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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-13
  • New version: 9.9
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Piano : Video Game music songs


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Piano : Video Game music songs is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Duong Nguyen Anh. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Duong Nguyen Anh, with the latest current version being 9.9 which was officially released on 2021-07-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4523 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Piano : Video Game music songs App

How does it Work?

Piano Video Game is one of the best piano games for the fans of Undertale, fnaf, Minecraft, Bendy, Tentacion… and many other movies.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of having a theme song obsessed within your head while playing the games above and you really yearn to play it out on your own? Then wait no more, this game is exactly made for you! Even though you don’t know to play piano, you can still find the satisfaction of creating your favorite game melody right under your fingertips and the thrill of speed challenge, anywhere and anytime, just using your phone. Simple enough?

Piano Video Game is an addictive game with more than 1000 songs from many games and movies, so you can easily find and play the songs you love in our list. You can also ask for the new songs you want by leaving a message for us into the Comment session and it will be added to our collection soon. Just remember, you make your request, we add the songs :D


• Choose your favorite song

• Choose your preferable speed and line mode (optional)

• Tap on the title to follow the melody and challenge of speed

• Complete the melody to unlock more songs


• Find your favorite song from our list of 1000+ titles (you can always filter by game types for better search)

• Choose your suitable speed to start and enjoy the speed increase over the round (and never stop until you cannot catch up anymore )

• Amazing sound quality with smooth music and colorful graphic

• Change the background anytime you want

• Songs added based on your request with weekly updates (your wish is our command )


Piano Video Game is the unofficial fan application, which is not under any affiliation or endorsement by any Game/Film management or record labels.

The melodies are arranged with individual notes and no copyrighted material is used within this app.

This app is for entertainment purpose only.


This app is free for download, but it is updated weekly. Feel free to email us for song requests, bug report or any suggestions via [insert support email here], we welcome all the comments from you so that we can make the app better and better. Thank you for downloading our game!


This app is free to play for sure; however, we also offer you the VIP subscription option for better experience:

Upon subscribing, you can enjoy the game without interruption from ads with all unlocked VIP songs, unlimited energies and exclusive VIP themes. Better yet, you can always play the game even in no-Internet condition!

When your subscription is confirmed, the money will be charged from your iTunes account. The subscription renewal fee will be automatically deducted from your account after each period if no cancellation is made at least 24 hours prior the end of the current period. Thus, if you don’t want to continue with the subscription, please make sure to turn the auto-renewal off by going to the User's Account Settings after purchase.

Some important notes:

Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where it is applicable.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose all the VIP privileges described as above.

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Top Reviews

  • By Awesome12344@

    Just a mini request!

    Also this is the same person who requested “Funtime dance floor” and I just realized it’s now there! I think I didn’t search it up and didn’t find it and it was there all along I dunno- anyway I found some of your other games and I have to say, no other app in the entire App Store has this kind of digital gameplay! I wonder…could you possibly add something to the settings to show your pace? Like easy medium hard or starter or maybe even neutral? You don’t have to! And you could maybe change your choice from easy and once you get experience you can change it to hard? And possibly try to add a little guide that way the person knows what to do if they are new! You don’t have to add these! Also I gotta admit your other video game music apps are just so amazing! Every time I find a new one or one of them I haven’t downloaded I literally go crazy to download them 😅 they are just so fascinating! Anyway thank you for making these games a real existence! I have never found a app that is so fun and entertaining to play!

  • By Homescapes Austin

    I love this game

    I love this game a lot!!! I hope that you had a great time playing it as much as I did first of all I love that there are mining away song five nights at Freddy songs and especially sans I love all those songs very much and I completed the sans song which is Megavania well something like that anyways I know the creator worked very hard to create this game and make it fun for everyone to enjoy but there is one thing you need to remember that not “everyone” will like your game. So I am so glad that all these people get to have a experience of what you made as your hard work. And you should remember something if your reading this you don’t have to hate this game for what they made because of course they are trying to do the best they can. Also don’t forget to not compare your self to other people, never let yourself down because there are always someone that will love what you do, and remember that you are a treasure every single one of you. And that is why I gave this 5 stars so Bye ;)

  • By Crash in gamer

    Love it but I have requests

    I love how I can play all my favorite songs magic tile style but I have a few requests for songs if it’s not to much of a bother. I see you have put onett towns them as song but I would love to see some more songs from the mother series such as unfounded revenge song of smashing praise. Also this request may seem bizarre but I’m a big fan of the day shift at Freddy’s games so I would love to see a song or 2 from those games. If you never heard of DSaF it’s one of the best fnaf parody games out there and if you don’t know what songs to add maybe Dave’s devilish ditty or dr Henry miller’s theme which I know is just a remade waltz in a minor but still. Again these are just request but I would love to play these. edit: definitely your awesome Thanks for the update! You guys rule I can’t wait to see what other songs will be added to the future. Can you guys try more mother songs. Oh how about Porky’s Pokies. I really loved unfounded revenge.

  • By Kc LeeRoy

    Great Game Minor Improvements

    So I checked out this game before, but they said the timing was off. So I just didn’t mind, but now that the rhythm was fixed I got it, and the rhythm is actually ok now. I am glad you can chose the background and also the timing line for better points. Some things I would ask for (I hope I don’t sound like an annoyance) is for more sections on the bottom. I mean fnaf, zelda, steven, etc. but what about the other ones, like mario, Persona, Cuphead, Baldi and the extra ones along with their icons please. Also could you please put a place to recommend songs, so it is easier for adding new songs (love the pianist btw). It will be better than making more reviews to ask for more songs. One song I do have to request if you don’t have it already, Persona 4 Specialist. TDLR: Good Game, Needs more bottom sections and icons for other games and artists, and a song request place in the app.

  • By abbycat008

    I LOVE IT but-

    Heyo! So I just have to say that I love this game so much! Thank you so much for creating it! But- I do have a request and I hope you could do it for me- yes it’s an amazing game dont get me wrong- but- maybe adding some baldis basics songs- (baldis basics rap, your mine, ect) and also this new fnaf song, ‘Into the pit’ by Dawko and DHeusta, and some more Cuphead songs, (Cuphead the musical, greedy, ect) also Undertale songs (judgement, stronger than you, ect) and maybe even some Hello Neighbor songs (hello and goodbye, get out (aka hello neighbor song) ect) and I know this is a lot to request and could you maybe at least add some of these songs? And I also know it might take a lil while, but these are songs I enjoy, and I know some others. Also, if you already have some of the songs I requested I’m sorry- if there already there- but otherwise- this is a great game and I just love it. Keep up the good work ^^ and thanks again!

  • By Mustansar Ahmad

    It’s Amazing but..

    Ok so when I got this game on my iPad I was super excited so I ended up playing build our machine but it turned out to crash a lot so then I played it’s been so long it didn’t crash as much as bendy tho so I wanted to master it’s been so long it was working a month or 2 later when I was playing it’s been so long while watching it’sfunneh it didn’t crash as much but it still did and the beat saber thing keeps annoying me when it pops up out of nowhere!today I downloaded it on my moms phone I played it’s been so long then five nights at Freddy,Die in a fire,and Afton Family it didn’t crash at all!And when I was playing my my iPad it also glitched a lot!So do you mind fixing it on iPad?+can you plz add the Song Blood and tears for fanf?and plz remove the ads it’s making me suffer :(,And plz fix the song Afton family it sounds a lot off ;-;?(P.S. This Games Still Amazing I Love It!!!!!)


    This game is great!

    I love the songs in this app! There are so many songs to choose from. I am a big Fnaf fan so I love the Fnaf songs. I also like the magic tiles 3 so this app is great! They keep adding songs and giving us free songs, also we can try songs with ads to see if there good for us. So I’d suggest it to a lot of people who like magic tiles 3 and video game songs. I rate this 5 stars because there are a lot of songs to choose from and there are so many backgrounds to choose from. There are ads but I don’t really see them much only when I trying a song and maybe after a song or before a song. I like to have a update on it where the developer adds more backgrounds and more songs. I play this game everyday so thank you for making this game! 😁😄😃😀

  • By brokdx

    Love the game but have some suggestions

    Hey so I love this game and it’s awesome how I can play video game music with a magic tiles theme. It would be awesome though if we had some music from other games like Friday night Funkin’ or maybe some Nintendo games. I don’t know how possible the Nintendo games could be but I would love some splatoon music or maybe something calming like animal crossing. Friday night funkin’ had also become very popular and would be an awesome addition with the main beat being highlighted in the songs. For some other Nintendo games Rythem heaven, arms, and persona 5 (that’s not Nintendo but I still love it) would also be cool. Thanks for hearing me out and I love this game. Hope my suggestion is considered!!

  • By PurpleBananas09

    Awesome! But there are a few problems.

    I'm so glad I downloaded this game. It's really fun. There are so many songs to choose from, and they're all from my favorite video games! They're really good songs, that for a whole, fit the song. There's just a couple problems to talk about. 1. When playing the song, the timing is off, and it messes with the song a bit. 2. There are a lot of ads that get in the fun of the game, they're appropriate, just annoying. 3. Kinda the ad thing, but there's a lot of songs, but most of them need to be unlocked from watching multiple ads, and this makes me sad. Overall, the game is really fun.

  • By Nasiy100


    When I opened up the app for the first time I got excited because their is really no other app that has what this has. Then I played Megalovania and to be honest...I was disappointed. The song and the tiles were not matching up for example you need to have the music playing in the background instead of relying on tapping the tiles in time because when you attempt to do that the tiles go to the bottom of the screen. Another thing was the layering in the music, its going at a completely different pace than the overlapping layer (The one your pressing with the keys) Considering your going slow then fast then slow again because the pace the tiles are going are different than the pace you have to press them in order for the song to sound normal.

  • By Tmaikai

    Boring songs and ads for no reason

    The app it’s self is fine but the timing of the songs is still barely off. Also the songs are rather boring. Having the songs be more intense and beautifully planned out is one of my favorite things. Another thing is that you have the chance to upload a background but then it locks it until you watch an ad. That’s just to many things to watch over and over and over again. It’s rather annoying. In conclusion, better timing, less ads, and better music! Another thing, I plagued the team Chaotix song in hopes it was gratifying but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even the full song and that was really disappointing. Idk why you thought that was okay but I know how I play the full thing on the piano and if I can do it without a tutorial THEN YOU CAN PUT THE FULL SONG.

  • By Im an idiot sandwich

    This game could be AWESOME

    Alright, first of all, I really like this game, but there is just one big thing that really kind of ruins it, and that is the timing when you take playing a song. This problem is so prominent that you can barely even tell what song you’re playing most of the time. And the speed adjustment does not seem to solve this problem. Anyway, I feel a solution to this problem would be this; instead of the song being tied to when you tap the tiles, have the song always playing, and the tiles just line up with the melody of the song to give the illusion that the tiles are tied to the song. I think this is what other similar games do and it works well for them. If you fix this one single flaw, this game would be really awesome!

  • By haydeebells

    Okay, I guess..

    So when I got this game I was really excited!! So then I was gonna play ”It’s been so long” from FNAF and it wasn't matching up to the original song it started to play some of (Baldi’s Basics songs) so you kinda have to play the song in the background you can't rely on the game to play the -EXACT SONG- other than that when I was gonna search up a song and everything was blank!!! So it didn't give me the chance to search for those songs I wanted to listen to. I don't know if this happened to anyone else using this app had this same experience as me when I was playing this game?? Anyway, this is kinda a rip-off on this game so honestly, I wouldn't recommend this game. If you were going to download this app! ( I had also read some of the reviews before playing this game so if you read any other of the reviews I pretty sure that they are going to be the same way as my review that I wrote! Hope this review tells you that this is not a -GREAT APP- in my opinion, it's not but if you liked the game don't hate me for writing this! And this review is 100% honest! ( also all the other reviews you might come up to an read) so I would go necessarily give the app a 1-star rating so if the creator can fix all this, please do so I would really appreciate the improvements that should be made! Thank you!!!!!

  • By 😑. 😑


    I love all of the songs that you added but the song is not in tune with the keys I had this game for a while but never opened it bc of the reviews but if you can make it in sinc and also I don’t rlly like it when you click the long keys it cuts off the song if your team fix’s this I will give it 5 stars:))) also can you add I see a dreamer and mask also road trip? EDIT this game is so horrible I had to delete it after I wrote this review because I had too many ads the keys were not on time I think they take song request but yeah so so you can ask them for songs and I think they’ll put them in and VIP is annoying because it’s like cost money but you only get it for three days that’s why I prefer magic tiles three even though there’s no fanfare songs or undertale songs. This makes me rage because I wanted a good piano tile game for me to play and there is this annoying glitch that it cuts out the music I don’t like complaining on peoples creations that they made because I know it takes time and effort but I feel like there wasn’t any effort into this game I’m so sorry about the one star review of it changes up a time soon I’ll make it a five star and download the game again at least you had fanf songs

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