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Find Diamonds! Minecraft Ores


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Find Diamonds! Minecraft Ores is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Elad Apps Pty. Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Elad Apps Pty. Ltd., with the latest current version being 1.1.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1730 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Find Diamonds! Minecraft Ores App

How does it Work?

Ever wanted that shiny new diamond armour set but don't have enough diamonds? We have you covered! This is the best Minecraft companion app to find resources. Just type in your world seed and coordinates and you will get a list of the exact locations of many veins of diamond ore deep underground.

Use this tool to help speed run Minecraft the fastest way possible! Works just like xray.

Your favourite blocky game just got a whole lot more exciting. See exactly where the diamonds are located, how many there are, and plan how you will retrieve them while evading creepers, skeletons and zombies.

Improve your speedrun times! This app is also perfect for those who want to speed run Minecraft as you will know exactly where the diamonds are when you start.

Use the "seeds" tab to discover great new worlds to play the game in!

Supports Minecraft on all platforms - Bedrock edition and Java edition. Supports all devices - Mac, iOS, PS4, Xbox, PC - and anywhere else that runs Minecraft!

"Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. Mojang owns all Minecraft related content. NOT OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.

Terms of use are available at

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Top Reviews

  • By Brocket123

    Surprisingly Works!

    I downloaded this app expecting it to be like those “find diamonds quick!” Videos years ago. To my surprise, it’s a very simple app that just needs to know your map seed and your coordinates, and it finds diamonds quickly. I haven’t seen any Ads, and the app has worked near perfectly. Absolutely would recommend!

  • By JacksonNotFound

    Actually works

    This app allows me to quickly write down the the Cordinates of the diamonds and find them! Very helpful! I’ve only been let down a couple of times. However I would pay for premium but it wants a weekly payment. I WISH it was a one-time payment of like 10$ or something instead of weekly, But other wise Great app!

  • By Vanitoriale

    Overall really great!!

    The only issue I came across was that it once led me directly into a pit of lava (I even tried digging to the sides, I wasn’t digging straight down lol). Otherwise, it’s accurate and really helpful. The ads are quick and aren’t anything obnoxious, and you have the option to skip after a few seconds. It’s really helpful!!!

  • By bdhehwzheh

    Get this app!!!

    I have never wrote a review for an app in my life but this seems time it’s necessary, this is probably the biggest help you can get for your world and has made my like so much easier and now they just updated it so it works with 1.17 caves and cliffs. Thank you to the people who probably put so much work into this app, you guys are life savers. 👍👍👍

  • By Diego Brand-o

    Really amazing app but...

    I think this app is great but I think you guys should either add a netherite update since it’s harder to find than diamond but aside from that and the pay features I think this is an amazing app for those who just want to be able to not have to struggle finding the rarest resource in the game :)

  • By 2_matt

    Doesn’t show

    I put in the cords and everything and the seed but when I try to use it, it doesn’t work I even redownloaded it and it won’t show it just says “found diamonds” and the mining icon and doesn’t do anything but it worked yesterday and there’s no difference it just won’t work today and idk why

  • By coolguylray

    It’s good but I wish there could be one like it for finding the strong hold

    It works very well but I wish that there would be a way to find a stronghold. I am having trouble getting eyes of ender and it would help if i could find a stonghold. It’s work but I think my suggestion would help a lot of people.

  • By cuberboy1218


    I can’t express my love for this app enough, it’s such a wonder full tool, but, sometimes I want something other than diamonds, sometimes a mineshaft, or dungeon, or emeralds, or ancient debris, I think adding a selection of certain things to find might be very useful for gameplay.

  • By aulnetar

    This is the best app

    I cannot believe it i found 50 diamonds in under 5 mins... the ads are pretty short too like 5 secs and its worth it, I hope other people see this, and it would be epic if there was a app like this for ancient debris, overall great app if you are struggling to find diamonds.

  • By Landon A R

    Seems awesome, would love an update!😄

    So from what I can see this app looks awesome! But I actually just found it a couple days ago so I’ve never actually used it because of the new update. When do you think you’ll have that done?😄 Thanks!

  • By mr05mc

    Great app with a few issues...

    It’s a amazing app that works wonders. My only issues is that it takes a long time to find the diamonds, and the quantity in the app is wrong. It said that there was 7 diamonds but then only gave me 4. It also took about 5 minutes to find the coordinates. It works but it takes a long time and lies about the amount. Still a great app and I recommend it. I will update my review if these issues are fixed. Thanks!

  • By SalehAP1


    I have tested this app I tried it my first go was INSANE! I didin’t find it but then I saw a HUMONGOUS! Cave with emeralds and ALOT OF Iron and gold this cave was big that it went to other caves I think in the second go I find diamonds but after this the app let me go into the place I mined the diamond so I tried again in another place it didin’t work but still feeling I have a lot of iron and lapiz lazuli feel that I have mined half of the world keep going and it was a good time :)

  • By Chrixemon

    Works 9/10 times

    I tried this app as a joke and did a test and 9 times out of 10 it worked. It gave me a location that had no diamonds. The system isn’t very smart, when it says 2 diamonds are in that area I recommend digging around the area because there’s usually more than what it tells you. It’s good for those who are doing speed runs or are just trying to get a crack at the ender dragon but overall if you wanna have a good time just play the game and grind. The amount of ads in this app is unnecessary and I’d rather have a monthly subscription than a weekly one. Overall it’s not a bad app but it could be better, definitely wish it was ad free but that’s how the company makes money. Thank you for your time.

  • By Mr human being

    Platform problem

    Alright so i dont currently have minecraft java or bedrock but i do have other platforms. I seem this only goes for pc which is an issue. Some people like me and others dont have pc and dont want to buy it on pc, but have it on nintendo switch, xbox, or playstation. I dont see the point of pc only. You could benefit by accepting other platforms as well. Mabye mobile could join the fun. I trust that it works but overall i give three stars because of the problem. Please fix and thank you in advance.

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