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Highway Drifter


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Highway Drifter is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Mad Hook. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Mad Hook, with the latest current version being 3.8 which was officially released on 2021-07-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13599 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Highway Drifter App

How does it Work?

Highway Drifter

The ultimate highway drifting thrill and the best online multiplayer drifting game of 2021

Play Highway Drifter to join the biggest drifting community on play-store and challenge players from all over the world, pick your favorite car and choose any of our localized maps to experience the real drifting thrill.

“Drift and burn your tires, get high scores and challenge other players online”

In Highway Drifter we are trying to simulate the real drifting environment either on a highway or inside the cities to satisfy all tastes and all cultures.

Highway Drifter is available in two different modes: the single player and the online multiplayer, each mode can be played in any car and map so the players can make as many combinations as they like to carry the thrill to its maximum level, they can also play in different ways so that they can race each other or drift to break there highest scores.

NOTE: This game is free to play and it also has In-App-Purchases to buy some unique fancy cars and items.

Highway Drifter Key FEATURES

- Huge collection of Awesome realistic cars

- Realistic Car Physics

- Next-Gen Graphics with optional HD mode for high-end devices

-Realistic Crashes

- Multiple drifting car builds and modes

- Lots of cars including classic muscle cars

- Unique camera system with slow motion

- Smart Scoring system based on your skills

- In game chat

- Online multiplayer

- Car customization

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Top Reviews

  • By BTTFFan121

    Fun and simple!

    I really like this game because it's fun, high score, arcade action. The graphics are decent, the vehicles are diverse, easy to customize, and somewhat easy to unlock, the gameplay is basic but exciting, and the multiplayer adds a whole new area of gameplay. I just wish there was a little more. More maps (personally, I like the highways), options to increase the number of cars in single-player levels, more camera views (first-person view could be interesting), or more customization options (spoilers, lights, decals, changing the color of stripes, etc.). You don't need to do all of those, obviously, those are just some ideas.

  • By zurvick

    Very addictive game! Highly recommend.

    The type of game that i really wanted for a long time! I just got this game an hour ago and i just can stop playing it! It way different like any other drifting games. The graphics is really great! So far i have no any complaints about this game. I just wanted to ask a favor if you guys can add up some new maps and challenges or obstacles to make it more even challenging. I also want to improve the sound of the car engines and add up some smoke when it drifts and lastly, i highly recommend traffic options. So far so good, great game!

  • By Vinnyboy69696

    Fun and addicting, only minor changes needed

    I really do enjoy this game, and I’ve only had it for about a day. Really fun and addicting concept, however a bit annoying when obstacles spawn in out of no where when using the nitrous. Other than that I have no complaints, maybe some more obstacles and areas to drive in.

  • By FAISAL 96


    The game is really good , but I hope that u put options that we could change the color of the windows and we could write on it also if we could use the indicator light and the front lights that will make the game really perfect. Thanks

  • By ale_beihk

    Very fun and addictive

    This game is nice and very very fun to play I love it everything is perfect n all n movement is perfect n can you add a camero 2014 ss lt rs i really love that camero n can u add more options to customize cars like the hood color n spoiler n camera angle from inside to drive I’ll love it more but pls make this come true 💯

  • By sledhead9

    Great game

    I love this game so much and I can’t stop playing it. The graphics are pretty good and the drifting part is hard at first but as soon as you get the hang of it it’s really fun. I wish that the car or truck engines would be louder and more realistic

  • By YatoGod0223

    Good game just some recommendations

    I really do enjoy playing this game. I like being able to do Rockford turns and messing around with the camber on the wheels. I just wish there were more maps and it didn’t take so long to earn cash. Like I’ll get 180,000 points and only get 1,200 cash. I also wish there was a way to regenerate health or something on the car like if there were health packs or a gas station you had to go through. And maybe give us some better sound effects and maybe an options to customize our car with graphics instead of the presets and colors.

  • By mikgav

    As advertised, few upgrade options

    This game is very fun to play. I found out about this game through Instagram ads and I was amazed to see that the game is exactly how it was shown in the advertisements. The only thing that I would change in the game is more customization options, like for example more cosmetic stuff. The only upgrades available to the cars right now is color, rims, ride height, and camber. Other than that this game is super fun to play either on public servers or solo to earn coins

  • By seloutmik_69

    Can’t really play anymore

    This game is good and all. Glad the developers hear us and fix problems. But these changes have also took the ability to play the game. I play this game almost everyday but one day it kept crashing. I can reach the menu screen with the car and level but when I attempt to press challenge, it never loads. The game is good just crashes a lot :/

  • By Drawing Master 45

    There’s only one problem

    I love the gameplay. The best part is the graphics they are beautiful. But there’s one problem. For the free roam mode, there’s only 2 minutes. I thought it could be like infinite or something you know? That’s the only problem, everything else is perfect.

  • By LukasGATHRING13

    READ great game but something needs to be fixed

    The ads need to be fixed u can’t watch ads to get a car Bc when u press on the button it doesn’t show u the ad and when it says 4x money watch ad it doesn’t let u watch the ad please fix

  • By yungscooterpepe

    Amount of lag

    Seems like when I get up to a high speed it seems to lag or glitch because when I’m going fast most of the time I don’t see a vehicle ahead but one will pop out of no where and screw my score up. And more maps would be cool

  • By megafaggot143

    Alright game

    Starting off the game isn’t that bad, you can customize your car to anyway you like, but once you tap that button to start playing boom, ad after ad after ad. then once you get in it give you another. i’ll give them the extra star for the creativity and the graphics of the car, but there is just way to many ads. if they have you one ad loading in and another loading out id understand. but giving you four of them for just trying to press the gas pedal is ridiculous.

  • By mathewbasis

    Too many problems

    The game lags so much for me when I’m playing and I don’t even have the graphics turned up. Although the freezes put me back to where it froze instead of teleporting me forward, it’s still annoying and impossible to get used to since it’s random. There are also WAY too many ads. An ad when I start the game. An ad when I select ready. An ad when I select single player. An ad when I select a map. And ad when I join. It’s TOO MUCH. Enough with the focus on penny pinching and start focusing on your game or I guarantee you that you won’t be making any money when everyone leaves this game. Another thing is the horrible customization. We can’t even move the camera to see what wheels we put on, the camber has no visual or performance effect whatsoever, and there are so few options. I used to love this game but when I came back it’s been nothing but disappointing.

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