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Dice Kings


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Dice Kings is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc., with the latest current version being 1.8 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7555 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dice Kings App

How does it Work?

Download Dice Kings for FREE to compete in the most unique dice game on the App Store!


Roll DOUBLES and break the SUPER CROWN to climb the ranks in daily competitions to win!


SMASH your way to success as you grow your jackpot by attacking the Dice King. Win energy to CHARGE up the ATM for the chance to win!

Dice Kings isn’t just another board game. This is a whole new way to play dice!

Dice Kings Features:

◆ COLLECT CROWNS - Roll the dice to win crowns and climb the ranks

◆ GROW YOUR JACKPOT - Attack the Dice King and smash the board to build your bank

◆ BE THE DICE KING - Win energy and charge up the ATM to be the Dice King

◆ BONUS DAILY ROLLS - Keep your streak alive and get more rolls every day

◆ ROLLER’S SHOP - Never miss a jackpot or sweet revenge with great deals on rolls

Riches and rewards await the DICE KINGS!

For feature requests or feedback, please send us an email to dksupport@luckyday.com.

7 Contributions

  • On Dec 03}

    Dice kings a big let down

    I’ve been playing dice kings for a while now and I tried cashing my money out but couldn’t,I achieved what I had to to or so I thought and all that happened was it gave me 30free roll’s and I had start from the beginning again to fill up the energy bar above the atm machine all over again and it’s so hard to get puzzle pieces and I don’t know how anyone could win anything in 3 minutes.This will be my last day playing dice kings.

  • On Dec 03}

    Dice kings a big let down

    I’ve been playing dice kings for a while now and I tried cashing my money out but couldn’t,I achieved what I had to to or so I thought and all that happened was it gave me 30free roll’s and I had start from the beginning again to fill up the energy bar above the atm machine all over again and it’s so hard to get puzzle pieces and I don’t know how anyone could win anything in 3 minutes.This will be my last day playing dice kings.

  • On Dec 01}

    Pay Outs Are Legit

    I have numerous games I'm playing that pay out through PayPal, Cash App etc. I've got a $2,000 Amazon gift card, and $300, $500, $800 and $1,200 PayPal cards that get credited to my PayPal account. Yes, they are gift cards. But once they are added to any of your money apps or Amazon card, you can spend it anywhere that these payment methods are accepted. Gift cards are still cash, just on a card.

  • On Nov 29}

    I need cash my money dice kings

    I need cash my money out

  • On Aug 03}

    Dice King disappointed

    The game seemed great at first. I have had it lock up numerous times. All my money stolen and trying to get one puzzle piece to get membership is impossible I still need one. Kinda discouraged now not sure if I will continue. You should be able to cash out and you can’t. Really just gift cards? Frustrating

  • On Aug 03}

    Dice King disappointed

    The game seemed great at first. I have had it lock up numerous times. All my money stolen and trying to get one puzzle piece to get membership is impossible I still need one. Kinda discouraged now not sure if I will continue. You should be able to cash out and you can’t. Really just gift cards? Frustrating

  • On Aug 01}

    Dice king

    Hey game creators could you update the cash out for us so it not hard just to get the jackpot and cash out…. Thanks.
    Love your game

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    Top Reviews

    • By I AM SHE & SHE IS ME


      I love playing the app but the night before and all day yesterday people were allowed to steal money from me due to my bait being unlocked. It froze in the middle of me playing while the vault was open. I sent a message on Facebook messenger. I was up close to $400 & this morning more people have been able to steal all but a lil over $100. When I open the app, it offers me revenge but says no ad videos are available at this time, so I have closed it all the way out to keep from losing my turn to get revenge and close my vault and have even cut my phone on and off. I own a iPhone 11Pro Max and it’s updated to the latest operating system. This morning it allowed me to close the revenge page, and what a ya know there came an ad. The game part loaded but not the button to be able to push and pull back! I just downloaded this game last week & was number one for until this issue and now I’m number like 5 now and have $300+gone. Fix this please or I’m gonna have to delete. I have a secure connection through my phone carrier and wi-fi and it still did this for the last 36hours or so.

    • By fghwr

      Not a scam

      This game and their other games actually pay out. Does it take some time? Yes. This game is something I still trying to figure out. I have plenty of coins just have to find the puzzle pieces and the membership cards. Still this game is fun. Some reviews say they have very little coins after months of playing. I have only played a little over a week and have coins for snout 3 or 4 gift cards . Just gotta find those pesky members cards. All in all this is still better than any of those scam games and never seeing anything. I have played their other games and have gotten many gift cards on their scrathers just started black jack Royale so this is newest game of theirs . Don’t give up their is rewards like cash and gift cards. Will you get rich? Probable not. However you will get something for nothing.

    • By alyssa d. 13

      NOT a scam!

      First off, I’ve never written a review but I think they earned it. So about a week and a half ago I got the atm and won $4.38. I put in my email and then I waited. I didn’t think anything would happen because I never got an email confirmation or anything but then I saw the deposit to my PayPal today. I mean ya it’s only $4.38 but it’s still real money. I also enjoy the game so I think it’s a win win. For all the reviews saying you got 1st but didn’t get the $500. It clearly says that your put in a raffle when you get 1st with other players who did the same. Your never gonna get rich off any games with money but this isn’t a scam so I’d definitely recommend.

    • By FatalBowGirl

      Great game!

      So yes, this game does require you find the puzzle pieces to cash out on gift cards but for the daily competition, it’s worth playing. You have a chance if you get first place every day to get the $500. Yes it’s real and yes you can cash out it just might take a while to either get the $500 prize. But this game is a lot of fun. You don’t have to put money in to play if you don’t want to and can still get your bank with a lot of cash in it so when you hit the jackpot you cash out at a higher rate. But this game does do as advertised and if you’re looking for a time killer this is the game for you!

    • By imashopper2

      Why isn’t it possible to collect every dollar I’ve gotten

      I love the game & the challenges but even after I paid for extra dice rolls and made it to the ATM even if I win it’s only a few bucks why can’t I collect the entire $250 I’ve accumulated over time??? Why are prices for any contest lest you’re #1 include cash??? I’ve played for weeks & I’d like to collect some of the cash I’ve earned over time … can that be done?? ALU

    • By flgramof2

      Almost a 5

      My game plays for a little bit then freezes and I have to go out of it and get back on. Also I have pretty good totals but can’t get puzzle pieces or any of the hidden objects like the skateboard. I play every night and we really need the money 💴 and gift cards...been a bad year for us medically, I’ve had 4 surgeries and another coming, and my husband has had to have emergency surgery and 7 vascular procedures and he has more coming. We have both mom’s and our oldest son who has mental disabilities living with us so we really need the help! I will continue to play, really like the game, everyone should try it! Update now I’m not getting anything for breaking the green objects and I have plenty of coins for gift cards but can’t get any puzzle pieces! Also have a great money balance for over a month, still get nothing. I play every night but it is getting frustrating not to be able to get anything.. Would love to play Lucky Day scratchers but not available in Apple store for IPad

    • By Lks58

      Still like playing

      So many video adds to the point there’s more of them then playing the game after you use your free ones that is. Iwould of rated the game a 5 if there wasn’t so many. After using your free ones up Then you have to watch one after another, and if you choose not to get extra rolls or coins you still get sent a add, if you could work on that issue I definitely would give a better review , thank you I’m told it takes videos to play I get that , it just takes so long to get a whole game level completed I would like to see or be told how much further we need to complete a area and another helpful idea would be what all needs to be completed to move on .in a nut shell I’m sure other players feel the same . To get better responses from all players and for the game to get better reviews just give a little more details. Even though all this I’ve said I do keep playing and enjoy the game .

    • By Tniki87


      At first I really liked this game it seemed super easy to win you literally just roll the dice hit some boxes and boom you have prizes well that like quickly went out the window and has turned into being straight up annoyed with this game... yes you win money but you literally have to fill up your energy thunderbolts to even get to your atm then once you do you spin for either your cash, coins, or extra stuff which I never got because I always get coins when I spin it’s frustrating! Your only allowed to have 3 alarms to protect your money from others who may throw dice at your atm and steal a portion of your money if you win any other alarms and you have you max they just go to waste ...it’s a bit disappointing when you grind out to win your cash and then find out someone stole 40 or 50 bucks of what you earn also you win coins that you can redeem for gift cards but you have to find all the puzzle pieces for the card before you can even do that there’s also a leaderboard which boast a 500$ prize which I’ve been in first place for several times but never won overall if you have the patience to keep playing good on you me personally I don’t so I’ll be deleting the game

    • By cmego93

      It’s okay but disappointing. Honest review.

      You need to collect 6 puzzle pieces to cash out. From my understanding; 1 puzzle piece can be found in a completed level. Therefore I need to have 6 levels completed in order to find all the puzzle pieces. HOWEVER, there are only 2 levels available. No telling how long it will take them to add more levels but I am disappointed that apps advertise rewards but make it nearly impossible to actually cash out. If you’re going to make it impossible to cash out then just say that. While I wasted my time watching ad after ad, this developer is profiting. Other than that, if you don’t mind watching a bunch of ads and rolling dice without getting rewarded, then this game is right for you. The developer may say they are working on new levels, but I’m not buying the false promises. The more they advertise and get more players to click on the ads than the more money they are making, so of course they aren’t in a rush to actually reward people.

    • By jwardlow27

      Crown jackpot is a joke

      Spent all night making sure I was in first place for the crown jackpot. Stayed in 1st. With over 6k crown points for the 500$ jackpot. Watched it count down to 0:00:0 and then nothing. Went to the Home Screen of the app and back into the game, and nothing. Clicked on the crown that still said I was in 1st place but had 0:00:00 for time for the 500$ jackpot. Clicked on winners and someone else had won. Not sure how they pick their winners, but why show me as number 1 in the top 10 players with points If I’m not actually the one that’s winning? Total let down. Actually thought I had something, and was excited to finally find a game that was going to pay out and maybe be something I could do on the side to help with bills, guess not. 🙄 back to my 40+ overtime I go.

    • By gfshejejjevvy

      Losing interest

      This game is fun, and I actually enjoy playing it unlike most. Although the downfalls have been... It freezes and glitches a lot which has forced me to close the game and refresh in the middle of a roll or win. As you can imagine I don’t get my prizes like should which is extremely frustrating. I have also played enough throughout my days where I’m able to roll for withdraw my winnings. I would say total since I’ve downloaded the game I’ve rolled to withdraw from my ATM a total of 25 times and have never won so I’ve never been able to withdraw my “real” winnings. I truly enjoy this game, as ALL games do they all have pro’s and con’s. Hopefully these issues can be fixed so we can all enjoy the game like we are supposed to!

    • By Naomi JM


      Jackpot winnings are obviously fake. Supposedly I won 1st place . Winnings= 1$, 50 rolls and atm charge. All day long I tried to enter my email as instructed, wouldn’t let me enter it. Finally I deleted the app , then downloaded it again. Only to find that I still couldn’t enter my email. The next day I finally was able to play the game, however my 1$, 50 rolls and atm were not on my account. I contacted support 3 times only to receive the same answer all three times. Which were the rules about the players selected and nothing to do with my request. I literally said I would like my winnings. I watch so MANY, MANY , MANY ads, its a dollar but I deserve it. I have asked support for help in the past in regards to getting rolls by watching or participating in surveys and such. I also sent screenshots as requested to no avail. Very disappointed so difficult to win and or get extra rolls, and reaching out to support hasn’t helped. I have read other reviews, how do they have a 4.8 rating ❓ Anyway I am sure I probably will never win again after this… but maybe the developers will read this and work on it. PS. It still freezes up A LOT ❗️Thank you, hope this helps someone!

    • By Panda070383

      Highly Disappointed

      I liked this game at first despite the constant crashing and having to restart 3 times to get the game to load. I have completely multiple offers to not receive the dice and have one report still in progress. After the last “update” happened, I haven’t been able to log in to play. Deleted the app thinking it was just a problem with the update. Goes through the whole sign in with Facebook progress only to show I have 30 dice and 0 coins when I verify I want to use that account and then never get past the loading screen. Apparently I lost all 80,000+ coins in the time I’ve been unable to get in. I can log in using email and it works fine but all my coins and the $200+ I had in my bank are inaccessible. So disappointed that I wasted time and money on this game.

    • By VegasKnight13

      Dice Kings?

      I have been playing this game for about two months and I was enjoying it enough, but then last week it came out with an update. I updated the game and went on to notice no big changes in the game. Since that update, I have had to update it every time I want to play it! Now I ask you, what kind of problems are you having with this game that you have to update it constantly. The only problem I have experienced is that the game will crash sometimes quite unexpectedly. But other than that, I think you should leave it alone... unless you plan to make it easier for a person to withdraw his winnings!!! As it is now you have to play the game and win the money, and then you have to win Mini games to get a chance to win a withdrawal! That’s just a bit much, don’t you think ?!?

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