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Phase 10: World Tour


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Phase 10: World Tour is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Mattel163 Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Mattel163 Limited, with the latest current version being 1.0.32 which was officially released on 2021-07-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 175165 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Phase 10: World Tour App

How does it Work?

Finish a Phase in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of the UNO! Mobile app. It’s the competition which has brought friends and families together for over 30 years. Now, it takes you around the world!


Race to complete each “Phase” and stay ahead. Every Phase has its own sets of cards to collect. When you have your sets, throw them down for everyone to see. The Phase is finished!


Leave your opponents in the dust! The round ends when one player gets rid of all their cards. Players who can’t finish the Phase start over and try again. Everyone else tackles the next challenge.


Train your brain with new challenges on every level. Watch carefully for patterns and outwit the game. Unlock new rules to explore and solve.


Travel the world in Journey mode! Play offline and blaze a trail through increasing challenges. Use Power-Ups to get an edge and win rewards!


Explore faraway places! Phase 10 tours from the comfort of a Pacific paradise to the chilling extremes of the North Pole. Compete with others online and be part of the international community.


Keep things fresh by playing in a new arena every game. Take a trip to the London Walk or the Arctic Cabin. Every arena has its own number of online opponents and phases.

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  • On Dec 07}

    Stuck on 4th level

    I was so excited about this game until I got stuck on one level. When I lose, every time I come back, it deals me the exact same cards, the other player makes the exact same plays and there is absolutely no way to win or move past this stupid level. Sadly, I'm deleting this app.

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    Top Reviews

    • By kitre135

      Have to purchase boosters

      I love this game, however, when you get to the higher levels it is almost impossible to win without having one or more wild/skip cards. When you're playing the Journey mode, the "computerized" players will lay down in one or two (of difficult) rounds and there is a small chance to win unless you have incredible luck (or bonus cards). Given these can be 2-5 sets, chances are you won't "luck out" that many times. Again, really like this game, but I'm finding it harder and harder to go back to unless I want to start spending money. If anything let the game not be so difficult on the second "world". If it gets really difficult in later "worlds" it would make more sense. From reading the other reviews it seems like you are losing the players that have advanced because of how much the "computer" is cheating. No one gets dealt 3 wild cards every hand in a level. There is also no way someone can CONSISTENTLY go out without ever being able to have a turn. Waste of bonus cards when you aren't even allowed to play. If I would've know this earlier I would've never spent money on this game. I guess keep getting new players who have yet to figure out that you can't advance very far without spending money…

    • By SouthernChrm86

      Decent so far

      I played Phase 10 as a kid and loved it. This game helps pass the time but it has a few downfalls. It costs way too much in energy to play it level which may have 6 games that require energy. It takes too long to get that energy back and you may not finish a level during that time which makes me not even want to play. It doesn’t tell you that you are playing with computers on the story mode I like to call it. It’s definitely rigged and the CPUs have all the right cards minutes in before you even have yours. It definitely makes it hard to play. There is a lot of questions to what certain things are in the game. Like how do I obtain the extra features like the rings around my photo, the animations of unos and skips and etc. I don’t understand the flowers so much either lol. Seems a little misplaced within the game itself. I’m going to keep playing it a little while longer to see if I should just uninstall it. I feel like this game has the potential to be better.

    • By Pair2117

      Has Potential, But Falls Short

      The game is fun at the start because they give you extra energy to get you hooked at the start, and ads don’t appear as much. However, once you continue playing for awhile, you quickly run out of energy, and ads are after every single hand, sometimes lasting 30 seconds. It takes 25 minutes to load enough energy to start a SINGLE hand. That’s ridiculous. It takes $2 to buy enough gems to play 6 hands. You might not even finish a single level in the later journeys with that much money, which I think is unacceptable. Considering other fabulous strategy game apps, such as Settlers of Catan or Seven Wonders, are available for $5 or less, including the entire game capability, this whole app just feels like a money grab. You can pay $3 for the apps to go away, which is fine, except it doesn’t solve the energy problem. You just have the honor of paying $3 for something you still cannot pick up and play for as long as you wish. If this game had a reasonable price tag to play it unlimited for $5-10, that would be reasonable, but unfortunately it just feels like a money grab. On top of that, as most of the other low star reviews address, the computers seem to be dealt better hands, and I have seen computer players pick up cards that do not help them, and discarding them for the next computer player to pick up. Overall, disappointing in the end, for a game that has so much potential.

    • By BaconManiacEatAlot

      Fun for a while

      Fun at first. I finished the 1st journey and then went back to finish each level with 3 stars. Could only accomplish 2 stars on the last level - oh well, I moved on to the 2nd journey. Started becoming obvious that the computer always seemed to have the correct cards right at their first move, but I continued to play. Ads are generally able to just X out of them - sometimes you’re stuck waiting the 30 seconds. Then came level 25. Unless you’re spending money it has been impossible for me. Sometimes I’d start out ahead but then one player magically always has what they need and flies through every round and wins. I’ve lost all interest in this and will never revisit it. It’s not fun when you don’t have a chance to win; the other players always seem to skip you or have a handful of wild cards while you jut need 1 more to hit the phase; you are trying to finish a run of a color and the winners are going for the same color; you are going for a set of 4 and others are going for the same number; you throw down a 12 and now you keep picking a 12; the list goes on but I think you get the idea. It’s worth a download for a while but not a keeper. The score means nothing; if you tie a phase then whoever finished it first is declared winner even if you have zero points and they have -5000 points. Enjoy it while you can. Once you hit your brick wall then move on and don’t look back.

    • By GameIsCheating

      Fun but starting to cheat

      Like others have said, the computers are starting to cheat so much after the first world or the second and that will quickly irritate me, especially when I use my wilds and fancy skip cards I save up just to have a CPU clear before I even draw, or skipped 3 turns in a row and unable to do anything as they clear on me immediately when my hand had so many points. And what is with them always getting two or three wilds and doing the hardest phases with color runs so quickly while I rarely ever get a single wild on those?! But tell me how I just finished one game where I had -15 points, Kadin had -25, and the other computer was a phase behind us. Kadin cleared, but I only had 5 points to eat which means I definitely had less points than him. But apparently Kadin clearing on that last phase means he won the entire game, despite how I CLEARLY had less points and we BOTH did the last phase together! That makes no sense whatsoever! If the winner is based off having less points when multiple players hit the last phase, like every other round I had won beforehand and playing with friends, why does somebody else clearing the same phase but with MORE points in the end give them the win?! At this point, I’m quickly getting sick of playing if it’s going to cheat like this. Glad I never spent a dime on this app or I’d be even more frustrated.

    • By Anonymous12@

      Rigged, money-grabbing, and frustrating.

      While I enjoy the creative new phases in Journey mode and the limited time events, I have to echo what most people have been saying in recent reviews. The game-playing against computer players is RIGGED! You can’t claim “all cards are dealt randomly” and “all players are regarded equally” when the CPUs are constantly magically phasing out AND ending the round on their VERY FIRST TURN all the dang time! Or when they’re dealing US like 3 skips IN A ROW while they only skip the other players once! It takes me forever to pass levels. Don’t even get me started on the energy system. You should not lose energy if you win a round! It takes 5 energy to play one round, and the automatic regeneration maxes out at 50, giving you only 10 TRIES before you have to wait half an hour to play again. The developers should increase the max regeneration or make it where you only use energy when you lose a round (well really they should do both, but since they’re money-hungry, they would probably only do one if enough people complain). Definitely don’t spend real money on energy because of that point - such a waste. Then if you want to play with actual people, you have to spend coins every time, so it discourages you from playing with actual people often so you don’t burn through all of them.

    • By Alexstarz92

      It’s fun but very frustrating

      First of all I love this game. I played it with my boyfriends family for the first time this year and fell in love. I checked the App Store to see if there was an online version and I was very excited to learn about this one. Secondly there is so much wrong with this I can’t even. This game is rigged. I’ve never been this frustrated with a game in my life and I’ve played many games before that require you to pay a few dollars if you aren’t patient enough but no this is different. For some reason the place where you are supposed to get free coins doesn’t work (I’ve tried restarting and deleting the app many times and nothing work) this is very frustrating because now my coins are done and I can’t play and multiplayer games and on top of that it’s not like the coins come back after a couple if you are done you are just done. Many times I’ve played and the bots always seem to get the best hands. I swear to you there has been so many times I’ve entered a game and I haven’t even played come to find out they got like 3-4 wilds. The game is very unfair and it’s made a way that you have to keep purchasing even if you are patient. I feel it could have a lot of potential and that’s why I decided to give it 2 stars but other than that it’s just garbage to me now...sorry I hope this helps someone

    • By tenacioust_afrochic

      Willing to Update My Review upon Improvement

      I have to agree with the “Has Potential” reviewer. While this app does have good things going for it - the creative new phases, the limited time journeys, the coin arena - it also needs some work on the coding side. I can’t imagine the difficulty of coding something to this level but in the end you are coding for UE and it’s not hittin like it should. As players we KNOW when the deck is stacked against us and it is extremely frustrating. I’ve found that usually when I’m dealt cards I have the opposite of whatever the phase is - if I need runs, I have sets and vice versa. Also there does seem to be a timing to how good or bad I’m doing like streaks of bad luck or good luck. During the bad luck streaks - there’s nothing I can do to win. Now this doesn’t always happen and sometimes I’m getting the miraculous hands with 3 wilds. But more often than not - I don’t get skips or wilds and the computer gets multiples of them and seems to easily hit the hardest phases ( like a set of 2 and a set of five). I will continue playing and look forward to updates that address the issues the reviewers have indicated( I don’t have time to get into pay-for-play and the energy debacle) I started playing about a month ago and it seems like some complaints in 2020 reviews have already been addressed.

    • By crow30

      Would give 0 stars if I could!!!

      This game is NOT Phase 10!! If you are a fan of Phase 10, the card game, this is not for you. I have played the actual card game Phase 10 for probably 20 + years. The previous app from the previous licensing was better and actually attempted to have you play the game. THIS app is solely for the purpose of many you pay and pay and pay. It saddens me that the owners of Phase 10 sold their rights (soul) to have this done to the game that so many loved. I cannot fathom all the good reviews. They must either be ignorant of the actual real game and the specific 10 phases that are apart of it OR they are bought off in some way. I tried the game even in this mutilated form and it’s not good even for what it is. As others have said the computer cheats. The “levels” deal the same cards and if you don’t play how the developers want you to you won’t be able to get any stars. The problem is, that means sometimes you must do the opposite of what you would do in a real game in order to win. This is likely to make you use up “energy “ so you then have to pay to get more. Also, since this app makes up a bunch of “phases” that are not in the Phase 10 game, it is not accurate to call it Phase 10, Phase Infinity ♾ is more appropriate. The previous app was just a nice way to play the actual game Phase 10 solo against computer opponents. You could just play the whole game. It wasn’t perfect but it was better than this abomination. RIP true Phase 10 app. :-(

    • By viceroykg

      Obvious that the cards are stacked in the developers favor

      When I first started playing it I really enjoyed it. I started wondering if the people I was playing against was a computer and not real people. It became obvious when I got stuck on a level and my opponents never changed when they completed all the tasks. It also became obvious that they always had the correct cards and seemed to get them quickly. That changed after I spent $4.99 for the star pass. I thought ok money well spent but also unfair. I finished my first journey. I started the second one and low and be hold they wanted me to pay another $4.99 for a star pass! Then I got stuck at another level where I’m playing against the same avatars and they’re always winning. I’m frustrated and upset because I love playing this card game. So I was excited when I found the app but I think the developers only care about money. I get that’s what they’re in the business of but to build a game to be unfair is wrong. The game has potential especially if we were allowed to play against real people not a freaking program. As of right now I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone unless they have a large disposable income. I would also recommend that Apple and Google Play look into the app to see if the developers are cheating. Now if the developers listen to all of the negative reviews and make visible changes I’ll change my review. I won’t hold my breath though.

    • By Joemizer

      Game is fun but super unfair

      I’ve enjoyed playing phase 10 with my family for a while now so when I discovered this app I was really excited to play it, the first week it was fun and addicting but after that it’s not even worth playing. The computers cheat so badly, 9/10 they will have exactly what they need as soon as the round starts while you’re lucky to even get a set of 3 and if you’re one card away from going down the computer before you will do anything to keep you from going down, you’ll get skipped 2-3 times in a row or the computer will just pick up a card from the discard pile and immediately discard that same card to keep you from potentially grabbing a card you need from the discard pile (which is smart gameplay but they do it before they even go down so it’s like they know what you need). You’ll play on the same level over and over again for hours or sometimes days even only to get one star when you finally complete the level. And another bad thing is it takes 5 energy to play one round whether you win or lose and it takes 5 minutes to just get one energy so when you’re out of energy you have to wait 30 minutes to just play one round which you’ll most likely get set within the first 30 seconds of the round starting so it’s not even worth trying. This game has lots of potential to be a really fun game but the computers need to cut their cheating crap and give you a chance to enjoy it

    • By PitcherSSO

      Blatantly lopsided

      Edit: 3 months after my review below, I downloaded the game again. Not much has changed. However, to be fair, I grabbed 4 decks with my friends and played along in real time with the game as an experiment. We followed the stated demands as far as needing a run or certain amount of colors etc… Results were pretty easy to come by, as rudimentary as the experiment were….. no player was able to make 4 or more levels after being 4 levels down, no one was able to amount any real comeback after one person had amounted a decent lead, however, when playing against the game this is not how it played out. You will still find the bots, or computer players to suddenly have all the required cards to advancer overtake, despite all norms of randomness being expected. Not even funny how one sided the matches are against the computer.... so many times they are delt exactly what the round asks for, or close with a wild card, when you get delt absolute garbage It’s near a statistical impossibility for the same player to get “4 odd of a same color AND a run of 5” in the hand immediately delt, and have the run on cards to go out in the first hand 4 GAMES IN A ROW. Dev just stop trying to explain it away as random when it’s clearly not. Look at all your 1 and 2 star reviews and fix your algorithm to make it truly random… deleted for the SECOND time. I really want this game to work, but it’s not fun when the bots are clearly given the edge.

    • By itsallonesandzeros

      Totally rigged

      This game is not a random dealt card game. It’s not fun when the computer is set to win a certain number of times and your own skill at keeping/discarding is pointless. The computer players are clearly given an advantage and I have experienced several times an impossible hand by the computer players. Other times i have received exactly the card I need only after being stuck on a level for several rounds. The timing of it working out for me is suspicious. There have been rounds that the computer player draws one card and can all of a sudden play multiple cards and win after nothing else has changed on the table and in the previous turns the computer couldn’t play. Several rounds will go by where the computer player is not able to play and just discards. Then all of a sudden they can play 3 or 4 cards out of their hand and win when nothing else has changed to make that possible. Knowing a card game is rigged is not fun at all. Glad I didn’t pay for this. Deleting. Oh, and the computer player pics are hideous. In response to the developer’s response, you are a liar. No way is this random. Just the fact that in each Journey game there is one computer player that goes way out ahead of the other computer players proves it. There is one who is set to win in each game. It couldn’t be more obvious. I have NEVER seen one computer player pass another computer player.

    • By meg3627

      Seriously could have made this app better if allowed to play with friends

      Seriously!! How can you let one or both or all of the computer players automatically have all the cards they need to pass the level!! And seriously the stars! I have played the same levels several times, I win and have less points than the computer players and I only get 2 stars? You have to go through every level sometimes 3 or 4 times before you can beat the computer! It’s insanely frustrating!! Plus you have to have diamonds to buy energy and the coins are useless unless you want to play other people but even then you have rude people telling you to hurry up when your turn just started! Plus you lose more coins when you don’t win and each level the amount of coins to play is outrageous! After playing a few levels you start to see the pattern of the computer players. And seriously 5 minutes for 1 energy is freaking ridiculous!! 50 diamonds for 5 energy bolts! Also 50 bolts max?? Why can’t you make it a 100 max full capacity?? Really!! You have to either pay or wait 25 minutes so you can play one round and lose!! Why don’t you make the game better by letting people play with family and friends virtually like we would be doing at any family gatherings! If you weren’t so focused on taking money from people, maybe you would have more people playing.

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