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SongPop 1


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SongPop 1 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by FreshPlanet Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - FreshPlanet Inc., with the latest current version being 2.10.0 which was officially released on 2018-10-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2561 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the SongPop 1 App

How does it Work?

SongPop 1 is no longer available. Please join us on SongPop 2 for more music trivia!

You will be able to transfer your progress from SongPop 1 to SongPop 2 so you can continue playing your favorite songs without missing a beat!

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Top Reviews

  • By Lucy Little 82


    It’s extremely upsetting to the fans who have stuck with the developer and have been playing this game since it’s creation date like myself. We don’t like SongPop 2. It’s in no way, shape or form comparable to the original. The developers owe their loyal fans the courtesy of updating so they may continue to play in peace. I have competitors whom I’ve challenged for over 5 years and we enjoy playing with each other. Have some decency and update the App. No one likes SongPop 2!!! We want our original back!!!!

  • By Amofobrooks


    I have always played this game with friends in the car and loved it. So happy to have discovered this app. A lot of great players and I’m about 50/50 but getting better. I have my certain playlists but do switch it up. It would be great to play in teams some how?? Really respect certain players especially ones that don’t do the same playlist and do venture out. Not a sore loser here but very competitive. Zigs great to feel like your actually making friends from all over the world 😜

  • By tomgirl249

    All about SongPop!

    Song pop is a awesome guesting game with modern rock, classic rock, love songs, and more. It quizzes you and others on what the names of songs are or the artists that created the song and it even scores you ratings on if you're good at those kinds of songs or not! But anyway this is a fun filled time spending game and I love it and I hope that you will too!😉😀 From your fan Gabrielle m

  • By Traw1

    Love this game

    Game is fun, but ads are absolutely ridiculous. What happened to the free selections? They are advertised, but when I go to get them, it costs coins. Another thing I have noticed as well, sometimes you get power ups and other times you don't. There is no consistency and I don't understand why I get them at times and don't at others.

  • By Cash00716


    I love the app and all the many categories it offers. Enjoy playing against friends, family, and strangers. Been playing for years and notice categories just repeat the same songs (in the same order) which is boring and easily mastered. The ads are ridiculous. Mobile strike appears all the time and either shuts down, freezes, or stays on the app for days which is annoying and an inconvenience.

  • By One direction loverrrrrrrrrrrr

    They delete playlist or just don't have it

    I've been playing about a month or so when people kept challenge me to one direction so I went to look for it wasn't their so will you bring it back I know new people will want it and you don't have ed sheeran or mike posner will you add more recent artist thank you

  • By Lish321


    3rd review: y’all need to update the app for us to be able to open app with new iOS 12 update. This is the second app that I can’t get into since I’ve updated my phone. And since it’s been 2 years since y’all have updated the app, just maybe, y’all can read my earlier reviews about coins and scoring. Updated review: still no change in scoring or coins, and now I have ads popping up in the middle of the game😡😡😡PLZ FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure how scoring is for this game, but I have been monitoring results for awhile and I add up my total of how many seconds I use for the 5 songs played and then I add my opponent's seconds. I have been noticing that even though I have less seconds than they do, they win! It is frustrating because I will beat them for 3 out of the 5 songs, yet they still win! Just recently, I added up my score to 8.3 secs and my opponent's score to 8.9 secs, and they won. It isn't fair. Also, if they pick the category and you end in a tie, they win. There should be a tiebreaker or you should award both of us with the same amount of coins. Another issue, coins!!! If you win, I think you should be awarded with 5 coins! If you lose, you should be awarded with 2 or 3 coins, not 1. Please take this review into consideration and make SongPop better! I will give it a 5🌟rating instead of 3🌟! Thanks!!!

  • By PleaseReverseTheUpdate

    Ode to SongPop

    I loved this app and hate SongPop2. The SomgPop gameplay was usually smooth, the graphics were simple, and it was fun. I, like many others, gave SongPop2 a chance, but it is cluttered with far too many bells and whistles and the interface and graphics look ugly. Despite the SongPop app recommending that I play SongPop2 for the last year or so, I always clicked “maybe later,” so I could play on the app I liked better. From the other reviews, it is clear that a significant number of people feel SongPop is superior to SongPop2 and wish to keep playing the original game. The explanation that SongPop “cannot” be updated to be compatible with the new ios should be replaced with “we just don’t want to update the app” or “we like SongPop2 better than the original game, and you should too, so we will force you to play it instead.” I wonder how many people will quit playing any version of SongPop over the needless frustration the makers of SongPop2 have created. Please correct your plan of action and save SongPop.

  • By jalere81

    I can’t play!!

    I click on song pop to play and the first thing that comes up is the loading screen like normal, then it goes to the login with Facebook option. So I went through the steps to do so (even though I’m always logged into song pop through Facebook)...but it didn’t do anything. Just went to loading screen and right back to Facebook login option screen. Did this twice. FIX PLEASE!! I paid three months for vip access and can’t even use!!! Fix now!!! 😡

  • By Prplsnow12000

    I get jipped on my songs

    I love this game and I’m trying to master one playlist for once. I’m not a vip but when I get a day, I play the same list against everyone. I just learned today that my next number is higher than my last one. So if I end the challenge with a 700, my next challenge starts at 706. So I have to get more correct songs than I should have to. Makes me not want to play anymore. It’s like I have to pay to keep my progress. 😡

  • By Joe_in_boston

    Enough with the ads!

    This is a fun game but some things are infuriating 1. Enough with the pressure to sit up for song pop 2. I tried SP2. Didn't like it. So get off my back! 2. Some of the ads for other games are so long, annoying, and sometimes it won't let you X out without a short demo. We are obviously a captive audience and you treat us like the little piggies we are. Thanks. 3. Sometimes the app decides you need to sign in for no reason. And then you get caught in a loop that insists you sign in on Facebook, the eternal Big Brother of all apps. No thanks, but aha, you can't get in with out bypassing this loop, so you break down, cry, and sign in with fecesbook.

  • By WVSweetpea

    Please fix

    I played Song POP yrs ago & just recently started on SP2. There’s a problem with scoring now & I’ve noticed it numerous times. Today both of us got all 5 songs right & their time was 15.5 & mine was 13.3 and they won!!!!! This happens a lot. Plus ads in the middle of playing & seems like when you’re doing well the screen freezes up at times. And sometimes on daily bonus it’s cheating you out of your bonuses when they’re supposed to be doubled. You need to overhaul this app. Maybe this is why I quit playing before.

  • By MargaritaQ

    Leave access to our profile info alone

    I've played SongPop since it came out and love it. I'm not interested in SongPop2. Yes, there are constant ads for it, but I click past them, no big deal. What is a big deal: I went to change my pic and profile info, but HAVE TO download SongPop2 to have access to do so? My personal info should always be accessible to me in the app in which I entered it. Show players you value their time/money by not holding profile info hostage for a few extra forced downloads of SongPop 2.

  • By Sarah's mom 2004

    No longer great

    So I have played this games for years and loved it. But I'm deleting it now. Here's why..... Every time I open the app there is an ad for song pop 2. It doesn't give you the option to say no, I never want song pop 2, you can either download it or tap on maybe later. I thought this might be a temporary ad, but it appears to be permanent. I'm never getting song pop 2 and now I'm quitting song pop. Also, I just got a new phone and even though I logged in with the same login information, it can't remember that at one time I bought the ad free version which doesn't seem to be available anymore unless you pay a too high price to be a VIP player. No thanks. So now, between each round there's an ad. Fine. But today there was an ad that never had a X appear to exit the ad. That is the final straw. Sorry song pop, you are gone.

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