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Death Worm™


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Death Worm™ is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PlayCreek. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlayCreek, with the latest current version being 2.0.034 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4391 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Death Worm™ App

How does it Work?

Meet the highly anticipated iOS version of the *ORIGINAL* Death Worm game (a Top-50 indie game of all times according to

Over 20,000,000 of downloads for Death Worm, 20 Million people addicted to Death Worm can't be wrong!

Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger!

What is he? An alien? An awakened prehistoric predator? Genetic monster? It is really not important for those unfortunate who have sunk into oblivion in his giant poisonous throat. Nothing personal - it's just the predator's lunch time.

NOWHERE TO HIDE: The Monster feeds in 4 different locations!

ENDLESS TERROR: Beat 60 challenging levels to complete the Campaign Mode!

NEVER GET BORED: Death Worm features 3 bonus Mini-Games!

EXPLOSIVE SURVIVAL: 3 different Survival Modes to keep feeding your hungry Monster as long as you can!

EVOLUTION: The Worm looks differently in every location that you unlock!

OMNIVOROUS: Animals, birds, businessmen, punks, lizards, and even dangerous predators like tiger are now nothing more than snacks for your monster Worm!

THE DESTROYER: blow up cars and tanks; bring down planes and helicopters and even the alien UFO’s! Fight enemies of over 40 types!

The Game supports HD and Retina displays and features smooth graphics and stunning visual effects! This is the game that perfectly suits if you need to quickly relieve stress or just have fun!

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Top Reviews

  • By run itt

    Game Should Be Easier

    I think you should be able to stay where the military is and also the game is more OP and you can have fake partners to help you and also there should be new modes and the game should be easier plus new animals where you can fly be invisible burst or just more stuff pls (Update The Game Plz)

  • By XcyberShark

    Great Update

    I Really don’t know what to say.I,m very happy that you have come back to this game and given it attention.I use to play this game when I was about 9 or 10 and after coming back to it, I couldn’t be more happy,Thank You.I can see this game in the future being beyond perfect. Great Job!

  • By farislatif

    Please read this

    This game is the best game in my opinion I really like it and it makes my day. I would advice everyone to play it. Now I have a question, do you add more content to this game because I really would like more content. Please update the game and don’t leave it and keep up the good work

  • By henakgxbslapjdndk

    Still Great

    The game is as great as I remember, but I don't appreciate the micro transactions. Although the new monatary system is something to do away with, the game itself is just like I remember. The levels still have the same design as before, and the gameplay is addicting, and fun.

  • By NCJim2010

    Just as I remember

    I used to play this game like crazy when I was a little kid and it’s made my day that it’s not only just as I remembered it but even better this is basically the ultimate waiting in line or passenger seat game with a new sense of progression it’s even more gratifying to play

  • By Kadyshak


    It’s just a little boring at first but SO hard once you are out of the easy level. Don’t let little kids play, there’s killers, you kill, and there’s a big scary 🐍 ages 10 and up . Thanks for spending your time to read this 🇱🇷

  • By cuzufxfuxufxuf

    Really fun game

    This game is really fun and takes time off my day so I don’t need to play with my friends who will rage at everything so it makes me happy that I don’t need to play with them because they are just to soft and get mad at everything

  • By bacon hair epic man sutart

    It’s good.

    Pretty nice game, I was bored and downloaded it. I got WAY more than I thought of, I was thinking of a cheap money cash grab game, but you actually try. I can’t even make a game like this. I don’t think I can make a flash game. You took the time to make this. It is great.

  • By cupcake master 700

    I love this game but just one request please

    I love death worm it’s so much fun! I remember playing this game as a child but pls can you take of the energy I want to play the game without having a limit please I love this game so much so please take of the energy thing.

  • By CreeperLover2041

    You need updates and a game suggestion

    You need to make updates, how? Maybe you can make like a worms skins section and one of the worms is a Graboid from tremors If you know. I’d love to see a HD update and make it high detailed. And here is a suggestion for a game, a Tremors game and if you don’t know about tremors watch the movie. Thank you.

  • By KKutrzzsadS

    Very annoying in boss battles

    I just re-downloaded this game thinking it would be fun but now every single time I go into the second boss fight all my attacks are weakened and the opponents stun you and make you lose all your turns every time. You people are lucky that y’all have good graphics or else I would rate this game a one star. You developers need to fix this issue so no one else has to scream into their pillows for comfort

  • By Kasper765

    I miss how the game was

    I hate you have to have energy or real money to keep playing. Just a classic money scheme that makes me want to not play the game at all. I hate the progressive level up of the worm instead of how it used to be when you start as a small and slow worm and level yourself up throughout the map. I also hate that you now always have boost instead of having to work for it and get the blue or orbs. I like that the developers are still doing stuff with the game. I like the new graphics and such but i just wish there was and option or setting to make it so you can play the game how it used to be.

  • By JayyAyeeTee


    I have loved and adored playing death worm for a few years, even playing the same levels over and over again (mainly the blitz levels), but now I am more than likely going to delete the app. It’s now heavily filled with ads and the fact that I have to either wait for more energy to continue playing or pay for unlimited energy or a season pass is just such a sell out. I was #1 on leader board for most of the levels on the old version, and now, I can’t play long enough to know if there even is a leader board anymore, and sadly I don’t even care to. Highly, highly disappointed with the update.

  • By ktvjit

    Can I please be able to play the old version I don’t like the new update

    I just re downloaded this game a few days ago after many years to revisit one of my favorite childhood games and to my surprise it’s a completely different game than what I remember. Couldn’t you guys have just made a separate app for this game? Or can you at least add an option to play the older version? I’ll just delete it for now until hopefully you guys can add the old version back.

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