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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-10
  • New version: 2.3.1
  • File size: 235.75 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Block Puzzle - Brain Games


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Block Puzzle - Brain Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Learnings.AI. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Learnings.AI, with the latest current version being 2.3.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 159799 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Block Puzzle - Brain Games App

How does it Work?

Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games is a classic addictive wooden style block puzzle game. It challenges you to fit blocks of different shapes into a 10×10 grid. Wood Block Puzzle is a real classic, no time limit and totally free elimination game. Play Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games everyday, find the brand new combo mode in this classic block puzzle game. Eliminate blocks with your family, enjoy the pure family time, this classic board game fits for all ages and skill levels!

*How to Play Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games:

-Drag and drop blocks into 10×10 grid

-Fill the blocks with a row or column to eliminate them

-Game will be over if there is no room on the board for given blocks

-Blocks CAN'T be rotated

-Reward scores for each step and every row or column of blocks you eliminated

-Get as more scores as you can to become the best block crush at Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games!

*Features of Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games:

-Completely free to play

-Truly enjoy the fun of puzzle game: NO wifi needed

-Pure game environment: NO time limit

-Family game choice: Game for all ages

-Innovation in the classics: Provide a grid to place a temporarily unwanted block

-Brand New combo mode: 4 times or more combo will cause a round of shaking

-Brisk game sound effects

-Quick to understand rules, easy to control

-Elaborate interface, wooden style interface, near the nature

-Constantly update the various shapes of blocks, classic and challenging

-Simple and addictive!

-Support game scores recording, support friend rankings, come and find our more services at Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games!

*Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games also offers:

-Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games is a classic simple game but are full of challenges, it has logic skills and placement strategies, whether it is the very first or later move, each step determines whether you can get high scores.

-Play Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games with your children everyday, increase the family time!

-You can also try to play Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games with your parents everyday!

-Share Wood Block Puzzle - Board Games with your friend, spend an afternoon together and increase the friends time!

>>> Wood Block Puzzle - Brain Games Unlimited Subscription

Wood Block Puzzle - Brain Games Unlimited Subscription is a paid subscription that allows you to get unlimited access to our contents.

Annually subscription period is $20.99, half-year subscription period is $19.99, quarterly subscription period is $15.99, and monthly subscription period is$4.99, or equal to the same price tier as Apple App Store Matrix determines as the equivalent of subscription price in USD.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

The subscription will be automatically renewed for the same price and duration period, auto-renew can be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Your account will be charged for the subscription fee within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period for the price initially selected.

Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings.

For more information please visit the link

No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

The unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when a user decides to subscribe.


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6 Contributions

  • On Mar 24}

    Not getting paid !!!

    I’ve been waiting months to get 1 gold block! Also the money I’m getting stays at 989, 999 and now never goes up even if you win !! You guys are scamming us!!! What do you have to say about that????

  • On Dec 04}

    I believe

    I have truly enjoyed playing this game. It keeps me thinking before I make a move. But I am saddened by the lack of communication. I believed that your game was not a scam. I trusted you to deliver the money I won by the time indicated in the process. I have waited for your response to my previous comment. I used this months rent to catch up on other bills because I believed in your organization. Now I am going to be evicted.

  • On Dec 04}

    I believe

    I have truly enjoyed playing this game. It keeps me thinking before I make a move. But I am saddened by the lack of communication. I believed that your game was not a scam. I trusted you to deliver the money I won by the time indicated in the process. I have waited for your response to my previous comment. I used this months rent to catch up on other bills because I believed in your organization. Now I am going to be evicted.

  • On Dec 03}


    I have been waiting for the payment to PayPal of the money I won. The site indicated that I would be paid by 10:40 am today. The other payment was due by 2:40 pm today. PayZpal has no record of a deposit.

  • On Nov 26}

    Cash Out

    I have tried to cash out my winnings but nothing is happening. I have provided my PayPal information. But the disbursement seems to be delayed. It has been processing for a few hours. It is disheartening because I have been “scammed” by other games that never payed me.

  • On Oct 28}

    Very upset of the wording “ for the elderly”

    I am a very young woman of 83 and am very upset to call us “elderly” That makes us feel OLD. How about “senior citizens”? I am quite offended as is all of my coffee group here in Greece ranging in age from 67 to 84. We are all active & do more than you can imagine. Please change the wording Thank you. Just to make sure, are you the company for block puzzle, woodbrain games as we all wood like to get it for our tablets and IPads. Thanks again, Barbara Busmadis

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    Top Reviews

    • By 6R1FF5O7

      Killer Update

      The game was just recently updated. Initially I did not like the update, as it made the game more difficult. Before the update my highest score was 3500*, now U have barely reached 1700 points. What I love about the update is that now when you reach gifts on the meter up top, it gives rotation coins, which Inthibk are the most needed. Before, the game would give a large amount of keys in order to store an extra shape, to where you never ran out. All this to say, the update has improved my experience.

    • By Jonah rock

      The root awakening in common sense

      Blocks relieve stress I have so much comfort when are you just lay on my bed and put the blocks together this game is such an awesome game even give you chances in a box where you could put away the ones you’re not using and then later on in the game is so exciting you get to use it blood game is one of the best game that you can have a play it is mind body and soul keeps away the evil it helps you think mostly on God and get to know yourself and know your powers powers

    • By Barb716


      This is one of those games that can keep you occupied and use strategies to place your boards in the best order to get high points. It’s not like a lot of games that has ads every time you move. There are ads but not so many to be frustrating. I like that you don’t need to earn coins or energy to continue playing. I definitely recommend this to you if you like puzzle type games.

    • By weezie95

      No explanation to use keys - changed my eval

      While I like the game, i have looked and looked and asked for an explanation, but nothing! I keep earning keys, but all I can determine is that I can store ONE shape in the box and ONLY one, even tho I have over seven hundred keys! Also when I try to get the 3 “free” rotations, i have to watch sometimes 3 ads! I will probably soon delete this game. Came back again to see if there had been added any explanation for use of the keys. Nope! Nothing! One review says he gets rotation coins when his meter run across the line at the top. I still get these useless keys! Going to have to downgrade to one star until they explain or fix! Received a response finally. They say the key will be usable with next update. I hope so! If it is, I’ll have to raise my evaluation. Ok! Keys now can be turned into rotate coins! Yay! It cost 100 keys to receive 8~12 coins, which seems high to me, but I’ll take it. Now I’m enjoying the game much more and my score is getting higher! Thanks, developers!

    • By Tonya Mai

      Silence Sounds

      Like the game itself. Even when it’s hard to get very high on the score. Always seems to give you the worst possible pieces when you get very far. I don’t mind the ads to bad as there’s not a reasonable option to purchase the game outright. The frustration usually comes in with the sound tracks accompanying the ads. I’m usually listening to audio books if I’m playing the game which I’ve also turned off the sounds to. Looks like if you have the sounds off for the game itself that would carry over to the ads as well. Also when on the phone the sounds from the ads play as well. Extremely annoying!

    • By Banana17658

      Good game but not much variety

      Love the game. It is a good time waster. However, I will note that the L shaped blocks are extremely difficult to maneuver, and I’ve been getting an increasing amount of them. My last game got five in a row, which took the perfectly aligned blocks I had an made me lose within two more “rounds.” I ask that there be more variety in the shape of blocks so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I loved this game when I first installed it, and now I can’t get myself to play more that three rounds because I always lose due to an excess amount of the L blocks.

    • By 2021 Player

      Seizure triggers via in game ads

      Love this game. It’s relaxing and fun however, there is a Facebook messenger ad that flashes a harsh red icon at the bottom of the screen every other minute or so for a solid period of time. The flashing is at such an interval that it triggers dizziness and irritability/ brain fog the same way strobe lights and florescent lighting does for folks with light sensitivity. I’ve had to quit playing the game and only check in occasionally to see if they’ve removed that particular ad. No dice so far. Please eliminate strobe sequences from the ads you run. It really is a nice game for relaxing, otherwise.

    • By LetsBeHonest!

      Not impressed

      I downloaded the app after seeing an ad on FB. I’m not generally a person that plays games on my phone. But for some reason this game caught my attention. As soon as it was downloaded I started playing, not really knowing what I was doing. I quickly figured it out but was kinda confused with the bonus rounds and treasure chests. I tried to go back and find the guide and/or rules in settings but they don’t have any information anywhere. I even googled it with no results. Even after that I continued to play but quickly realized it was super repetitive and less challenging the more I played. I already upgraded to the paid subscription but will be canceling ASAP. How can you have a game with no rules and fake bonus rounds? The developers of this game must have just thrown it together to make a quick buck. Not impressed!

    • By BeverlyMc

      Best Graphics

      Loved this game, at one time I would have rated it a five, however the adds are way to many and last way to long. I usually don’t complain about having to tolerate the same add over and over because I could delete it quickly, but that doesn’t happen any more. I have no intention to ever pay for a game especially when I can get the same game with less,and shorter adds. I have read one of the negative reviews and your respond was that you need to have an income to constantly improve the game, but in my option, it didn’t need improvement nothing is perfect. Your graphics are one of the best, and that’s why I will stay until I go completely mad with so many adds. If I don’t want the new game offered after 100 times I’m not going to want it after 101. No is no.

    • By Need a New MessagingApp

      Adult ads! Really?

      I really like the game and usually okay while I’m watching TV. I don’t mind the ads because it allow me to keep up with the plot of the show I’m watching. This week I started getting an ad for some kind of adult game. It shows a woman’s hand rubbing over a woman’s almost bare chest making the clothes come off and then inviting me as the player to do the same. What on earth is this? I don’t want to see this and I would never download such a game. I turn the tablet over because I don’t want to see this. This is no way to get me to buy the ad-free version. It is the way to drive me off to another game entirely. Make it stop or I’ll just delete the whole thing. I would otherwise give this game 5 stars.

    • By DaCroatian

      Hate your 40 second AD

      If I was given a $1 for every time I’ve seen this ad, I would be a very wealthy person. Their 40 second ad is ridiculous. After 30 seconds they add an additional 10 seconds until you can X it off. I’ve already figured out how to play this game within 5 seconds. Because of this AD being shown so frequently and wasting my time I will not download this game. I want to give you 0, yes if I could 0 star, but it won’t let me. But I’ll give you 2 stars, because your ad shows the correct way to solve the puzzle. Other ADs show how they always fail a simple puzzle.

    • By N-Reagan

      Sound problem

      I would love to give this game at least 5 stars but I am going to have to delete it. I’m in a very quiet environment. So I get set up - and that includes getting into settings and turn off the sound. Then I start to play the game which is very entertaining and a fun challenge . But every time the game ends an ad - a very loud ad like the gal who is yelling “I won!” It is very distracting and startling. When I am playing on my phone, I want to decide about the volume - I really don’t care about the ads. That is a break for me . But the volume of the ads has driven me away. Too bad - I can see how the game could be rather addicting!

    • By AvidHunter1

      Perfect if you love advertising

      This game has an excessive amount of ads. When you score multiple lines, so the better you get the more ads stop your game. Then if you have a long string of single line scores, the game puts you on an ad break. Oh goodie! We don’t get enough useless ads. And when ads are displayed, they are the loooong ones. Some of them even present three ad windows at a time. ADVERTISERS, note that no one pays attention to these ads, especially when the company abuses the volume of ads pushed. Think about it, when someone plays a game, that’s their focus, not consumerism. Spend tour advertising dollars elsewhere.

    • By BLONDIE91868

      Users Beware

      In-game App Purchases BEWARE!!! Attention Apple: This is a China based game company. They designed the game to be deceptive to users to have you easily subscribe through the app without knowing. The dangerous part is the cancelling process. There is ZERO way of cancelling through the app even though the terms and conditions say so. They created the subscriptions to start with a weekly subscription and you don’t realize until months later when your bank is negative. Whether you think this is user negligence or not. Just beware of apps designed this way and apple should be ashamed not to have a stricter review process. You’d think apples first priority would be to safeguard users from have apps like this, but instead have apps siphon off money and collect the check. Rant is over. New users, Good luck.

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