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The Ghost - Survival Horror


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The Ghost - Survival Horror is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Oleg Sapovsky. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Oleg Sapovsky, with the latest current version being 1.04 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 437 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the The Ghost - Survival Horror App

How does it Work?

You were getting your daily treatment with friends at the New Wishlie Hospital for 2 weeks already, and today was time to get discharged from the hospital. But something happened. You woke up at 2 AM and found out that all the patients were gone, except you and your friends. The place looks much muddier and it’s... locked! You read in magazines about the hospital and turns out that it's haunted. Now It seems like the only way to escape is through the garage door. Will you be able to get away by the time the ghost devours your soul?

Don't stay alone for too long.

Play with up to 5 players.

Play as survivor - escape the place.

Play as the ghost - don't let the survivors escape.

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Top Reviews

  • By SweetTaco/dontunderstandwhy

    Great introduction!

    I haven’t been able to play a full round yet- guessing because I’m one of few who immediately downloaded the game. So far it gives me dead by daylight vibes- you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this game to come out- I wanted to play a mobile horror game with friends because there are very few. I’m very happy this game came out three days earlier than the planned release date! I do want to comment that I hope the lovely developers update this game as much and as often as possible to keep this game going! I can tell by the graphics (which are lovely) that it’s going to be more on the 3D side which I love! When I finally get to play a round I’ll most likely have more to say! Thank you for creating this game!

  • By Alaiinax

    The Ghost

    Horror games do not scare me. There are so many that fit under that umbrella, from Resident Evil to Amnesia, and most hit familiar beats: a few good jump scares, the dread of being pursued, nasty monsters and creepy sound effects. I enjoy all of these experiences, but even when things get intense I'm never really afraid. The Ghost is a game that gets into your head. When you're playing the real world doesn't exist. When you stop, some aspect has seeped into reality. This game has left myself and companions not so much stunned as scrambled, jacked on adrenaline and chatting for hours afterwards about what just happened.

  • By Thanos AssCrack

    Bug issues

    When I either host a lobby or join one after 2 minutes when all players have joined the game just dies lol. Nothing will respond but the opening of doors.. the ghost just sits in a room doing nothing, players freeze in time and the ghost ends up hunting forever! Hopefully soon you guys can figure out why players are freezing 2 minutes into trying to fix the car and why the server stops responding. 💯 I got big hopes for this game that’s why I rated 5 stars.👾

  • By Username_9768431

    Unable to actually play the game

    Hello, I pre-ordered this application and just finished downloading it, and the game seems SUPER fun, however, I have been unable to get into even one game, as it says that I can’t play multiplayer games while the “servers are updating.” I am aware of the fact that this game is new, but do you know how long this will last—I’d love to give it a proper rating. Thank you!

  • By RavenHorse12378

    The Ghost Game kinda terrible!

    I cant even play the game! it won’t let me join other people’s games and won’t even let me make my own room! IDC that the servers are updated i wanna play gosh darn it! i am mad and angry that i cant even play. the character models are my favorite though bob js really hot tbh. thanks fox you game pls thanks.

  • By rarely try but why

    Cool although...

    The game is well made and has the horror aesthetic and definitely could scare you off guard, but the game is kind of just a copy of phasmophobia and really doesn’t need to be, but it’s better than other horror games and is definitely worth a try.

  • By HauxyLF

    My opinion

    The game is already looking good so far...the textures are amazing and everything but I was tryna play online with my friends but it said the the servers are updating for online or something like that and I’m confused cause I don’t know how to check that.

  • By Kate_Is_Gone

    It’s ok i have a few suggestions though!

    1. Put a mini map in the corner, like how COD does it cause it makes it easier. Also if we can see our friends/other people on the map that would be cool too. 2. The mic needs to be fixed. By fixed I mean you should be able to turn it on and off not turn it on for a few seconds. 3. More game modes like hide and seek or murder mystery, and if we can add and talk to friends that would be cool too. 4. You should be able to edit your character, like add hats or something that you can put on. 5. It would be nicer to have people who can understand my language or and easier way to search for rooms. 6. It would be nice if we could see better as a ghost or make it to where we can see other ghosts. Me and my sister love this game it just needs a lot of work and stuff. I still really enjoy it.

  • By adventuretiff

    Great potential!

    I was super excited for this game as I was looking for a Phasmophobia type of game for mobile. There are definitely a lot of bugs to still work out, such as the walkie talkies not working and difficulties loading the room lobbies. I would love to see more maps added and people joining. I will definitely revisit this once things are fixed. If you like horror games, or even just want to have a fun time with your friends, give it a try!


    Everything is ok but..

    Although I love this game!! I’ve got a few problems. One bug is when me and my friend were playing this, I saw the ghost go through her instead of kill her. 2nd bug is when my friend and I was playing, our mics didn’t work, the ghost heard it, but we didn’t, so we died for noises we didn’t even hear! Goodbye, I hope you read this!

  • By PyaeSoneSean

    Automatically quit to Home Screen

    The game was fantastic but when I create the room the game was quit to Home Screen not only me also friends of mine. Sometime can play but most of the time have bug. So developers really should fix that bug!! If not this game can’t be success. That was my advise the game was already so dope.

  • By AstralThunder

    Looks good just.

    The game has potential like another had said in their own review. I would just like to add on to how adding maybe more clothes or minor customization for characters. You don’t need to add a lot, or anything. As well as with the guidelines on with what your supposed too exactly. And how to win the game. Are you just supposed to survive? Or Look around collecting items or what not to escape?

  • By 死キス

    It crashes every 5 mins

    It is a great game however regarding about the bugs where the game crashes every 3-5 mins into the game; I did not have the full experience in the game which is such a disappointment. I hope the game is fixed so I could play with my friends. Side note: my phone is Iphone 11 :)

  • By YoshicoReaper


    The game seems like it has potential and all, but there’s many issues that needs to be fixed. For example, when I join my friend’s lobby and I die by the ghost, I can’t do anything afterwards. The ghost jump-scare just stays on my screen constantly doing the jump-scare movements and sounds leaving me with no option but to leave the room and create another one. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s incredibly annoying. There’s also the fact the game doesn’t has any tutorial nor guide, the “Fix car” mode is simply impossible to win, the car parts are either not there or simply too darn difficult to find. There’s also the fact, that sometimes the ghost would camp the same area over and over preventing you from going anywhere since every time you go there, it’s there and simply becomes predictable.

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