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West Game


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West Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by LEXIANGCO.,LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - LEXIANGCO.,LIMITED, with the latest current version being 3.5.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2358 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the West Game App

How does it Work?

The BEST Wild West theme SLG game.You will find everything that a true Western fan expects in this Unprecedented Excitement. Come and experience FOR FREE NOW.

Do you have what it takes to be crowned in the Wild West! Build your own town, recruit your own gangs and get ready to fight against players from all over the WORLD.

America, 1865, the Civil War just ended, but another war has just begun. Countless dreamers flooded into the Frontier, massing on their heels into the West. It is the beginning of the Wild West era! In order to survive, they must Rob, Steal and Fight their way out of this ruthless land of America. Deception, Betrayal, there are NO Rules in the Wild West. Tangoing among Bandits, Gangs, Con artist, Politicians and Entrepreneurs. In here, not only the Outlaws but also the Lawman can sell you out for a fistful of coin. Money, Women, Guns and Gangs, you can earn them all in this Wild West Game, ONLY if you have what it takes to be a true Westerner.

Fight your way out this ruthless Wild West and wrote your own History!


- Build and customize your own Town.

- Raise a massive army to strongarm your enemies!

- Command your Sheriff to lead your men to final victory.

- Recruit the most famous Cowboys or Outlaws to fight for your glory.

- Battle against millions of players worldwide.

- Join a fearless Alliance and Rally Wars against powerful rivals with allies!

- Communicate and Discuss Strategies with your friends through in-game Realtime Chat channels.

- Conduct Researches to effectively boost the Development of your City.

- Forge legendary Weapons for your Sheriff. Equip the greatest commander ever!

- Brutal bandits roaming around, defeat them to get rare equipment, materiels, resources totally for FREE!

- Participate in various events to win priceless rewards every day.


We provide Monthly Subscription. The Monthly Subscription is charged with $9.99 per month. New subscribers will get 3-day free trial on the subscription.

Payment will be charged to the Apple account after 3-day free trial or at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal, in accordance with your subscription period, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your account settings any time after purchase.


- Network connection is required.

- Privacy Policy: https://privacy-policy.simpysam.com/

- Terms of Service: https://privacy-policy.simpysam.com/terms_of_use.html

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Top Reviews

  • By Twenty Twin

    Great Game

    I play this game to pass the time. Only thing I hate is having to always have up a peace shield. Get with a strong alliance and build up your forces (Circa prior to the NATIONAL PANDEMIC)…..This GAME has been more therapeutic than ANYTHING for me and my mental health. Yeah the bugs, attacks, blah blah blah…But the 5 star rating here speaks to the creative mindset of the developers. So from a “honorary 1st responder” thanks. I live in Brownsville Brooklyn. I work for a CURE VIOLENCE Nonprofit called SOS BROOKLYN/ Neighbors in Action. We are community based and work to “cure violence” using a wrap around service model ( mediation, therapeutic services, community/ civic engagement…) WE HAVE BEEN DOING THE MENTAL WORK, that the talking heads seem to have just noticed. With that being said, playing a strategic game that allows me to escape to a fantasy world, is so amazing. The animations are cartoon enough, the bonuses are fair enough, and the idea that players and avatars across the world can chime in and become a community WITH A COMMON GOAL‼️‼️‼️ Is a blessing. So 5 stars for creating a safe space for a person who has PTSD and has used this game as one of the many tools to keep my “self care” intact. This is fantasy that I can go when the real world has turned into the upside down. So thanks 🙏🏾

  • By Highlander20755

    Excellent Game

    West game is different from most due to theme from a period of US history, which is opened to world to enjoy. Gold is provided by the game with the right alliance. The right alliance makes the game slightly easier to play and more enjoyable. There are different ways to play. You can strive for self-sufficiency or build military force. Attack outlaws. Raid gangs of bandits. Be a gold / material buyer, or wait to see what the game provides. One potential downside is as your town center and town buildings increase in level, the requirements increase as well making the game more challenging. West game combines strategy with luck, but offers ways and means to acquire what you need to keep playing. Enjoy!

  • By Dmonte2

    Only problem

    After 26 mansion then what? I have seen games that mansions go passed 30 they goto levels up to 5t. That’s one . Second is why so much resources and time to build that’s crazy and resources only go to six and once in the blue moon you see a 7 tile . 3rd why doesn’t this game give out prizes like others why do we have to pay to get good stuff you want us to pay you money if you want good stuff and or make changes . I know there are more I just don’t have the time to write it all down

  • By Lancerville Boss

    Overall a fun play!

    I started playing West Game at the beginning of the pandemic while home with my kids. There is a “pay to play” feel to the game, and you will most likely spend some to move forward, but if you play right it’s not “play to win”! There have been a few little hiccups with updates correcting the problems. Remember it is a war game. There is always a measure of collateral damage in all of them. Team up with others to gain wins and recourses, along with game currency to advance your town. My wife and kids now play with me almost daily! Overall a fun play!

  • By Coulter-307

    Fun game

    Game is fun, but can get frustrating at times. Just remember to always shield up or else weeks of building troops goes to waste. Takes patience when you get to higher level research and buildings, you’ll be waiting days if you don’t use speedups. Plenty of events you can participate in that gets you free gold and resources, without having to risk getting your town attacked. Wish the state wouldn’t open so early, after it opens, you don’t stand a chance

  • By njhcc

    Stored resources

    When stored resources build up to a large amount like 300 plus logs worth 5,000 . There should be a option to use a mass apply to add to your main resources to use to upgrade. I have to hit the use resources button 300 plus times. Takes too long. Should be able to use as much as possible to add into useable resources, like 10 at a time or 100 at a time or somewhere in between to use up the stored resources faster depending on what is saved up.

  • By BriiH27


    I DOWNLOADED THIS GAME AND DELETED IT 30 MINUTES LATER‼️This game is nothing like what it showed in the advertisement was more of a build town and upgrade this click time and just super annoying so many different things popping up the build or upgrade major click bait game it don’t even deserve 1 star only reason I put a star is cause I can’t write a review with out putting the stupid 1 star there thanks to who ever made this game for wasting my time. 😡🤬🤬

  • By Creatinine

    Nothing like the ads. Be prepared to spend money

    The game is nothing like the west game ads shown in other games. The ads show a sherif walking down a town street deciding to help a woman or turning her in for a reward. The game is nothing like that. You can't walk down any street like shown in the ad and interact with characters. This is just a war game with a western feel. That being said, I like the game. Growth is slow unless you pay money. They keep trying to add more things to do in the game but they keep making it harder to get anywhere in the game without spending money If your just starting the game...the first 5 days you are protected from attacks as long as you don't attack. So make sure to be on a lot during that time and constantly build build build and make traps and troops to take advantage of that protection The app support button in the Apple Store does NOT work. App support within the game using the support button is extremely slow and crashes when trying to add photos So email for support instead.

  • By Bones168

    More money, then even more.

    Played this game for over a year. It’s very expensive if you want to enjoy the game. There can be lots of pressure from alliance members to grow faster or fight more often than you would like depending on the alliance your in, and ofcourse that all cost money. Unless you have very deep pockets I would suggest another game as I tried for a long time to build up my troops only to finally have my Shield drop while offline and lose and lot of effort, money, time. There is also a major issue with selling accounts to newbies and to compete you will need atleast 2 accounts ; 1) for fighting and 2) for resources. The strategy and graphics are good as the game can be fun if you want to spend, spend, spend. Not much strategy or skill in out spending other players. I became tired of chasing force of others and had one foot out the door when my shield dropped. There is good support for game play. Most expensive game I ever played.

  • By PbPatch

    Wild West Gunfight Galore

    This game is similar in concept to many others wherein you build up your main power base via research, training, construction, upgrades, and such. Joining an alliance to work together, also a standard. The issue is the severe pay to win mentality. Once you pass like level 15 or so, definitely 20 and higher, the requirements for upgrade and training are so astronomical both in resources needed and time span to accomplish that it is utterly ridiculous. It is money grubbing of the worst sort as the hame caters to “wallet warriors” who pay $thousands to grow. Nobody who doesn't spend a LOT of real money will get far. Also there is no system in place to limit how far below one’s own power level someone can attack. Continually, the most careful of players get smashed mercilessly because something happened in real life causing them to miss renewing a defensive shield. Literally months and months of hard work are destroyed in a split second when someone with a billion force smashes someone with one million, or ever 50 million. Do not play this game unless you want to live under a shield or open a very wide wallet.

  • By F...95

    The game need improvements

    This game is fun as u meet people around the world the idea is not new though but if u don’t spend a lot of money you wont reach any target as you will be weak for ages and get bullied all the time by higher forces and the prices of the permanent skin packs 100$ for 150 pieces is ridiculous and most of the packs are the same and not worth spending money on it and I really wish that the game could find a strategy about attacking small bases it’s not fair a billion player force to attack a 100m force no chance to defend yourself and that’s why most of the small forces did quit the game because they don’t have a chance to grow without spending a lot of money to defend themselves I really hope that my review could make a little change for the developers and try to make a better Environment and new strategy for attacking small players especially in svs because if we are not big enough we can’t even obtain such as most of the events!

  • By MadRienell

    Constant Errors and Bad Updates

    I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and it the play quality has become so bad. With every update, you can count on errors. If they send a message saying an update will take place, just put on a 5 day shield, cause it’s going to be screwed up. They keep adding and adding stuff but don’t take the old side games and garbage out which overloads their servers and causes glitches and bugs. It’s making a lot of players want to quit. I’ve spent over 10k on this game for nothing. During big battles, you can count on lagging so bad that it puts you 5-10 seconds behind which is critical where timing is everything. If you complain to the devs, they just ask for more details, screen shots and tap dance, knowing they aren’t going to help you. Not worth the money anymore.

  • By EZ2BBAD1


    The game needs improvements. The devs I imagine are happy with what money they are making but if they listened to suggestions from players the game could be improved. 1 start merging states there are multiple dead states players are two spread out 2 offer a once a month five hour port to another state for a small fee. 3 change the svs scoring system the way it’s set up people farm their way to victory. People loose by fighting and hitting players. These are suggestions I’ve noticed posted for months. Enjoy the wealth while you have it if changes are not made there will soon be no players left. I would like to see at least three svs where the loosing state merges with the winning state. Dead alliances and alliance buildings should be removed after two weeks. They take up to much room. Maybe make two states fight a bigger state for svs. I haven’t had a decent svs for nearly a year being in s6 and s28 People are loosing interest in this game I’m certain nothing will change but I figured I would try one last time.

  • By porter momorial

    Way to addictive

    I’m a 15 year old boy and this game made me almost fail middle school, luckily I had a bad incident happen which forced me to delete the game but it turned out for the good of it all. I spent lots of money around $1,000 and realized that it was a complete waste of money. And the people you have to deal with have no respect of kids. Their language is horrifying and completely inappropriate and I hate that. I also hate that they like to talk like that cause I know it’s wrong and they still do it…! People in these games have hurt mine and many of my friends feeling. Yes, 15 year old boys have feelings believe it or not, adults. And the females on this game are completely inappropriate as well as the men.

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