. I would also like to know why the option to return pieces back to the side is gone. Please return the puzzle screen back to the way it was. This used to be my favorite app but not with this update.

  • By Icanreadbigwords

    Fabulous little app.

    Great puzzle app. I use the free daily puzzles. Haven't bought any additional packs. Variety is nice. Tailoring the sizes and shapes is a great perk. Even the ads aren't obnoxious. I highly recommend this app if you like jigsaw puzzles. UPDATE: I have been using this app every night to help calm my mind in order to sleep. The only time it snags a little is when my iPad is updating apps or the ads are high graphic. I typically turn off my wifi and the issues resolve. It's been a few months and I still love this app. Plenty of free puzzles in my "in progress" arsenal. I have to place a couple pieces on the board before exiting, and then it will save the puzzle. Still the best jigsaw app I've used. Thanks guys! UPDATE #2: Taking away 2 stars. Around December 2017, the ads on this app have become out of control. They involuntarily take me to Safari and some weird website. Even if I don't tap the ad banner, it automatically switches to Safari. It takes a while to return to the game. It also is taking a whole lot longer to load the puzzles. Sometimes they won't load at all and I have to close it out and reopen the app. This used to be a great app, but it has gone downhill in the last couple of months. The only way I can get my puddles to come back up is to turn off wifi. Disappointed.

  • By Adeline72

    Great puzzle app

    Update: I'm not sure what happened to this great app, but it has definitely gone down hill. Both my husband and I have had problems with puzzles loading (I seriously have been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to open my downloaded packs, but none will load so I can choose one), shut downs (during a puzzle the app shuts down multiple times, where I have to bring it back up), freezes/lags (a lot of times the app will freeze NUMEROUS times when trying to swipe puzzle pieces around), and I've noticed when I swipe the app away once I'm done and close my iPad, when I open my iPad again the app immediately starts. All these things have made me terribly frustrated with this app and I have been reluctant to play anymore. Please make this app great again, I loved doing your puzzles everyday. This a great puzzle app, with a large variety of puzzles to choose from (seasonal, animals, nature, sci-fy, historical, etc.). I love the new "free puzzle of the day" feature, I now look forward to the puzzle each day! I usually do puzzles in my free time or as a way to relax, almost daily. I've tried several other puzzle pass, but have deleted them all for this one. Fantastic app, wonderful selection, it's a keeper!

  • By Pemzieann

    Still waiting! Put pieces back on the side!!

    Updating my review. Still waiting for an update to put pieces back on the side. The playing area is now too small for me to see, and pieces are too small also. I read your suggestion that we can zoom in on board and pieces in the playing area. I just want you to know I tried that, it doesn’t work because it cuts off the top and bottom of the puzzle. I can’t even do the edges, they’re cut off. Please listen to your players and put things back the way they were. Best jigsaw app I’ve found until...you shrunk the playing area and put the pieces on the bottom. Now it’s so hard to see that I can’t even play. Why did you change things? Terrible update. Leave things alone! What set this app apart from the rest was the nice full screen picture area (I play on iPad) and easy to see pieces on the side. Now it’s too hard to see. I will be deleting and searching for another if this doesn’t get corrected. From reading other reviews, it is clear everybody HATES this change. One reviewer says you now want us to pay in order to get the pieces on the side format back. No way am I paying for that. Please listen to us and put things back the way they were. It was a perfect app, I would have easily given it 5 stars. How disappointing, because I used to love it!

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