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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-12
  • New version: 3.6.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bingo Frenzy -Live Bingo Games


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Bingo Frenzy -Live Bingo Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Gluon Interactive Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gluon Interactive Ltd., with the latest current version being 3.6.7 which was officially released on 2021-06-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9298 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bingo Frenzy -Live Bingo Games App

How does it Work?

Bingo Frenzy: You are finally here! Find the MOST FUN and RELAXING BINGO game 2021! Win Multi-Bingo! Download it now!

Play Bingo Frenzy Games at home online for your phone and tablets! Begin your bingo journey now! Try classic bingo games online in 10+ Special Bingo Rooms! Solve puzzles, get various freebies and win epic collectibles! Never miss it!

Bingo Frenzy: Whether you play bingo alone or enjoy it with friends, you will definitely love the Bingo Frenzy. You do not need to go to bingo hall. You can enjoy Bingo Frenzy at home. Play Bingo Frenzy with friends or real-time multiplayers. It is your lucky Bingo day. You’d better play the bingo games now!

Live BINGO Frenzy – Bingo Cooking Features

►Abundant BINGO games! It’s your bingo story!

► Bonus spins and extra power-ups every day on Bingo Cooking!

► Leaderboard for participants to get amazing awards every week!

► Bingo 4 cards to get a huge prize! Enjoy the Bingo holiday special offer!

► Play the classic Bingo Cooking games when having a Bingo party with friends at home.

Enjoy the Classic Bingo Games! Play BINGO Frenzy

► Start your competition. Thrilling tournaments are the best!

► Daub the number to get more Bingo rewards.

► Receive TICKETS when playing bingo at home.

► Play mini-games, fortune wheel while waiting! You will be bored in the game.

► Other exciting mini-games to play when you are tired of bingo! Enjoy your own arcade game and fortune wheel.

It’s your Bingo story and never stop your Bingo journey

► An amazing game for adults.

► Get instant bingo to get the bingo live game

► COLLECT epic items to make delicious local dishes offline or online!

► Each cuisine can help you get a huge CUISINE COOKING PRIZE!

Fun and Balance Power-Ups Give You More Luck!

► Use epic power-ups to double EVERYTHING you get in the round!

► Use GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS such as Instant Bingo and Double daub!

► No CD Time! Use GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS if you are lucky to daub enough numbers!

► Real high-quality graphics and terrific sound effect.

If you enjoy playing live bingo with friends at home then our bingo multiplayer feature is the best one Our live bingo games are always getting better with new torments, exciting competition and epic collectibles. Grab your dauber and call on the board – Get freebies & PLAY BINGO FRENZY TODAY!


BINGO Frenzy contains optional in-app purchases. Play Bingo Frenzy is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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  • On Apr 22}

    Your game ads for winning money are so dang gone fake. It’s to bad someone can’t sue you for false advertising

    Your game ads for winning money are so dang gone fake. It’s to bad someone can’t sue you for false advertising. I’ve been waiting for 2 1/2 weeks for my payout on Bingo 2022 Frenzy and this and your games for money is so fake

  • On Aug 08}

    Love this game, join club

    Hey all I wanted to share ho much I enjoy this game! I also would love to meet new friends to play bingo with! Join my club and come hang out and chat and bingo it up. Join by inserting club ID : 165450
    Bingo Stars is name of club! look forward to playing with new friends!!!!

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    Top Reviews

    • By lj4God

      Best Bingo Yet

      Doesn't seem to be the kind of game that will only let you win if you pay money. I'm only in my first hour but so far so good. I'm not innodated with constant pop-ups telling me to buy things like power-ups for the game. Plus there is no club drama! Yay! I had some pretty rough ladies in my other bingo game. I made a few friends but the constant messages from men trying to hook up was awful! This appears to be an honest bingo game with just a little bit of silliness to break up the monotony. Oh, the trading for items was a bit crazy too. This does not seem to have that ridiculousness.

    • By Mepepp

      love this game so much i re-downloaded it again

      i had this game for several months and would play it daily. what can i say...i am old, i love bingo and with covid19, can’t play bingo with my old group in the senior center. anyway, the other day, i had yo upgrade my app and it kept in getting stuck. i had over 5400 bingos won....850 blue diamonds ....and almost 300 of those thingies that you accumulated. I LOST IT ALL because i had to delete the program and reload. but since i love! love! love! this game so much i am starting again! ❤️❤️🥳

    • By 17frances


      gotcha thank you very much for your interesting game but when we run out of balls there’s no way to get more unless we pay for them and i’m not spending money 💰 on this game,i’d go to a casino 🎰 if i wanted to spend money 💰, i really like the game but i’m spending time waiting and not getting to play!!sorry i just have to write to gotcha thank goodness you brought back snakes and ladders, it’s so very much fun. i 👀 look forward to it because its the best part of the game, please please don’t take it away!!! thank y’all for sharing it with us again! thank you 🙏 you about bingo frenzy, i get 8 to 10 balls ⚽️ that i can’t use and as much as i love ❤️ this game,when you call bingo, i usually only have 4 or less numbers marked on my card, lol, it would be great if i was able to feel that i played the game too!!! thank you ☺️

    • By 147269dmb

      Great game

      I love this bingo game. The game moves fast and you can bingo multiple times per card. The power ups can be used after only 2 daubs which is different than most bingo games. And the power ups can be used with an “auto” button after reaching a certain level. I haven’t been playing this game long but have played many other bingo games. I really like this game better than ones I have been playing for years!

    • By Lori Farmer

      I really enjoy

      This game is fun. On Some games, the higher the level the less you get on bingos but this game actually levels it out. To me it does go by luck it’s just that I get a lot of the same copies on the rare cards an the ingredients are random. Also the jackpots are by luck, I love the fact I actually win Jackpots, except on the wheel It acts like it’s gonna give it to me. I do enjoy this game and I spend to much time on it. Lol

    • By Catsup Cactus

      Hard to Get Tickets

      I really like this game. It has some of the better bingo card features that most others don’t but I can never get enough tickets to play more than one or two rounds. Each daily check-in is terrible. You only get 4 or 5 tickets and never any special reward for checking in after a certain amount of time. I know the game classifies as “random” but I hardly ever get any bingos anymore and I thought that by buying a season pass to obtain 100 tickets would help, it’s not enough. I won’t be buying anymore extra stuff with real money as my tickets just disappear just as quick. I’d also like for the gems to get more than just power ups…maybe we can exchange the power ups or gems for extra tickets? I don’t know. I have over 400 power ups but never any tickets to play so I can use them. And if I leave and come back two or three days later, then I get demoted all the way back down to bronze or something which is irritating. How can I move up in the tournament if I can’t play the bingos??? Disappointing…

    • By NotTooOldtoPlay

      Only one way to continue playing ...

      ... and that’s to spend your own money. With the game developers’ strategy it is absolutely necessary to use power-ups to consistently reach BINGO and accumulate more power-ups and blue diamonds. The beginning supply dwindles rapidly as soon as the game’s first days honeymoon period has ended. To begin with there are plenty freely earned. BUT those power-ups in turn must have diamonds to enable them. And to begin play initially you must use tickets to procure cards. That’s three layers of necessary items, all of which dry up but all of which the developers offer for purchase. Such a fun game and a really good premise, but the enjoyment has run out. And I did spend a total of $4 for “deals” offered. I’m OK with throwing a bit of money to the makers of a game which I play and enjoy. Only fair I feel. It has, however, reached the point where it is no longer enjoyable because it’s almost impossible to acquire the three needed elements without spending more of my own money or waiting for days between playing to allow them to dribble in as daily allotments. When a game’s enjoyment turns to frustration it’s time to delete.

    • By Nikyta Kamilah

      Some days are better than others

      I’ve spent quite a bit of money in this game. The more money you spend the more expensive the items become. As a new player my friend paid $4.99 for the valentines day package but I was charged $9.99. The more money you put in and the higher level rooms you play the less you win bingos. I’ve lost 1,000 tickets in one room and I didn’t win a single game. But there bots one 1st 2nd and 3rd place everytime. Such an unfair way to treat paying customers who regularly play this game. I like how you can win more than one bingo on a card. You mostly lose though. The power ups are great, but so expensive to buy and hard to earn. Good luck trying to win bingos without power ups. As if trying to win bingo with power ups wasn’t hard enough already. You also get kicked out of the bingo room for, “inactivity,” if you start consistently winning bingos. It’s happened to me every single time I’m on a winning streak, which is rare.

    • By freedomforall1776

      Unfair at times

      I really like this game for the fact that it will call your bingos for you when you get them and you can buy power ups with your gems if you have them. But my issues are with the fact that the snakes and ladders game is absolutely rigged. I’ve wasted more 40 dice on one board and every time I get to the top it sends you straight back to the bottom and the prizes aren’t even worth it. I also take issues with the club cards. The same numbers get called over and over again no matter how many balls you use. There’s no reason I should use 200 balls on one card for my team and only be able to cover a number or two. In the same note, your power ups are barely ever daubed and as you increase bets and levels the extra cards, dice, or whatever the mini game tokens would be become less and less

    • By pinkstargazer

      Great game but......

      So as title states this is a great game, the problem is if you don’t use real $$ you do not get higher up in ranks and the diamonds are VERY slow to come by in real game. Diamonds are used to buy the “power ups”, if you don’t have you don’t win, if you don’t use right you don’t win, if you miss a number you don’t win, ( catch the drift!) the less power ups you have forget about playing, you may win a few and be like YEAH!!, but NO, you will loose the next 25 rounds so to speak. the diamonds and power ups are why I gave game 2 stars, if better and more uaccess to both without my own $$ I would give it 4 stars. (not 5 only because I am not ok with the points, winning, and power ups that if used right, and I am not sure how, is the only way to get ahead in this game)

    • By mrzrain

      Game cheats

      Okay been playing this game now and am really staring to dislike it. I payed yesterday the club card and when I started it was at least 10 dabbed spots. I called between 80 and 85 balls and the card still had squares that had not been dabbed. Now it’s only 75 spots on a card so how does that work? I noticed he same number being called over and over not fair seeing is that is one of the only ways to get the diamonds besides playing bingo. Another problem I have with this game is making dishes no matter how many time you play a room it’s hard as heck to get the last ingredients, why is that. It’s seems like the motive is to make people spend money to buy more tickets to play and if that is the motive then this game needs to be revamped. It takes so long to get enough tickets to play once you run out. It seems like the more tickets you use for card the less bingo you get. I was play yesterday in a room with 100 tickets per game and was getting bingo left and right start playing with 160 tickets I started getting only one bingo. This needs to be fixed I have other bingo games downloaded like blitz but I like this one better but I don’t have these problems with it. This is what’s made me download other bingo games this ones cheats too much.

    • By Creedchick02

      Yea right bingo!!!

      Been playing and paying for six months now…you do occasionally get a bingo here and there and very rarely do get doubles and triples, but they do keep one or two power ups on the low side so you have to keep buying no matter how much you spend, they ask for you to buy the packs for $50 to $100, but that does not mean you get to play even a few games without running out of power ups that you need in order to keep playing, I’ve spent $300 a month and I’ve spent $20 a month, same results, you don’t ever win and when you do you still run out of power ups that you need too quick, I get that this is for people to make money.. but I also do not want to lose money for the “sake” of fun, when in fact it is just trying to take mine without any satisfaction, still playing but I will not spend a lot.


      Needs Improvement

      When you play more than 2 cards at a time in order to see cards 3 & 4 you have to tap the swirl icon to the left of the cards. You can’t swipe up or down manually to switch between cards. There’s no swirl icon on the right hand side to switch between multiple cards. I’m right handed and I find it very annoying. Most bingo games allow players to swipe up or down to daub multiple cards during game play. Imagine having to stretch your right thumb over to the left side of your phone continuously while playing 4 cards at a time during game play. Including having to daub the numbers on your bingo cards. Seems like a deliberate ploy to force right handed people to pay for auto daub. I’ll just download and play other bingo apps.

    • By dharon77

      It’s not random

      I just started playing this game yesterday I got a few levels in it and ran out of power ups and the level I’m on I’ve seriously played the same level at least 200 times and most of the time I only get maybe 4 or 5 moves. I know bingo can be a difficult game but this one is ridiculous. You can tell their just trying to make you pay money to get past the level. Which I’m not going to do just for the fact you can tell you’re playing against bots and they always win. If it was better and actually gave you a decent game every now and then I might pay for power ups but the way it is I’ll probably just delete it. So if you don’t want to spend money to play don’t waste your time getting this one.

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