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Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football


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Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Electronic Arts. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Electronic Arts, with the latest current version being 7.4.6 which was officially released on 2021-06-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 237981 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Madden NFL 21 Mobile is an all-new way to experience Madden NFL on the go. For the first time ever, create your own customizable character and take them into a brand-new dynamic challenge mode called The Yard. Experience all-new global locations on your rise to become an NFL Legend while still enjoying everything you’ve come to love about Madden NFL Mobile.

- Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay in The Yard: Underground.

- Become an NFL GM and take your team to the Super Bowl as you play through dynamic NFL seasons.

- Take on Madden's Masters where you’ll build your team of NFL Superstars and Legends.

- Compete with friends in Arena H2H or Overdrive as you define your NFL journey in the deepest and most competitive Madden NFL Mobile to date.


Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay where you’ll play an all-new, story-driven experience. Build yourself up, earn rewards, and more as you write your own legacy.


Assume the role of an NFL franchise team and take over as a GM. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team - including NFL Legends and Superstars - as you make your way to the Super Bowl and solidify your team as an NFL Dynasty.


Face off and defeat today's NFL Superstars and the daunting NFL Legends of yesteryear as you compete to unlock each Madden NFL Master. Go up against the best NFL players and help others along the way with Co-op Assist to become the real MVP of Madden NFL 21 Mobile.


Within The Yard, take your Avatar player anywhere, anytime. Keep all your gear from The Yard: Underground and use it across Console, PC, and Mobile! Make progress and earn rewards in all versions of Madden while you create your own legacy.

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Top Reviews

  • By TrumpetTurtle17

    Pay to win. No way around it. (Read before playing)

    I mean, in theory it’s possible to get good without paying, but literally impossible. EA knows EXACTLY what they're doing, and it isn't good. I played madden 20 with my cousin since it came out, and honestly it was pretty decent of a game. My goal was to get a 99 overall team without paying a cent. Eventually I achieved my goal and could destroy people online. But flippin by that time ea had invented 115 ovr players for the pay to win group. Theres no way to win- YOU CANT BEAT THESE CROOKS. Shortly after, this game came out, and they made me get this janky trash. Gee thanks EA, thanks for ruining all my hard progress- ALL GONE literally 50 hours at least of grinding the madden mint. Screw you guys just screw you. Im not even sure how this crap is legal. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, Im mot even going to mention those scandals involving star wars battlefront or peggle blast. Something needs to change at EA like really soon, people are starting to realize how greedy these clowns are.

  • By ufbdic f finr

    A few problems but it’s great!

    This game is amazing! It isn’t repetitive at all with the new events and promos. There is one problem I ran into and that is it crashes sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because my phone can’t handle it because it is quite a bit to run at one time or if it’s just a glitch but it does crash. (I did see another review saying that theirs crashes as well) But other than that it is perfect! The events are so entertaining and rewarding if you really grind them. As of writing this there is a Pro Bowl event and it is crazy good! There are of course some purchases you can make to upgrade your team faster, but you can progress fine without using money. One thing I do find a bit annoying is when I get outbid because I can get there fast enough or the auction can end because 2 people are outbidding each other but again that is just part of the game. Coins are a bit of a pain to get if none of your auctions sell but if you have enough stamina you can do the coin event that give you 27,500 coins for 450 stamina. Another thing is program stamina is REALLY hard to get because you only get 1 per 3 mins and you usually use 20 - 50 at a time. (The cap is 200, with no way to upgrade it unlike regular stamina that gets 2 more with every level up).

  • By Wrestlemom78

    Great game that ....

    Great game that could be a little bit better. I’m not gonna complain like most about Pay to Win, I realize I will never be a top player and I’m fine with that. There is always something to be grinding to earn. I am not a fan of the yard, just not my thing. I want to give a couple of ideas to EA that I think would make gameplay more fun and a level playing field to an extent: 1. Create a album or folder where you can store your cards that are not starters that you want to keep. That way you won’t accidentally sell them or something. 2. Make it where you can have multiple lineups. Maybe you have a depth chart. Maybe you have a lineup where you can ONLY have gold players. Also have a team of only silver and or bronze players as well. Maybe you could have tournaments (like Arena or Overdrive) weekly or biweekly where you can only use your gold team (or silver team only). This would level the playing field big time. I realize that the app needs to make money, but I think it would be fun to have competitions where the playing field is more even. Overall I love the game. Just wish there were a few additions that could make the game more fun.

  • By DawgyPound27

    Thank you

    I started this game back in December when Charles Woodson and Brett Favre were the masters (season 3). I loved the game at that time! Fairly easy competition, fun league, fun rewards, all that stuff! My main problem now with the game which made it a 3.5 star for me was the pay to win statistic. I didn’t purchase much from madden and still had a 99 overall team as of today, but then I look at these other players with 104 overalls and it looks impossible to be good at the game. Even the promos became pay to win and it was too tempting to purchase from that promo. All the good rewards were easy for the purchase players to get 3 masters and me to get maybe a 99 or 100 overall. I enjoyed this game, thank you Madden for the wonderful memories, but I’d rather spend my time doing other important things in place of this game. Thank you Madden so much for giving me great memories, along with this game getting me closer to my brother and something to talk about. I hope that this review does you good, but I leave my place here. I’m sorry for saying that I’m uninstalling Madden by tomorrow, but It’s the most appealing thing to my eye. Thank you again for this game!

  • By Chase19_69

    Game Start

    I love madden! I have the game on my phone and a lot of the versions on my console. I loved the game on my phone before madden 21 and before I got a console. I am very disappointed with this madden 21 mobile game though. The main reason isn’t that it is a bad game because I know it is from playing madden 21 on my console. The main issue for the mobile game is loading in! I can’t even load in to the game. I have tried all of my families phones and some of my friends are experiencing the same issues. I have loaded into the game after letting it load for over an hour! I’m not going to bother to play on mobile if it takes that long! But, most of the time I can’t even get in at all. It just says experiencing some issues. How does it ALWAYS experience issues and it does it no matter if I am at my house or somewhere else. I just don’t get it. I have tried almost everything, deleting an re-download the app, restarting my phone, turning off WiFi, turning on WiFi, trying to access it in other locations, and even trying it on other phones. As you can probably tell, I like the madden games. I have wrote this whole thing just so I can get someone to fix it to let me play it. I hope this gets fixed or someone tells me how to fix it myself. Thank you for reading this and I hope you don’t have the same problem that I do.

  • By cfinke


    Let me start out by saying that this is a good game. Note that I said good, not great my reason for this is that even though you can TECHNICALLY get a very good team while not paying anything (I know this because I have a 91 OVR team and I haven’t given EA a single penny.) They do a lot of stuff that they THINK slides under the radar. First of all, they slowly decrease the value of your gems and coins. For example, you buy 200 program stamina for 500 gems. Fine right? NO, because after you make this purchase twice, then they start to sell you 100 program stamina for 500 gems. The other thing is they make everything in their shop SUPER OVERPRICED! You are just trying to get some decent players and you are a naive little 8-year old, you buy a core pack for 100,000$ dollars, well guess what, you can get the same stuff that’s in that core pack for 20% of the price. The last thing they do is every set item as soon as the event ends drops drastically in value. Say you have like 50 TOTY badges but no TOTY coins *cough cough* you now can’t trade them in for a set and what COULD have been worth 40,000$ dollars is now worth 1,000 dollars. It’s SUPER ANNOYING! But yeah, it’s a good game over all but those things are just really annoying. So good game, good not great.

  • By packfan121


    So many A.I issues i dont even know where to begin. If you try playing a regular season with your favorite team’s roster rather than a mut roster, you’ll see nothing but missed tackles by the a.i or just something beyond ridiculous. like desean jackson breaking lb through sheer strength. This app doesn’t take into any consideration what these player’s strengths and weaknesses are while severely crippling your players capabilities in order to make the game more difficult if you choose to raise the difficulty. I always play on hard and it’s mind blowing how many times i can call the right thing and have it not matter because gold and silver players can’t tackle or catch. The A.I only scores with 60+ yard plays which is another issue. If they aren’t hitting a home run they’re going 3 and out, and sometimes the home runs happen all game long because the game seems to forget gold and silver players are NFL players too. I play the app for my love of football but this game needs a major fixing. There is no way to play a simulator of a real life game if physics don’t even matter. Also players ability to tackle should not be relevant to your own camera angle. I can bring a strong safety from up top to tackle any tight end, but because I’m coming directly at a tight end it doesn’t matter who the strong safety or tight ends are, the tight end is stiff arming the strong safety and going for a long play.

  • By JDenm2024


    I know all y’all care about is money which is why madden gets worse every year and mobile is pay to win, but come on. You added audibles in the yard but not the actual game? So now instead of audibling you have to call a time out because the play you chose beforehand won’t work with the coverage the other team is in. And maybe add the lateral button to the actual game too. And maybe commentary but I know that’s too much to ask for. And speaking of the yard I’ve been waiting for a new part of the yard to come out for forever. And why can’t you upgrade your yard player past 83? There is so much more to say but I know no one from EA even bothers to read reviews because if they did they wouldn’t add stuff to the game no one cares about like being able to change you’re yard characters outfit. That doesn’t matter and no one will care when it’s gone. Celebrations are kinda cool so they should keep that, but come on. Google “madden rating over time” and you will see. They keep going down. If ea made quality games people would buy it more instead of going online telling other people not to waste their money on it. Unless some major things happen I will never spend money on madden ever again. This is really frustrating because I grew up with madden. So I was able to see the decline as it happened. I could say more but I don’t have time for this.

  • By Gigitty gigitty goo yeah

    They don’t seem to care.

    Been playing madden since 1994. Have only been playing mobile for a couple years now. It’s has a lot of ups and downs. It seems like they care more about making money, than making a quality game. Fumbles and interceptions are unrealistic. About 10% of the time you recover your own fumbles, the other 90% you have 4 or 5 guys jumping on the ball and completely missing it. Or they just stand around and stare at the ball rolling around on the ground, while the defense recovers it. Interceptions the defensive backs think they’re receivers. They catch pretty much everything. You could have a 96 receiver with 94 speed against a 62 defensive back with 84 speed and that defensive back goes toe to toe with your receiver and jumps over your receiver to intercept the ball. This game is completely pay to win. Unless you pay money, you won’t get the quality of players that people that pay get. You get a watered down version of it. At least last year you could grind for the top players in the promo and have a good chance at them. Unless you have a lot of coins and luck out In the AH. Also watch having too many coins in the game, even if you get them legit. If you have too many, you have a good chance of being banned from the game. It happened to someone who grinded for everything he had. He got banned for having too many coins.

  • By Souljacivilian


    The passing icons are way too far away from the receivers and it makes you throw the ball to the wrong receiver at an extremely high rate. The icons should be attached to the receivers helmet so that won’t happen. You don’t get enough program stamina to complete program events and it takes entirely too long to regenerate more program stamina. Items in the auction house are severely over priced. Fumbling is out of control in this game. For example, Bo Jackson fumbles out of control and it doesn’t make since cause I don’t remember Bo fumbling like that back in his playing days. There should be a button that allows you to cover up the ball so you don’t fumble. There’s no way a defender can get to the quarterback before he he takes 3 steps back but in this game that’s exactly what happens and it not cool. I don’t care if the defense is blitzing, if the QB is backing up the defense shouldn’t be able to get him as soon as the ball is snapped. There’s more that needs to be fixed but these are some of the main issues I see. Also it’s unfair that the east coast has to wait until 10:30am to refresh and the west coast refreshes at 7:30. It should be 7:30 for the east coast and 4:30 for the west coast so that the game will be refreshed for everyone as soon as they wake up.

  • By Njsnsjddjdjjcjcjcncn

    A shell of its former self

    I played the game from the original madden mobile up until I believe madden mobile 18. Once madden overdrive started it became way to complex. Before 18 hit, there were 2 currencies, coins and madden cash. That was perfect. Once 18 hit you could upgrade your players which I thought was cool but it made no sense cause it wasn’t on console. Once madden overdrive came out, the game went downhill fast. The power rating is horrible, players exceed 99 overall, something that isn’t in console. There are many currencies that make no sense at all. It was pay to win for the top tier cards. Pro Packs were so bad. Half the things were only sellable if you bought them with madden cash. This game could return to be great if the currencies would be normal, if it was updated like regular madden console. Bringing back live events would help, but the main things in my mind are to make the game where packs are fun to open, make it where 99 is the cap and mobile gets the same content as console, let things be sellable. Content is what makes up for bad gameplay. Gameplay on mobile will always be bad so if EA invested their time on programs and bringing it closer to madden console content and focused less on gameplay, it would be a step in the right direction.

  • By Tarodg

    NFL - Please drop EA!

    Wow, this game is shockingly bad, even by EA standards. The mix of utter incompetence and complete lack of ethics shown by EA is astonishing. The NFL just needs to drop EA, as EA is simply not a reputable company anymore. At this point EA is holding certain sports hostage with their licensing agreements and they just aren’t putting any effort into the games at all, or no longer have any employees that should be developing games. It’s just the same poorly functioning garbage year after year. Plus, this has turned into a blatant scam, with items just disappearing from player accounts via hackers and EA theft (just look up the stories of EA employees logging in and cheating the player base). Only a fool is still give EA a dime at this point. This game has been stale and dated for years, and somehow just keeps getting worse. They literally can’t even get QB’s to pass to the selected WRs, if at all, or the game to register a TD when you run entirely through the end zone; and just other basic type stuff that every other gaming company gets right. Can we please just have a company that is innovative, has at least some morals and knows what they are doing make an NFL game?! EA is clearly unable to release anything remotely playable anymore. Both EA and the NFL should be embarrassed. This is pathetic, and the NFL is partly to blame for letting EA steal from players under their logo.

  • By thisgameisverybroken67

    If you look into it, there is an obvious lack of effort here

    The game has been out for a few months now, and the same glitches have been there since day one. Where’s the effort? Is anybody trying to make this game better? Where is the fairness to ftp players like mm20 had? The tournaments are a good idea, but fix the random plays just not counting, the scheme being based off coach for some reason, and balance the draft!! I should not have an 82 qb, 83 wr, and a gold hb because only 1 was presented to me, that I chose not to take as there was a better option, and it was such an early round. I know this was the first draft tourney, but it was extremely frustrating to not reach the max tier because my team was god awful. First round I recovered 1 of my 6 fumbles, none dropped by my qb. The second round I had a good team, but only an hour before it reset. In that our I got about halfway done, only having 2 losses the whole time. Then my final draft was the joke of a team I explained above. Please balance the drafts in the future. The new field pass is literally a copy and paste but with a purple theme instead of a red theme. Promos have been pay to win as well. This whole game is literally a joke. A lot of new players have started this year, and love it. If they experienced last year, it would be hard for them to continue playing this mess.

  • By hedjdh

    The gameplay

    The gameplay is garbage you can’t pick the ball anymore. The game chooses when you can get a interception. The yard gameplay is garbage. Ik your not gonna see this or fix it bc your EA and your only making madden for money not the fans. Overdrive is a downgrade I mean madden made it that’s why it’s trash that’s why 2k makes better simulation football games then madden. Madden do care about the people buying the games. They only fix stuff so less people will stop playing their games. Madden is petty the nfl is just as bad as them. NFL continues to let them make bad football games just to make more money. Why do I have to play ultimate team to play draft champions. Why is Madden squads only on ultimate team. Is bc madden is only focused on ultimate team. We still got the same relocation teams as madden 25 on Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s true that madden takes thing out the game then adds it back like it’s new content. Ultimate team is the main thing madden Is focused on look at madden mobile. Thing that been in the game but they brought back as something new. Let’s name a few shall we 1. Superstar abilities and xfactor (madden 7) abilities where already in a madden. 2. Mut draft(Draft Champions) 3. Mut Squads(Head to Head squads). This is disappointing madden is like the government of football games terrible but their name is powerful.

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