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Paint by Number Coloring Games


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Paint by Number Coloring Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by DAILYINNOVATION CO., LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - DAILYINNOVATION CO., LIMITED, with the latest current version being 2.61.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 340746 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Paint by Number Coloring Games App

How does it Work?

Brighten days with Paint By Number!

Paint By Number is an art drawing game to color modern artworks with coloring by numbers. A number coloring book and coloring puzzle game for everyone, there are so many free and fascinating coloring pages in this coloring book and new pictures for painting by numbers will be updated every day! Dozens of number coloring categories for choosing, such as animals, love, jigsaw, quotes, characters, florals, and mandalas in pintar por numero. In addition to ordinary coloring pages of solid color, amazing special coloring pages of gradient color and wonderful wallpaper pictures are waiting for being colored by numbers in here. Share masterpieces with friends and families, enjoy coloring by numbers and beautiful artworks together!

All pictures are marked by numbers, just choose one image follow your heart, and tap the corresponding coloring cells according to the coloring numbers of the palette, it's easy to finish an artwork and bring pictures to life in a short time by coloring by numbers. Coloring has never been easier, try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers!

Key Features

- Convenient and fast: paint by numbers anywhere with no pencil or paper needed.

- Various unique images and new coloring pages update everyday!

- Great variety of themed categories: cute animals, characters, beautiful flowers, stunning places and many more different themes.

- Easy to color: enjoy the simplicity and ease of painting by numbers and app use, use hints to find tiny hard-to-find cells.

- Quick sharing: post number coloring artworks on all social networks and share with friends and families.


Paint by Number Premium

- With Paint by Number Premium you can subscribe for unlocking all pictures, removing ads and watermark.

- Weekly Paint By Number Membership automatically renews for $3.99/week after the 7-day free trial. Monthly subscription is $9.99, yearly subscription is $69.99, equal to the same price that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines in other currencies.

- These purchases are auto-renewable subscription. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase or at the end of the trial period of purchase, if it's offered.

- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.



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Top Reviews

  • By I'm NOT Changing

    This is the BEST Coloring/Painting App EVER!!!

    Good morning!!!! This app is the BEST app that you could ever download if you like to color or paint by number. It has an option where you can get the special pictures for FREE instead of paying the in my opinion very pricey amounts just to get some coloring pictures (I think that any amount of money for a phone app is expensive, except for free!!!) This app does not just have just strictly the coloring vibe to it, it has the gamer vibe to it, where it has individual challenges, ie: “Inky Treasure Hunter-Color three pictures” (paintbynumber) and also challenges, such as grouping certain types of pictures together, such as ‘Mindfulness’ that if you color all seven of them, it tells you how many other players you beat. They also have different types of pictures- jigsaw, ‘regular coloring pages’, ‘special coloring pages’, in which you have to watch a video to get, as well as different categories- ‘animals, cartoons’, ‘food’, ‘nature’, etc. You can save the pictures you color to your device for you or that you can ‘share’ (they have the gamer badges if you send (‘share’) so many pictures to your family and trusted friends), and they have videos too of the picture It is also easy on your fingers to do if you have chronic pain, which I do. If you are looking for all-in-one coloring and gaming, this is your app!!! Thank you, and thank goodness for Paint By Number!!

  • By Rose_black_is_beautiful_

    Love this app!!... but I have a couple of wishes I have.

    I love this app. Especially since they added this new cool color thing. I don’t even know how to explain it!! If you download the app, which I recommend. You will see what I am talking about. Everything about this app is great! Before the update I felt like I couldn’t get a lot of hints. Hints is just something you use if you can’t find where you are supposed to color. For example, if I am coloring a fish and I can’t find where I am supposed to color for blue then I press the hint icon and it shows me where I am supposed to color. And then the update came and now you can do things in the app to get more hints!! It’s amazing. The only wish that I have for the app is having more black girls/women to color on the app. Being a young black girl myself, I usually don’t see a lot of people who look like me as a doll or as a top model etc. I really love my melanin skin and seeing it being put on display on an app is awesome!! Or anywhere for that matter. It’s exciting to see that our hard work to be respected has finally been recognized, not just overlooked. As it has been for many years. So as a customer I ask you or whoever runs the company, or sees this review please allow more light to shine on us. As I grow up I want to allow my kids and their kids to know that black will always be beautiful. Thank you!! Have a wonderful time enjoying life y’all.

  • By fhfuiuuyguhfugv

    I am so Calm . And I thought someone was going to copy my work

    This game is amazing and even some of the pictures like when you touch them like it is just music and it helps me concentrate on some homework also some other stuff that I do and I sometimes sneak my iPad downstairs to do some little calm stuff and I wear my headphones and I love it I just love this game it’s such a great game I deleted it but then I got it back because it’s I couldn’t stop just like thinking about it I always wanted to do art but since I deleted the game I haven’t been doing some like calm stuff and well I haven’t been like drawing that much I haven’t been doing A lot of stuff and plus this game is the best game in the whole tire world and if you guys do not like this game then just delete it for me it’s the best game in the whole intire world .One day I was just you know just hang around with my dad because it was father and dad stay because well I don’t even like on Thursdays my dad and me hang out and with my mom I only hang out with her on Sundays and Saturdays because those are the days she does not have work and plus one day someone was go onto FaceTime me but I didn’t FaceTime you then I know these are a lot of words but please say something to me. 🥺

  • By Cutefox18


    I absolutely love this app. It’s a bit frustrating at times when I can’t find the color, but that’s on me. I love how all of the pictures are fun and they are beautiful pictures! I also love how you guys allow the players to sorta communicate with you guys through Facebook and take their opinion on things. On Facebook though, most game companies pick the majority of the answers, but the other people should also get what they feel is more comfortable for them! The game in settings should have some sort of thing that says “Picture Modifications” for example. Sometimes when my colored pictures are doing the fast forward color process, sometimes the black outline glitches out, and it gets this sort of effect where all the lines in the picture are perfectly straight and they have a white outline. I actually like the glitch because it makes the pictures a bit more different. In the options the game should have like the outline color maybe, and the highlighted area color as in a greyscale form. This was more of ideas to make the game better less than a review. Anyways, I’m addicted to this game now! It’s great and if anyone planning to download the game reads this entire thing, I say you should! ❤️👍

  • By ClawdeenMe22

    Lack of Diversity and also technical issues

    So firstly I want to say that I really enjoy paint by number, it’s a very relaxing app that helps me keep my mind off of the sudden passing of my brother. My grandmother and I both sit together and do our separate PBN pieces to keep from being sad. However, I only give two stars because with a beautiful art app like this there’s no reason not to have a multitude of diversity when coloring pictures of people. There’s most Caucasian people in the pictures, an Asian person here and there, a black persons speckled in on occasion by that’s about it. The one Native American picture I see and the girl has blonde hair and pink-white skin???? Also I hate how there’s times when you’re looking for a space to color and just cannot find it so you HAVE to use a hint, and it’s the teeny-tiniest little area you’d never have been able to see! Or when an entire number is only ONE SMALL PART! Not to mention the blue area symbolizing where the colors go is sometimes SO LIGHT it blends in with the white background of the picture and you can’t see it! There needs to be more diversity, more transparency in what you’re supposed to color and less tiny hard to see areas to waste hints on.

  • By KitKatKittene

    Surprisingly Good

    I’ve never been very fond of ‘relax and chill’ games like these, but this one surprised me. The pictures are very intricate and detailed, with lots of vibrant colors. About 6 or 8 new pictures come out every day, with the addition of daily pictures. The developers are obviously putting a lot of effort into this and it’s paying off. The only things that bugs me is sometimes when I am watching an ad to get a hint, it does not give me the hint, so I have to watch another to get the hint I already should have gotten, but I haven’t had that problem in awhile so that just shows how the developers really are on top of the problem as soon as they can. I have looked at the other reviews and lots have people have said that their game was crashing, I personally cannot add to this, because I have never once crashed out of this game. But another thing is with the shaded pictures, they just sometimes look really photoshopped, like someone drew something for a rough sketch and just cropped a bunch of fabrics and textures and overlayed them with colors to make something. But overall, very good app, 10/10, would recommend.

  • By Pahunt

    Great app. Update 7/7/21

    I am really enjoying this app. For a free app, there are a lot of pictures to color, and I love the special effects. Just one thing, too many ads. If you need to use one of the tools to find a spot on the picture, you have to watch an ad every time. I know you have to have ads, and the app is free, but a few less ads would be nice. But overall, it’s a fun app. Since the new iPad update was installed on my iPad, this is the newest version, I got into the app one time, and when I went into the news area to tru and get a picture, I clicked on the link, and I get a message saying paint by number is only available on Mobil devices. I have it on my iPad, so I don’t understand this. Then I went out of the app, and when I tried to get back in, all I get is a blank screen. I can’t get into the app at all now. Please help, because I really like this app. Phyllis Hunt Where are the Halloween pictures? The shortcut on the page that displays them says Halloween, but I don’t see any Halloween pictures except ones I did last year. I have noticed that some of my colored pictures are disappearing, don’t know why. Please help.

  • By Littlebird36

    Beautiful artistry

    I love this app. It is probably the best color by number in the App Store. The pictures are awesome, particularly the special and wallpaper pictures. You never know what is going to appear in the special pictures when you touch a highlighted section. I also appreciate that the next section highlighted comes up automatically when you finish the previous color, or you can choose a number color on your own. What I didn’t like was the frequent annoying ads. So I stopped using the app for several months. I decided to give it a try again a few weeks ago and was surprised to find an offer for eliminating ads for $6.99. I decided that was a reasonable price so I grabbed it in case the developers withdrew the offer in the future. I watch ads only when I want to get extra hints and gems. A new feature is the addition of paint by number art masterpieces. They are beautiful and make you feel like you are creating a real oil painting. There are also story themes and jigsaw puzzles themes which are fun. If you like coloring by number, don’t miss out on this one!

  • By paxtyn b

    I love it but I am kind of disappointed it did it before

    OK so as you saw my tile I said I love it but I’m kind a disappointment I’m disappointed because you should be able to search pictures and you were able to before you may not of knew that but you were able to before and I really think you should add that in if you never did if that was a different app for me if I just had it since I have it on a different device it may be different but you should add it on here you should edge search and I do love it but also I’m disappointment because you should be able to you know color how do you want to color it and draw your own pictures and draw your own pictures so then you should add a thing that says you can draw your own pictures and you should be able to color them them without it telling you how to color them sure like maybe into age thing and if it’s under four if it’s under four years old you should make it so they have to click on the right thing but if it’s for but if it’s for like eight-year-olds or 20-year-olds sure just let them go freehand it because you know we’re gonna try to make our best work I’m gonna be at eight-year-old but I can talk I can so I want to say because everybody should be able to say that so I love the game love love love love love it just add it in please read it now please👏🏾😁☹️

  • By I will always love him ❤

    Love it.. but... believe there’s a glitch

    Always enjoyed coloring.. it’s relaxing and I could do it for hours.. I’ve colored hundreds of pages.. couple weeks ago, I did the iPhone update.. 13.1.1, it did it’s thing, no big deal.. then I realized that when I would go into the app to color.. I’d scroll through and find something, usually there’s a ad that appears... nothing unusual.. but all of a sudden after the ad is finished, it tries going to the color page, but my screen goes dark.. I can still see the app is running, but it just won’t do anything.. I close the app and reopen, still does the same thing after each ad. I understand that when Apple does a update there’s always a second update to fix bug and performance issues.. so thinking that was the problem, I downloaded update 13.1.2, still doing the same thing.. I’ve checked in apps to see if the app needed updated.. nothing was there.. I thought maybe if I uninstalled the app, it might reset itself and work.. turns out I lost ALL my colored pages.. over 400 pages colored.. GONE. Which is a bummer, but being how much I love to color, it’s not a issue.. I’m not sure what to do to fix this. Anyone else have this problem? Or any ideas how to fix it.. would be greatly appreciated.

  • By Eyewhy22


    I have tried several coloring apps, and this use to be one of my favorites. The daily challenges and collections offer something different. Also, there is a wide range of options for the most part. Animals, mandalas, famous paintings, landmarks-all of these and more means you’re not stuck coloring the same subject matter all the time. However, one thing repeatedly upsets me while using this app. Where is the representation for your users? Take the “Dream Wedding” theme for example. Every couple shown is young, white, able bodied, and heteronormative. How can this be described as a dream if it only paints a picture of one very small section of society? This collection is certainly not the first time I’ve noticed a lack of diversity. There have been many instances where this app has whitewashed things. I am not trying to make something meant to be creative and relaxing into a political statement. I am simply pointing out the opportunities missed by being so limited. Exposing people to different ways of living and different ideals of beauty opens a person up to so many things. Curiosity, understanding, knowledge, and the ability to have an open mind are all beneficial attributes to society.

  • By ADD thats wassup!!!

    Addicting but frustrating

    Ok so one day I was just like oh well ima just color a lil pic but then that’s when it started glitching😞😞😞 I was so frustrated with it so I deleted it but when I re downloaded it, it had redone all of my pics!! The way it glitched it was like it turned off and on. 😒 Anyway when I I wanted to color it again it did it again and I got soooooooooooooooo mad at it!!!!! Another problem that I have to deal with would be that some of the spaces to color are just like wayyyyyy to small to even touch like I was like oh well I see it so ima press it so when I did it wouldn’t let me so I had to keep pressing and pressing until I zoomed in closer and then I was able to press it😒. Another problem is that there’s not enough like pictures to color like there’s not enough that interest you in it!! It also gets kinda boring too like when the adds take FOREVER to load!! And the adds are just like wayyyyy to long to wait for I’m like oh u know ima just color this really pretty pic but the add is for like 50 seconds or like 20 and I’m NOT a patient person so I just turned my phone over and turned on the tv to watch it until the add was over! Overall, I like this game cuz it’s fun and really relaxing to do especially when you have nothing to do!!😁😄

  • By Greygallow

    Constant crash and lagg issues.

    Ive had this app for quite a long time now. Long enough to have colored nearly 2500 pics. I used to really enjoy this app and would find myself ignoring other games to color on this one. But for quite awhile now, it crashes a lot.. laggs so bad that it’s to the point where I can hardly move the picture around on the screen to zoom in and out. It just stays stuck. It laggs when putting the colors into the picture.. like it has to catch up to every spot you just touched. There are a lot of black screens after ads, as well. You have to completely close the app and restart it just to get going again. It also drains the absolute life out of my phone’s battery. No other game does that as bad as this one. It is taking a toll on the overall performance of my iPhone. I wish you guys could fix this. It’s like the longer you play it, the more pictures you get colored in, the more it laggs, crashes and makes my phone act up. I would hate to delete this app because I put a lot of hours into these pictures. But, inevitably, I may have to in order to save my phone. I’ve even deleted all my other games trying to keep just this one. I am also completely updated with the latest version. As far as the game itself, I would like to see more achievements added. It doesn’t take long before you’re able to accomplish a good deal of them. Trying to complete achievements (for me) is one of the more fun aspects of the game.

  • By Holo Sohma

    The updated version

    They changed the layout so now everything is rather small as far as in the different menus and it’s not an option to set it back to the old layout I’d like that fixed because a not even inch sized preview of the pictures is not exactly helpful or even tolerable since my eyesight isn’t bad but I still have to squint to try to see small details on the preview pictures. I have an iPad mini maybe on a regular iPad it’s more decently sized but on here it’s annoyingly small. The daily page the pictures are even smaller and even the unlocked today’s picture is half the size of the main pages pictures. The daily picture you unlock is the one thing you never expected to be a reused picture but they’ve also done the reusing for the “new” daily picture you unlock every 24 hours. There’s diamonds to unlock themes and to unlock a whole theme is 300 plus diamonds. You only get them as progressive rewards so 2 times a day one for painting 5 pictures and one for doing 10. After you get none. Unlike locked pictures there’s no way to get the individual pictures in a theme which you can pay for the individual pictures but there’s no way to watch an ad for one. So on top of looking lazy by reusing pictures in a suppose to be new daily group of pictures instead of just not having one picture makes them seem not to care about what they put out but still want you to put out your money for them.

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