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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-12
  • New version: 1.95
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Double Win Slots Casino Game


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Double Win Slots Casino Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Barns Entertainment. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Barns Entertainment, with the latest current version being 1.95 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 312855 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Double Win Slots Casino Game App

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This game is intended for an adult audience (18+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer 'real money' gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on gameplay.

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Top Reviews

  • By Leitrgcz


    I truly wish this was real cash !! I love playing these slots!! I will be coming to Las Vegas !!! My husband and I won I trip to Las Vegas and 4 cruises !! I can’t wait , I can only wish to see wwe wrestler I have to say Roman Raines and or Gravedigger my ultimint favorite!! Now for the ladies I have 2 , Shasta Banks and or The man Beaky Lintch I know she’s out to take care for her self and for her baby can’t wait to to see this adorable baby so congratulations. If I could I would go to your show but unfortunately my husband and I was in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago came back from all the injuries but here I am repercussions from the wreak again but I don’t say nothing that this is the reason cause he does have head injuries not from this wreak but L from when his father and him to test on the bike all I can say it was really bad. But I had lower back surgery on July 8th And 3 more after on my back i have to use a walker to get around well until I strengthen my right my right leg. Now my back just wouldnt heal . But I won’t miss a WEE show and or wrestling 2 days a week. You guys all rock!! I know you all work out and it shows . Thank you god bless each and everyone the victory they want. Like I say it’s not they are going to win : it’s who wants it bad enough, nothing is a sure thing!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Sur Castelucci from Pa

  • By jessicatongtong

    love this game

    I have been playing this game for about two months, and it’s still the top 1 slot game in my list. Maybe I am a lucky guy, most machines I played pay out great, and I have zero bankrupt so far. Though this is not a real casino game, it offers me stunning features and a great experience. As long as I get time, I will open it and spin my worries and troubles away. Just enjoy the game, that’s what it is designed for, some people may get too serious about each spin and outcome, and they cannot relax and enjoy the progress. Life is just like the game, isn’t it? You lose sometimes, you win sometimes, but tenacity conquers all in the end. I also played in a real casino in Canada before, I must say those real machines are much crueler about their payouts. While with this little game on my phone, I am the boss, I spent little but won huge, I even hit one or two jackpots before! I will recommend doublewin to everyone, I have never been disappointed by its payouts, graphics and quests. One suggestion, hope they can add more albums and machines in the future. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas my friends!

  • By Gibail

    Double win slots

    This is my favorite slot app and I have enjoyed playing it. I don’t mind watching ads to play a free game , I understand that you need to make money some where. However what I do mind is that lately you have started showing ads that have no way to close them! You have to exit the game to get rid of them, if I have to keep exiting the game I might as well play on a app that respects me enough to let me close the ads without having to exit the game. There are a couple of other slot app using these ads and some i had to completely shutdown my iPad to get rid of , naturally losing the bonus I was promised to watch them. After appealing to them to stop using these ads out of respect for these customers , to no avail. Please don’t make me delete your app , like I said , it’s been my favorite and I’d hate to lose it. It’s a 5 star app but if this isn’t fixed it will be a 1 star in my book .

  • By FFFletch

    Daily bonuses, fun machines

    This game make some recent changes that to me make it a little less appealing, but it is still one of the best slot games around. The VIP room is excellent, with 4 high paying games. Today has been my best winning day ever, with jackpots of 788 billion and 2.4 trillion coins. There are several collect & win elements beyond the slot play, featuring quests, bingo, daily challenges, and more. Each day you can collect enough coins to play for a while. You certainly can buy coins, which I have done from time to time, but purchases are not a requirement to have solid fun. All of the slot machines are bright and cheerful (some of the competitor games out there are dark and/or scary). I have dowloaded and tried dozens of slot-based games, and this remains one of my favorites. If you are looking for a slot game to try, then definitely give this one a shot.

  • By n64king


    Well this is THEE best slots apps I’ve ever gotten. I’ve never played one designed so well and doesn’t make me feel like I’m playing and have no chance of progression like real life or even some other apps. Not a huge fan that you have to unlock machines as you level up but as you play it gets easier to level up, bigger wins lead to being able to bet more which level you up faster. I wish some of these machines were real! Fantastic fantasy slots app!!! TOO MANY POP UPS! When I open the app lately there’s like 10 things you have to X out just to get to the game plus an additional 1-2 when you do your coin collection at the bottom of the lobby page. Make it stop! I get you need our money to make it work but to close 10 different things and still not be playing the game yet drives me nuts.

  • By Lucky 7 Bucks

    Fan 4 life

    I’ve only been playing for a week and I haven’t missed one day of enjoyment. Ive hit the jackpot at least 4 time already and on other machine which I’ve played for almost a year and only hit a jackpot twice. I’ve played other slot games and none of them gives you more opportunities to keep playing with free coins day in and day out. Other games only give you one or two start up bonuses from 250k - 1m coins or the opportunity to spend a wheel and barely get enough coins to play for a matter of mins or you will have to wait several days and build up coins to play or spend so much of your own money to purchase coins to keep playing. I am hooked for now and will continue to enjoy playing. I give you more than a 5 star rating. Thanks.

  • By samuri tso li

    Everyday fun

    Absolutely the number 1 casino with the most pop up ads. I enjoy this game everyday. It has an average of at least 3-7 pop-up ads promoting this game, it’s many options, and several duplicate pop-ups just Incase you missed it when it first popped up. I have not been able to play it in over 2 years but I do finally get through all the pop-ups to at least collect my free coins. Someday I would love to be able to play all the exciting looking games. But so far the pop-ups and collecting the free coins is all I have had time to do. But the designers have put together a great show with all the moving images, bells, and music. Try it. I’m sure you will agree, collecting free coins and clicking on pop-up “x’s” is so much fun.

  • By MsBuBLz

    It's pretty cool

    The ONLY thing I don't like is some of the apps far as the advertisements are so glitches up that you actually have to completely leave out and come back in right in the middle of your game and they will also be in the middle of your spin so you can't even see what's going on 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤬🎰 if they fixed that I'd love this game.. I know you could simply just pay and do away with the apps all together however with there being so many game options I personally like to play a game for exactly one month and if I'm still into it I have no issues with making a buy into it.. and things like that honestly are the reason I will end up leaving and going to another app because I am concerned if u have a glitch like that before I pay what could the glitches be once I pay an I refuse to pay for a app that doesn't alway give the options to click out of the advertisement after you waited patiently for it to end.. AND hearing your game playing while you are stuck there doesn't make it any better

  • By NabToPlay

    Pretty good app for casual play

    I’ve tried several other slot apps and this one is my favorite. There’s variety in the games and there are ads to supplement your coins. My major likes: —Starting coin amount and hourly/daily bonuses are actually enough to play a decent amount so you don’t get frustrated. —I’ve been able to accrue coins and play for long stretches of time without ever needing to purchase (probably not considered a positive by the app developer :-)) —Games are interesting and have nice bonus features —Daily challenges are mostly fun (not a fan of the bingo) —Spin can be triggered by touching anywhere on the game area and not just the Spin button (makes it easier on the fingers) My major dislikes are: —the pop-ups to get you to purchase coins, which often pop up just as you’re pressing to get something else so you inadvertently open the purchase (which can be easily cancelled); —the ease with which you can accidentally bump up to the max bet and eat up all your coins without realizing; and —the double bonus” for leveling up button is right above the “claim” button so you end up not getting the extra coins. This one makes me sad because I’ve lost out on tens of millions of coins when I carefully press the double button but instead it just credits me with the initial amount of coins.

  • By Texas big boy

    Bonus picks always end up with mini bonus

    Las Vegas has better odds . When you get a bonus where you choose tiles that will give you either a mini win up to the grand win you will always get mini win. Your chance are 12 tiles pick until 3 match. Grand,major,minor and mini. Luck has nothing to do with your choose. Seems no matter what you choose time and time again you end up with mini. If odds are truly equal even a blind dog would stumble on a tree. Not this game always mini win. Developers are going to reply: same crappy statements they all use. It’s all luck someday you win and some days you loose. Bla bla bla. Ok I’m still waiting on the minor,major or grand win. There is no way possible you can pick 3 out of 12 options equal amount of all 4 and ALWAYS pick the 3 mini win bonus tile. Not a sore loser . I enjoyed the various games and play did however go from win win on smaller bets and loose on bigger ones. I guess everyone bets more just as their luck runs out. Everytime. So play the game hit the bonus and see if you don’t end up with mini win everytime. Developers people are smarter than you give credit . It is not hard to see the patterns. All you have to do is pay attention and of course pay you.

  • By Sailorgoon420

    One of the Best but the Pop ups

    This is one of the best slot apps I’ve ever used. It gives frequent payouts and has a nice variety of slots. I appreciate that I can enjoy the app for free and don’t have to keep buying more coins. The one major thing that to me takes what should be a 5 star app down to a 3 star app are the pop ups. I completely understand that you need to make a living but it’s at the point where it’s completely obnoxious. I sometimes even close the app and decide to not play bc of the amount of pop up ads that’s how bad it is. I could understand having 1-3 ads max but having 6-10 pop up adds and offers in the inbox is just rude. I’ve seen the developer comment that if you purchase something that the ads will go away - this is completely not true! I bought $.99 worth of coins just to make them go away and they haven’t. Please seriously consider 1. Putting in less ads. 2. Eliminating ads entirely for paying customers.

  • By Livesfornascarracing

    Much much fun

    Okay so I do understand this is a free game to play and ads are necessary...but...there are at least 10 or more pop ups in the beginning and if you change games there are another 8 to 12 pop ups. It gets to the point all I do is hit the X button. Don’t even read them. Then in the middle of your play the yummy ad comes up and you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. I do t mind watching a 30 second ad, but after 15 pop ups you finally get to play and here you have to then watch yet another ad. That is usually when I quit and go play another slot game. If it wasn’t for the pop ups and ads I would play this for hours at a time. Unfortunately I can barely give it 30 minutes. I would give it 5 stars but because of the pop ups I have to give it 3. Great selection of games, one of the best I’ve played along with the daily challengers make me love it.

  • By jhayded

    Very generous with coins and decent win ratio!

    Edit: Honeymoon is over. After update reels REALLY tight. 246B lost within a few days. Bonuses are a rare thing now. Time to delete, This game is a rarity! There are sooo many ways to stumble upon free coins (and we’re talking substantial amounts that get you back to spinning), from bonus coins in the store, coins that pop up in your mailbox, tournaments running you aren’t aware you’re playing in...etc). A lot of these slot games (especially Game of Thrones Slots) offer measly level up bonuses, low and rare payouts and seem to do everything they can to get you to spend money or delete the app. If your going to spend money, you get more bang for your buck here! There are long periods when the slots get ridiculously tight (like losing 8B over the course of a few hours), but then there are some times when the bonuses just keep rolling. I’m taking a break from spinning for a couple of days until things loosen up. The prizes for the quests are disproportionate to the amount of coins you’ll lose trying to complete them, so I ignore them. The daily tasks are great though. My only pet peeve is the disappearing games! My favorite games, Day of the Muerta and Pumpkins disappeared tonight and that was disappointing to say the least! Please bring them back! I haven’t played GOT slots in a while thanks to this app! Thanks fork keeping things fun and the man6 opportunities to keep spinning!.

  • By vcrandon

    Stopped playing game completely

    I quite enjoyed playing, and made it to VIP Platinum level with over 1 trillion coins through a combination of buying and winning coins. One day after a software upgrade, my coin balance mysteriously went down by 700 billion coins, a gem purchase I had made the day prior vanished, and all progress I made the day prior also vanished. Upon realization, I immediately ceased any further play and sent the company an email explaining what happened. I also included screen shots to prove what I was claiming. It took the company over two weeks to reply, and all they said was according to *their* records, the gem purchase I made was credited (even though I provided a screen shot showing it hadn’t been). The company never addressed my loss of progress and coins. I replied that I was going to cease playing until they resolved the matter, and if not resolved, I would contact Apple and seek a refund. After 2 months, there still has been no resolution or further response from the company. Terrible customer service, the software has bugs, and I’m still waiting for a resolution months later.

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