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Ingress Prime


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Ingress Prime is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Niantic, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Niantic, Inc., with the latest current version being 2.76.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 511 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Ingress Prime App

How does it Work?

Welcome to the world of Ingress Prime, Agent. The fate of this universe, and perhaps others, depends on you. The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two Factions. Cutting-edge XM technologies have completely transformed the Ingress Scanner, and it is now waiting for you to join this battle.


Explore the world around you and interact with places of cultural significance—such as public art installations, landmarks, and monuments—to collect valuable resources using your Ingress Scanner.


Fight for the Faction you believe in. Harness the power of XM to evolve mankind and discover our true destiny with The Enlightened, or protect humanity from a hostile takeover of the mind with The Resistance.


Dominate territories by linking Portals and creating Control Fields to achieve victory for your Faction.


Strategize and communicate with fellow Agents in your neighborhood and around the world.

Agents must be over 13 years old (for residents outside of the European Economic Area); or over 16 years old or such age needed to consent to the processing of personal data in the Agent's country of residence (for residents of the European Economic Area). Unfortunately, no children may play Ingress.


Contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help Center > Go.

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Top Reviews

  • By Sjkomenko

    Don’t believe the Review Rating!

    For those looking for a great game to play, look towards Ingress Prime. Don’t let the review rating or 1 star reviews fool you. A lot of those reviewers haven’t played in a couple years and complain that they can’t play due to non-compatibility to their phone (maybe a phone upgrade from the iPhone 4 would help) or they cry about glitches and bugs that have been fixed long ago. Anyways this app is all about PvP. There’s two teams fighting for control of “Mind Units” to put on the scoreboard. Before the pandemic there were a lot of events created by both Niantic and the player base. I’ve been playing this game since Ingress Redacted and was a beta tester for Ingress Prime. It has come a long way from the beginning and Prime out does Redacted in every way! Improvements in game play are always being looked at. Again ignore the naysayers and the review rating. If you haven’t played Ingress Prime, then give it a try and give your own review of it.

  • By Nindle PNW

    Cool game. Friendly community.

    I’ve played this game for four years. It’s very competitive and my team (Blue Resistance) is friendly and supportive to all new players. The game can be played almost anywhere and with different styles. Players can do player-made exploration missions, collect badges, capture and defend areas large and small for their faction in order to out score the other team. Large battles are organized every so often called Anomalies taking place in multiple major cities across the globe. The game continues to improve with updates. I’ve discovered so much and met many fine people due to this game.

  • By Little Kitana

    Five stars for five years

    It’s been 5 years on this app and played about 8 million AP a year for this fabulous game. I was always a gamer since my middle school years. However, it was a lifestyle change as an adult. Meet lots of eccentric people on both teams thought out California and Canada. Favorite part is exploring different cities and noticing more artwork. Giving myself self care, exercise, taking care of children, friends and family and a chance to breath to enjoy life.

  • By Rod-Dog55

    Agent CormacMcArt

    I consider this game the greatest ever made for mobile play! I started playing the first day IPhone got the game July’2014 and have not missed a day yet! Going on 7 years this game never stops being fun and challenging, I have met most all of my fellow players and enemies in Phoenix AZ. There is no other game like it, I’m 65 yo now and enjoy a bike ride everyday to attack enemy portals! There are many players in each city looking forward to you joining their team, very social. Highly recommend Ingress Prime!

  • By ReaperCross XIII

    Great fun.

    Either play it once in a while or really get into the community. The app it’s self works well. They do have a couple bugs every now and then, but they are also always looking to improve it and make the player’s experience even better than before. You can explore new towns and maybe even find things around your old town that you never knew was there. Choose a team and capture the world.

  • By Runnergirl864

    A few suggestions

    Hi! This is a decent game. I was wondering (as there’s a spiritualist avatar) if you could include a third team as spiritualist in the game. I think that’d be cool. Also, it would be nice if this game tracked your miles more. It doesn’t really unless it’s open. I like how in Pokémon Go it tracks via adventure sync (though not working well right now), and it would be nice if that was included, too. Maybe add something analogous to Pokémon eggs? Idk. Think about it.

  • By Kaz_10_08

    Interesting premise but fails on delivery of gameplay content

    There’s no other game quite like Ingress, and for good reason. It’s surprisingly deep but also lacking in gameplay elements at the same time. This is a PVP game where you battle other agents in real life locations via the portals in game. Issue here is that the game became extremely dull when you are located in areas with few players. You cannot play the game anymore because almost all the gameplay is aimed at local in person PVP interactions. There really needs to be more marketing and dynamic content because there’s a huge opportunity here to have a fun engaging game. Live world events organized by players are the best part of the game but that’s pretty rare and you have to travel which isn’t really possible with Covid pandemic. My favorite part of the game because of lack of players for PVP is the missions for exploration of different neighborhoods. Unfortunately lately even that feature is broken and new missions are not getting approved. Overall I think this game really needs some rework as the gameplay concepts haven’t really changed in years while the player base has suffered almost a complete collapse in my area without new updates in content.

  • By JamieP59

    Improving but still glitchy

    Prime is still not as stable as the original scanner. I regularly see several bugs. 1- the scanner will show item inventory as being 900 items more than actual inventory. I have to completely close the app and restart to fix this. 2- nearby portal icons are so wide that they cover to the middle of the screen and into the middle of the viewed play area. 3- nearby portal icons show portals 30, 40, or as much as 100 km away, but do not display portals within 1-2 km. I am to the point of wanting a switch o just turn off the nearby portal feature. 4- longer distance portals either take several minutes to show up in linkable portals list or do not show at all unless all closer portal keys are placed in a capsule or portal key locker. 5- the new player icon rotating in the top left corner of the scanner screen serves no purpose, is distracting, and should be switchable to hide or display 6- deploying resonators is still significantly slower than with the old scanner 7- app start up takes for-ev-er

  • By NavikVonB

    Ok game

    I think the Prime version is a huge improvement on the game. Though honestly I don’t play much, there’s simply so much more going on in Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite (I’ve played all three and mostly play WU these days). Solo Ingress play is just kind of meh. I’m sure it’s a lot better if you find the local community. Communication about events also feels vague or fleeting. You can’t access news or an event calendar in game. Most events seem to be in random locations across the globe (aka inaccessible by casual players).

  • By dammitdexter

    Latest update freezes game. Comm, still broken, now worse.

    1. This latest update 2.72.1 often causes the scanner to go into “Location inaccurate. Scanner disabled.” and immediately freezes the game after which it is impossible to recover and you must restart. 2. In the portal UI menu, holding the Hack command button and sliding your finger to the glyph command is not as responsive as it used to be. The command just closes now when you slide over to glyph. It’s very hit and miss where before it was perfect. 3. The Comm feed, long needing an improvement, has actually become worse. When tapping a Comm notification you’ll be taken into the Comm UI but will see nothing but the horizontal bars that separate the in game activity squished off the left side of the screen. Previous review: Ingress Prime has come a long way and I’m happy to see it’s regularly evolving and being fine tuned. That being said, get rid of the VERY ANNOYING and unnecessary “safety and alert all all times” reminder pop up when you launch the game. This a great annoyance when you’re in a hurry to get into the game, especially when tapping a notification. Please fix the Comm scrolling.

  • By AGuyNamedScott

    This was probably a great game once upon a time

    This might have been a great game at one time. I started playing it looking for a new challenge but I get a sense that it has been largely abandoned. It definitely does not have the sense of community that can be associated with Pokémon Go. Capturing portals is a lot like a gym battle if those holding the gym lost interest in the game. Niantic’s attempts to generate interest in the game through it choice of beacons was somewhat ill advised and ineffective in motivating participation in the game. It’s not a horrible game, but it is a player versus player game that seems to lack players. Maybe this game will find new life but for now it seems to be dying off.

  • By nonniemoose

    Fun if you arent being stalked

    This game is a nice game to play if you play pokemon go but want something slightly different. However. Be warned there are players who take this game way too seriously who have used the game to stalk or harass people into not playing the game. Niantic will do nothing about it if you try to report them. People have actually followed my family members around in their cars (because none of them actually walk) and driven from other states to claim portals they are so obsessed with this game. If you can avoid those people. It can be a nice way to discover new places to visit, which is what initially drew me to this game.

  • By :) :) :) <><

    Used to be so great, so much promise

    I used to just love this game, but the community here in the Bay Area is a ghost of what it used to be and for me the unbearably pretty and sparkly prime UI still disrespects the role play/time investment a serious agent has to make to really immerse oneself in the agent role of this game. Basically I just can’t pretend I’m an ‘agent’ anymore using a ‘scanner’ that looks so much like a stupid game. The old scanner was designed like a tool not a toy. The genius of the original Ingress UI and shtick was in the ‘make believe’. I just can’t make believe anymore no matter how hard I try The UI reminds me I’m just playing a boring and sadly declining game and nobody cares anymore if I accomplish the mission anymore. Hope someday this global friendly capture the flag get off your sofa concept gets a reboot cause for a time in my life it was a really great way to get a little exercise, meet great people and explore the world.

  • By Realdasho

    iOS 14 is not “unauthorized modified client software”.

    Ingress is a game run by a company called Niantic, who profits from the free labor of those who play this game. Niantic claims they want to curtail cheating in their games but instead they punish large groups of people (with banning and accusations of cheating, detected by an algorithm they implicitly trust) who have been legitimate players and whose collected data made possible all of the success Niantic has had in their other games. What do all of these “cheaters” have in common? They installed iOS 14, which was detected as “unauthorized modified client software” by Ingress’s cheat detection algorithm. And through all of this, in addition to cheating going unpunished by actual offenders, Niantic engages in the barest minimum of communication with the “cheating” players who are confused as to what they could possibly have done to warrant their punishment. If you were interested in this game, I recommend looking for a game not made by Niantic. Unless you are okay with being labeled a cheater while the actual cheaters are still running wild and using automated means to cheat, stay far away. I would give 0 stars if I could.

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