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Lucky Lottery Scratchers


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Lucky Lottery Scratchers is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by 41 Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 41 Games, with the latest current version being 1.2.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 38605 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Lucky Lottery Scratchers App

How does it Work?

Lucky Lottery Scratchers is the most realistic and authentic scratch-off lottery ticket game in the App Store!

If you like scratch-off tickets, you will love Lucky Lottery Scratchers!

* Many types of scratch-off games and scratcher cards: Double Dollar, Fortune Galore, Money Rain, Big Time Bucks, Lucky 777, Gold Strike, Diamond Millions, and more!

* Match numbers

* Reveal Multipliers

* Play Bingo

* Bonus Games

* Instant Win

* Massive Top Prizes

* VIP program rewards the best players

* Play offline - no Internet connection required

* FREE daily and hourly bonus credits that reward frequent play

* Hundreds of game levels to play

* Designed to work with iPhones and iPads

Download Lucky Lottery Scratchers today and let us know what you think by leaving a review in the App Store!

Please Note:

Lucky Lottery Scratchers is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling. Lucky Lottery Scratchers is for entertainment purposes only and offers only a simulated gambling experience.

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Top Reviews

  • By Kornklwn

    Fun...till you lose 30 seconds later

    Fun game, very realistic, but I’m pretty sure I win more on actual scratch tickets. Don’t waste money buying coins in this game, your odds are probably a lot better using that money on a real lottery ticket. Would be a lot better if the hourly bonus was more than 500 coins an hour, you can’t get very far on that. I spent $5 on coins (63,000) and they were gone in about 30 minutes, it’s was a total waste of money. I will not be buying anymore coins from this game.

  • By blakeshredsdaily

    Wonderful game

    Overall this game is extremely fun, both to focus on, or to just pass the time on. It is quite realistic in its odds and payout, which at times can be harsh, face lose more then you win with real lottery tickets. I’ve spent quite a bit of real cash in this game, both because I’ve wanted to keep playing, ( sadly I haven’t gotten any very big wins yet, but you get a 10x or a 15x every now and then...again, realistic ) and because I want to support the publisher and would like to see his work become more popular. The creator has been EXTREMELY helpful, kind, and quick in his customer service. I recommend this game to everyone, it’s by far the best lottery scratch game on the iTunes Store, By far! 5 stars. -Blake

  • By ElevatorDJ

    Lots of dummies

    It’s absolutely clear that this is all for fun. Those of you that are complaining about not winning money, you really need a reality check. Gambling isn’t legal in all states, therefore, there wouldn’t be an app for gambling when it cannot verify that you legal to do so. Again, those of you that are somehow confused about this, there is no hope for you.

  • By sweet. 77

    Big Wins

    I love this stratch game but would like to see more big wins. And the multiplier more. There should be number repeat on the card just like real life. I have played 100,000 and did not hit a big win over the 10x that is crazy, this is a game give us the big wins. It is apparent we are not hitting in real life and the game either. Bring on the big wins

  • By triple diamond handpay 10x pay

    Best gambling app ever made

    This app is the greatest scratch off gambling app ever!! It is accuracy down to a science. Like picking tickets at the lotto machine but it has real gameplay and real odds it’s brilliant and every person that downvotes this app is a loser. I’d make a billboard for this app! The tickets are spot on and the odds and payouts are spot on and they scratch like butter! Thank you for this

  • By 1st MawMaw


    Does anyone ever win the jackpot? I’ve spent real money on this game and still can’t win enough to play the tickets that cost 1000+. 😡 ...... no winners in this game! Sad cause I’d really like to play for a little bit but it’s only like a couple of seconds. Really do wish there were some winning tickets!

  • By jer Iiviil

    You were told

    You have very few wins I can not even make it to level 13 with out running out of points. So I say open this up a bit so people can have even more fun. The more the merrier and more money you make.

  • By benedidjs d

    Fun and addictive

    This is a fun and addictive app, but a couple of things could be better: 1. Make the scratch action (brush) smaller and more accurate so that you only reveal as much of the card as you want to see. The brush, or scratcher is not accurate currently 2. Allow scratch sound fx to be turned on without the music 3. Add option to turn off instant scratch. If you accidentally tap the scratch area, it automatically erases the entire spot and ruins the card

  • By speciallisa

    Good game but....

    I like playing but initially I was winning small amounts of credits so I started purchasing some. Even then they were gone too fast. Now even after purchasing them I don’t win. It’s kind of frustrating. I would probably buy more if I won more. I’ll still play but not sure if it’s worth spending anything.

  • By JJ62000

    Odds not posted, rare wins to try to bait into buying points

    Now I’m not here to tell you the game isn’t fun for passing time or to just play because you’re absolutely hooked on scratch-off tickets and need to constantly have your hands on one or you’ll scratch a coin through your arm, but the game is very clearly rigged (duh it’s a game) and the odds aren’t posted for the specific reason that you can lose WAY more than you win to eventually draw you into buying more points with real money. The game is fun, addicting, and forms a habit that won’t help you quit wasting your hard-earned money on real scratch-offs, but i swear if you resort to buying points in this game you are feeding into the system of player oppression where games don’t post odds in order to take in your money (Madden et al.) Post odds losers. Peace and Love

  • By $mitty1269

    Love the game..hate the scam

    Don’t pay to play!! If you do, expect to pay the full price not the price advertised but the one with the slash through it. I have asked support for help through their email support function and been met with silence for over 2 weeks. It’s my own fault, but by the time I recognized the amounts matched the higher price they say it won’t charge, I was scammed out of at least $100. “How could you possibly have missed that?!” I’m sure you’re asking.. well.. I checked my statement after a week. I immediately stopped buying from the “add credits” button where you collect your bonus, but expected the same glitch couldn’t apply to the sale pop up when you open the game. Well does. Do NOT pay to play. Take the snail pace level growth or you WILL be SCAMMED out of your money. It’s dumb I pay to play a game I can’t win money at regardless, but if I’m dumb enough to do that it would be nice if the developers could at least honor their advertised prices. I think I’ll get apple involved. They shouldn’t be allowed to have apps on this platform.

  • By This is Nikki's Itunes

    Beware You cannot win actual money

    If you want to PLAY a game then this ap works. Which is why I gave it 2 stars. HOWEVER if you hope to win actual money. YOU CAN’T. I paid $114 (incl tax) to get extra credits to bet with. As I was “winning” I decided to cash out. So I looked to see HOW. It was then that I went to FAQs that showed you CANNOT win actual cash! This is just ridiculous who pays that much real money just to win FAKE money. Obviously ppl who are unaware of this “little” (actually huge) issue. I requested a refund. I will follow up when I receive a response from developer

  • By Pleakis

    Seems as if you can only win and advance if you spend real money

    The graphics are quite good in terms of looking like legit lottery tickets. However most freemium games start you off on a little bit of a hot streak to get you hooked. You start out with very little coins, and get a few more every hour but they are lost almost immediately and nagged to buy more. I can play this game for about 2 minutes at a time until I run out of credits and have to buy more

  • By AbbyB8125

    Not Impressed...dumb

    This App is identical to real scratch ticket. They show you these huge amounts of money you could “win” but rarely do you even win back the price you paid to play that card, let alone any decent amount. They want you to spend REAL money to get more virtual money to play. Yet, they won’t even let you get excited to win a decent amount of virtual money. It’s absurd, you can barely break even and eventually slowly lose everything, that way you have to spend your real money if you want to keep playing. If you play a card worth let’s say $500, you will lose twice then scratch $500. Or lose 4 times and uncover $1000. But NEVER will you scratch off more than 2-3 times the amount of the card. It’s a waste of time and frustrating they won’t allow you to win larger fun amounts of their virtual money. Honestly I would spend more real money if I could win bigger amounts.

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