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Doodle Jump 2


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Doodle Jump 2 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lima Sky. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lima Sky, with the latest current version being 1.4.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14164 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Doodle Jump 2 App

How does it Work?

The most addictive game on the App Store is all new with delightful new environments, the cutest new characters, fun new platform challenges and some silly new monsters.

Jump up on platforms and collect stars to unlock cool new characters and exciting new environments. 

Unlock all the levels and collect all the characters! Beat your friends’ high scores and become the new Doodle Jump King!


- Cavemen world with T-rex, triceratops, falling stones, prehistoric turtles…

- Desert world with quicksand, genie, scorpions, desert monsters…

- Sleepy world with ba-ba sheep monsters, pillow monsters, fireflies, pillow platforms…

- Aviator world with helicopters, jet platforms, propeller platforms…

- Space world with moon cheese platforms, platform eating monsters, starships, robots, rocket cyclops…

- Rainy world with mud and puddle platforms, rainstorm, raincoat monsters…

- Disco world with disco platforms, disco ball monsters…

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Top Reviews

  • By The Team

    A nice update. I can’t wait for multiplayer!

    This is a fun game. If you enjoy the multiplayer and tournament features of the original, I’m afraid you won’t find those here. The single player game is at least as fun as the original (more fun in my opinion). They’ve amped up the difficulty, which is welcome since the original becomes too easy and repetitive after a bit of practice. The latest update now allows you to pay for an ad free experience, which was my primary complaint. Thank you.

  • By aughhhhhh

    AMAZING game, few problems

    This game is a classic from the original one in 2008 I played. I love all the components that converted in the original one to this one like, jetpacks, springs, traps, and many more. I liked the high score bar and the local bar and the new monsters, the falling animation, cool platforms, and sick music! But, I’m very sad that they removed the spring shoes and some of the maps. I wonder why the dev did that but in the future I hope they could bring that back because, I really enjoyed that and I bet many people did to. Also, you can just turn the internet off and have no adds so your Basically paying 5 dollars for free. (Need to fix that) Also, I can’t wait for another update and new maps! This game is so fun of how simple the concept is and how it’s so fun. Overall, great game can’t wait for more updates! (Lima sky is best)

  • By eternal potato

    Honest opinion

    So I’ve actually been a huge fan of doodle jump for over a decade. I’ve loved the simplicity of the game and was addicted from the very beginning. During the first game I was super impressed by the new styles being introduced and the different achievements and unlockables you could obtain. With Dood Jump 2 I feel like there’s a lot of wasted potential. Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the levels are really charming, but overwhelmingly there’s really no creative license with most the levels. Like the rain and final level! I would have loved little puddles on platforms that cause splashing animations and sounds as you boosted off of them, or a bit of thunder and lightning. It would have been so cool if there where platforms you had to avoid because lightning was about to strike it! Idk.. just lacking soul I guess. I’d like to add just how disappointed I was to not see any great creative backgrounds like on doodle jump 1. They where boring :/. And I know y’all have it in you! Don’t even get me started on the final stage lol. I don’t understand it’s theme at all. It was boring and just as significant as the first stage except of the annoying background music. I’m not trying to sound hyper critical of this game, because I honestly still love it. But I’m just so disappointed at the lack of challenges, unlockables and creativity put into some of the levels.

  • By Hfgjgffhhjjffhjjgddfsserhhj

    Fun game but a few issues

    It’s really fun and I’ve already played it a whole lot. However there are some things that need to be addressed I feel like. I do like the difficulty increase from doodle jump one and the mechanics feel good after playing with them for a while. One thing I personally have an issue with though is the jet pack feels too much of a RNG way to die right now. When you get out of the jet pack you have an extremely small amount of time to react and can lead to deaths where you can’t get to a platform quick enough or the platform you want to land on disappears off the screen as you land. It’s not a big issue but it makes me not want to pick up the jet pack. Overall though the game is great and I love how the breakable platforms break the platforms below, it’s really satisfying.

  • By Keyman44

    A Good Followup to Doodle Jump

    Having played the original Doodle Jump since 2011 and thoroughly enjoying it, I can safely safely say that the sequel is a good follow up. The overall level design is still easy to pick up but significantly harder to master. Having high scores attached to each level is also a nice touch, and requiring players to unlock each level with stars is a nice incentive to discover and master each level. That being said, there are a few things that prevents me from giving the game a perfect score. For one, there are many features from the original game that are missing, including achievements, multiplayer races and tournaments. The levels themselves, while fun to play through, feel like a lazy re-skinning of the first level (in contrast to the expressive ad creative levels in the first). Finally, there are instances of trap placement that feel legitimately impossible to bypass. Overall though, this is a good game in which I feel the negatives I pointed out will be patched up in future updates. I would recommend trying it (but be prepared to either deal with constant ads or fork over $5 to permanently get rid of them)

  • By Blueberry4121

    You know what’d be nice?

    Some sort of story with the enemies. I think it’d be something really fun to have more if a reason for them being there other than “they just are.” I think it’d be awesome if they had some sort reason to try and knock “The Doodle” down, names for each one, and a log to keep track of how many of each type you’ve defeated. Also, it’d be nice to have something else to spend stars on. After you’ve unlocked all 8 worlds, there’s literally no purpose for them. It’d be cool if you could spend them on things like head starts, extra lives (1 per game), things like that Other than that I think this is a really good game 👍

  • By davemilllr

    Love this sequel!

    doodle jump is one of my favorite games ever so I was happy to see the sequel and it’s super fun! Wish there were more worlds, and newer monsters to face but other than that it s a great game :) recently however, and the reason I’m not giving it 5 stars, is that it keeps telling me “connection to the scores server could not be made” which prevents me from checking any scores :( I tried deleting the app and redownloaded it but that o lay erased all my date so I have to start anew...maybe it’s just a tiny bug that’ll get fixed in a future update? Hope so! Because i love the conceptiva nature of this game. Great great game just please fix that scores bug it’s killin me!

  • By KoldKirby

    Great sequel, but I found a possible bug.

    *SEE BOTTOM FOR BUG REPORT* Doodle Jump 2 is just like the original, get as high as you can, shoot monsters etc. But, with every new level you unlock, some new element is introduced(for example, sand platforms in level 3). My only complaint is that the star requirements to unlock each level get a little bit too much. 600 is going to take forever. Maybe make each level take 200 stars to unlock after the first 3? BUG REPORT On the iPhone SE(not the 2020 version), the screen size does not fill the entire screen. I’m assuming this is a bug, because on my sister’s iPhone 7, the entire screen is filled

  • By ImBetterThanGod

    Incredibly fun but lacks content

    It's a really really cool game but I'd appreciate more levels. An idea of mine would be a speedrun mode where the game automatically stops at a score of 1000 or 2000 or whatever with a timer built in it. Also some kind of PvP, character customization (collecting stars for gacha maybe) and older levels recycled as new levels would be great. I'd also add background music and collaboration characters like hololive talents would be incredible. This game hasn't been updated in months, am hoping that the start of a game with a lot of potential won't be the end.

  • By Norki21

    Inferior sequel

    I still play the original Doodle Jump, so I was excited to get the sequel. Firstly, the 5$ price tag for no ads, compared to the original’s 1$ full game is pretty steep. Secondly, this game is about 10x more annoying and chance-dependent than the first. Beating your high score is more about luck than personal improvement, sure you can memorize the patterns, but some are very conniving. The game has a myriad ways of forcing you to jump into a black hole, from traps placed all around it, to springs and elevator platforms that send you directly into them. My second try at the rain level I got 5.4k score, which I’ve yet to get close to since, cause that run I happened to get reasonably lucky with the layout. Lastly, where’s the stats screen? The first game had a great little stats screen with your personal statistics, averages, ways you died, etc. Seems like something a sequel could at least carry over, if not outright improve. Yet here, it’s just gone. Overall the game is alright. I like the new challenges, platforms, etc. I don’t mind the star collection to advance in levels, actually. But the pure chance of some of these patterns is pretty frustrating. When someone like AWPrince, who scored 20million on the original DoodleJump is only getting 10x my score, I think it speaks volumes.

  • By Novasugar OwO (YT)

    Not that fun, and so close to the original and too many ads

    This game is okay. But I feel like they are just milking it for cash :/. The original felt fun, and it was fun to play with friends and family and tournaments. This just doesn’t feel the same. It feels like it’s “rushing” you go move on to the next stage in some sort of way, instead of playing endlessly and no rush like the og. You can’t really chose which level you play, untill you’ve unlocked all of them. So it seems like it’s rushing you just to play all the levels. And the ads are just to many. It ruins it. Not to mention, almost every step moves the camera extremely fast. It makes me feel sick and dizzy on how much is going on, so I deleted it.

  • By Totalcomiccentral

    Ads Ads Ads

    I love doodle jump. I played this game throughout my early childhood and this new sequel brings back this sense of nostalgia for me. The new game is awesome, but can’t compete with the old one if I’m being honest. My only complaint is the insane amount of ads. And I’m talking loads and loads of them. Every single time I die, a stupid gardenscape comes up. And if you decide to remove ads, you’ll have to cough up $5.00. Most games would make you pay $1.00 or sometimes $2.00 to remove them, but for a game like this it just seems unreasonable. Other than that I’d recommend this game to anybody who can put up with this many ads. 👍

  • By squintahh


    I’ve been playing regular doodle jump for a while and was excited to try this version. It took a bit to adjust to the height gaining difference which was ok but the game mechanics are so frustrating in this version. Black holes seem to get you from a much further distance, platforms are easier to miss, jumps don’t feel as uniform, and the most frustrating thing is that jet packs drop you at the bottom of the screen where it’s tough to catch a platform. Additionally due to a higher level of difficulty games end much sooner and there’s ads after every game. I definitely won’t be shelling out $5 to get rid of ads on this game. The new platforms are cool but can be too much all at once. The amount of traps that occur all at once is ridiculous for a fast moving game. Way too many black holes. The original eases into difficulty way better than this one which just throws you in the deep end where a skilled player can die in the first 500. I will say im not the best at the original but I’ve scored over 200k and 100k a handful of times where in this game 2 minutes of playing gets to the difficulty seen around 10 minutes of playing the original. I suspect that scoring is scaled down 10x but it seems so unnecessary. I’d give the game 4-5 stars if they fixed black holes, difficulty easing, and scoring.

  • By NerdyBunny

    Shouldn’t be called Doodle Jump 2

    This just feels like a stripped down version of the original Doodle Jump with some added animation tweaks. There are only 8 worlds (compared to 12 in the original game) and most of them have the exact same background and enemies. There’s more ads between levels and less gimmicks to make levels worth replaying time and time again like the original. The level generator has gotten way worse and will now gladly place hazards in impossible to dodge areas, meaning you’ll get less score and stars per level because of cheap forced losses. Oh, and new levels are locked until you earn an absurd number of star per level, so you’ll mostly be playing the same thing over and over and over and over and over with little variation. This shouldn’t be crowned as an official sequel when it’s a worse product than the original game. This feels like they accidentally pushed a beta build to the App Store. I’ll update my review if they add anything else but the game shouldn’t have released like this to begin with. EDIT: On top of this being a bad sequel, you are now greeted by two ads for it when launching the first game, one being a fullscreen ad you can’t skip for three seconds and then a banner you have to dismiss. Scummy practice from what I assumed to be the last good mobile gaming company out there.

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