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Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery


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Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Vasily Povalyaev. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Vasily Povalyaev, with the latest current version being 1.01 which was officially released on 2021-04-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 375 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery App

How does it Work?

You are a private detective. After receiving a letter from your father, asking for help, you go to the small town of Redcliff.

The city is completely empty. Where have all the inhabitants gone? What happened to your father?

This is what you have to find out. Explore the city, find clues, solve puzzles, open locks to advance your investigation. The game is a mixture of escape the room and classic quests.


- Fully 3D levels that can and should be rotated to inspect them from another angle.

- Variety of locations from the usual residential building to the ancient catacombs.

- Interactive world

- Many puzzles

- Detective story, with unexpected plot twists.


Best Mobile Game - Indie Prize Award

Best Mobile Game - DevGAMM’2019

Best Mobile Game - GTP Indie Cup W'19

Best Indie Game (Nominee) - DevGAMM’2019

Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) - DevGAMM’2019

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Top Reviews

  • By BeckyIE93


    I never write reviews for anything but this app deserves way more recognition. The game is incredibly well made, the puzzles are fun and challenging. If you like point and click games and like room escapes, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played on a phone. The free version lets you play a good amount of the story before asking you to pay to unlock the rest of the story. By the time Ive reached that point, I had no hesitation to pay for the rest of the story, it was just that well done. There’s only been one small glitch I’ve encountered in the game, otherwise it’s pretty close to flawless!

  • By Suzsho

    A really great game!

    This is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. It’s well made, well designed, gameplay is smooth, and transitions are quick. The scenes are fun to turn around and you discover new things with each turn. It’s nice and long with a good story, and the puzzles are plentiful and range from quite easy and straightforward all the way to quite challenging and complex. There are walkthroughs for each chapter to help you if you get stuck. It’s got all the elements of the best games. Grab this one! It deserves every award it’s been given. Thank you, dev. I look forward to more!

  • By Gamegrl78

    Couldn’t put it down!!

    I absolutely love puzzle and mystery games, and this was a perfect blend of both. The unique, 3D style interaction made every puzzle even more in depth; simply turning a room 90° could reveal the piece to the puzzle you’re missing. I love all the different settings and puzzles, and ESPECIALLY how long this game is!!! I would absolutely recommend this game. Some puzzles were a little tricky, but a little help from a walkthrough wasn’t far away. This game really got my mind working and I played it for days straight. Currently looking for a good enough game to play after!!

  • By KauaiFinn

    Finally! LOTS of game play!

    It’s really hard finding games like these with a decent amount of game play, so this one was such a great find! My only criticisms are that it feels like someone else took over designing the game somewhere around the last couple chapters (which were still well worth paying for!) and also, some of the puzzles just seemed impossible to solve without watching the walk thru. However, I’d rather that puzzles are maddeningly hard than too easy. I’d definitely pay for another game like this one! Great job, developers!

  • By Deeeelia

    Worth the money!

    It’s a really fun game! I loved the puzzles, even when they were frustratingly hard to solve (but that’s only a handful of cases). As others have mentioned, the world design is great and you can open every drawer and move all the furniture, you really get the feeling that you’re searching a place. My issue with other mystery games is that all the things you can touch are useful to the puzzle, while this game makes it interesting by showing you non-interesting things. Also, the developers had a lot of fun with pop culture references :)

  • By Kaverib


    I just finished BINGE playing and I’m completely awestruck. Granted I used the cheats like 60% of the time cause some of the puzzle were very out there but I absolutely fell in love with the graphics and the immersive experience. I loved how the last part was completely different gameplay from the rest of the game. I really hope you all make more games like this. easily best 3 bucks i’ve ever spent. ALSO I just wanna add I was obsessed with that circle town eating game for a bit but to see that town come to life and being submerged in it was mind blowing.

  • By SiusyN

    Couldn’t put it down

    I enjoy escape room games and this one was well done. I like that you can check all the drawers, closets, shift the furniture, etc. as you would when really searching a room. Sometimes it pays off with a clue, sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the puzzles are challenging enough that you can mess around with them for quite a while before you put it together for the aha moment. It’s worth getting the second two volumes to complete the story.

  • By Zantosa


    Definitely worth the money! All the puzzles make sense, and the controls are smooth. Hours of solid gameplay without becoming repetitive. I agree that a hint system would be nice in the next game. Rather than watching the walkthrough video, I skimmed the discussion in the video comments. That was usually enough to point me in the right direction, after slapping my forehead for missing something obvious.

  • By Interpol2046

    An Interesting, Challenging Game

    I’m sure those smarter than I will say they breezed right through everything, but I found many of the puzzles really hard. Someone of them would have caused me to rage quit if it weren’t for the easy access to the walkthrough when I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of. I enjoyed playing the game from start to finish. The story was good. It held my attention. I had fun.

  • By UsherMocha

    Amazing value for the money

    I didn’t think twice about plunking down the cash to unlock the rest of the game after chapter one. I figured if I got a couple of more chapters, I’d be happy to support the developer. FIFTEEN chapters, some with multiple parts. At the end, I was playing just to see how long it would go. I love this genre and the game does it well. This kept me entertained for a couple of weeks off and on.

  • By The Judge😈🍌🍌

    Amazing but you have to pay for act 2

    This game is very cool and it killed my last 2 brain cells. It was very fun and I recommend it for people who like puzzles and escape rooms, solving mysteries and being a detective. I would play again, the only down side is that act 1 is the only act that’s free, But this game has no ads and is very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend.👍

  • By Pogy10

    Best so far

    This is about my 8th escape game I’ve played in the past month since finding my first one. It is by far the best due to the graphics and the variety of challenges. I’m on level 6 and so far only one level was too frustrating but the walkthroughs got me through it! Skip the rest and try this one!

  • By Tiffdawg79

    Hands Down the Best Escape Game

    Just finished the first act...From the graphics to puzzles, story line, and sequence, it's nothing I've never experienced in any other escape game app, or heck any gaming app for that matter! Must download to play! First act for free and purchase required for second and third act for $2.99 (not sure if it's each act or combined acts 2 & 3 for $2.99). It's worth it!

  • By realitycheckinc

    Worth the money

    I am really enjoying the clean graphics, variety of puzzles and general gameplay. Each chapter is a new scene with multiple places to explore. I’ve gotten used to rotating the scenes to solve the puzzles. I paid for the full game and tackle a chapter or two each evening. There are 2 things I really don’t like about the game. First and most serious is the lack of a hint system. Showing a video walkthrough is not a hint! Second, there are 2 chapters with 'time wasters' of mazes. The first is bearable even with the unnecessary back-and-forth to finish the chapter. The second is in the dark with a small torch which lights only a very small area. A cheap and tiresome way of prolonging the game. Otherwise, a great game.

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