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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
  • New version: 1.5.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Cash Tornado Slots - Casino


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Cash Tornado Slots - Casino is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Madness Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Madness Limited, with the latest current version being 1.5.7 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 37240 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cash Tornado Slots - Casino App

How does it Work?

Cash-in on a splendid casino fantasy and the most innovative Vegas slots game to-date – Cash Tornado Slots! Grab 5,000,000 FREE COINS to enjoy incredible fun slot machines, explosive JACKPOT payouts, exciting in-game features and thrilling casino community events. Spin away to marvel in huge winnings beyond your wildest imagination! 

With Cash Tornado Slots, experience authentic casino slots from world-class casino. Earn amazing Free Spins and Scatter Features to experience massive fantastic bonus rounds. Unlock brand new and entertaining game play, such as Lock & Spin or Vegas Lightning, to revel in even more winning styles, and spin your way to a Wild slots paradise with endless free coin rewards and countless slots mini-games! Accept the invitation of Cash Tornado Slots to start cashing-in on golden prizes, each day, every day!

Cash-in and spin with multiple exciting free bonuses and hours of fun!

▶Fabulous daily, hourly and quarterly coin bonuses. 

▶Endless stacks of WILD multipliers to increase total winnings.

▶Premium selections of the hottest slot themes on the Las Vegas Strip.

▶Addicting seasonal quest collections and daily power challenges.

▶Authentic in-game music and sounds for immersive casino game experiences.

▶Striking graphics, dynamic effects and realistic slots gameplay. 

▶Adventurous slots journeys to partake you in a trip around the world. Keep Spinning! 

Sneak a peek at the huge varieties of slots collection and  larger-than-life jackpot from Cash Tornado Casino!

▶ Full of lucky spinning and epic wins, catch up with your Magic Gold hidden at the end of rainbow in free games, up to 20 bonuses! 

▶Enter into Tarzan Battle slots and wreath in a jungle of fortune and wealth.

▶Play peekaboo with our lovely baby panda at Panda Riches slots! The maximum coin value of bonus here can be up to 200x!

▶Become the deep sea’s protector in The King of Atlantis slot machine! Lock & Respin, clench your golden gaff and fight for the massive win! 

▶Enter the heaven of fortune and hold back your breathe for collecting countless coins at Panda Bless slot game!

▶Spend the endless bright nights with wolf pack! Press the Howling Moon and get the reward coins ranging up to 50x the total bet at Howling Moon slot machine!

▶Want something juicy to cash-in on? Spin and lock away a fortune of millions in Cherry Splash slot game.

Cash Tornado slots is just getting started! Tune in each week to experience the newest slot games and features! 

Questions or comments? 

Feel free to contact our support team through the “Contact Us” tab in Game Settings


- The slots game is intended for adult audiences over the age of 21 and is for entertainment purposes only.

- The casino game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

- Any success in social casino gambling is not indicative of future success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By katrna M

    So much fun, I became addicted!? ((Lol)))

    The graphics and ways to win money is challenging to keep you playing for hours! The first day I downloaded this app I played alllllll dayyy and had so much fun earning up to $1 million, but the challenges became harder, on the Tornado Quest, and I just had to earn up to $1 billion.. also there is a VIP tier to accomplish, and you’re not just playing the slot game, there’s also incentive games like BiNGo in between the earnings or spent bets you place. When you run out of cash (when I got up to $1 billion challenges, I even bought more money for $2.99, $4.99, and even $9.99!!!). The games are endless, YOU DONT WIN ACTUAL MONEY, but the slot games are so digitally precise- like Vegas style you have to keep playing! Initially, I wanted to win REAL money cash prizes, but believe me this casino .app is the best Casino game to download! Try it for yourself! It’s highly addicting!!?

  • By southerngirl2018

    This game is fun!

    I look for slot games that can keep me interested at night. This one is most interesting and fun. It never gets greedy, I always win big, even if it goes 2-3 spins not collecting any money. I play for hours before bed. I am 62, and female, and would recommend this game to anyone. Lots of fun! Now I don’t buy coins. But, if I run low, then I cut back on my bet. It works! You just have to use common sense on these games. All of them are strategy games and you can play them and not invest in them. Oops! I prolly shouldn’t have said that, but, you can’t take it back once it has been said to someone out loud. Lots of this going download the game, take the gamble every now and then, play and enjoy... From the old Southern lady in Alabama!

  • By cynthialeona1

    Tornado Cash

    What are those people with one star talking about? Buying lots of coins and never winning anything? I never have to buy lots of coins and I always win big Jackpots. I could play all night long if I wanted to. But I get tired and I have won so much I just take it and bet it all one one bet. If I win it will be there tomorrow to play with. If I lose, well they will just give me more money to play with tomorrow anyway. I can’t I love this game. I’m a 63 year old Grandmother from Washington and have a great time playing games at night.

  • By midnitetrouble

    Not very happy

    My review “disappeared “. So rewriting it. The good: lots of variety of games, payouts are fairly good though money can go fast. It saves your progress at games so you can always come back. Lots of missions to earn coins. The bad: as you level up the amount you can bet levels up too. For example my usual bet would be a million but now in quite a few games it limits me to 3 million. Also as you level it forces you to bet more for it to count to some of the other mini games. The worst: having bought several packages I’m aware of the extra little games they pay with. Usually it does exactly like it is supposed to. This last time I paid for 2 packages and the cash spins failed to unlock. Customer service did respond fairly fast about a day later and the screenshots they requested were sent in. However they closed the ticket without addressing the issue. If I don’t have faith that the advertised incentives will be unlocked I won’t spend the money to buy more. And if the customer service is unable to make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue I’m even more disinclined to spend money. That being said I’ll still play...but I’ll stick to the free coins from now on.

  • By 1wildfan1

    Great potential, but like most apps, designed to harvest your cash

    It’s a lot of fun, but once you get past a few levels it quickly becomes apparent it’s all about harvesting your money as fast as possible. I do the tornado quests. The other day i needed to win $6b in coins. I started the level with $42b in coins. No problem, right? Wrong. Half hour later, i was broke. Some days i can play for an hour, other days I’m done within 10 minutes if i don’t buy. Sadly, the latter outnumber the former about 10 to 1. If you like spending a lot on games, this one can be a lot of fun. If you like free games, look elsewhere. Also, the popups are INSANE with this app. Sometimes your first visit will result in having to click through 7-10 rapid fire popups.

  • By Jmx2ok


    Although I don’t mind contributing to devs, I don’t like being treated like I’m stupid when they become super greedy. Of course, it’s not super smart to spend real money to win fake money...but since it doesn’t really cost them anything, you would think they’d be a little more generous to keep people playing. Don’t invest money, the higher you get, the more impossible it is to complete levels, challenges or side games. Spending 2-4 billion to complete something that pays out a couple hundred million is insanity. Betting 10M and getting a bonus of 11M is ridiculous. Betting 10M and getting 20 free spins that don’t even get you 10x your bet is a waste of time. That’s not a bonus, it’s a joke. The best part is every time you get to spin for some bonus, it always hovers on the highest prize and then jerks back to the lowest. When the bonuses are almost always the lowest on the spin or you consistently end up with 99% in a challenge that forces you to play it again after it’s already sucked up way more than you’re going to win, it’s not enjoyable, it’s aggravating. It’s not a coincidence that almost every win ends up the lowest or second lowest possible. Do better! This is not fun. Not spending/wasting any more on this swindle!

  • By Reddman88

    Game is Hyped up

    It's not at all like they claim it to be you don't get the rewards they claim in other words this game don't pay. I was up to 96 million took 3 to 4 days to get that much then I lose it this morning in 1 hour. This game is not worth your time sorry I'm just writing the truth the truth on how it played me. On one game I was hot and I swear I would look on how much I had I would spin 1 million a spin it took money from me i.e. Well I'd count what I had then add up what I would win 36million I win I had 30 million 66 million is what I should have . Hell no It would take anywhere from 20 million to,30 million it did that like 5 times I'm not kidding. I play another series of slots like this I'm up to 1 Trillion 800 billion no joke never once has it took Money from me or the actual game don't throw sales of coins at you they leave you alone. That's why these slot companies do it and if you don't buy they do it harder

  • By omee3times

    Too Many Ads

    Fun game with lots of bonuses and side challenges but they interrupt with too many ads. Every time you get a big win or switch game you get an ad. Wasting my time. Just to update. In a sick of the Fat Pill ads. For one thing, I don’t need them. Second, if someone loses the weight they are claiming, where did all the extra skin go. In order to be Ad Free you tell me to make a purchase? I might as well go to Las Vegas and try to win real money. You can’t even build up your bank of Fake Coins in this ap. Another update just completed. Hoping they have reduced the number of ads and eliminated the Fat Burning scam! I can take a few ads, but this game is full of them. Still playing, but getting pretty disgusted. I can totally understand the need for ads to support your game,but please every time I win a jackpot or exit a game or even change games? Just a little overboard on your ads!

  • By dismondbeats

    This is a greedy money hungry game don’t play there are much better ones

    I started off with this game thinking it was fun because it has some pretty cool slots. I started buying coins, then before I know it in less than 30 minutes all my coins are gone again because they never let me win or complete a mission or go further once you get to a certain point. I kept buying coins thinking that at some point this game will stop being greedy and kicking some major bonus that will allow me to keep playing without spending so much. Knowing that we are in a economic crisis, you would think that a game would try to price gouge and make you spend your chips so fast so you have to go back and buy more repeatedly. I find this game to be disgraceful. I wish I could get the money I spent back because they don’t deserve to keep it. The whole point of playing is to feel the joy of winning. I see notifications as I’m playing of people winning big jackpot on this game every few seconds, but yet playing for a few weeks of this game and spending money I guess wasn’t enough for me to ever get a large jackpot! They asked me for my opinion, and I let them know how I felt, only to then continue playing and see more of the same. I even mentioned in my message that if they don’t start being more fair, I would leave a bad review and make sure everyone knows my experience and never play the game again. Well here I am, and I will never play this game again.

  • By Hawkeiye

    Rip Off

    For second time I purchased coins from this game and they failed to deliver them to my account. Of course the charge processed immediately both times. The app was glitching both times too at time of purchase, which happens way too frequently. The developer did end up loading them to my account after I contacted them for the first purchase. Not so the 2nd time. I filed a refund request with Apple. They rejected it. Therefore, my advice to those who like this app which really has fun slots, is to save your hard earned and not buy coins. But oh...,, wait.., you have to because as you move up in levels, you get penalized for playing too much as it becomes much much harder to win. Any slot takes 10+ spins before you get anything and when you do get a payout, it’s only 1-10% of your bet for literally thousands of spends (I counted). So I‘m changing my advice to don’t download Cash Tornado at all. Save your money and yourself from frustration. It conveniently glitches, becomes impossible to win after you get hooked, and there are better slot apps out there that won’t cause you these headaches (“Citizen Jackpot” for one).

  • By GeekUprising

    Doesn't pay bonuses, support doesn't care

    I've spent quite a bit of real money to play since I enjoy the games, but when I paid to activate a "match your highest bonus game payout" and didn't get anything back, I reached out to their support team for assistance. Instead of help, I got insulting questions like "Why do you think you should have gotten a bonus?" - (hint, because that's what you said you'd do if I bought it.), with a trivial "present" worth less than 1% of the bonus payout I should have received. There are plenty of slots games that give you the bonuses they promise without making you to invoke a support system that forces the user to justify an issue versus simply checking this system records for proof of purchase and lack of payout. I'd hoped this was just a bug that'd be easily compensated for and fixed, but apparently not, and it appears to be worth it for this company to frustrate paying customers versus doing some basic research into the root cause of an issue. Avoid, avoid, avoid - spend your money somewhere where the support team does their job, and where you get what you pay for.

  • By gdhdjshdhdhd

    Its unfortunate their customer service is completely unacceptable

    Here’s the rub. This is by far the most enjoyable slot machine game I’ve tried. I enjoy it so much, that it’s also the first one I actually spent money on. I’m not sure about the developers, but English is not their first language. This creates a bit of an issue in that their offer advertisements are VERY misleading. There is a lot open to interpretation and if you misinterpret, that’s on you. The company will selectively respond to complaints. I’ve had the game for about a month and have made multiple purchases every single week. You would think that would be enough to get their attention. Not so much. I’m waiting on a complaint now. All they have to do is honor the offer I bought or give me my stupid petty $5 back. I’m betting they will continue to ignore the 3 different forms I filled out l about the issue and let me delete the game and walk away. I’m offended by the idiocy of their actions. Unbelievable and completely unacceptable.

  • By zymmmap

    You don’t get what you pay for! Rip off.

    I have spent hundreds of dollars over a few years playing this app. And several times, when certain features are in play (these features are awarded only by buying coin packs), they will not payout winnings. This has happened a few times. When you contact customer help, they say, Oh sorry, can you send video or screenshot of the problem! Lol So this happened again, I do as they ask, I send screenshots of how it’s not paying out, I get reply back, help desk says, Oh I am sorry it doesn’t pay out unless you hit a Jackpot. This is untrue. The particular game I was playing, Miner Madness, doesn’t per-say have a stand alone jackpot. It awards bonus spins which can vary in amounts. Based on size of win, and amount of bet, this is how the Return feature, calculates your amount that 24 hours later will be returned to you as the feature has ended. Game has flaws! Don’t bother to play. Much better games out there to play.

  • By Big Ed 165

    Slots are tighter than Vegas!!

    This game started out fun, That was short lived as the game steals all your money! As most others have stated you never win big jackpots. Other slot games I play have served me well as you win some and lose some but always seem to keep enough to get back on track. Not with these guys. It’s just take, take, take. If you are fortunate enough to win something big rest assured they will take it right back. Ive read the Developer response to a lot of the reviews and they play it off like well you win some and lose some. The reality of it is they control the alga rhythms that run the game. Stop being so greedy!! I really can’t be so unlucky to never get anything above the smallest win possible, I know this because it doesn’t happen that way in other games I play. Like others stated when you buy chips you will lose them all with nothing to show for it.

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