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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-06
  • New version: 1.7.7
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Blackjack 21 - HOB


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Blackjack 21 - HOB is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by NEOWIZ. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NEOWIZ, with the latest current version being 1.7.7 which was officially released on 2021-07-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8311 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Blackjack 21 - HOB App

How does it Work?

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The best free blackjack, Blackjack 21: House of blackjack, looks forward to any questions or comments from you.

Black jack 21: House of Black jack is only available to people of legal age. Blackjack 21: House of Black jack does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success in playing this game does not imply your future success at casino or real money gambling"

Black jack 21: House of Black jack is only available to people of legal age. Blackjack 21: House of Black jack does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success in playing this game does not imply your future success at casino or real money gambling

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Top Reviews

  • By KatGamer5439

    Optimistic, and a fan of this app! 👍

    I have read many reviews on this app good and bad. Personally I think House of Blackjack is a fair game. Sure you don’t always win, but it’s the same in reality. This game is far better than any blackjack game I have downloaded. The graphics are absolutely wonderful and the competition is always there for us more competitive players. There are many ways to accumulate free chips as well. I absolutely love this game and the game has me coming back to play multiple times a day. I would recommend this game to anyone. So thank you to the developers! And those of you reading this review, trust me when I say this is a must have game. The bad reviews written are most likely from players who expect to advance quickly in the game with little effort. Nothing worth having comes for free and will always require work and time. Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  • By Dana456432

    Great blackjack play

    I play this game every day at least once but if I am taking a break I play a few hands. And at night before I go to bed, I have won upwards of 55 million and lost it all again. Just to turn around and do it again. There area few times when it doesn’t seem fair. When you have a 12 or 13 almost ALWAYS a face card shows up. Now, you are playing with 6 decks.... and I noticed that when you are in the higher money tables that doesn’t happen as often. Seems to me it should be the other way around. But. It is a game. And it is fun. I recommend it highly!!!! It would be nice if the players could message each other. After you play for a while you see some of the same people. Maybe you could make that a special incentive.

  • By dizzdizz77

    Not sure

    I downloaded this game to just play around while the casinos were closed due to the pandemic. I honestly think it’s crooked as hell. Been playing it for three months now and it’s done nothing but cost me money. It may be free to start but you loose chips and you have to buy more. You can literally hit 21 and boom the dealer gets it almost every time. Deleting it off my phone and saving my money from here on out.

  • By willidoggg

    Fun but really frustrating

    I have been playing this game for a while now. It is a great game the graphics and especially being able to make a side bet. However, the main problem is how there are forced categories you have to play in whenever you have a certain amount of chips. It is extremely frustrating because I always have a good time on and off when having around 1 million. But whenever im forced to go to monte carlo instead of macau because of how many chips i have its ridiculous. Of course after 5 hands at the place i have to play im practically back at 0 chips. When people walk into real casinos whether they have $100,000 or $500 they choose where they want to play and how much they want to bet. Thats how casinos work. And STOP begging me to buy chips everytime theres a chance you throw an offer in my face thats "only lasting for 10 more hours" but I've seen it for over a month. Im not wven going to mention how the dealer shows 6 and 95% of the time gets 19, 20, or 21. Its a good game but dont regulate where i can and can't play maybe I would buy chips if i wasn't forced to play somewhere when I do.

  • By Eric2013

    It’s ok but beware spending your own money

    The pluses. Graphics are great, few tables with some different side bets, bonus chips come pretty quickly although pretty low chips wise. The cons. Now I realize this isn’t a gaming commission sanctioned game and your losses will most likely be more than your winnings but 90% of the deals the dealer has a 10 where he or she will lift the card and say either not a BJ or sorry it’s a BJ, it will be better next time. When the dealer does pull a low card don’t be surprised to see a 5-6 card pull to 21 with them saying it will be better next time. I have to see in settings if the dealer talking can be shut off because after 10 hands I’m sick of hearing it will be better next time 7 of the 10 hands. Swear I’ve come close to punching and shattering my iPad. I am not a professional BJ player but I do gamble and play a lot at casinos and I know how to play book and if you do play book in this one you will lose a lot more often than win so I advise play gut on here more than book. Overall, the game is good to play to get your BJ fix in between casino trips but just be prepared to lose.

  • By Orangchic

    NEED a chat option

    This is by far my favorite casino app. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the lack of chat. The chat that it does have is a joke. You can send an emoji to the table or select a canned message, but you don’t even know what the message is that you will send. You have a “theme” message to choose from ie. cheers would send a congratulatory message but there most be a couple message in the cheers section and it randomly picks one and it seems each theme has at least one message that is odd and doesn’t really match the sentiment you’re trying to convey. I will happily amend my review to 5 stars if an actual chat option becomes available. I understand not allowing a private message between players as it opens the door for cheating but I see no reason you can’t have a table wide chat. Please add this feature, when people are “gambling” they want to be social. I hope the developers take this into consideration.

  • By Jman13245

    This game alright

    I have to say. When it comes to blackjack I want to talk to people. This game doesn’t rlly allow you to do that. The reason for that is that they don’t want people talking about how bad the cards are. Look, I get dealt 17. Dealer has a 5. Sometimes I just know I lost. Dealer has 15, there comes the 3. Oh boy. I lost. Well. Guess I can go buy more chips. To be honest. It is a pay to play. I ALWAYS END UP ZERO. I have been at 1.6 bil before. But I still have to bet over 100 mil every hand. And yes, we go on the losing streaks and the winning streaks, but sometimes I think the game can see me through this phone and just hates me. Giving the dealer 20 7 times in a row. 21 8 times in the last 10 minutes. What I’m trying to say is. When I play in real life compared to this game. It’s completely opposite. Really is. I give it a 3 star because it is fun. Most of the time. But I swear on my life I won’t be spending another buck on this. DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! PLEASE

  • By Valj8

    Decent at start but I don’t understand forcing into higher limits

    I get it, it’s just play money, but I don’t understand why I got to be forced into higher limits. Especially when you’re forced so quickly. I have to be betting a very high percentage just to meet the minimum I’m forced into. Clearly a freemuim strategy since at one point generally at Macau, you’ll most likely burn through that stack unless you’re extremely lucky. If you are using this app as a means to gamble without “real” risk, it’ll actually make it worse. I’ll give it 3 stars though because the algorithm is actually fair. After playing 1331 hands. Got blackjack averaging 24 hands and 44% wins. Factoring in pushes, that’s right around average too. But man, at least make a more reasonable min limit requirement. Great app ruined by freemuim greed.

  • By amKuebler

    Super fun game but

    ITS RIGGED I played knock-out, Spin & Go, and solo round and for the majority of each game the dealer always had the upper hand. What really got me to post this comment is I didn’t win a single time social, I had a chart up that showed the best chances of each hand which would result in 60/40 wins. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I hit when I was supposed to, whether it be 12 or 16 I got a bust or a 20, for more than 20 games in a row I wast busted I wasted over 10 millions dollars. And Everytime I was 15 or over when the dealers card was 6 or lower (which is card statistics is the smarts move to hold) I didn’t win a single time. This game is rigged, all it wants you to do is pay real cash for fake money. 9 other friends and I have agreed this game is rigged and have moved to other gamboling platforms, I hope you have read this far and do jot support this atrocious, Greedy, selfish app that all it wants to do is take your money. Thank you.

  • By Girlygirly 1

    Great App but they indirectly force you to buy chips

    I’ve been playing this app for a while. It’s by far the best black jack app that I’ve found! My only issue is how they force you to play at high betting tables when you have a more than a million .. The dealer almost always has a 20 at these tables. Eventually you will run out of money and be tempted to buy their chips. I’ve never bought any! But I would love to be able to play smaller amounts based off how I feel! You can’t do this with this app! If you have more than a $1,000,000 then you must place at least 25,000 a hand! It’s definitely not idea for someone who likes to play for long amounts of time! I do love interacting with others players! I’ve solely gave this game a 2 star rating because of this!

  • By Ytcytih

    90% Dealer always has the upper hand .

    This game could be fun but it’s not realistic on how many times the dealer always wins. Almost 90% of the time dealer shows a 10 card for its first card and a high card under it. The other 10% of the time if dealer shows a low card it’s pretty guaranteed the following card will be low and every time it hits it will be given winning cards. I can’t tell you how many times I’m dealt 12,13,14,16 and hit on a 12 and there’s the 10 card ready to bust me. I have literally played this game for hours sitting with the same people starting out with 10, 9, 7 and 5 million chips and watched them bet (including myself) only the minimal amount of chips and lose all of it. Yep, the game is rigged to make you lose. So bottom line is; check it out for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And don’t buy with real money because either way your guaranteed to lose 90% more times then win. BIG disappointment to say the least!

  • By Rjw46

    Do NOT spend money on this

    Although the experience is better than most.. this game is quite a cheat. If you don’t play alone, there are terrible players on this site. The game will almost certainly not allow you win. The dealer makes hands over and over and over relentlessly.. the chips if you spend money get more expensive as you become addicted to this game. The developer will post a BS response to this feedback almost certainly ensuring it’s fairness.. it is not fair. If you don’t have blackjack you can’t win. The dealer when showing an ace almost 99% of the time has blackjack. Hitting you will never make hands and dealer always makes hands. I’d just never play here if I was you. You are wasting your time and if you spend money on a app like this you are a fool. Every turn it’s offering you chips that will never be real. You will be forced to bet extremely high. And no bank roll is safe. You heard it from me dummy.

  • By Jmg544

    Don’t BUY with real money ever

    The game is design in such a way that if you pay real money for let’s say 10,000,000 chips, you are force to bet a minimum of 500,000 per bet. That will drain all your chips in about 10-20 games. As soon as you accumulate more chips your minimum bet will increase automatically. If you have 10,000,000 chips and want to bet low like 20,000 a play, you cannot, it will not allow you. So I recommend to just play for free and if you only have low chips you can play the lowest bet they allow. Edit.. to the dev, You don’t play against other players. You play against the dealer so regardless of you bet 100 or 100,000,000 it should be your choice. I shouldn’t be force to pay, more if I have more chips. It is quite the scam. I play longer with fewer chips than I do if I but 100,000,000 chips.

  • By OnlyJer

    Algorithm Review

    This app was good... starting out. However, as soon as you start building up some money in this game and wagering more ambitiously, the dealer will get nothing but Blackjacks, 21’s off any card if they have to hit, and 20’s. They will not let you win lol. I’ve built up to 1M and even 2M at one point, and every time I start increasing my bets I lose 6-7 hands in a row to nothing but 21’s and 20’s. This algorithm is set up to screw you just when things start getting fun. I’m writing this review after losing $60K in 7 hands where the dealer didn’t bust once, got TWO CONSECUTIVE blackjacks, hit to 21 on the very next hand, and then nothing but 20s. There are many other Blackjack apps on the App Store that are 100x better. Don’t waste your time building up that money lol it hurts when the algorithm takes it all back

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