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Double Rich!Vegas Casino Slots


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Double Rich!Vegas Casino Slots is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by HONGKONG ZEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - HONGKONG ZEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.9.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 50677 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Double Rich!Vegas Casino Slots App

How does it Work?

Welcome to Double Rich-the completely amazing casino world and the most fantastic free classic slots game in 2021!

Get your huge bonus, free spins & wheel of fortune here! Get your gifts, choose your favorite Vegas slots and spin for your huge Jackpot and the thrill of winning on the most realistic slot machines and challenging the players from all over the world!

Amazing Classic Vegas Slots Features:

- 50000 Welcome Bonus

- Get free spins & bonuses every hour, which means you always have free tokens to win the Jackpot in Double Rich

- The Best Real Slots Machines of graphics, design, and sound

- Hundreds of slot machines and hundreds of ways to play

Are you ready? Invite your friends to this world's best online slots game! Invite them and play together. Make friends online! Play with millions of players from all over the world.

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Please Note:

Do not wait! Download it right now! Play more and win big jackpots in Double Rich - Slots Casino is intended for an adult audience (21+) for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By RandyMullinax

    Credits for Snakes and Ladders? Need answer!

    Waiting to hear about the Snakes and Ladders payout issue! Where are our credits for Snakes and Ladders? Put in a lot of extra effort and $’s to win those boards. Won at least 10-12 complete boards and nothing so far! Can seem to email you from the game??? Help me out guys! It’s GREAT fun and pays off. It has one issue on my IPad 11 pro is it keep crashing and have lost some Mega Wins when it does That issue has been fixed! Most enjoyable FUN! New games even more fun. New games, fresh money! Still enjoying after two weeks. Why aren’t you playing? You got nothing right now better to do! Still going strong! Just don’t get too greedy too fast. Like. The President just winnings. the new Game of Snakes & Ladders is a BLAST! Man what fun! Great job of entertainment!

  • By rdrozelle

    Won’t use it again

    I loved this game until I started playing the tournaments and noticed that the app does not give the actual tournament credits listed for the place you are in......for example 1st $23,555,555 it will give you for example $50,000......I play to occupy my time and when it doesn’t give the correct credits so you can play longer, no so that I can get disgusted and not want to use the app again!!

  • By mamaw81

    Great Game

    Great graphics, payout is wonderful. Would recommend this game to my friends. Enjoying this game daily,love winning. Enjoying daily during quarantine. Loving every minute. Would like more new games. Continued games during quarantine. Would be nice to win more BRING BACK GETTING COINS BY WATCHING VIDEOS Again bring back getting coins Disappointed. There was some glitch with game this weekend had to reload and start all over. Not happy Enjoying the games I do like the new games. Daily enjoyment Continued enjoyment BRING BACK EARNING COINS Enjoying all games. Would be nice if more new ones were introduced BRING BACK EARNING COINS

  • By Bobbby.B

    Most real like slots online

    Many of these slots are the same as ones at WinStar Casino that I play. Not as loose but if you catch them right they pay out big. Having lots of fun with the app. Only problem is that I am addicted and don’t play any other games now.

  • By Lorkie63

    I love this game but...

    It crashes a lot in mid spin then locks up. I win until I spend money, then it eats up my money! Also some of the offers are not accurate. When processing my payment, the charge is higher than the offer.

  • By sizy1358

    Duck game .. love it 👍still love it but needs to pay out big more often 👍

    Excellent lovin’ it.. Great game ❤️some days better than others !too long between wins🥺 better 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻all good. Like rapid and now most all games pay out better Thanks this game fun but doesn’t pay much .. doing better

  • By Chauncey La Rue

    Double Rich Casino

    Great play! Hours of fun! What I’ve noticed you win so much when you begin to play your game but then it’s down hill from there! How do you loose 30,000,000,000 coins and not hit A jackpot? Your no different than any other games!

  • By Lightn51

    I enjoy the game but...... I WILL NOT SPEND MY MONEY FOR YOUR BENEFIT!!!

    I enjoy doing all the daily missions and the diamond missions, then when it tells me to collect my rewards!!! What DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!! Lol Buy free passes and junk so I can collect all the prizes that I’ve won!! Well.... la-te-da!! NOPE, NO WAY! NO HOW!! I’ve spent way too much money on too many games and I quit that aloooong time ago!! So I think you’ve just lost a member!! Tootle-loo!!!

  • By 1stCeye

    I HAVE been waiting....

    ...for three slots to come along! I just started playing, vowing that if this wasn’t what I saw on the app page, I would never, ever check out any type of slot app again! Well, you surprised me! I dislike the games with 5 way to keep track of what is happening, booor-ring! CONFUSING! I am delighted (so far) with what I see! I have already won a mega-win, it’s so nice to be able to see the win! More later as I really get into the game!....I’m liking the game well enough, but I’ve run into a problem. There is no visible exit from the daily winnings page; no X, no arrows to tap, nothing! So how about adding one? Because Right now I’m forced to drop out of the entire app to exit...and it seems to me that I just might see something else I’d like to play, then....catch it? Please fix this.

  • By rippedoffonce

    Mega wheel payout

    When you spin the mega wheel, your VIP level gives you a bonus multiplier. So, silver VIP earns you an additional 15% on your spin. Double Rich SUBTRACTS 15% from your spin. Contacted them many times and got no response. Have so many screenshots of the rip-offs.....they only got my $ once for an additional spin until I realized the scam. Today my 3.2 million win was 3,180,’s basic math, people! update: 4 months’s still subtracting Update: months later...still subtracting...don’t spend $ to spin the wheel. And quit your job. Trying to play all the games they have going at one time is a full time job. It used to be fun. Now its all pop ups for $$

  • By mamasmink

    Ur game

    The reason I rated this game so low, is because I started out with 5,000,000 dollars which y’all gave me. I lost all of that in just a few hours some how I managed to get another 1,000,000. All of that would be gone but I watch the videos to keep alive in the games. I know you want players to purchase more money and that’s ok, but the way I look at that, is if a player can’t win some why would he spend money on something that he can’t win some on play money why would he spend real money that he works for to keep playing. I’ve tried several of ur games and it’s the same. So that’s why I rated it a 3

  • By Layton iPad

    Can’t load

    I’ve played this game successfully for about a month. Now it won’t load, getting to 51% to only be told to check my internet connection, which is fine with other apps. I uninstalled and reinstalled again successfully. Then it freezes. When trying to close and reopen, I get the same internet message. Help!

  • By Reagan1976

    No response to tickets

    As a depositing player this game is getting ridiculous with its errors and non response to tickets. They just had a mega win tournament that was get your highest win matched. I won 10T as my highest mega win. Deposited enough to get 150% of that which is 15T. This morning that amount was lowered to 300M and I received 450M. I have emailed them screenshots and have received no reply. Last week the deposit bonus wasn’t working and I sent them 5 screenshots worth 1T of coins I should have received. No replies. Also last week one several tournaments that was not credited. I have sent so many emails I am sick of sending them. No responses ever. I don’t get my daily gift which I have earned by depositing. This game should be looked at by Apple as we are paying money for it. I definitely foresee a class action suit sometime. I have emailed and told them if I don’t get what I have earned I will be asking for full refunds. Still.... no reply.

  • By KimiE1350

    If you want ads and interruptions

    If you want ads and interruptions then you are in the right place!! I play this game and every four or five spins a commercial come on. I go to take a shower and put it on auto spin and when I come back it spun three times and it stopped for and ad. I get to a higher level like sapphire and every four spins it stops to tell me I am on a higher level. I move up a level and it stops me to say I am on a higher level. I deleted this and stuck with GSN casino cause at least I can play without stopping every few spins. So many interruptions it is ridiculous

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