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Darts Club


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Darts Club is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BoomBit, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BoomBit, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.0.7 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5002 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Darts Club App

How does it Work?

Darts Club is a multiplayer darts game with a collectible twist! Increase your skills, collect new pieces to upgrade your darts and take on players from around the world


- REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER: Find and defeat opponents from around the world!

- INTRICATE UPGRADE SYSTEM: Find new pieces to strengthen your darts!

- MULTIPLE DETAILED VENUES: Unlock them by advancing in the ranks

- SPECIAL EVENTS & MORE: Discover surprises we’ve planned for the future!

Compete against other people online in this uniquely involving Darts game! Learn to throw your darts efficiently and precisely, master your skills and become a Worldwide Dart Champion!

By playing the game and winning matches you unlock new pieces and can use them to customize your darts! With new barrels, shafts and flights your darts will get a unique look and a performance boost.

As your equipment becomes better, so do your chances of winning, but the deciding factor will still be your skill. Even the best darts won’t help you if you don’t master the art of throwing them!

The more you play, the better you’ll be able to anticipate where the dart lands when you throw it. Don't give up, discover your inner Dart Champion and dominate the online arena!

Terms of Use: https://boombit.com/tos/

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Top Reviews

  • By infestedchris

    Best dart game on the market

    This is a solid 5 star game. If you like the art style and card collecting like in the game clash royal, then you will like this. It works in the same sense, you get 3 darts that you can interchange parts and swap around. There are also stats associated with the interchangeable parts that make the dart fly straighter or keep the dart from swaying when aiming. You get trophies for winning and you advance in ranking and play at different dart arenas like pubs, bars, etc. I find this game more relaxing then clash royal and never felt like breaking my phone when I lost. 😂 This is a solid lay back game you will enjoy.

  • By Aragon6290

    Darts club

    Right now I can’t even log in goes to a screen says push ok but nothing happens .One of the better made dart app. It’s unique and has great gameplay and great variety of dart games from201 to 501 to cricket and so on plus lots of variations of each game. At the moment money only slightly gives you an advantage but it’s still easy and possible to climb the ranks _laying for free which is nice cause most games make it impossible to get anywhere unless you spend 100s of dollars so that is another nice advantage of this game

  • By Dick67282736

    Skill based, very competitive

    I don’t write reviews, that being said....Not too much content to become overwhelmed but enough to keep you coming back everyday:) the PvP is spot on, and not a “pay-to-win” type game. I’ve played consistently for a week and don’t feel pressure to spend money on the game. If you take advantage of all of the free chances to get things through ads you’ll see you don’t NEED to spend money. Very good game.

  • By ktspotck

    Great but

    Best darts game by far in the App Store. I’ve been playing a long time and tried so many different dart apps and none compare. The update is awesome and I love the new single player mode. However, 501, 201 etc..can get boring quickly when everyone just hits 20 until someone wins and if the events/tournaments going on at the time are games I’m not too good at or just don’t like then I have no other options other than to play the 201, 501 etc. If our friends are online and we invite them to play then we can pick what game we play so why can’t we be given the option to play any of the games we want to whenever we want? I just really enjoy this game and I hate having to wait a day or more for events and tournaments to end just to see if the next one available is one I like or not.

  • By doll morgan


    In love with this game and the amazing energy you feel playing it. So many options it’s really is crazy awesomeness and thats why that it is so dissapointing when you are matched with an opponent and right before you throw the first dart it tells you that your internet connection has been lost and then you loose the game and the Gems that you spent to enter the tournament are lost too. I had gotten 11 out of 12 wins in a row on the 12 and final one it disconnected me !! My internet never disconnects us ever ! I notice it cuts off lots of my opponents too. Idk what happens on that end but if that could stop happening then it would be fantastic !!!! Being cut off is a big Bummer so people fix it Please! I cant spend any $$ on the app till that stops !! I will still play it though cause its my new go to game app.

  • By JLtowU

    Don’t fix what isn’t broke...

    Only complaints this review is that when selecting the cheesy darts for the special events, every time you select or deselect a dart, it zooms you back up to the top of the dart selection page. Then I have to scroll back down to the darts I was checking the stats for. By the way...why can’t we use the darts we’ve worked so hard to build up for these events like crazy cricket, or whatever. We’re stuck choosing darts we’re unfamiliar with. Also, why are there so few coins in each chest? There are loads of upgrades that do me no good cause I have no coins to pay for them. I have over 64 upgrades I can do, but am unable to unless using real money to buy coins. The ratio of coins given to upgrades is bad.-.-

  • By C. Chen


    It could get 5 star but the limitation to the rewards (the coins) we could get is just ridiculous. Wish they would just let us earn them and not force us to buy their in app products. Second, wish the have the option to delete some of the treasure boxes and have the ability to buy more slots and probably runs few chests in the same time. They just frustate me to no ends. I’m willing to play and gets no chest because the slots are full but to play and not get any coins, is just too much. Then what the point of playing over and over again.

  • By Mick2LWRule

    High levels issue

    This is a great game. No question. However, once you hit Osprey League, it’s almost always a 9-dart Match. So, the player who goes first wins. It’d be nice to throw for first up, but this isn’t possible because you don’t play live matches. In Battle Mode you do, but league play is a random choice of matches against a pool of opponents who’ve already won their match. Oh and you get repeats often. Played the same guy three times with the same hits and misses. Darts of Fury is more akin to playing an AI opponent and so ultimately lacks the nerve-induced mistakes one experiences in competition.

  • By SpecialK7713

    Was great

    This was a tremendous game and highly addictive. It can take a long time to build up your darts but I had no problem with that. You should have to earn better darts. The exception is the people who spend a lot of money. And I do mean a lot. It looks very expensive. It was frustrating getting matched with players greatly more skilled and more experienced cuz I had zero chance of winning. However, I played this game every chance I got in order to slowly improve my darts and I finally grew to a level where I could compete with the best. Not win a lot. Just occasionally. But it was so much fun being able to battle. THEN..., there was an upgrade April 8th. I immediately noticed my darts dramatically declined. My throws were very different. More erratic and noticeably inconsistent. I don’t know what happened with the upgrade but it’s not the same. All of my darts and their stats were the same but when using them they were clearly less accurate and acting different. I have been downgraded severely after playing so much to get my skill level better. I feel like I’m back where I was months ago. This game was relaxing and enjoyable to improve my skills and earn better darts and now I it was for nothing. I don’t see the point of playing if it stays like this. If you can fix this please do. Very disappointed

  • By AdamZB75

    Great Game.. But

    I really enjoy this game and I think it has great mechanics and I have no issues with that side of it. However, I believe this game would benefit greatly from having the ability to 1. Delete the chests you don’t want instead of having to open all of them. You basically get to win 1 game every 3-12 hours. If you win any more than that you only get a handful of coins and no chest because your chest slots are full. And 2. The ability to sell upgrades you don’t want. I have tons of upgrades available for my lower lever dart parts that I will never use because I have rare or better parts on my darts. So they just sit there unused and useless.

  • By Drunk Johnny

    Sometimes fun

    This game is clearly rigged to get you to spend real money to upgrade darts in the hopes you can win more. There are non human players (which I understand the need for matchmaking speed) but the bots skill level is directly proportionate to how many matches you have won in a row, for example I purchase a 10 gem tournament, I can win the first 4 games most of the time but that 5th and 6th game the bots never miss....or they will miss everything until you are close to winning then 6 perfect darts later you lose or if you somehow manage to also go out too and the closest to the bull throw happens you swipe exactly the same as you do a thousand times before to get 10mm or less is suddenly 25mm away. Playing cheating bots is one thing but tampering with my throws....sorry devs but no chance I am going to give you people money for a clearly rigged carnival game.

  • By duey33

    I’m sure if you spend money it’s more enjoyable

    Worst matching game ever, 4 out of 5 you are playing someone or AI that is 3 levels above you and they just smoke you. Tournament play is even worse you are using common darts and opponents have epic or legendary. If you are really lucky you get to play the lvl16 with there legendary darts while you are lvl12 with your common darts back to back. And it’s not just a one time happens all the time. The 1-2 games you win are just the opposite you crush someone who is 3 lvl below you. I have noticed players who spend money fair a lot better and makes sense cause the amount of pushing to purchase items or package deals is none stop.

  • By Took 10 minutes to find a name

    Accidental purchase

    I accidentally bought one of those pop up welcome chest for $30. I did not mean to make this purchase and I will not open the chest. I really just want my money back. I’m sorry but I’m not going to spend money on a handheld dart game. I’m not even going to open the game again until I please get my money back. I emailed support and I’m still waiting on a response! I don’t want to hear anything about it being non refundable either, I don’t want whatever I purchased. I didn’t see what was being offered, that’s how much of an accident that it was. Haven’t even had a chance to experience the game. So until I hear back, 2 star review..

  • By Donalddude

    Best dart game by far.

    *****update***** game will not load after new update. It just opens a screen that says you need to update the game. Game is fully upgraded and won’t run. This game is super fun and addictive. It’s pretty simple to play and oddly satisfying flicking your finger to throw darts. I love playing darts and this brings a little of what I miss about throwing with my friends. But it comes with a price, this game suffers from the same issues golf clash has. It will randomly throw some far off shot at a perfect (or imperfect) opportunity and cost you a Match. You can be paired up with players who far out match you with their darts and the darts are all what matters. With low level darts you have a tough time marking. When i spent a little cash to upgrade my darts I was throwing bulls every round. I could hit everything every time. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s super unreliable and my upgraded darts throw like the beginner darts suddenly even though weeks ago they were dead on. Exactly like gold clash and all of its problems when you don’t spend real cash. If you don’t mind a 50 percent win ratio it’s perfect. I just love flipping darts so it works great for me.

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