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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-29
  • New version: 2.34.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Cash Clash Games: Win Money


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Cash Clash Games: Win Money is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Celer Network. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Celer Network, with the latest current version being 2.34.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6032 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Cash Clash Games (previously Arcade Win) is full of the world's top skill-based real money games. Win real cash and collect rewards while playing your classic favorites!

Play against real players from all around the world in head-to-head matches. Choose a game and rewards you want to play for, then get matched to an opponent based on your skill level. Win to collect your rewards and view exciting animations. Win rewards like real money, Game Tokens and Gems, or redeem amazing prizes like gift cards or a Nintendo Switch!

Join cash tournaments and climb up the leaderboard to appear in a world-wide live social feed! Win head-to-head competitions against others with similar skillsets. Didn’t win? Check out tournament recordings of other players to improve your strategy. Be a winner in the $10,000 worldwide cash league leaderboard to win a cashout prize! Enjoy super easy cashout and withdrawal within the app.

Play classic games that we have developed with care to give you the best-in-class player experience. Play Pyramid Win, Bust-A-Move, Word Puzzle, Spider Rush and more! Learn each game in 1v1 Practice, then go head-to-head in 1v1 Real Money or Tournaments - it’s that simple! With many games to choose from, you’ll be playing for hours!

Download today to have fun playing games, receiving rewards and earning real money!


Win Cash & Collect Daily Rewards:

- Winning cash isn’t hard - play against others in head-to-head matches for cash rewards!

- Play against opponents and win to receive Game Tokens (GT) and Gems for free

- Collect daily free rewards: GTs, Gems or even bonus cash!

- Watch videos to increase your rewards

- Redeem amazing prizes like Amazon gift cards, Apple AirPods & even a Nintendo Switch

Skill Based Competitions:

- Join multiplayer cash tournaments and play in head-to-head matches for cash rewards!

- Compete with similarly skilled people from all other the world in big cash tournaments

- Watch tournament recordings of other players to improve your skills

- Win more to appear in the world-wide live social feed in-game

- Be a winner in the $10,000 worldwide cash league leaderboard to win a huge cashout prize!

Play Classic Games:

- Quick game sessions of one to two minutes

- Solitaire Win, 21 Cash, Dominoes, Daub Cash, Bubble Shooter and more!

- There are games for everyone! Be paired up against players with the same skill level

- Play for cash, Tokens, Gems and more - you choose the stakes

- Choose a level: Tournament, 1v1 Real Money or 1v1 Practice

Today could be your day! Download Cash Clash Games and see where your skill takes you!

If you have any questions, please reach out to, we are always here and always wanting to help!

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Top Reviews

  • By LovingSoCalPastry

    Fun, fair and addictive

    I have tried many games to win cash, only this one is serious and for real. Since I used this one, I have never looked back. You have bubble shooter, Solitaire, Frog Jump, 21 Cash all in one app and customer support is really helpful and professional. What is the downside? I see my app updated sometimes twice a week and as an old lady sometimes I am slow to keep up with the pace. I understand that the development team is keen on improving their app, fixing the tiny little bugs to make it perfect, and adding more games into the app but man, I have not tried all the existing games yet! Overall, diligent team and great support.

  • By Bebolosci_ flee

    Arcade Win

    This game honestly is the definition of fun online gambling. There are numerous games to choose from and different prizes rewarded to those placed on a leaderboard. You have to be good to WIN which makes this game super competitive and even more intriguing when your own cash is on the line. The only thing I would suggest is showing actual proof of the person you are playing to ensure players satisfaction that there money isn’t just being wasted. Overall, this is by far the best arcade app on the store and I look forward to keep playing your game.

  • By …?!'


    I’ve had this game for a couple of months now, trying to see if it was real and if i would actually be able to win money. Right off the bat without depositing any money I was rewarded with bonus cash that I was able to use until I spent all of it a couple days ago! I made the $10 deposit and while my money was gone quicker then I planned I was okay with it. This game is hard enough to suffer through a few losses but easy enough to make you want to keep playing more. Haven’t had any complications so far!

  • By purplerainstormbella

    Best app I play!

    Super fun, tons of variety and you can tell it’s a growing app. I’d love to see maybe daily goals or objectives, but that might make it impossible to put down! I just recently earned my platinum and I can’t wait to get titanium! Lovely interface and always plenty of players to match with. Variety of games is fun and challenging. Keep more coming please! Also, the money you deposit is usually boosted with a special going on and you can play quite a long time on it. I can’t stress how fantastic this app is!

  • By ajxIII

    To developers

    You need to pay someone to develop this app to its full potential. You need Call of Duty, Fortnite, Mortal Kombat and other games on here. Don’t think small or sell yourself short. Do like ripple shoot pass the stars. These games are ok but people don’t play these games for fun they play for money. You need to add the games that we play for fun and pay on top of that. That is what you aim to do so get it done. I believe in you guys. You get what you settle for. Adrian.C

  • By tinydiosa

    Worth it!

    I would like to start by saying this is definitely one of the best games for real money apps I have come across. There are a good amount of games and reasonable price vs payouts. However, I think it’s fair to let the people who - like me - don’t read the fine print know that when you put real money into your account to take advantage of the bonus cash offered the bonus cash is not for you to use as you please. The bonus cash is given out daily in small increments IF you play a certain amount of CASH games that day. For example - I paid 2 real dollars expecting 20$ in bonus cash to play with. Technically I did get it but I would have to pay more to even use it. I definitely would have chosen a different offer or chose not to use real money at all if I had known this, and I just hope to warn people who might also we unaware.

  • By knluvwtwh

    Good game few flaws

    I really enjoy the selection of games. I can only play after work so more night events would be wonderful. The one down fall is they should give you an option to watch a video or tickets to be able to claim a previous day. I sign in straight 6 days in a row yesterday got away from me with the kids I sign into so excited to see that I can not claim day 7 and have to start over bummer. However I will continue to play because the games are very enjoyable.

  • By @Momma2AnAngel

    Love this app!

    They have a good selection of games that aren’t on other sites where you can win real money. I love it! The reason I am only giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel like the matching needs some work. I don’t think I will ever make it on the leaderboard if I continue to get matched with players who score way higher than me every time on at least 4 of the games that are on there. If that gets fixed, I will definitely give it 5 stars cause it is pretty awesome...and fun!

  • By Hltnn

    I think it may be unfair

    I really wanted to like this game because I actually enjoy a few of their games on here. However I’ve just started using real cash and what I have noticed, like many of these games-probably most of them is that when I play a cash game I am never matched with someone prior to it starting. So I just played three cash games and I was not matched with anybody when it started, it always said go ahead and play while we’re looking for your opponent and then once it knew my score, miraculously it matched me with somebody that had beat me even though I’m really really good at bingo. I wish these games were more fair and just matched you with somebody prior to playing and if you’re that good, let you win because there’s always going to be a loser anyways, because honestly if you’re good and you’re depositing money you deserve to win money versus losing your money no matter what skill you are at. They can say all day long that it’s matched fairly but unless I know who I’m playing prior to me starting the game then it is not matched fairly. The problem is these games are not regulated in anyway so they can basically make up their rules and word it the way they word it to make it seem like it’s totally legit and fair.

  • By MarshaLManney

    Used to be my favorite.

    I play this and the Skillz games. And by far Skillz is my new favorite. I maybe write 1 or 2 reviews a year so you know it’s something ridiculous when I take time to review. So the first time I had to deal with customer service I thought ok maybe I just got someone having a bad day. So the fact that the game glitches and I lost my money I figured eh it was $0.60. So then they add the coupons and scratchers. BUT THEY TOOK AWAY RHE CHESS GAME however only ONCE HAVE I ever won a scratcher it was five dollars. It took days and an email to support to get that 5 dollars. Then the app glitches again and I lost 3 dollars plus my half off coupon. I had the screen shots and everything And they wouldn’t give me back my coupon or my $3.00. Wth. I have had skills app crash many many time however. The moment you send support a message you 100% of the time have your refund within five mins. You don’t have to answer any questions nothing just report it and you get your money. But the final straw was tonight I log in I’m low on funds so I go to make a deposit and low and behold you can’t deposit anything less than 20 dollars now. Give me a break. So I will check this weekend and if it’s still set at 20 I’m done. Oh also all the bonus money you can win. Like the daily reward and the spin. I have NEVER WON OVER A SINGLE PENNY. But I can only deposit 20, 50, 100, or 200 to play. YA RIGHT

  • By Dez79727

    Great app but bad customer service

    The app has very nice mechanics and it’s an easy, fun app to use but it’s full of bugs and glitches like constantly crashing and not even letting me use my Crypto balance to play games. I started a 3 USD wager match and it glitched out when i tried to press ready so i had to cancel the match and usually even if you press enter it usually cancels the match and gives an immediate refund so i tried to get ahold of customer service even with a screenshot of the match overview and had to wait 2 days to even get a response to just check the problem, when they finally responded another 2 days later the only thing they could say was “sorry you already pressed ready so you’re not getting a refund”. i hate to give a bad review especially since i like the app so much but the refund policy is horrible especially considering how many glitches there are in the app, if the app wasn’t enjoyable it would be a solid 1 star rating. if you have the patience to deal with unfairly losing money to simple glitches with no refund from the developers then this app might be for you

  • By Cgd43685

    Game is rigged mostly

    I wouldn’t bet real money on here to be honest I deposited $5 and decided to just try it out and it’s rigged to an extent. What I mean by this is you can’t win a lot of money because once you start winning the opponent which is an AI obviously which they won’t admit starts getting the maximum amount/score possible and it’s always higher then yours. That being said I made $1.66 off it but the goal for them is that you’ll keep playing and not withdraw which eventually the AI will win and you’ll lose all your money. If you do deposit any money I’d withdraw once you’re up $1-2 cause once you’re that much up you’ll start losing every game.

  • By DarGames

    Completely Rigged

    100% rigged they use bots and not real players as advertised. I was put up against a player in real time the player wasn’t through there deck when I had finished mine, so they would still be playing yet somehow they have a score ready and waiting as soon as mine was done. This has happened several times and even wrote support where they give you an automated bulls$!t response. How is this even legal? Another time I had posted several $3 matches as it seemed no one else was playing, when someone played they pulled the most recent one of my games and not the first and of course I lost but should of won if they used logic in matchmaking. Perhaps the logic is there to help them get away with cheating people.

  • By IslanderCrimeJunkie


    I enjoyed this app for the first few hours I was playing, now there are too many issues to enjoy it! 1.) I’m unable to play any cash games. I keep getting an error message saying to make sure that my battery has enough power to play a game (battery is currently at 84%), to make sure that no other apps are running (closed out any and all apps that were open), and to make sure that I had enough storage ( I have plenty of storage, and even made more space)!!! I’m still unable to play any cash games!!! 2.) The app has crashed on me twice, for no reason at all. I have sent a message to customer support but have yet to receive a response. I am disappointed because for the most part the games were fun to play. As soon as I can play the rest of my funds, and either lose it all, or use the bonus cash and then withdrawal what remains, I will be deleting this app and not recommending it to anyone! FYI: I had to give it one star otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to post this review!

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