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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-28
  • New version: 1.8.01
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sneaker Art!


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Sneaker Art! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by TapNation. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TapNation, with the latest current version being 1.8.01 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 109407 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sneaker Art! App

How does it Work?

You’re the designer! Create amazing sneakers and sell them in your shop! It’s so fun to design sneakers, you won’t want to stop!


- DESIGN sneakers using different brushes and colours. Match the design perfectly, or make your own! How creative can you be?

- LACE them! Chose from dozens of laces and follow the on-screen pattern to tie up your laces for bonus cash!

- BOX them! Pick your box and drop in your shoes!

- SELL them! Stock up your shop with your cool designs. The better your designs, the more money you’ll make! Get rich from your awesome sneakers!

- EASY and intuitive touch controls make it simple for you to create awesome designs

- AMAZING 3D graphics bring your sneakers to life

Whether you’re a sneaker fan, art fan, or just want to relax and paint away- you’ll love Sneaker Art!



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Subscription options

In our game we have the following subscription length:

1. VIP Membership for $5.49 offers a weekly subscription after a 3-day free trial, unlocks premium laces, premium paints, premium boxes and removes all forced ads.

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

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Canceling trial or subscription

You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want to through iTunes. Check When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period can not be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will lose VIP membership benefits.

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Top Reviews

  • By Cbeeler

    One little (not little) problem...

    First of all, I love this game. And I’m not even into shoes! It’s great. The ads are realistic, (it shows what goes on in the game, usually not clickbait) the animation is flawless, the store is making good money. The only problem, (and It’s a huge one,) is that it won’t give me credits for shoes anymore. Meaning that the shoes I make will no longer help me get a new brand. But the game is good, so I keep playing, I color me a shoe, lace it up, put it in a box, and repeat. Now my whole store is full of shoes, four stars. But the shelf isn’t even full! Please please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this, or I will have to delete it. And I do NOT, really do NOOOOTTT want to delete it. Thanks for reading! —BR333

  • By dylan\ninja

    Awesome game but one problem

    I love playing this game! It is so much fun! But, I have 1 problem. It crashes every 30 seconds. I’m trying to make a shoe but it just crashes. It started crashing when I got to the air jump VI. Those are my favorite shoes in the game I’ve seen so far! But yet again I’m trying to make a really cool red and black air jump VI but then it crashes. It’s like I put so much work on the game and it just starts crashing. I hope you can fix these bugs so I can play peacefully with out it crashing. Anyways it’s a great game! P.S. it gets laggy and I want you to fix that to. Thanks for your time! See ya!

  • By billythefnkid

    Perfect for what it is!

    Truly, a lot of fun. Like a lot of people, I like to download apps or go onto sneaker websites and use their custom design features when I’m bored so this is exactly what I was looking for. Love the game. Couple of suggestions while I’m here: -any way to have a back button in the design feature so you can go back to the color palette after you picked the laces, incase you want to change something? Instead of having to go through the whole process of picking a box and starting the whole thing over again. -any way to give us control of rotating the shoe while designing it? That was it’s easier to see spots you might have missed while painting. Easier said than done, of course. -and I need something to spend all my money on!! I got almost $500,000... I need more stuff to unlock and buy. Let me spend this money! Again I love the game. As a sneaker fan, this is just what I needed to help me kill time and get creative. Would totally recommend

  • By mikey6198

    Love this game🔥🔥

    I think this game is really good and fun I like how you can design your own shoe and create ones that they tell you to make but there’s one thing I don’t like when they update and only give two new shoes I think we should get more shoes then two because it will take longer me personally I want to get to the sports section but I can’t when I get two shoes per update I’m not trying to be the one rushing every one to try to make the shoes so I can get to the sports section but at least have more shoes to create per update otherwise I love the game it’s my favorite shoe game

  • By callie neil

    Fun game

    Hey my name is Callie, I am 11 years old, and I love this game I was so psyched to look at all the stuff to do and all the art to make with the shoes and I’m so glad we don’t have to follow the first type of shoe design and then the rest are just all good and stuff I had this game for about three hours and I’ve already done all the shoes and all the make your own designs after and I bought everything I could by with my money. It is so fun and I totally recommend it.I hope for new shoes to come out because it is super fun and I love the game and I’m too totally proud of the creators

  • By pizza roll kitty

    Great game👍🏻

    First of all I LOVE THIS GAME it’s so fun and awesome I play it when I’m bored or have nothing to do... but there’s a few problems The fact that there used to be an ad glitch but there’s also a few things there’s a weird glitch it makes all the shoe laces black this happened to my friend it’s very weird other than that it’s a great game VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOOOOOD! Edit: so the update isn’t that much for me and maybe others or everyone. So the update is nothing this is a bad update in my opinion, the game isn’t playable anymore bc the update is so small I’m just sayin, not hating

  • By Jrworldnetwork

    This app exceeded my expectations greatly🔥🔥

    As a sneaker collector I thought this game would be a fairly entertaining novelty. When i actually played the game though I saw that there was an unexpected amount of depth to this game. The sneaker customization is pretty great with you being able to make custom color ways of real shoes and choosing the material and laces and such. And the detail is pretty nice too with the flavor text on each shoe revealing it’s real life release hear and it’s impact on sneaker culture. Their are a wide variety of shoes to customize from brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Jordan brand and many more. When it comes to criticisms however I have a few. The game crashed very often as seemingly random points as well as freezing. This seemed to happen between transitions from say the painting screen to the lacing screen. Another thing is that I think the money system is very underutilized. I think it would be cool to have more options to customize the display of your shoes and maybe be able to customize your shop as a whole. Overall if you can get over the crashing you’ll be fine. Ads aren’t really a problem here for me. I’m excited to see this game when it fully launches. Great work.🔥


    Great. Just 1 problem

    I love this game and couldn’t take my eyes off it. But recently the game starts crashing to the point where I can’t even complete a shoe without it crashing and me losing my progress. It also glitches and lags very frequently and, again, crashes every 30 seconds. It didn’t do this when I started playing, but once I got to the Air Jump VI it started doing this. Hopefully some updates will improve this. But great game and super fun overall! Edit: One more thing I just remembered, Once I watch a video to unlock a certain pair of laces or texture, it only lets me use it for that one shoe. Once I try using laces or a texture I unlocked by video for another shoe, it won’t let me select it. BUT, if I BUY a pair of laces or a texture using the in-game currency, it lets me use it whenever I want. Edit 2: Ok, so you guys actually fixed ALL of they bugs I just talked about within a day, which is insane. So thank you for that. But now I’m experiencing a new problem. Whenever I go to redesign a shoe, I might change the color, laces, and box. But when I save the design, ONLY the color saves. The laces and box I used on my original design just stayed the same for my new design. I can pick new laces and boxes for the shoes when redesigning, but it just doesn’t save. That’s all. Hope you guys can change this!

  • By Just another beiber x5

    Star rating confusing

    So I love the game, it really excels where other similar games seem to fall short. I also like that they don’t try to throw other elements in that are unnecessary like the shop interior or how some games will randomly throw in “our characters bedroom” that feels really disconnected from what the game is actually about. What I don’t get is the star rating system... is it random? Are they using an algorithm that pays attention to what colors go well together? Cuz I literally did one shoe a blue and green combination and it gave that 3 stars but on a different shoe the same color combination was 5 stars... also... I did a a new shoe EXACTLY as the model shoe depicted, but THEIR OWN DESIGN got 4 stars where I assumed the first design would always get 5 stars. Is it all just random, I want to test the same exact design a few times to see if it gets different star ratings.

  • By Rock Lee Shinobi

    It’s a great game but......

    The shoes look great and it’s fun to really design them, but this game has SO MANY BUGS. The first and one of the most annoying bugs in the game is that the app crashes randomly and freezes randomly. At first I thought it was an issue with my phone, but many other people wrote reviews about this same thing. Another bug is that you can’t even select shoe laces, boxes, gold paint, different color glosses, after you unlock them. It’s something that really needs fixing. One more thing that needs fixing is the CRAZY AMOUNT OF ADS. There is literally an ad agreed EVERY SINGLE THING. Overall the game is 5 stars once these things are fixed.

  • By misceviousman

    Great Game But One Rly Big Problem

    So I’ve been playing this game from when it. came out it’s really good I love how you can customize shoes and all the styles and I’m fine with the adds I play when in the car and it doesn’t need internet! I only have one problem and I’m guessing you will eventually fix for other reports you fix under 2 days that’s amazing! So I eventually hit the last shoe and did everything I could really do in the game thing is there’s just not enough shoes. I rly need you to add more shoes that would be great 😊. That’s all there is that’s in my complaint it’s a rly good app keep working on it I rly appreciate it!

  • By Brayden Cabildo

    Good game. Couples problems though

    Overall this game is really fun and cool. I like how you can buy different colors, textures, boxes, and laces. Which leads me to the first problem in the game. Unless you play the game 24/7 it will take A LONG time to buy new items. I think they should make the revenue for the shoes you make just a bit more than how it is right now. This would make it easier the unlock more cool items and would make me play longer. Secondly, there are WAY too many ads. Every time I start to customize a shoe, enter a shoe in the shop, or even open up the game it gives me these super long ads, some of which are you are unable to skip or exit out of. This means you have to close the game and then open it back up. Which also means you LOSE ALL OF YOUR PROGRESS. Please, less ads. This is why this game deserves a three star rating and gets less downloads.

  • By ClayzyKit

    It’s.... interesting.

    So, I want to say that the game is quite fun and calms me, but the ads.... he amount of ads... THAT WONT CALM ME. It’s triggering how many ads there are, I want to press “Add To Shop” Then it ends up playing an ad! The ads are relatively short, but still. Please don’t put as many ads even if it promotes them. Also - When I first saw this I thought I could create whatever I wanted. Technically you can if you don’t wanna follow the DESIGN. If you like following instructions on things like legos, etc. then this will be entertaining for you but for the people who want to create there own things (like me) don’t really have that option available. If you can make a mode where you can do whatever, please make it fast. I’ve been playing this for no longer than a month and I just know it’s gonna need it. So please help these issues, bye!

  • By I👏Don't👏Even👏Know👏

    Ads and bugs

    I would rate 5 stars because this game is really fun and i'm kind of addicted. I got this game yesterday and I already have almost all the shoes unlocked, but it freezes and the game closes a lot sometimes i complete coloring a shoe and it crashes. Then it says the shoe is $0.00 then I have to edit it again. On top of that there's like an ad every time I finish a shoe even if you don't choose the optional ad for extra money. So yeah, overall a great game but the ads and bugs ruin it. I understand the devs have to make money somehow but there are way too many ads. I also understand there are going to be some bugs as well but.. I'll still give 3 stars because in my opinion the game could be better.

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