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The Sims™ FreePlay


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The Sims™ FreePlay is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Electronic Arts. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Electronic Arts, with the latest current version being 5.62.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 212663 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the The Sims™ FreePlay App

How does it Work?

The Sims™ FreePlay lets you create, customize, design and build to your heart’s content on mobile!

Create your story, your way. Build your virtual town, family and life! Design and decorate dream homes that show off your interior design skills and personal style. Expand your Sim Town and watch your community grow as you earn more Simoleons.

Play in real time and control your virtual world! Life can be altered for each of your Sims as they progress over time. Choose their paths through love, romance, relationships and marriage. Build up your town with Sim virtual families and watch as they grow and develop from babies to seniors. Create to complete goals, earn Simoleons and pick up rewards. Design fun and fulfilling life paths for your Sims, then watch them thrive!

Choose every aspect of your Sims lives: careers, appearance, personality and more! Then, watch as their stories unfold! Love and romance, or drama and breakups - the choice is always yours.

Download The Sims™ FreePlay and start creating your dream life today!


Create Their Story:

- Customize every aspect of your Sims’ lives

- Choose what careers your Sims will have, and watch as they succeed

- Life simulations from babies to seniors lets you watch every stage of their virtual lives

- Love, romance, relationships and marriage; watch your Sims live through it all!

Virtual Community:

- Build a town and create your own virtual world

- Customize up to 34 Sims of your own!

- Grow your community as you earn more Simoleons

- Expand your town with a pet store, car dealership, shopping mall and more!

Customize to Your Heart’s Content:

- Home design and virtual reality all in one!

- Design and build dream homes, complete with swimming pools, multiple floors and incredible decor

- Choose a Sim and design their looks from head to toe

- Customize your Sims personalities, interests and more!

Real Life Connect:

- Virtual towns meet real-life friends!

- Choose to visit your friends’ Sim Towns and form new relationships

- Compare your design skills with theirs as you check out the homes they’ve personally designed!

Virtual life is calling - what will you create?


Join Our Virtual Community!




Please Note:

- This game requires 1.8GB total storage.

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

- Advertising appears in this game.

- A network connection is required to play.

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Top Reviews

  • By CoccolinoB

    Lover of the game right here!!

    I absolutely loveee freeplay! So addicting. It has three major problems though, and it’s disappointing because it brings this great game down a little. Okay, so here are my complaints... when you are doing a quest, some of the things you need to do can take hours! I know you can use those yellow gem things to finish it quickly, and sometimes Osiris will complete your action, but that’s only sometimes and the yellow gems are rare. You also have to pay for them if you really want to complete it quickly, but it’s still money spent on that. If you could make actions quicker, you won’t run out of time for the quest and it would be so much easier than counting down the seconds, minutes, or hours! And my second problem is that the girl sims only have short hair! I have long hair, my friends have long hair, and so many people have long hair! You could also give the boy sims an option for long hair too, because some boys have long hair! Also, it can be overwhelming to take care of all the sims! I also have this on my computer, and we just can take care of one sim and the others can take care of themselves. It’s hard when all your sims are in the red zone, and you don’t know who to help. It would be easier just to go see care of one sim and not having to worry about the others! Otherwise this game is a huge hit in my family! Thank you so much!

  • By Jen1675

    Social disconnect!

    Hey! First off, I love this game! Like set alarms for quests, etc. I’m a full time student so I can do that, I’m sure many older, younger, and most people can’t. My biggest thing that has bothered me since neighbors were introduced is how visiting a town either 1) ends the competition at the center, saying it was some other hobby and placing 5th, 2) doing what I previously mentioned and holding my sim for the rest of the 24 hours unless I end task (which I didn’t do until I knew there was no competition anymore), or 3) say that the competition has ended (which wasn’t going on) and it taking over 24 hours for another to appear. Otherwise, the past ten years have been exciting! I do wish pre teens and toddlers had more hobbies, especially with items to collect for LP and XP (bracelet making, scouting, something!). I also wish babies could interact with pre teens and toddlers (who don’t have much to do unless I age advance) or have other toys, hobbies, interactions. One more little quirk...during pregnancy events, seniors cannot give other seniors parenting advice. You have to have 22 teens, seniors, and adults to complete the 9 day event without boosts...give us a break! And thank you for bringing back unfinished crafting events! Even when I don’t finish I sleep better knowing I will have a chance in the future to finish. Love this game! And I love seeing the changes since the first days!

  • By RoStep22

    Upgrades Needed!!!

    This is thus far the best game I have ever played. 5 star for me. A few tips on what need to be upgraded. More Sims should be able to join sims town, the babies need to be able to interact with Preteens and toddlers, and the toddlers should have more quests. The toddlers also should be able to sit in parents lap and join the adults when swimming in the pool. Which means, investing in some life jackets. I’m saying, I spends a lot of money on this one particular game, every now and then we could at least get better upgrades. Baby car seats should be available for parents when dropping off and picking up infants from daycare, etc. They should be able to have a circle time, or make it to where the sims could criss cross there legs on the floor. More exciting things to do for the preteens. More than 10 sims should be allowed at any place. When the sims take a nap, they should be able to stretch out on the couch. The children should also be allowed to join their mothers in the same bed. I mean, if your going to have a game that is realistic, upgrade it. The bar price should be a little cheaper, if your not going to give job promotions. Almost everything is expensive.! Although the things that should be upgraded, I love this game. I set my alarm so that I want miss any quests, especially when I put money toward things on here. Great game

  • By fishstickz86

    Awesome game!!!

    I have been playing this game for almost a year now, and I love it! Building the houses are so cool, and creating the Sims is an awesome addition instead of being stuck with lame ones. I am a little disappointed in some areas, though. I wish that it were a little easier to earn lifestyle points. I mean seriously! You get one per level up and like, two per building! Plus, it costs like 15 of them to buy a single pet! I also think it would be cool if added more realistic touches. Like having a different color underwear than swimsuit. Plus it would be cool if Sims could get sick. Not just vomit, but catch a cold or get a fever or even get the flu. That way your Sims can be more like normal people, you know? I would also want toddlers to have to be toilet trained. So that they can learn more stuff. The Sims should be more gender specific. The men should be able to use the bathroom standing, you should have like a way for the sims to meet and fall in love online, you should have mayor elections for your sim’s town... I also wish there were an easier way to earn lifestyle points and that the stuff didn’t take SO long. Sims should also have a little more diversity. Like having Sims with wheelchairs. Even though I had some suggestions, it’s still my favorite game! Can you make more games like this? Sort of like a Sims FreePlay 2? Thanks! 😀😀



    I love this game it's a Fanta game and very fun and addictive,I just have a few suggestions. I would like to be able to have monthly events for people who missed such events as the romance island quest,French romance quest,long hair event,(etc.). I also would like to be able to make driveways and have cars on a lot, not on that parking spot. Also I would like more of a variety of options for customizing characters. Weight maybe their looks because my characters always look alike because they all have the same body size and there are only 4 different faces to choose from. I also would like more of a variety for pets. Little pets, large pets, Gerbils, more birds. I also would love to be able to make a beach resort, sorta like the island romance only you can customize it. And I would like to be able to make more LP and SP. it's hard to get more than 20 without spending them. And time is a big issue for me. I don't always have time for this game. I have other things to do. If I forget about it than it's nearly impossible to the the limited time prizes for the quests or events. I would love to be able to purchase hairstyles from previous events that I missed out on and I would like better ways to build homes. Building diagonally and placing objects diagonally. I would really love all these things if you could consider them thanks.

  • By NestleGoesRawr


    Been playing for years! Tbh, I still prefer this over The Sims Mobile. What I REALLY wish for though is the ability to COMBINE rooms; would be soooooo awesome!! (That’s so we can join them to make seamless hallways and angled rooms). More small animals like hamsters or guinea pigs, maybe a snake in a tank! Definitely more cars and animal breeds would be nice. I am in love with the pugs (they are my all time favorite breed in the world!!!!!!). So thank you so much for incorporating them, that made my heart swell! Also, some petty stuff like, more roofs would be nice. The homestead roof is really cool, but wish there were more colors for it instead of just the blue. More patio and pool pavings (I think I missed an event. I see other players have patio pavings and pool pavings that match and are really nice). More exterior wallpaper as well. More items for toddlers, preteens, and teen would be cool (some designer room items like the infants got would be really cool). Definitely more electronics (I’m a tech geek frfr.) I love the interactive work places! Can you do one for the scientist, athlete, or fireman? (Totally revamp the current rabbit holes in the main town map.) Oh! And free up some of that “smog” in the city, lol...always reminds me of a ghost town for some reason. Really appreciate you guys for what you’re doing for all the sims games across the gaming platforms! Love this game sooo much!!

  • By Bored 😐 and boring

    Love it!!!

    Thank you thank you so much Sims FreePlay team to make this game better and better omg I remember when I suggested that we would love for our sims at least me to mown the lawn!!!! And now I’m able to!!!!! With all of this new features and updates is amazing. The one thing I would like to be into this game is one for our sims to be able to brush their teeth for um idk 30 seconds second I would like for our sims to gave different sleeping positions like one day cuddle with their partner one day face them idk so many possibilities!!! For married sims to give there significant other a one second kiss. To hold their toddlers on the side of they don’t wanna walk and hold the babies to the side as the toddlers and hand them to another sims without having to make a sim put their infant on the floor them the other sim picking up the infant. Also sims to have blankets when they are watching a movie or a movie marathon or having a snack when watching tv on the couch. Still waiting for sims to fix their bed. What if like the garage doors that you click to open and close like that with fixing the beds. What if y’all made a discovery quest of cleaning like our sims being able to after completing it being able to mop sweep vacuum clean windows and stuff like that Thx a lot sims FreePlay thx for your time

  • By coolkittenpuppy666

    Game is awesome but a few suggestions

    I love this game a lot. It’s fun, I like to decorate houses and stuff like that. But there’s this glitch where the sims will sometimes go into the wall, go sideways, or even mess up the burger bar. Please fix this. I’d also think it would be cool to add young adults to the game, where they either work or go to college. I also think it would be cool to let more than 10 people onto a property or place. You know let em throw real parties. I also think it’d be cool to add more jobs like in a bakery or even hotel. I also think it’d be cool if the sims could fly off on vacation. And we should make a homeless shelter. And I think y’all should add sicknesses that can kill the sim if untreated or whatever so that the hospital can do stuff. I also think y’all should add masks to the game, voting, the ability to be mayor of the City or even president or governor. And you should add laws and drugs and the police to catch the drugs. And for the teens add pregnancy and the ability to be kicked out by parents. Also add more subjects to the sims high school and even sports that could be like hobbies like marching band with multiple instruments, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, etc. And you should add detention. Idk please read. I wish for a lot of things. And I hate how long it takes for the sims to complete tasks.

  • By papyruswiki

    Good game, but some really annoying/unfair aspects

    Let me start off by saying I really like and enjoy this game, for the most part. My main issue is with the quests and special events. I recently started a new game and got absolutely BOMBARDED with timed quests and special events that I couldn’t opt out of to do at a later time when I HAD time. I literally don’t have enough Sims yet to complete all the tasks and it’s really stressing me out to see the countdown while I’m trying to just enjoy the game. I’d really appreciate it if we could temporarily opt out of quests and choose to do them on OUR time. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but a lot of quests seem to be made such that they’re virtually impossible to finish on time unless you use Lifestyle or Social Points to skip tasks OR you spend literally every minute of every day playing the game. I don’t think that’s fair because it’s hard for new players to amass a large amount of LP or SP quickly without buying them (which isn’t possible for everyone) and most people don’t have enough time in the day to be playing a lot. In addition to being able to opt out of quests, I’d appreciate it if there was a longer time period for certain quests and special events. What I’m trying to say is, some people just want to play the Sims, and all these timed quests and special events are ruining the experience for me, and I imagine I’m not the only one. I hope this review will be seen and considered.

  • By Okay, um what?

    I love this game but...

    This is one of my favorite games that i have on my ipad. I love how it resembles actual life and you can grow the babies. I love all of the jobs and places that you can get on the map because they are all unique in their own special way and they all hold an awesome activity like going to work or buying something. I especially love designing the houses because its so much fun to create cool life like areas where your sims can live. I have gotten pretty far into this game and have found some things to suggest. First of all, when i got the puppies and kittens quest completed, i was so excited to have my own pet to love but i feel like it should be able to do more. I can sit with the pet but i wish i could wash it in the bathtub or bounce it on the bed like i can with the baby. Another thing is that the pools, patios, and multi story things are very expensive. I have seen awesome houses and i want to have a big upstairs but i cannot afford it so i have to get a big area of space downstairs and fill up the whole thing because i cant make an upstairs. This is annoying because i also want space outside to put a pool and a patio but those are also very expensive. Right now i have a tiny 2 by 3 patio. If i even put railing on it, which is also very expensive, i would only have two little squares for my sims so it is just like a carpet outside that doesn't do anything. Thats all for now. Love this game. Please consider my problems.

  • By Sayhayhay2jayjay

    Plz read

    Dear EA, I’m absolutely in love with your sims FreePlay game. There’s so much diversity within the game its self and so much your sim can do ... but it just all of these updates are kinda getting repetitive and you guys are missing the smaller things that will make the game that much more fun. For example the capacity of sims a house/building can hold is down right silly like seriously 10 ?!? Only ten people can be in a building at a time, like what if I want to throw a big party and only a few people can come ??? I think the bigger the house the more people you can have in it cause I have some really big hones on that game and I feel like it should hold more than just ten people, maybe twenty wound be a reasonable number?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️. Also give the sims more interaction options, like maybe if more than one person could to speak to each other at the same time, I just want my sims to be able to do as much as possible and I’m not talking about major updates I’m just talking about incorporating more social interactions and relationship scores not much but I promise you it will make many freeplayers (like my cousin and I) that have been playing this game for quite some time, so happy and we promise we will appreciate it with the bottom of our hearts .. heck we appreciate theses current updates ... I’m just giving something guys something to work with 🤩🤩thank you so much for your time 😋 ~ from a proud simsfreeplayer ♥️♥️

  • By RiverNicole

    My favorite but....

    I love this game so much! I have played this game for years now. I love that the reviews have been heard and they have upgraded decor and offer so much more, however, now they keep doing the events and they aren’t the same as the quests. They end up costing you if you actually want to finish or you have to commit every second to the game which is unrealistic and I really believe that even if one could, it still would not be possible to finish without spending money. If you do manage to finish and earn all items in the event they give one free then they cost social points or lifestyle points and not just a couple which would be more acceptable but several SP or LP for one item - there are rare items now that don’t cost SP or LP but they will cost like 300,000 simoleons, it is getting annoying. Also if you buy something from the store it once again costs SP or LP as a ploy to make more money. It is so disappointing because I truly love this game and it is my favorite but the cost is getting outrageous. You can choose not to purchase and not finish the events but then you don’t get anything and the game isn’t worth playing because that isn’t fair. It makes me so sad. Hopefully they will reconsider going back to the quests, those were great and gave you the opportunity to actually finish and get all the items - I also hope they reconsider making everything cost so much or SP or LP and go back to making things a little easier to get.

  • By Jada Johns💓

    So many ads !

    Sims FreePlay is dear to my heart ! I remember being in middle school seeing a friend play sims 3 on her laptop and I was fascinated by it ! I love sims in all ways possible. Sims FreePlay was my first download considering I didn’t have a PC nor a console . This was the next best thing! As I’ve graduated high school , on top of my second year of college .. I lost track of the game , received new phones and lost interest for a little. Actually bought sims 3 & sims 4 on the console in the mean time of me not playing sims FreePlay on my phone. I downloaded this game back 2 weeks ago with the expectations as usual.. doing quest and practicing my learned ability building a storyline for all my Sims to make the game more fun considering the quest are a tad bit time consuming and almost makes the game “ a little less fun “ but I enjoy them now , now that I understand more ! As of my two weeks coming back to this game .. I have never been so bombarded with ads in my life. I’m not sure why there are so many ads now but I hate it ! I still love the game and have found a way to quickly get past the 30-45 second ads for a “ alien reward” .. basically money I didn’t ask for. I appreciate you paying me to watch your sponsors but so frequently is quite annoying in my eyes . Everytime I go to the map I have an ad. I build a new work place, an ad. I tell a sim to go use the bathroom , an ad. It gets frustrating but still the end to my heart .

  • By ccolgan7


    Hi, I’ve been playing this game since early 2013, so almost 5 years now. It’s really fun and really cool but now that I’m on level 42 and I have a lot of buildings and houses built, it’s super hard to get enough money to build other houses and businesses. For example, it will cost me between 1-2 million simoleons to build the last few buildings in town. I think it’s just a little ridiculous because it takes a really really long time to get that much money through basic everyday actions, like sending Sims to work, etc. Also, some of the quests have been impossible to finish. I’ve never been able to unlock long hairstyles or certain furniture because the events are too short for what you are asking for. The last event with the Halloween costumes was great though, I was able to unlock every costume! Adding to that, I still haven’t unlocked the ski lift at the Ski/Ice Center place. I find it quite annoying that when a Sim does certain hobbies, they keep unlocking the same thing over and over again. It’s especially annoying when it’s been months to years of it. Also another thing that would be cool is new emotions and behaviors, more personalities/interests, and more/better hairstyles, skin tones, and body types. I wish we could have skinnier and fatter sims and weaker sims and stronger sims, and also when a family is expecting, it would be really cool too if the mom or whoever could look pregnant. Thanks.

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