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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-21
  • New version: 1.1.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Mad Skills Motocross 3


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Mad Skills Motocross 3 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Turborilla. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Turborilla, with the latest current version being 1.1.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12856 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

“If you’re looking for the best mobile motocross game there is, just get Mad Skills Motocross 3.” - Justin Cooper, 2021 West Supercross Champion

“I’ve never met a motocross racer who hasn’t played Mad Skills Motocross. It’s legendary in the sport.” - David Pingree, former pro racer and current host of the Whiskey Throttle Show

“I will destroy David Pingree at Mad Skills Motocross 3.” -- Grant Langston, former world champion and AMA motocross champion

The wait is over. Mad Skills Motocross 3 has finally arrived.

With mind-blowing physics, endless customization, hundreds of tracks and exciting online multiplayer events, Mad Skills Motocross 3 sets the standard for side-scrolling racing games. Its amazing 3D art, realistic bike sounds and energetic original soundtrack help to capture the spirit and aggression of real motocross racing, but its simple controls make it easy to learn for even the most casual players. But understand: It’s called Mad Skills for a reason. This game will challenge you like no other racing game can. After all, motocross is not supposed to be easy.

Mad Skills Motocross 3 includes:


The bikes in Mad Skills Motocross 3 are a dream to race. This is why real motocross racers across the globe gravitate to this game above all others. You’ll feel the acceleration, the weight of the bike, the torque and the suspension. And for the first time ever in Mad Skills Motocross, you can whip your bike.


Equip your rider with an incredible selection of real-life and fantasy gear brands, creating millions of possible combinations. Collect new bikes and upgrade their parts to fit your riding style. Show off your own personal look in online competitions and against friends.


Mad Skills Motocross 3 features hundreds of expertly designed tracks, and new tracks will be added to the game every week, indefinitely. There’s always something new and challenging to conquer, including exciting online multiplayer events.

Universal application. Connect to Facebook, GameCenter, or Sign in with Apple, and your game progress and purchases will sync between devices.

Requires iOS 10 or later.


This game permits a user to connect to social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, therefore players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

While this app is free to download and play, there are some items in the game that cost real money. You have the option to subscribe to a Mad Skills Pro Pass for $11.99 / month (or local equivalent price). The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the amount of $11.99. Auto-renewal can be turned off in your device's settings after purchase. You get all Mad Skills Pro Pass benefits as soon as you subscribe.

Subscription periods are not tied to calendar weeks. They end exactly 1 week after their day of purchase. If you cancel your subscription during your 3 day free trial you will not be charged anything. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.

Terms of use can be found at If you do not agree to those terms please do not access and/or play our games or use our services.

You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Turborilla AB and its partners.

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Top Reviews

  • By TranscendSP

    Amazing Game! and WHIPS?!

    This game is fantastic. The new physics take some getting used to from the 2nd game. But once you get comfortable it's an absolute blast. There is a lot of skepticism on how long it takes to unlock bikes/upgrades but if you play the championships a couple times a day you can unlock all the bikes in a reasonable time! I respect the grind and this game was a great happy medium to me between challenging and rewarding 🙌🏻😎 Plus, the whips on this game are NASTY. 😍 Cant wait to spend another 8 years on this game like I did with Mad Skills Motorcross 2!

  • By OriginalStealth

    Mind blowing suprise

    I wasn’t expecting this good of a game but its so much better than the last more detail even u can pick either 2 or 4 STROKE its so cool i think its good for a mobile game tho i cant whip- and idk why butthe whip button is on the throttle i put it to auto throttle which ik it wasnt the best to keep it on and i hit the whip button but it did nothing idk if im doing something wrong or if its only a big on iphone 6 plus please fix this and great job game devs!

  • By beardia

    I was skeptical at first,

    Ive been playing 2 for what...5 years? Love it. Now 3 is here and at first I didn’t like it as much. Now it’s been a few days and we’ll, I really like it. It’s not quite as easy to navigate and ring matches against real players but, I’m getting use to it and I think it might be better than 2. Maybe I’ll come back and give an update but trust me it’s fun and worth downloading.

  • By joeisme1012

    Great game!

    I enjoy the game a lot, but there is one minor glitch I found. When I try to complete the challenges on the level, it won’t let me finish them. For example, on the level “the wall” I did four backflips, but when I complete and am landing the final backflip it turns the challenge red

  • By shoe417

    Good remake of 2, with a caveat

    I love the updates in this version from Mad Skills MX 2. Gameplay is similar, but slightly better. Better graphics, and I love the bike mods! I would have given a 5 star, however the bikes themselves are so difficult to unlock through game achievements that it takes a lot of the fun away. In mad skills 2 they bike unlocks were difficult, but still felt achievable. Going from level 3 bike to level 4 is pretty ridiculous, and makes it feel like a pay-to-win. I made actually purchases in 2, but on principle I enjoyed unlocking the bikes myself, made me feel like I’d earned them! Plus I can’t really progress any farther into the career or multiplayer (at least competitively) without the next level bike. This essentially makes it pay-to-play, unless I want to replay the same levels over and over. Overall, it’s a great game, but unlocking the next level bike needs to be more achievable.

  • By Outalineracing

    Great game with one exception…

    I absolutely love this game and I play it all the time however it’s kind of ridiculous that you can’t play it offline like you could on #2. I spend a lot of weekends in places where there’s no phone service and the weekends are usually when I play the most so it’s really frustrating that I can’t play it at all whenever I have no service. Other than that I have no other complaints about the game.


    Great game, address cost

    Huge fan of the new feeling compared to MSMX2. Simple camera angle change feels super great. Overall I highly recommend this game. But there is a flaw for those of us who are more inclined for free-to-play. The cost of upgrades and bikes with the in-game currency is outrageous, and very difficult to retain my attention. I find myself going back to MSMX2 over playing 3 for the simple fact that I cannot get enough coins to keep up with the bots. On 2 I’m top 20% in the world consistently. A reasonable option would be to make career races give enough coins to be able to upgrade your bike to be the same level as the bots (ie same power and bike number). Probably won’t keep playing if the in-game currency isn’t addressed.

  • By AddixMC

    Amazing but EXPENSIVE

    Like most other reviews say, this game is amazing, and it’s a huge improvement from the second game. From the first bike, to bike 3, the grind is worth it and fair. But once you get passed bike 3, the bikes and parts get extremely expensive and hard to get without getting the Pro subscription, which would be fine, except the pro subscription costs the same as a Netflix subscription. This is not a console quality game, nor does it provide as much content as other subscription services. $12/ month is just ridiculous for a phone game. If you guys made it more affordable, or made the pay outs on races/ challenges more profitable, it would be a 5 star game. Even 1st place in online events barely pays out enough for a single upgrade on bike 4 and beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, I hope to see this changed soon.

  • By Wateryhotdogs

    Great gameplay but falls short in other areas

    As the title says the game play and game in general is absolutely amazing. A lot of new features from the 2nd installment (whoever came up with the whips idea deserved a raise). However the prices of things are absolutely absurd your almost forced to pay real world money for coins which are an absurd cost for an amount that will hardly get you the 5th bike. Trying to upgrade the bikes/buy the next bike to keep up with campaign mode is nearly impossible i like a little grind in my games but this is too much. Over all the game is great and perhaps a little adjustment in the cost of things would certainly net this game a 5 star review without a doubt

  • By GJ Man 2010

    Prepare to get frustrated

    Really disappointed after waiting so long for this to come out. Gameplay and graphics are great, but progressing to more powerful bikes is way too hard without spending $$. The developer response is to grind out the championships, but unless you can achieve top 10-20% times you won’t make much (and sometimes even lose) money. Major marketing fail! I’d be curious to know what percentage of players actually achieve higher level bikes without spending $$.

  • By Jordo411

    Money grab

    I’ll give it two stars for the amazing mechanics. As always mad skills is one of the greatest games, but they missed the mark for this one. Just to unlock bike 3 you will need 4800 coins. At 10 coins per race, that means you’ll have to replay the same track over and over 480 times just to be able to race in the bike 3 races. It gets even worse as you progress toward bike 6. “But wait” bike 3 is actually on sale for $6.99!! You’ll get these messages all the time. You cannot naturally progress. You HAVE to buy bikes. There most be new higher ups/bosses at this developer that changed to be this money hungry. Mad Skills 2 was one of the best esports games on mobile. I used to love streaming the live competitions they used to have. The game still has great mechanics, even better than Mad Skills 2 believe it or not. However, it’s unplayable in its current state.

  • By Windsor128

    Too slow to upgrade bikes

    This game was very fun initially; however, it becomes nearly impossible to upgrade the bikes through game play alone without spending money. I enjoy the championship races and there comes a point where you can no longer participate without paying money because the payouts are not enough to purchase the required bike to have a shot at progressing. I have logged 20hrs on the game and it is basically a dead end if you don’t want to pay. I was able to upgrade to bike 4 after a couple of days playing. It’s been about 2 weeks and I am not even half way to obtaining enough game coins for bike 5. It definitely gets boring if you are like me and are interested in the championship portion of the game.

  • By Mr.Peas lolololol

    Great Game

    The mechanics and engine on the game is fantastic. Although they are very frugle with the amount of coins/ in game currency is given for completing the career. I am currently on the tracks for bike 5 with bike 3 trying to save up to upgrade my bike. (2 bikes behind) The only way you can really do this in a reasonable time and have the bikes line up with the locations is if you pay real money. Definitely a big money grab, wish it was different because I love the game, just cant play it for 3 hours everyday just to keep up.

  • By fish_3

    Money trap!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU

    This is such a great game, BUT it’s just a money trap!!!!!! You have to win coins and gold to upgrade bikes, but the problem is you can’t win enough without the upgrades. Then you finally get enough to upgrade so you can win but you change levels and your right back in the same sinking boat!!!!! You can buy the bikes if you want to dump at least $50 a month to stay competitive as you move up but at that price your going to be $400 bucks in to a free game!!!!! There is no way to win at this unless you open your wallet every week and hand over your money.................... long time mad skills moto player going to go back to mad skills moto 2 and just enjoy the game without having to take a loan out to pay to play

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