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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-26
  • New version: 1.4.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tap Music: Pop Music Game


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Tap Music: Pop Music Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Jingmao Tec. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jingmao Tec, with the latest current version being 1.4.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2157 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tap Music: Pop Music Game App

How does it Work?

A new free music rhythm game. Various types of songs and well-made Musical score is continuously update. Pop, Anime, Hip-hop, EDM, Vocaloid, and more genre of music are waiting for you.

How to play

1.Tap the note as it reaches scoring area.

2. According to the accuracy of tap, You can get Perfect, Great or Good. Try to get more Perfect as you can.

3. Try to challenge harder songs.

Game Features

1.Variou of songs, play anytime as you want.

2.Different difficulty makes more choice, choose the difficulty that you like the most!

3.Use high quality music source and musical score, make your game experience better.

4.Continuously update various songs.

Install right now and enjoy it!

Tap Music is a music game from Jingmao Tec. Contact us by App Store or email below. We're looking forward to your game feedback to improve our game!



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Top Reviews

  • By iamarealkid

    Love it but I have a question

    So developer, this is one of my favorite games, but just one question, can you make and expert version of songs in this game like an expert one of zavolida and south because I really love to play those two but I can beat them with no revives and I would really love it if you can remove some of the ads because unless the ads are not going, I get and ad every single time I either die and get out of the song or if I finish it. Other than that, I totally recommend this game

  • By Bear078

    I’ve never had a mobile game do this to me.

    Ok so this is a really solid 4key mobile rythym game. Feedback is good, controls are good, pretty good music selection, but I have a big problem with this game. I’m not gonna complain about ads too much since game needs money even though I hate how even if you die and don’t click the option to watch an ad, you still have to watch an ad, granted you can skip it. The main issue I have is that this game does something I’ve never EVER seen a mobile game do. Maybe I’ve just never played the right games and this is a common occurrence, but here’s the issue. So to start a song, and revive, you have to watch an ad right? That’s fine and dandy, but It will sometimes say “no ads available try again later”. So I did. And it still doesn’t work. I played this game on a 4 hour trip, and it wouldn’t “have ads” the whole time. I’ve NEVER seen a game that flat out REFUSED to let me play the game because it couldn’t work the ads correctly. And I don’t mind not being able to revive that much but you can’t start the songs unless you’ve seen an ad. I think that’s a really big flaw with the game that it requires an ad to play, and it can’t make it work. Oh and also I hate afk arena’s gift codes now but whatever.

  • By Torintime

    Probably the best mobile rhythm game, except…

    This game is great. Fun, responsive, perfectly difficult, great style, everything that adds up to a good rhythm game. My only issue with the game is the constant ads. You have to watch an ad to play a song, you have to watch an ad after finishing a song, watch an ad to restart a song, watch an ad to revive yourself. It’s quite annoying. But my main concern isn’t the ads, because I do understand that you need advertising on a free game in order to actually profit, but there’s no way of removing ads. Lots of games which have ads also let you pay like $2 to remove them. I would happily pay money to get rid of the stupid ads. This game is too well made to go to waste because of all the ads.

  • By Octo Evan

    Good game with great potential

    This is my favorite game that has this style, the guitar hero notes, the video at the top of the screen, etc. But a few things could be fixed/added. First of, the input, sometimes I tap but it doesn’t go through. second, the adds, we all know though. Now stuff I’d like to see be added, first, a scroll speed, I’m a rhythm gamer who likes a challenge, so being able to choose the scroll speed would be amazing! But also have a on/off for it so you can also have the option to turn it off. This last one might be to much, be being able to add our own songs and chart them/have them be auto charted would be fantastic! Again though, might be to much. Still a solid game though.

  • By 勹乃DEEZNUG

    Solid game but….

    Ok this is a good game for just coming out recently however the ads are just too frequent you die ad get new song ad start song ad just ads everwhere, i do find this game a bit to easy as ive almost full perfected all the songs i wish there was an extra difficulty after hard because hard seems to be a bit easy. it would be nice if we could add custom songs and or custom charts so we can change scroll speed and make it harder. it would also be nice if you guys added more songs than just the mainstream ones because listening to songs i havnt heard 1,000 times would be nice. but yeah good job with your game so far just needs less ads and more customization from players thx

  • By BoB&Bosip_FnF<3

    Very good but I have a complaint or 2

    The complaint that I’m gonna write is quite frustrating and I get irritated very easily. It’s just that whenever you lose you don’t really know and you keep tapping and I keep accidentally pressing the revive button all I ask is that you move that further down or up just a bit because that is very irritating. The second one is that. Whenever I press abort when it asks you if you wanna revive it makes me watch an ad anyways. I don’t know if this just happens to me or a few others but this is a little frustrating so like I wish their wasn’t an ad every time I click abort. Or it’s just That it’s just intensional but like I just said it’s very frustrating. Maybe if you can fix this maybe you'll be able to tell me. If not it’ll still be nice to know. I think this just happens to me but idk. This is my first review so this is just a few suggestions

  • By Fun Summoner

    Great game just 2 changes

    This fame is great there are just to things that need to happen. First, there needs to be more songs. The amount of songs is nice but there needs to be more because if a gamer, like me, wants to play or record this game there needs to be more content. Second, the game lags/glitches about every 5-10 songs played and I have to refresh the every tome this happens. So please do this so people will enjoy the game. Edit: Keep the adds the same, this is one of the few game where i want adds to be.

  • By darkeolfie

    Good game with one issue

    Look I love this game and the game itself is great and fun to play when you wanna listen to music and play a game. However the one issue I have is I was playing “ugh” because I love fnf but every time i missed literally ONE note I died and if you want to revive they make you watch 20-30 second unskippable ads which that alone is annoying but my problem is they should’ve added more lives than just one cuz that makes the game frustrating and unenjoyable please fix this!

  • By SomethiNotGreat

    Good game but way to many ads

    Don’t get me wrong the game is great. The music is from other rhythm games or are commonly used in rhythm games but that’s fine. The charting is fun to play and is actually accurate to the music. But wow are there way too many advertisements. When you unlock all of the levels (by watching ads of course) just turn on airplane mode. There’s an advertisement after every level and the levels aren’t very long. Overall 4/5 stars Great game but way to many ads.

  • By Lukewarm Milk

    Good Game, Fails Because of Ads

    Alright, to start off this game is a good mobile rhythm game. However, this game has 3 main problems in my eyes. 1. The Ads are too frequent and long, this makes the game frustrating to play as any mess up or song switch will result in a 30 second unskippable ad. 2. The ads are places in ways that if you do fail, you will most likely instantly press the button to revive, which makes you watch 2 ads just to play from where you failed. The ads alone make this game seem very money grubby as it just shoves ads in your face and you can’t even turn airplane mode on to avoid the ads as the game will not run without a network connection. 3. The entirety of the “If you miss once you die.” Are a huge problem, because on certain songs it is near impossible to perfect when your own thumbs are blocking your view of notes. In these scenarios you should be able to at the very least restart immediately, but ads deny you of even that! Overall this game is fun but ads are terrible. If this gets fixed, I’ll easily bump the review to a 4 or 5, depending on how they fix it.

  • By Hi_/9464$

    Such a great game but too many ads

    This game is actually really cool and it has great design. I even downloaded this because it’s ad was actually legit. The one problem though is that the ads are constant. Sometimes I will hit somewhere on the screen and the game takes it that I hit the revive button. This means that I have to sit through a 30 second ad without being able to decline it. Every time I lose I have to watch an ad even if I revived that round. This means that I watch a minute’s worth of ads playing the game for 40 seconds. It’s infuriating how a obnoxious some of the ads are too. The game is great but everyone who played this game will all agree with me on the fact that there are too many ads.

  • By Angchi1990

    Great! but one flaw..

    The game is actually very good, you can play a lot of well known songs I would highly recommend this app for any music lover. But the game dose have a flaw which can take a lot of time, ounce you start the game you’ll be given alot of ads. Unfortunately you will be given alot of ads when the game start, when you choose a song, and if you lose in a song you can can keep going but you’ll need to watch an ad. The game is actually very awesome but the ads just make it to time consuming. Just a heads up airplane mode will not work on this app.

  • By jedi,enf


    Problem: So my problem is that when I exit the game there’s a ad every time I really hate that, and mostly all of the songs need ads to play with, but some fun songs should have ads like the ugh and rubs song but the rest of the Friday night funkin songs should be free and only some songs should be needed of ads to play And I only lose 2 tiles and then I get eliminated. And there’s just so many ads when I try to get a life I need to watch a ad when I leave I need to watch a ad it’s so annoying What I want to change: so I want when I exit the game only sometimes there’s ads but not always. And you should give us 3 free life’s without ads! But I don’t want to lose 2 tiles and be eliminated I want to lose 5-6 tiles and then get eliminated. Just there’s so many mistakes & ads I can’t take it it’s isn’t even a lot of fun with so many ads just remove some ads and I’ll be happy.. So I really just have this problems but the rest of the game are fantastic there super duper fun, and I love the Friday night funk in songs! So that’s all I hope you fix this! <3

  • By JenoYT

    This game is bad

    The title and even a 1 star rating is generous most of the songs are just “trendy” and are a flat out joke to finish in 2 to 3 “tries”. Everything is locked behind an unskippable ad and failing forces you to watch an ad to continue or end the song on top watching an ad to unlock it. Whoever green lit this project should ashamed of thinking this was a good idea. If there where more songs, less ads, and more hp (chances until you fail) maybe just maybe I’ll give this app a second chance. I don’t normally beat up someone this bad in an app review I just hope the devs read this and apple or the devs don’t delete this so they can learn from their own mistakes and one last piece of advice. Gid Gud

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