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  • New version: 2.5.0
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Word Calm - crossword puzzle


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Word Calm - crossword puzzle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by AUTUMN STUDIOS LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AUTUMN STUDIOS LIMITED, with the latest current version being 2.5.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13342 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Calm - crossword puzzle App

How does it Work?

Do you love the excitement of classic word games? Search and connect the letter the right way to create a word. DOWNLOAD Word Calm for FREE! Come challenge now.

Word Calm is a crossword puzzle game, search and connect the right letters to get the correct word, clear each level to win awesome rewards and coins, help you to clear levels. This is the best crossword puzzle and learning word game you can ask for!

When you start playing you will be deeply attracted by it. Word Calm can help you escape the boring time, all while exercising your brain and learning new words. The best pick for exercising and having fun at the same time. Word Calm is a free game for adults and kids, which can challenge skill of words with friends.

-Tons of words to expand your vocabulary!

-Amazing graphics to give you the best visual experience!

-Over 1000+ puzzles to complete.

-No time limit, no need to rush!

-Multiple coins and items to help you clear the level!

How to play?

Search and connect the letter blocks and build the correct words unto it is all fill out.

If you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact us, hope Word Calm can give you better gaming experience each day.

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Top Reviews

  • By Ruthie McQueeney

    Ruthie McQueeney

    I so love to play this word game. It is by far the best word game that I’ve ever had the great pleasure of playing. I recommend this game to one and all! Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did @ 💯%. Good Luck 🍀 and Happy Playing.✌🏼& ♥️🔚 I give it five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, plus an A+, because that’s how much I enjoy playing and I so appreciate everyone that has had anything to do with developing this game. I’ve noticed fairly early on in to playing this game, that the more I play, the sharper my brain recall is becoming, plus, just having plain old common sense will get you far in the game and in life, and in general, now, who wouldn’t like that?! Lol, please pardon/excuse me, for I say what mean and mean what I say, that is, within reason and with keeping in mind of who I am speaking with. I’ve always been pretty good with having a photographic memory, besides, it really doesn’t take having a photographic memory to play this game, all it takes is to properly know your grammar from grade school. However, though, I will say that this game will help keep you from slipping in your grammar and that the main reason that I chose this specific game. I hope you all enjoy this word game as much as I and my family have. Thanks, Per: Ruthie McQueeney ✌🏼❤️

  • By there.is.none.available!

    Good, simple word game

    If you plan to play this a lot you will probably want to spend the $3 to remove ads because after your first 10-20 levels there is a video ad you have to watch in between almost every board you play which gets very annoying. I guess that’s the idea so players will pay. The $3 is fair I think. I won’t be playing much so I’ll put up with the ads. —UPDATE: Okay, so much for me not playing much. I just finished level 105. This game is quickly addictive. The good news is that when you achieve higher levels the ads are much less frequent. One thing I love about this game is that there is no time pressure; if you get stuck you can take your time. The higher difficulty builds very slowly which I like.

  • By Stitchnanny

    Grrrrr Too Many Ads

    Revised: I paid the $3 to end the ads. I love this game, so much so I’m on level 1147. But I’ve noticed since level 1000 there is an ad after every single puzzle. 98% of the time it’s the same ad and it has a false exit button, so you have to sit through a 30 ad after every puzzle. It takes me less time to play a round. I know ads are needed so we can play free but this is ridiculous. I would have given this game 5 stars if not for the constant, repeating ads. If y’all lessen the amount of ads a little before I delete the app, I’ll revise my review and stay. Thank you.

  • By Mo. Reader

    Grad of 63

    When came to spelling test in school I did poorly. Was embarrassed that I couldn’t do better in learning. I guess I was a slow learner. Over the years I slowly learned the concept of being able to do a better job of spelling. This game has been a challenge, but a useful as well as helpful source, for me anyway in visually seeing the letters at each level of the game and being able to think of the right letters to put together to form a word that will work. This game, for me, has been a great tool in learning to spell the correct words to fill in the puzzles.

  • By NewsGirl-VA-1959

    Word Calm is Awesome!

    Thanks for helping me keep my mind busy during this sad period of mayhem, death & destruction. THE PEOPLE NEED AN OUTLET and WORD CALM aids people, the world over, by providing a “mind vacation” from fear, anxiety and worry over surviving the latest vicious, colorblind, non-discriminating, international world terror — COVID-19 — another invisible enemy that rears its extremely, unusually vile head like “a thief in the night.” WORD CALM has given me a relaxing opportunity to take an hour or two from fearing and fighting to help keep strangers, my family and other loved ones from succumbing to the ravages of COVID-19. Despite the timing of ongoing events, WORD CALM is a great mind puzzle to aid in calamity and vocabulary building for the young and old, alike. I do, however, have a problem with ads which won’t stop when prompted appropriately to do so. More often than not, I find myself closing out certain ads repeatedly which only occurs with certain games. Thanks Again, T.D.A.B. U.S. Army (RET) Photojournalist KILLEEN, TEXAS

  • By HeySonnie

    Problems with the latest release

    After the new changes to the game (which I like, BTW) there are a few problems. One day I completed the Daily Challenge and didn’t get a checkmark or stars. This time I got both the check and stars, but everything locked up upon completion, and I had to go out, swipe to force the game to close, then go back in to see what had happened. Also, the notification at the start says FREE BOUNS, which I presume means BONUS.

  • By fanofsports1314

    Daily puzzle

    I enjoy the game very much. Only one negative comment from me giving this game a 5 star. I find it difficult at times to get the 3 stars in the daily puzzle. The reason being is the fact there are too many 4 or 5 letter words in the puzzle as opposed to a variety which would include a couple 3 letter words as well as a couple 6 letter words. When you start the puzzle with an S for a 4 letter word and you have anywhere from 4-6 to choose from it is more or less luck. I mean I do not want to sit there and think of a 4 letter word then take the last letter of that word and see if it makes another word. Too many a’s e’s s’s and t’s make it too difficult. I would rather see a variety of words ranging from 3-6 letters as opposed to 4-5 letter words. It becomes more luck than anything. Good game though and if the daily puzzle changes, I will come back and give it a 5 star.

  • By YLime7530

    Gives Xs for numerous real words

    I like this game, advertised for Alzheimer’s patients & prevention but it ignores real legitimate words which is confusing and frustrating. The same word will be accepted for one puzzle and rejected for another. Words that aren’t on the board are supposed to be accepted as bonus words not exed as though they aren’t words. It is not only rejecting short words or less polite words. I’m on level 81, I don’t remember this happening earlier in the game. It accepted eat but not ate, said a 5 letter word was wrong. Also doesn’t recognize legitimate words that a nun might not like and you don’t expect them to be on the board but at least acknowledge they’re part of the English language, hoe is a garden tool it’s a bit much. It’s confusing for those with cognitive issues to get a big X for words that ARE words!

  • By ibaphd

    Fun to play but no instructions

    I find this fun to play but I cannot find detailed instructions. In particular, the Daily Challenge is confusing. I’ve played all 30 days this month, yet I only have 27 stars. I was on track until a couple of days ago, then I didn’t receive any stars. I don’t understand how to get stars during the game or what the three big stars are at the end of the challenge. How can I ever get 50 stars if the maximum number number of days in a month is 31? Other people talk about it like they know what’s going on so somewhere I’m missing something. How does it work? How can I find answers to questions?

  • By Lowell O.

    Great on the Surface - Bad at the Core

    I played about 150 levels of this, and even more levels of other versions by the same company. But it's frustrated me too many times and I have to remove it. A number of common words are missing from their dictionary. Ancient and unused words are in there that probably shouldn't be. And their puzzle maker sometimes "misses" perfectly good words and instead chooses something completely obscure. For example, given the letters P-L-Y-R-T-A, they don't spell PARTLY or even PALTRY but instead choose RAPTLY. Who has ever heard, much less used, the word "raptly?" It's not called "Word Difficulty" or "Word Frustration" but "Word Calm." But it has the opposite effect until they change the core dictionary. They make the definition of each word available, and they cite the dictionary they quote from, but sometimes they quote from dictionaries I've never heard of. Why not stick with mainstream dictionaries and words that are still in use today? The game is great in concept, well-programmed and has a pleasant user interface. But at it's heart was a bad decision on what set of words to build the game upon.

  • By Lgh98t

    Fun until it loses simple vocabulary—UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    As a word nerd, I have been thoroughly enjoyed playing this somewhat challenging game, until now. At level 550, when given the letters RAHECRY, the game refuses to accept obvious words, for example: care, arch, hear, hare, and so on. This is totally unacceptable, I’m not sure, at this point, if it is worth continuing with whatever challenge is being presented when I will not get credit for these “bonus” words which do not appear in the crossword. This is very frustrating, and I’m tired of having to constantly try to “educate” the game by supplying “missing words.” Please respond and repair. Another suggestion is that the developers reference a more reputable and exhaustive dictionary. Many workable words which appear in Webster’s unabridged dictionary are rejected by the game.

  • By RottieMom2016

    Very frustrating

    Although I am continuing to play this game, I find it extremely frustrating at times. Basic words are acceptable in their singular form, but not in plural form (for instance, ‘stone’ is accepted but ‘stones’ is not). I always try to report the missing word, but I don’t have a lot of faith that anyone even pays attention. Rather it’s there to make the player feel better. Also, very obscure words are in the puzzle - many scientific or chemical words that a person without that background would not be able to figure out. And words that work in one puzzle don’t work in another. Simply put, too many basic words not accepted, too many extremely obscure words in the puzzles, and inconsistent acceptance of words from one puzzle to the next.



    I used to really enjoy this game. Not anymore! I agree with other reviewer‘s regarding the daily puzzle. It used to be difficult to obtain three stars, since the latest version it is almost impossible. Twice I have received three stars in the last few days and did not receive the coin rewards. When contacting the developer, I was advised that I had used the hint button more than one time. Because there are so many four letter words that will fit within the context of a specific area of the puzzle, it’s almost impossible to get it right on the first try. Previously, I was usually able to figure out the correct words for the specific space. Now, because there are so many possibilities, it’s all luck and I have been using hints, which I never had to do before. I also agree with the other reviewer‘s regarding the vast amount of missing words from their dictionary. Many common words are missing, and even the plural of a word that it will except is rejected as a plural. This is not a calming word game it is a frustrating word game and I am deleting it. Sad to see it go as I have been playing it for several years, but enough is enough.

  • By Notagain:(

    MANY advertisements. No longer enjoy daily challenge

    I opted to continue to play free version, so I patiently(?) waited through the video after EACH GAME, a few of which are very difficult to clear from screen (programming glitches?). Played game avidly after first downloaded, so much so that I reached Level 2489 (waaaayy too much time on device). Previously eagerly looked forward to the daily challenge because in order to attain the 3-star level, you follow the clover leaf and determine correct word for its position. But at some point in Aug 2020, it has become exactly the same “HERALD” letter scramble for 2-3 weeks in a row, in exactly same pattern/sequence, so I no longer play that. Levels are no longer a challenge, possibly from complacency on my part and/or theirs. And yes, am current on updates. Possibly the lack of challenge is because it’s the free version, and this is a method to encourage the player to purchase the game. After opening this morning and seeing exactly same daily challenge AGAIN, I’ve decided if they no longer care I don’t either, so am deleting the app.

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