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Bejeweled Blitz


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Bejeweled Blitz is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PopCap. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PopCap, with the latest current version being 2.23.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9096 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.1 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bejeweled Blitz App

How does it Work?

Enjoy one minute of explosive match-3 fun from PopCap Games! Detonate as many gems as you can, 60 action-packed seconds at a time, in the hit puzzle game played by over 125 million people worldwide. Match three or more and create cascades of awesome with Flame gems, Star gems, and Hypercubes. Use powerful Rare Gems and upgradable Boosts to compete against friends, or challenge other players and top the leaderboards in Blitz Champions.


Challenge other players across the globe when you compete in Blitz Champions Contests. Get matched with players at your level and battle it out for the top score. Accomplish a variety of tasks and show off your skills – each Contest features a new way to play. Change up your strategy and play like a champion to win powerful rewards and top the leaderboards!


Begin an adventurous expedition with Gemma, our Bejewelian friend, to uncover hidden treasures and get awesome rewards along the way. Play your favorite game modes every day to make progress with unique tasks. Open treasure chests as you complete a set of tasks and get Coins, Gold Bars, Shards, Diamonds, and Rare Gems. The more tasks you complete, the bigger the rewards you get.


Collect special Boosts like Scrambler to scramble the board, or Detonator to blast all special gems, and add extra power and fun to each match. Then upgrade them up to 10 times for scores that reach the stratosphere! Use Boosts any time and without spending Coins. Boosts never expire, so you can focus on upgrading the ones that work for you.


Amazing and unique Rare Gems like Sunstone and Plume Blast provide big scores and even more excitement. Combine them with Boosts to achieve unbelievably high scores. Play your way when you create mighty combinations of glittering Rare Gems and three Boosts to develop your own personal approach.


Feast your eyes on fresh visuals and enjoy remixed audio that has been overhauled to improve your experience. Play live events with players around the world and complete special tasks each week to earn amazing rewards. Plus, get in the game faster than ever with a rebuilt user experience and simplified navigation.

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Top Reviews

  • By grandmaiske

    Problem with blazing speed boost

    I enjoy playing this game. Been playing for years. But all of the sudden now I can’t activate my blazing speed boost. I can add it to the game, but it has the little clock and never loads. I’m very frustrated as I play my events and daily challenges and cannot clear most of them now if I can’t use my boosts. It’s making me not want to play anymore and take this off my phone all together. I can’t believe what a hassle it is to report a problem as well. I have been trying all night just to finally come and write a review. So hopefully someone sees this and repairs this bug or problem or whatever it is and let’s me know. And fast. Or I won’t be able to enjoy this anymore 😔 I hope I can write a 5 star review after this is corrected. Thank you. Well I have restarted my phone and closed my game and restarted it after I read the response from bejeweled and it still doesn’t work!! I am so frustrated with this please fix it!!! I am just letting everyone know that I am loving my Bejeweled!! They have fixed all the problems and I am one happy person again!! They are really good about fixing any problem that comes up !! I hope you have a good time with your games!! I give this 10 stars!! Thanks again!!😀😀🎉🎉

  • By Lindalolos

    Great new features. open Siri I am a little concerned about your gym pro challenges four instance:

    I like many of the new features and the artwork is beautiful, however I have a couple of concerns still including the new gem pro series has been asking for TASKS that seem all but impossible like getting 12**star gyms in one game. Maybe you meant to say flame gems. I have played for years since the beginning of this game and I have never managed to make over about five star gems and any single game I agree that the challenges should make you work to increase your skills but it is discouraging to set the pole too high. I would also like to see the spins less tightly controlled and also the prize bonuses after playing rare gems to be more random. I have never received a 500 bonus or above in any game and I play for hours every day for years. When this happens it makes me feel like I’m being cheated and that you guys think we are dumb. I think you would please your audience by continuing to increase ways to earn coins and gems as your pricing is very expensive and not an option for elders and kids with fixed incomes. You are definitely doing a better job with this update, but I am hoping that you will keep improving our experience. By the way, did you know that many legally blind peoples can play your game due to its bright colors? Just saying....

  • By kristaannnkkk


    I have played this game from the day it came out. I’m happy with some of the improvements and also not. For example. I bought coins using my money. I have one screen saying I have over 1 million coins and one saying I have 700,00. I bought gold bars to buy chests and I received coins and they don’t add up. The last time and the first time this happend I eneded up losing coins and I eneded up being cheated on my money. I have pictures but there is no prof that there the same day. I love this game but and something like this has never happened until now.. very very disappointed...... how can we win lots of coins for the daily challenge when you receive 1000 coins per game and it costs 100,000. Then I pay for bars and win coins I’m very very disappointed. The challenge is so much and on a day of you have Just enough for 100,000 game you loose all your coins and play a million times just to win 1,000 a game and play for 3 days just to do another challenge/ I don’t understand...

  • By gejdbb

    fun game but many flaws

    so i want to start off by saying i love this game, but there are a couple things that highly annoy me. the first one is when i use a rare gem, i never get the grand prize. ive used hundred and hundreds of rare gems, and i have NEVER won the grand prize. and i always choose the same spot when i get the option to choose my prize, so i know its not just bad luck, the gem has to go in the middle sometimes. im not saying i expect to win every once in 9 times, but every once in awhile would be good. second, this happens more than you would expect, but if i am playing a game, specifically in blitz champions, and the game crashes or i accidentally click out of the game, or even pause it for too long, when i re-open the game, it takes away my coins that i used, or the gem from my item box since i “used it” but it never saves my score, or gems destroyed, etc. so i have to either spend more coins/gems to get another score, or if i dont have enough coins and dont want to spend money to get more, then i cant redo my score and just have to deal with losing 100,000+ coins or a gem. other than these, its actually a really fun and addicting game, and if these issues could get fixed, it would make the game so much better

  • By Judo4me


    Blitz has been one of the best games out there and as all my favorite games succumbed to greed, I had 2 left: Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz. Then Angry Birds needed to be deleted from my phone. Now, it’s Bejeweled that will get the ax next. Some of the tasks have become IMPOSSIBLE to achieve and I have yet to figure it out. FORCING us to equip and use Rare Gems before we can advance is a horrible display of greed. FORCING us to play 25 Blitz Championship Games before we get the new boost? No bueno. And this last update, messed up one of the tasks. Every time you press play, it redirects back to the Special Championship Blitz game board! There’s no way to achieve the ridiculously high Total Game Score, even if one is willing to do the work. I’ve really had it with this game. The Daily Game and Daily Spin... I don’t even want to get started on that topic, as my blood pressure will blow up. So many of my friends are I’m disabled & cannot get out so I made sure to have plenty of games, books & crafts to keep my mind off of the pain & to entertain me... and now, I’m getting ready to delete this one too. And I’ve supported this app monetarily...and not in a small way. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME? Thank You

  • By blkaser

    Love the game, but site has 🧐 changed.

    I have played this game longer than I can remember. Just mindless fun & relaxing. There are some tricks to be aware of. Like all these game apps they prefer you purchase extras, but fun regardless, most of the time, without purchases. There are specially timed events to enter, the goals change from best score, amount of those “special gems”, etc.. Special Gems, that’s not always easy to define. While I have found a couple in my inventory list, on top, offers to purchase labeled special gems! I ignore most of those games. Some prizes I have never gotten, after this…(10’s) of yrs.. Notice to developers, there must be a bug on the app.! The worst is using your earned & won gems on games when the app is dragging to stay up. Played at least several tournaments games today & the site is so slow, I couldn’t break 20k for most of the games. Even tested it & bought (with games points) a labeled “Special Gem)! A beautiful butterfly & got shot down still. Turn up the speed please! When scores are normally in the 10’s of millions…something is wrong. Waste of gems, not fun to play when the site, app, or game plays against you like that.

  • By Capt Eno

    Troubles brewing.

    Gems are to expensive and not enough points. It’s obvious your objective is to run everyone out of their free points. And since the high point values at the end of the game, I have never once claimed the top prize and I’m sure my luck isn’t that bad. Bad enough I have to play against the clock but now I have to play against the computer as well. And while playing a game with the guitar I went for the extra 25,000 bonus and not a single guitar came out for the entire bonus. I’ve been playing this game for years. You’re ruining it and getting way to greedy in the process. I scored a 11,000,000 point game and all I got was 6100 points. You gave me 26,000 for a much less of a game total. You know, I’m up to about 280 something level with this game. I’ve been a very loyal player. Some times playing for 8 hrs or more. Either you better smarting up or I better. I stopped watching the NFL over the anthem and NASCAR over the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Bejeweled might just be next. Like you would care at all.

  • By Meg23678

    The constant pop ups make me want to scream.

    This is supposed to be a fun time killing game. I recognize that this is an app and that the developers deserve to get paid for their work, and I don’t take issue with that at all. Except having three pop ups on every screen before you can even play a game (or after you’ve only played a single game) is incredibly frustrating especially when you can’t seem to exit out of the pop ups (even the ones that aren’t ads!) until the useless little animations go through. I’ve had this game for years, and each month it’s like they add another money grab option, which, again would be fine if it wasn’t so repetitive, time consuming, and in your face. I gave it two stars instead of one because actually playing the game is fun and simplistic, once you can get to it. Although I do agree with the other reviews in that it definitely seems as if the “jackpots” are rigged against you, that aspect really doesn’t matter to me and buying more “coins” to play with additions that lead to a higher score is a legitimate way for game makers to make money. But for the love of all that is holy I’m begging the developers to STOP with the excessive pop ups, especially little cave digging demon that WILL NOT GO AWAY until you let the animation play through.

  • By 1QueenoftheNile


    I really like playing the games on my iPhone. I don’t, however, like feeling as if I’m being jacked. By this I mean, if the game is advertised as free to download, it shouldn’t be any ambiguity. If I put in my Apple ID password and I’m now on my credit/banking information. Why? If the game is advertised as if it’s free to play, then it’s free or you should make it clear that it’s “NOT FREE”. I’ve been just deleting the games that I’d long ago downloaded simply because I pressed the update because it seemed the only way to keep playing. NOT! So, there’s no OPT out button or the “X” and an update shouldn’t be used to try to fleece people. I can do crosswords for free. I’m insulted by your pitiful attempt at surreptitiously charging me to play a game that btw, you also cheat on. Like Subway Surfer, they just stole all of my points, lives, etc. in that specific game. They still try to get me to update but I have the option of pressing the “x” to continue playing the old version. People are BROKE ENOUGH AS IT IS, WE DIDN’T GET THE TAX BREAKS BIG CORPORATIONS GOT. SO NO THANKS, I’ll read and do crosswords, writing, etc. I won’t be extorted because I happen to like a game that was free when I downloaded it. Mama was right, greed begets GREED, no wonder the people who are that way are so miserable. WOW!! CHILD OF THE CREATOR OF ALL. I SEE YA’LL. JUST REALLY WHACK!

  • By Htmj4

    Fun but frustrating

    I’ve played this game for years. Really enjoyed leveling up and getting gold stars for scores, and it’s a good way to kill a few minutes here and there(more like thousands of minutes). I even enjoy the latest update and the gem explorer challenges. Here’s what I don’t like though, I understand the devs want to make a buck but I’ve never spent a dollar on this game and now it seems like the fun is gone if you don’t. Sorry but I’d rather stop playing than spend real money on a game. Devs must also think people are stupid if you think for a second that your fooling anyone with the “randomness” of the prizes after playing a special gem. I’ve literally picked the exact same center prize for at least 10,000 games and miraculously have never received the top prize, I must be the luckiest man alive, and daily spins are exactly the same. I’ve literally spun thousands of times over the years and never once gotten the 1mil top prize..IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re not gonna allow people to win then why even offer any prizes? In short if you haven’t started playing this game I wouldn’t start now unless things are fixed and prizes actually become attainable.

  • By ak6015


    I have been an avid player for many years, but I think I am done. Most of your upgrades over the years have been great, but this last one leaves a lot to be desired. The daily events was fun at first but is so rigged that it is nearly impossible to win. The five step events were nice for a challenge but when my hundreds of gems that I have built up over the years are practically gone just to complete a few of the levels now there has definitely been a injustice. Last night I was just completing a level and my game flashed and reset. I lost almost a million coins, almost 2k gold bars, 1,700 purple diamond thingys and 8 crystals. The entire game reverted back to playing with the fictional character players. When I logged back in their Facebook it was like an entirely different account, none of the people were listed I play against. All of the past event I won and completed were lost not to mention all of my hard earned items. Not sure what game you are playing but count me out. You don’t even have the decency to reply to my request as to what happened. I have been a loyal player until now but enough is enough!

  • By Laxenater

    Too greedy

    I used to love playing bejeweled but now its just completely focused on micro transactions. I get it, everyone needs to make money but what frustrates me is that in your description of how all these new in-game currencies work you state that the gold bars can be used to buy coins, spins, and chests. However they cannot actually be used to buy coins; they can only buy spins and chests which are random.... Additionally, the entire game is focused on using these rare gems now, which have gotten so ridiculous that the entire map is just exploding the entire time and im not even making matches and playing the game, the board is just auto-clearing the whole time. So stupid. I remember when it actually use to be a challenge to get a 1m score, you had to get two blazing speeds by actually playing the game and make your own matches. Not to mention that the *rare* gems were actually rare and you got them randomly. Now they are always available to buy, very expensive and are required to enter all these challenges youve created. Can you please just create a mode that is reminiscent of the original bejeweled blitz? Like a challenge mode with its own leaderboard where you have to buy your powerups and there are no rare gems, or maybe just a cats eye.

  • By littlestormyq

    Absurd level of pay to win (hundreds$$)

    Title says it all. The utter magnitude of money required is actually insane. If you want any chance to even get to the middle of a competition expect to pay hundreds $ or grind for years. The disproportionality is what is so staggering, and exactly why I don’t waste time with app games, but this is NEXT LEVEL PAY TO WIN. It WAS the only app game I’ve ever played bc there was real visual acuity skill to be gained and there is too many apps that are pay to win. I played thousand plus hours, since early days. Now, unless the greed lvl comes down substantially, I’m done. The game revolves around competition, but uses boosts. If u don’t max them you can’t compete. To fully upgrade just 1 of the 3 boosts allowed in a game it takes MONTHS OF DAILY WORK or YOU CAN PAY ROUGHLY 75$ plus to do it via roundabout in game purchases. There are 9 boosts so do the math. Naturally there are always ppl who think paying to win makes you a winner so if you aren’t willing to drop a few hundred dollars on the game there is literally ZERO point playing. And don’t be fooled into thinking you can eventually skill your way to the top. I’m a professional gamer, and I can push 2 matches a second but it literally means nothing. The algorithms and money decide who wins.

  • By Staceyb23

    Really a bummer

    I loved this game for years, and decided to delete from my phone a few years ago to free up space. I was always ranking well and earning jackpots and lots of rare gems and prizes when I stopped playing. Just downloaded it again a couple weeks ago. Like finding an old friend ... AT FIRST. Still fun to play, but even with high scores, and after playing hundreds of games, never won a single gem jackpot, on the 9 spots to chose - when chances should be 1 in 9. When I win the daily challenge, half the time (like just now) I don’t get the rare gem even though it says I qualified (cat lights up and meows on far right). I select BANK IT, but it is NOT added. You have to pay pay pay to play with gems, which you need for all the contests, and the good gems are $100K plus - why aren’t they given to you as they used to be, for loyal (paying) strong players??? I can go to Vegas, I don’t need it to be in my phone, too. Deleting again, but won’t be back this time 😔 I really loved this game - look at my user information guys, you’re going the wrong direction, for sure, and you have to reward the paying, strong players. When there is NEVER a carrot 🥕 the bunny eventually moves to the next garden. ... HOP Hop hop ...

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