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  • New version: 1.21.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sudoku: Sudoku Puzzle Games


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Sudoku: Sudoku Puzzle Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Guru Smart Holding Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Guru Smart Holding Limited, with the latest current version being 1.21.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6076 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sudoku: Sudoku Puzzle Games App

How does it Work?

Enjoy the Free Sudoku Puzzle Game, Brain Games for people who are a fresh start and advanced! Thousands of Sudoku Puzzles Game to play and solve. Download and start the Daily Challenge!

The Sudoku - Brain Games has many different Sudoku puzzles and contained four different levels such as Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Expert to help you to choose the appropriate level for you!

There are easy levels of daily Sudoku puzzles to train your brain and Medium or hard Sudoku levels are also waiting for you. The game has the functions that to add or remove notes by turning on the memo during gameplay. Did you make a mistake? Of course, there are undo and hints functions! Don't give up!!


9*9 & 3*2 blocks: 9x9 and 3*2 grids with simple design

Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert: Four perfectly balanced difficulty levels:


Note Mode: Turn on the note mode to take notes like a piece of paper. The memo is automatically updated itself while you fill in the block

Auto-Check: Find your mistakes and challenge yourself or use auto-check to see your mistakes in real-time.

Daily Challenge: Complete daily challenges and earn special trophies!

Hint: Use the hints function when you are stuck.

Number-first input: Tap and hold a number to lock it and you can use it for multiple cells.

Dark Theme: Perfect for you to play Sudoku before bed.

-Other additional functions-

Game stats: There is a stats feature for each difficulty so that you can examine the game what played at any time. (Statistics can be reset).

Unlimited Undo: Did you make a mistake? Get it back fast!

Autosave: If you leave Sudoku incomplete, it will be saved. Keep playing anytime.

Eraser: Eliminate all mistakes!

Train your brain anytime and anywhere with the Sudoku - Brain game. If you like Sudoku, we welcome you. Come and try it out! Investing your spare time in Sudoku is very helpful for your mental health. Challenge yourself how quickly you can solve problems!

We always carefully check all reviews. Please leave your feedback on why you like this game or suggestions for improvements! Thank you and have fun with Sudoku Puzzle Game!

Enjoy the best sodoku app for sodoku fans. If you are a lover for soduku game, you can download this suduku game app and begin your first sodoko play. We offer 4 difficulty modes and add 100 new sedoku puzzles every week. Download now and play sudoko and train your brain!

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Top Reviews

  • By azn72calvin

    One of best Sudoku apps

    I’ve been playing Sudoku for a long time, and this is one of the best mobile apps for Sudoku. A few things, it has a very clean and easy to use interface. When I click a number, it highlights the corresponding row, column and square, so I can easily scan the board to find other potential numbers. Also, when I write notes and tap a number, all notes with that number are also a different color, so it’s easy to see which cells have that number, and I can start doing deductions more easily. Finally, it has a hint feature that explains how a cell came to a number, which is better than other apps I’ve seen that just directly tell you the answer. Overall, there are many advanced features for the seasoned Sudoku player, but also great for newer players. Would highly recommend this app.

  • By Nehessus

    Major issue

    So I love the app, but there was this weird glitch where the screen would go dark randomly while I was playing and it eventually completely froze my phone to the point where I couldn’t even restart. Very weird. Aside form that, 5 stars...

  • By s1helby1

    Great app

    You can tell quite a bit of thought went into the functionality. The ads are minimally intrusive. I would recommend. I have a suggestion. I would really like to see a dark mode theme. The pure white background can be jarring in low light.

  • By Vee8321

    Need bug fixes

    Every few seconds the whole screen goes black and it’s making it near impossible to play. Needs fixing and then it’ll be perfect. It used to not do this. Edit: they fixed the game! Now it’s perfect.

  • By pecklespreckle

    Best app! But lots of crashes..

    I just downloaded this app three days ago, and I normally never leave reviews. I love this version of sudoku, and especially that you can adjust the settings the way you want. Plus- the ads aren’t overwhelming, like most games. However, I’m experiencing app crashes, but instead of just the app closing, my whole phone will freeze for about a minute or two and then shut off. So it’s been frustrating as I play, because after a couples minutes or so I can’t play. I’m sure it’s just a bug, that can be fixed and updated. But just to let the developers know!

  • By Night_Rebels

    Needs a No Answers and Better Notes option

    It’s a pretty good Sedoku puzzle app all around. The only things that would make it perfect would be a way to remove hints and an improved note taking system where I can write out my own details to help me solve the puzzle. I also don’t like how it tells me if the number I put in is right or wrong. Some people like playing with this option, but I do not and prefer to find the solution on my own terms. Give me the option to disable when I am right about my input and it’ll be THE sedoku game for your phone

  • By K.R.I.T 🤙🏾

    It’s great but...

    I feel like the mistake feature is weird. I feel like I’m playing a guessing game when I play harder levels. Maybe if it was made to where you verify your answer once the board is completed it would be better. That way no one could cheat and guess numbers infinitely and it’s not so brutal that misplacing a number 3 times could cost you your whole board.

  • By kct1986

    Ad issues

    This is one of the best sudoku games I’ve played. However, every once in a while I get ads that would black out my screen constantly. Very annoying when it happens. Please fix. I’d love to remove the ads but not at $7.99. That’s way too pricey for a sudoku game as there’re many others.

  • By acarver2

    Fix the glitch

    I really liked this Sudoku app. I especially like how I can lock on a number to add it to the board, and switch right over to the next number without relocking. Now, when a certain ad pops up at the bottom (some Wizard of Oz game), the whole screen goes blank and I can’t continue the puzzle. I tried deleting and redownloading the app, but no dice. I haven’t found another Sudoku app that has the full feature I mentioned above. This is a frustrating and disappointing glitch that I hope is fixed soon.

  • By Vineclimber3

    Spams me with “purchase”

    I can’t really rate it, so ignore the 3-stars. I’m saying it’s spamming me with “purchase-no in-app purchases” so I am confused. Do I have to buy the game? I thought it was free? I don’t know, if I could have help with that that would be great, since I can’t really play the game. Ok, I went through and deleted the game, then re-downloaded it and it worked fine. The game is a nice game, not too different from the other sudoku ones I tried out. I don’t like the mistakes thing, though that’s kind of just my opinion.

  • By Bernie🍒

    Fun game

    If you’re good at sudoku and want more of a challenge this may be the app for you but I will say if you’re playing sudoku for just relaxing I wouldn’t recommend as much since it enters the number as soon as you touch it and you only have three attempts ,sometimes one, to complete the puzzle before it restarts the puzzle which is extremely annoying if you accidentally press the wrong number when your almost done

  • By Fhfhgc

    Game play is good for the most part

    Game play is good for the most part except for some reason every once in a while the screen goes completely black except the ad at the bottom for a few seconds mid game and once that starts happening, it continue to happen so I have to force restart the app again. It’s very random when it happens but it’s extremely annoying.

  • By SomeGuy6783

    Ads ruin a simple experience

    I downloaded this looking for a simple sudoku app. And the game itself works fine enough. The problem are the ads. First; the ads that black the screen out except for the tiny ad box in the corner. Clicking on it doesn’t make it disappear. Restarting the app will give you maybe 5 seconds of game time before it happens again. And looking through other reviews, the developer claims to have addressed this issue. Second; when you *can* complete a puzzle, it usually auto plays an ad following it. With sound. Part of me uses this to help fall asleep because it’s a repetitive and monotonous activity, and nothing destroys that like an ad blaring garbage noise at you. And there’s no way to switch this off. Finally, most other apps I find have an ad removal free of $1, maybe $2. These guys want $8. Which might seem paltry to some, but by market comparison, it’s a huge markup. In conclusion, the sudoku on this app works fine, but the developer seems actively engaged in the most disruptive advertising practices possible to garner a profit.

  • By SMB043

    Ads That Don’t Stop After 3 Days

    I downloaded this app and loved it for 3 days. Great game and would play one ad after each game you completed, not a big deal at all. All of a sudden after 3 days every 20 seconds or so the screen goes completely black and there is a little game picture in the bottom left for about 30 seconds. There’s no way to close it but if you touch it the App Store pops up with the wizard of oz. If this is their way to get you to pay $7.99 it’s not going to work since you can play the game for free on google. Extremely disappointed as this makes the game unplayable.

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