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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-21
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Draw N Guess Multiplayer


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Draw N Guess Multiplayer is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Time Plus Q Technologies OU. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Time Plus Q Technologies OU, with the latest current version being 5.0.33 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1568 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Draw N Guess Multiplayer App

How does it Work?

Draw N Guess Multiplayer is one of the best real-time online multiplayer games. This game is all about drawing and guessing the word online with your friends and family. The fun begins when you get connected with thousands of people around the world and start playing with them.

An exclusive mobile game that can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world while talking with them through group voice chat. The objective of Draw N Guess multiplayer game is, one player has to draw the word and the other players should guess the word and vice-versa. A turn based drawing and guessing game mode is also available which helps to express your artistic skills. So, here you get to experience the craziness of the players with their funny guesses and sketches.


* An online real-time Drawing and Guessing game providing a platform to exhibit your artwork.

* Best Pictionary type game

* 2 to 6 players can play together online

* Talk while you play through group voice chat

* Play at your own pace in the turn based drawing and guessing game mode.

* Unlock the distinct color sets, paints, crayons, stickers, smileys and variety of brushes for best painting and drawing experience.

* Guess the word of the drawing based on the artistic skill of the painter.

* Draw awesome doodles in the turn based game mode.

* Start with a quick game and match up with the new players around the world.

* Play with your friends and family in a party mode alongside chatting and talking with them.

* Find new friends showcasing your drawing and appreciate each other through chat.

* Get connected socially through FACEBOOK and share your drawings if they are really cool.

* Winning the games by completing the achievements fetches you precious trophies and coins.

* Playing really well automatically progress your way to top the global leaderboard.

How to play ?

Register an account by logging in using Facebook or Google. Or play as a guest.


The fun begins here! If it’s your turn to Draw, start drawing pretty pictures for the given word. If it’s your turn to Guess, start making funny guesses. Beware!!! To win a round, you need to be the first one to guess the word. So hold on tight and start making guesses!

You get bonus points too, if you play really well.

The fun doesn't stop here. You can also play with your DRAW N GUESS friends online by clicking PLAY NOW --> PLAY WITH FRIENDS

You can play live games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

Turn Based Game Mode:

Enjoy the fun and addictive turn-based drawing and guessing game with infinite time on the clock in this mode. Sketch, paint and show your creativity with colors. You could also guess what other artists have drawn and challenge your friends and family to find your drawing in this mode.

If you have any queries or if you encounter any difficulty when playing Draw N Guess, please drop a mail to us at support@timeplusq.com

Sounds simple, but it's unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive Draw N Guess can become!

So what are you waiting for? Download Draw N Guess and start having FUN!!!!!

If you like Draw N Guess, please support us by rating the app.

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Top Reviews

  • By joydog11

    Very fun game with some bugs

    This game is really fun and I play it all the time! My only problem is how somehow it has bugs to where it doesn't let you draw, your screen freezes, or your stuck at the screen where it says user is choosing word. There are some things that need to be fixed but other than that LOVE this game! Also itsSO annoying how if u get low battery notification ur exit from the game and how sometimes it freezes when ur choosing the word!

  • By mccoin6

    Super fun but has bugs

    This game is super fun but it also has WAYYY to many ads but my main problem is that sometimes when people guess its doesn’t work I drew mummy and everyone guessed it a lot of times and nothing happens this has happened a lot to me and it is getting on my nerves but otherwise this is one of my favorite game I would recommend it! But please if you read this fix that and take away some ads PLEASEEE!!! Love the game <333

  • By nanisbeasts


    Hello creator, your game is AWESOME but there’s TOO MANY ADS! Just take some ads out and I’ll vote 5 stars. I know you want to gain money from this by making a “no ads” thing, but take out at least SOME ads! I finish a round ad, I guess it right ad, I don’t guess it AD! Please reduce it to AT LEAST only after I finish the WHOLE game and maybe when I’m about to start another game. Thanks for reading!

  • By Roushsm


    I love this game, it’s so fun to play! It would be my favorite but there are MANY problems: - The keyboard sticks and glitches. For example, you type “beach” and it looks right, but it shows up on the screen that you typed “beacg” and then it still says correct. - Sometimes the keyboard will stay up even though the screen moves on to the next thing, and the only way to move forward is to quit the game - Please change “have guessed” to “has guessed”.... after every turn it will say “userxxx have guessed apple” - it should be “userxxx has guessed apple” - The pen sticks and sometimes no matter what I do I can’t get it to write proper. Sometimes the pen is quite far from my finger, making it difficult to draw. - Frequent screen freezes. Usually it comes back before end of turn, but not always. - Sometimes there are immediate timeouts. The screen will load, no delays - but then all the sudden it will speed up out of nowhere and then say timeout before anyone can do anything - Sometimes I will choose a word, such as apple. And the screen confirms apple. But then the game will start on the next screen and the word is actually the one that was next to my selected word, such as duck or bus. If you aren’t paying attention to that glitch you will start drawing the wrong thing. Those are my main issues. Aside from those it’s a really fun game to play, especially if you can go a few games without any glitches. But most games have glitches and it’s very frustrating.

  • By Pegasustime8


    This game is very fun to play, don’t get me wrong but there are some issues that need to be solved. After someone one guesses my drawing, the screen does this thing where is just scribbles. The person has to delete their drawing and restart. It’s not a screen glitch because everyone but the drawer can see all the scribbles. It may happen 1-3 times in a row, and it’s very annoying. I tried downloading Guess N Draw 2 Multiplayer hoping the scribble issue would get any better but no. Now it happens every single game but to only certain people. If you are fine with this glitch, go ahead and download it but I warn you. I’d also like to know if I am the only one experiencing this because none of the reviews mentioned it. I give it 3.5/10.

  • By T.Q.M.

    Glitchy, problems with multiple languages

    You click to watch an ad for rewards, sit through the ad, then the app gives an error that there aren’t any ads to watch right now and to try later. Even though you sat through 30 sec ad, no reward. Another problem is that it seems the game awkwardly allows for other languages. For example, I was given the word “letter” and drew an addressed envelope. Someone guessed “carta” in Spanish and failed in their guess, even though it was in fact what I drew. Happened it at least two games that someone was entering guesses in another language. It is a great thought to include multiple languages, but play rooms should only include people using the same language, otherwise it doesn’t work. There is too many variables (in English, “letter” could be a missive (“carta” in Spanish) or a part of the alphabet (“letra” in Spanish). Great idea. Needs much improvement.

  • By Sayala4


    This game has the potential to be fun-but it’s not there yet. There isn’t enough people to play, so you wait in an empty room until someone joins. It also doesn’t tell you who is online. You might be able to ask them to join a game if you could figure out who is active and who isn’t. I was excited to open my app and see i had been invited to join a game once-but I’m thinking they must have invited while I was offline and now they were offline because it took my hearts and yet no one was there to draw...so a waste of hearts. It does take a while to accumulate these hearts (you need them to play). There’s also no real goal. Like great I guessed a bunch of drawings now what?! Maybe it should unlock different awards or capabilities.

  • By peachy squad for life

    Creepy but fun

    So first of all it’s a good game I would recommend it to 8-9 ex ages but there is one SUPER creepy thing about this game so I was playing with my friend (on my first time playing) and I just heard her voice come outa no where saying hi and I got creeped out then I’m like ummm hi???? But super freaked out and she laughed and she said it was creepy and It didn’t even give me a warning or give my an option to call so if you are playing with people you don’t know that’s really creepy if you heard them so it’s dangerous I deleted this app cause I didn’t like it and it’s super glitchy well thx for reading :3

  • By Jayaries

    Fun but has issues

    This game is fun to play with friends live and how you can speak to everyone but has to many glitches I ended up paying $20 by mistake for it cause I was half asleep so for that much i shouldn’t be having glitches and annoyance. The ads freeze the game for people that didn’t pay for it and it’s annoying when your playing with friends that when it ends I have to set up a new party with them instead of it just continuing with the same party. If this was fixed it would get more stars from me

  • By frankendoodles

    Can be fun, however

    it’s got quite a few bugs. When playing it basically forces you to play with a bunch of other people in 1v1. I only want to play against my friends because the few times I did play with others they didn’t draw anything or they drew something completely unrelated to the word. Now every time i’m done playing with a friend it automatically starts another game and doesn’t let you close out unless you restart the app. Also, while playing, if i send a drawing it’ll later change the color of something in it or it’ll look way more buggy than when I made it? It’s pretty fun in the free for all mode but 1v1 is a pain. also, while playing the game, i remembered sending a drawing to one specific person. then like three other people were all of a sudden in my pile to play and were guessing the drawing i made for my friend. and when i delete games off here new ones appear. it’s ridiculous. i just want to play with my friends not a bunch of strangers all the time and it just forces you to do it.

  • By Lizzy Lauren

    Terrible. Do not recommend.

    This game is fun, but you can only play for a short number of times due to the heart situation. You start with 80 lives and use 30 for each game, and rarely receive any hearts after you begin playing the game. The only real way to get hearts is through the “achievements” which are only able to be achieved when you play a lot. This game used to be fun and worthwhile because you were actually able to play more than two games while now, it is terrible. They do this to us because they want money to buy more hearts but instead, they ruined the game that used to be good and made it terrible. I, as well as many other people, refuse to play this game unless this heart problem is fixed because I will not use my money for a dumb game. Therefore, I do not recommend downloading this game unless you are willing to waste your money.

  • By Diamondkhrystal

    If you want a good Multiplayer Game, It’s not this.

    I don’t know if this has to do with mobility issues, but I was trying to find a game for me and my fourth grade friends. I have been watching some of my fellow and familiar YouTubers, and I wanted to play a game that would comprehend guessing your friend’s drawing. To be honest, I felt like this game was perfect and so did my friends. We were all excited downloading the apps on our little FaceTime call. When we downloaded the app, everything was so complicated and hard to manage. You had to log into multiple social accounts, when some people don’t have stuff like Facebook, Twitter or etc. I have my OWN iPad, and I downloaded this app thinking it would be worth my storage. I was completely draw-backed and I hate this app. It wouldn’t even let me change my name without making a huge and hard deal about it. Smh!

  • By Bijouviolet1203

    Purchased ad free and etc

    So I got this app today and I purchased for $3.99 an ad removal, a a set of avatars and also it was suppose to unlock all the color pallets. What it did was lock everything up and we can no longer use any colors and we lost even more colors than what we started with. We have no option to change avatar back to our original Facebook picture and we are still seeing ads and there is no help or contact for problems if encountered on the app. We had to come here to leave the review. I think the app has a lot of potential and it’s pretty fun to play but if you can’t unlock any of the pallets I just purchased i would recommend to everyone to NOT get this game. Please fix this issue and I want my money back if you don’t.

  • By George1431

    This app is so bad

    This app is so bad I’d rate it 0 but I can’t you first load it up to them wanting you to spend $20 immediately followed up by an ad then when you finally get into a match not to mention the crappy game chat the shear fact that you can only use about 4 colors to begin with which isn’t helpful at all without SPENDING MONEY and then when you choose what to draw you get one thing and if you want to try to chose one of the other three options you can just SPEND MORE MONEY then after the round they hit you with yet again another ad so just download a different FUN drawing game that isn’t pay to win :)

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