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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-28
  • New version: 1.13.200
  • File size: 280.34 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game


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Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Beach Bum Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Beach Bum Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.13.200 which was officially released on 2021-06-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13547 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game App

How does it Work?


Do you love to play popular classic online card games like Gin Rummy with friends? Start to play classic Gin Rummy with friends or best players from all around the world with the Gin Rummy Stars app NOW! No matter whether you call the card game Rami, Rumi or Rummy - GIN RUMMY is the best multiplayer card game for you and your friends!

► Play Online Rummy Card Game!

Do you know the terms "deadwood" or "knock" and know the Rummy rules? Then you will love our multiplayer, classic card game Gin Rummy Stars! Would you like to play multiplayer classic card games online with friends for? And best of all, with the online multiplayer version of Gin Rummy Stars you can play an online card game with friends in a multiplayer version anytime, anywhere and choose various additional modes: Joker Gin, Faceless Gin or Oklahoma Gin.

► Do You Like to Play Rummy Card Game or Popular Classic Games?

The Rummy rules are very similar to the rules of all Rummy variants. If you like Oklahoma Rummy, Italian Rummy, Indian Rummy, Michigan Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, Continental Rummy you're going to love to play the online Gin Rummy game!

Playing Gin Rummy and chatting with friends in-game is the best multiplayer online gaming experience you can have with an online, multiplayer card game!

Do you have what it takes to become the rummy champion? Join the Rummy Club and play the multiplayer online card game GIN RUMMY STARS with your friends to demonstrate your gin rummy skills in rummy games live and online.

► Multiplayer, Online Card Game Fan?

Beach Bum, the creative team behind the app is proud to present you the best rummy app "GIN RUMMY STARS" with further modes: Joker Gin, Faceless Gin and Oklahoma Gin! Gin Rummy rules are easy to learn, so you can master the full Gin Rummy strategy in no time and enjoy the best online card game with friends or family!

► How to Play Rummy Card Game:

Professional Gin Rummy players plan their best strategy and manage ‘going Gin’ (knocking) by keeping track of the Rummy cards that were picked from the table and eliminating the deadwood cards in their hands. Do you have what it takes to be a rummy king?

► Gin Rummy Stars Special Features:

● Enjoy the competitive Rummy experience playing against Gin Rummy players worldwide!

● Amazing Live User Experience - HD Graphics and a Slick Design

● Exciting Game Progression, Access New Features as you Level Up!

● Extensive Game Statistics to Keep Track of Your Best Rummy scores!

● Unlock Challenging Achievements

● Hourly & Daily Bonuses!

● Facebook Connect Bonus

● Avatars Creator

● Seasonal Quests

Like Lord of the Board - online backgammon and Spades Royale, Gin Rummy Stars is developed and distributed by Beach Bum, the makers of leading online multiplayer social games. The card game is intended for adults and does not require any real money. There is also no opportunity to win real money or prizes. Whoever wins this game does not necessarily have to win real money games.

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  • On Mar 04}

    Can’t use iPad

    I have playing this game on my I phone forever. I would love to use my I pad, but it gets booted every time. I even upgraded my Router. Nothing works.

  • On Jan 23}

    Can we e play with Friends??

    I invite my friend to the game and we downloaded the game but how can we play together??

    Thanks 🙏

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    Top Reviews

    • By Ads are too long!

      Love this game

      I am usually not a fan of playing with real people. Most people are great but you get some that are rude, poor sports, or rattle on constantly through the game. I like this game because those things can’t happen. I like that it’s not open chat. That eliminates all the above issues. I would like to see the games go a little longer, or have the option for a game to maybe 100. It’s also nice to be able to fit in a quick game at work on breaks. I would also like to be able to select a name. Mine shows my real name and it would be nice to have the option to change it. I love the Gin only games, can you make that an option for all levels? Also Oklahoma Gin would be fun to add, I love that variation but it’s hard to find. Thank you for having this game 👍👍👍👍


      Best Game

      It’s fair and not too personal. They DON’T give all new players the best hand BS! It never gets boring or predictable. I have never played the same player twice. I love that your opponent can not type directly to you. No creeps sending you messages. More good things are players have plenty of time to pick cards. You never play against the same player. I have not run out of money yet. They are constantly offering u ways to make more without giving up an hour to watch videos. Lastly I never played before this app. I learned in about 5 hands. Ok I said way to much about an app lol lol

    • By RickyX29

      Amazing Game My #1 Gin Rummy Game

      After playing Spades by the same developer, and seeing how they seem to care about their customers... and having a horrible experience with GimRummy Plus by Zynga... who in my opinion doesn’t care about their customers... I decided to try out this version... And I have to say I love it much better then GinRummy Plus... More about the game then nickel and dime you to death like Zynga... and in Zynga if you lose your saved up in game value and lose it... they don’t care... This developer seems to care and earned my loyalty.

    • By 7Flawed6Perfectly2020

      Best Rummy Game

      I’ve deleted all others except one other. Great interface. No glitching. Fair with coins and ads are greatly placed. Don’t feel intrusive. Also had an amazing National Women’s day promotion. Can get behind any thoughtful developer. If you like playing fast rummy games, you’ll love this app. P.s. only reason I kept the other Rummy game is because I can play as a single player which allows me to play at my own pace... in between calls at work... if this one had that option, I wouldn’t need another 😂

    • By KASbME

      Best game!!!

      I came across this game when playing another one it looked like it would’ve been a fun one to play so I downloaded it. I am so glad I did...and you will be too!!One of the best things, is that you don’t get those annoying ads in between the game and you don’t even have to pay for that option!I also love the fact that you can play the game your friends via the Internet. And this is great right now with Covid going on… Fun way to social distance yourself.

    • By Stephefff88

      Good game!

      First off, I love that it has auto sort. Other apps I've had in the past make you pay for it now, so big plus for this game! I don't like that there is no option for what you can say. They give you many statements, but more would be nice. And there are sooooo many ads! They keep making me close anywhere from 3-6 ads every time I leave the actual game room and go back to the lobby where you choose which game to go into. It's still way better than forced video ads, but dang man, every time? Overall, it's a great game though! Gets you into a round quickly!

    • By oilandgasman09

      Not a bad game!!!

      The bots are real good. Most of the time you will play them. They catch all the cards. If you don’t have a hand after 3 drawn cards, you are toast. You will lose pretty quick once you jump up to 2500 per game. It would be much more enjoyable to play against real people all the time. Players with skill would have a chance. Also, if you bet 500 and you win. You will only get 350 back. The house cuts 150. No matter what the developer claims. You are not playing live most of the time. Not a game to get ahead, if you are a skilled player. Understand the developers are in it to make money, but they make it impossible to win over the long haul.

    • By BWAScrazy

      So unrealistic!!!

      This game seems rigged. I have been playing for a few days. I win so easily betting the lowest amount. It’s like I’m playing against a kid that does not know what they’re doing. I built up about 7,200 coins winning almost 40 times and losing maybe 8. I started betting more. It’s almost impossible to win. Every time I discard it is something my opponent needs. They knock and get gin so fast. I’ll play 10 times and win maybe twice. I said screw it and bet 5000. You have to get to 30. My opponent was able to knock twice in a row so fast. Luckily one time I undercut him, but the third round he got gin even faster. I didn’t even have a chance. If you download, stay on the lower bets. Don’t waste your time betting bigger. You will 100% get cheated. You might get lucky and win a few times, but you’re definitely going to lose. They want you frustrated so you'll buy more coins. Not gonna happen with me. I deleted it. Most games like this are obviously rigged.

    • By acnn007

      Unfair Game

      The game is a good game if you are playing with a real person using real cards. But when playing it in the phone it feels like the game is rigged. I always loose 8 out of 10 times. The initial distribution of the cards to each player is not fair. I always get the bad combination of card while my opponent already seems to have most of their melds ready and all they need is one or two cards to knock or gin. I even feel that the opponent is actually a computer rather than a person. I lost all my coins playing this rigged game. I bought some lost it again and now I am left with none. So I stopped playing. Those who are addicted to this game will end up buying more coins losing all of it and then buying again. This is how the developer makes money. There were instances when, after the initial distribution, I dropped my first card and drew a new card from the deck. Then my opponent picks up that card that I just discarded and he/she wins. All they needed was just that one card. This never happened when I played with real people. It’s like the card wasn’t shuffled properly.

    • By What's happenin now


      Do not waste your time. I repeat beware of this app!! This game is a complete set up with bots and APK cheats. It’s too bad because it could be a top app if the owners were honest. You will spend money and your IP will then be targeted to lose no matter your game skill level putting you in a vicious cycle to spend more money if you want to play. If you do buy coins or win any substantial amount in the daily contests, the bot players will attack every game you play not giving you a real opponent until your coins are below 5,000. They will then get gin or knock (always with the card you’ve waited to get) usually within 0-3 cards. Or if you outsmart the bot....the game will glitch or they knock with a hand of cards right before you get give and their hands sometimes will include many cards that were in the discard pile. I’ve intentionally deleted specific cards to verify this. Please read all of the forums and comments from other players before you get caught in this scam!

    • By kennlucas

      CHEATS!!! Too expensive. It's a trap!

      Update: Well I did it. I bought coins. Now? The opponent gets Gin in three cards! Almost every time! I bought coins and then immediately went from 80,000 down to 1,300 so fast my head spun! TOTALLY RIGGED BOGUS GAME AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE APP STORE! I am disgusted that Apple allows this scam! --- Original review: I LOVE the visuals and gameplay. Really great job. I think I could do without THREE spinny wheels or specials shoved in my face between each game. But the real issue is, as you progress, they take all of the fun out of the game by making it more expensive to play at a fun level. It is designed to make you start needing to buy coins after you get above level 25. Instead of making it s fun game that you can keep playing, they make the same level you want to keep playing at $2500, now costs a $10,000 bet! Why not make something people CAN play? I don't mind spending a lil here or there for coins. These scammers make these games for QUANTITY over quality. If they get a few $$$ out of a thousand people before those people get turned off by the impossible bet amounts, they find that better than having loyal players that continue to spend and have s positive brand experience. And they don't respond to feedback questions. I don't get it. Just treat people better. It is a simple concept.

    • By cam cam kali

      Rigged...Don’t waste your time!

      These cards are predictable and not shuffled cards. When you play it long enough you can pretty much see when you will loose. Once you start buying coins your loosing streak increases. I lost 15 times straight and mostly I didn’t have a chance to even play. Noticed if I don’t knock when I have 5 or above left the opponent will always end up with Gin. If my hand is down to one card and I want to try to get Gin my Opponent will get Gin on the next turn. If I have two high cards and then hold them so I can get a match, the card doesn’t come but as soon as I discard one of them the next card would have been the match. This game would be so fun if it was cards really being shuffled and not controlled. I will not buy any more coins to continue playing! Beware!

    • By anahbshsbs

      Fun but not fair

      While the game is fun and I realize it’s just a game, they take more money away from you than they say. They say you win the pot minus a “house fee” but that’s not the case. They make it look like you win the pot, but then quickly take it away and you wouldn’t really notice unless you’re really looking. I won 5 games in a row at 500 bet, so that would mean that I should’ve banked 5000 coins(my buy in plus the opponent that lost) minus this house fee of 80 coins per game, which would be 400, so should’ve gotten 4,600...but I only got 70 coins each win, so only 350. Doesn’t make sense, but you definitely get that 500 taken away if you lose. I’ll play until all my coins are gone which won’t take long because of their math. I wouldn’t spend money for coins because they just steal them back.

    • By Shaun2170

      The fix is in. SCAM

      What’s real my sad is that the developer RIGS this game to make sure you lose. So you have to buy tokens to keep playing. In NO way is this random or even consistent like a normal card game. I tested among 4 different friends. At first, our winnings were pretty good in fact, quite a bit in our favor. But that’s just to get you hooked. Over the course of the next several days, we lost approximately 75% of the time. As seasoned hun rummy players, it is NEARLY impossible for all 4 of us to have a losing hand 75% of the time. The developer replies to multiple claims the game is fixed by saying that they use a 3rd party random number generator. But they provide zero proof of such on their website. I am in the process of video recording the results of 100 games and forwarding them to Apple to have this game removed from the App Store for misleading content and false advertising. Additionally, I was promised 5,000 tokens for each friend I invited. 3 people joined. No tokens. Finally, the description says you can stay connected with your friends by playing this app. You CANNOT play with friends and family. Shame on these lying developers. What a bunch of liars!!

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