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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-15
  • New version: 1.24.01
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown


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Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Plarium Global Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Plarium Global Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.24.01 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5052 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Mech Arena: Robot Showdown App

How does it Work?

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a FREE competitive multiplayer mech shooter with deep gameplay, intense team battles, and lush 3D graphics.

With levels designed for tight, fast PvP gameplay, battles take about five minutes. You’ll definitely spend all of those with guns blazing. Real-time multiplayer 5 vs 5 big bad robot combat never looked this good!

Choose from dozens of weapons and mechs with special abilities for endless combinations, then customize them for each new challenge. Meet friends and form teams to help you dominate lighting-fast Control Point Capture matches or brutal Team Deathmatch battles.

Like taking the high ground? Back up your team with a sniper mech. Want to get up close and personal? Pick a Mech armed with autocannons, respawn, and get back in the action. With instant live match-making, you can go from pocket to live battle in less than 30 seconds!

Pulverize the rankings, crush global Tournaments, customize everything, and carve out your legend as the baddest pilot in the Mech Arena League. Shoot smart... the world is watching!



Test your skill against real players from around the world in live matches. Figure out tactics and strategies with your friends as you conquer the rankings together.


With rankings and achievements, there’s more than one way to take home medals, prizes, and free gear for your mechs. When you’re ready, join Tournaments to prove your worth. Rise up the brackets, pick up the prize, and strike fear in your enemies.


Intuitive controls make it easy to get the hang of things even in your first PvP battle. Want to play it your way? Customize your controls the way you want them.


Are you a scout? Sniper? Support? There’s a mech and weapon loadout for you. Apply unique skins or add paint jobs to make your mech stand out in the crowd.


Get your friends together, make a plan, design complimentary Mechs, and fight side-by-side. Bring in allies from Facebook, or find new ones on the battlefield. Mech Arena is like a LAN party you carry in your pocket!


Fight up close in the Mech Arena. Run missions at the Mesa Verde facility, or take your combat to the stars at Elon Station Gray. Shoot down enemy mechs under the neon lights of Neo Hokkaido, or fight through the frost of Patterson Station. The world and beyond is your arena.


Attack from cover with devastating long-range artillery, shoot around corners with smart missiles, freeze targets with stasis guns, or rely on good old kinetic and energy weapons. They’re all fully upgradeable, so go nuts.


Blind your opponents with targeting jammers. Shoot forward at ramming speed. Deploy energy shields, repair fields, jump jets, mines, and more. Every map is different - find the right mix for your winning tactic.


Our game is designed to work on most 4G/LTE networks. It should work as well as your carrier does. You can (and should) play it wherever you can get away with it.


• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

• Mech Arena is available in English, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

• This is an early Beta version of the game. We need your help to make it better, so please give us your feedback at:

Official Website:



Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

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  • On Aug 09}

    Mech arena my top favorite game

    It's really wonderful game I love playing it but there are some Pons and cons ,(1) there is a lack of ways to earn credits it's very difficult to get credits so to improve it u need make a way to earn credits through winning games ,(2)the juggernaut is one the best mech but it is very slow and when stuck in panthers statis barrier it can't escape even it is sprinted so it need to be improved,(3)kills hot has less hp so it need to be improved

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    Top Reviews

    • By . Papa Reed.

      Great game but a few tweaks...

      This is one of my favorite games by far! I played war robots and find this easier and better! My son and sit and play as long as we can till we stop receiving stuff. The only complaints that I have about this game are the credits I feel are hard to come by. You either get to upgrade one bot and save the rest or save all and your bots are weak. To unlock one weapon that I already unlocked through achievements it costs me 60+k and I only have about 5k to play with before something needs upgraded. It is hard to stay up with the people that are clearly dumping money into this game to have the best bots and best weapons. I also feel there needs to be a training area or something to do on the downtime where you are waiting for your experience to replenish. I wait 2-3 hours to play one match. Rant over lol all in all I love this game and would highly recommend it to anyone. A few tweaks and this game would run over any robot game on the market.

    • By Jordan Doty

      The only Mech Game to Rival War Robots

      I have been playing since the iOS soft launch in July 2020. Mech Arena is the only mech game to truly rival War Robots, out of all the competitors out there. It feels like classic war robots before the dash bots hit, and this game is super free to play friendly. I only spent $10-12 the first week of play to support the developers, but I didn’t need it to get the best robots or get a pay to win advantage. I have been in top division one since august 2020 with an overall win rate above 80% after 4000 matches. Paying only helps you to progress faster, thankfully, since the match making system helps matches to be more fair. Besides, you can get at least 4 end game bots in your first week or two of play for very low in game currency or earn able premium currency. The graphics are bright, clear, and colorful, making it very easy to see your teammates and the enemies. The weekly tournaments and events are fun and a good way to get resources. Clans haven’t arrived yet as of May 2021, as the game approaches full release, but the friends list works really well and teamwork is a great aspect of the game. I have very few negatives to say about the game. This is my number one mobile game right now and is highly recommended to those who love robot or mech shooters. Developers: please keep the game free to play friendly, and please learn from the mistakes of war robots. We thank you! Bagofsoup

    • By flipp117

      Update on what I think about this game

      So far this is still one of my most favorite games tho there are still some things that could get improved or nerfed ok so #1 javelin racks and rocket mortars these weapons are so overly powerful in one shot it drops my robot to 10% HP or just completely destroys it within seconds so pls nerf it but not to much to the point where it is useless a mistake that War Robots makes really often and part of the reason I left that game #2 Paragon it needs a new ability now all the robots have a smaller sprint ability the paragon needs an update so it’s not left in the dust #3 plasma cannon the shots on the weapon are to slow so it makes it hard to hit players also needs a small damage buff and that’s it that’s all I have to say about this game so far still one of my top 5 games keep it up 👍

    • By HiTTMann55

      Playing MECH ARENA more than War Robots!

      Since I’ve downloaded and began playing Mech Arena, I play War Robots much less. Like others have said, Mech is a faster, arcade style gameplay, with less lag and bugginess than WR. The economy can use some retooling (Can I get a credit for all those RPG weapons and blueprints I never will use?). The game still has some lag issues in crowded firefights when a lot of abilities and weapons are fired/triggered at once, but overall the game wins where WR has lost. Also, the matchmaking is quite inconsistent. My teammates have been mostly far below my current level (I’m near 1200, teammates below 500), yet I’ve faced opposition from the other team where the majority of my opponents are at my level or higher. It feels like I’m always matched with weaker teammates versus higher opponents.

    • By Had it for 6 months; love it.

      Best Mech game app ever

      I used to play a different mech game app that just got to expensive to upgrade your mech or your weapons. You either had to grind for forever or pay a lot of money to keep upgrading if you didn’t want to get blown away in battles. Mech Arena is better in both regards imho. The best thing about Mech Arena is that you go up against other people that are pretty near your level of play. Yes you can unlock with real money and for a VERY hefty price the most advanced mechs and weapons ahead of your skill level, but only when you get the offers from the game. I like the in game progression. The other thing I love about the game is the fun level of the game makes it addicting. You want to keep playing it after you’ve completed your daily tasks. This game is very much worth it.

    • By beebobe

      A Refreshing alternative to Pixonic’s cash grab.

      I am a four year War Robots veteran. I finally got tired of Pixonic’s business practices. Mech Arena is a fun, fast paced mech game. It has good graphics, fast frame rate, and is older device friendly. Economy seems fair so far. Investing $ is not required to stay competitive, but the rewards are worth the money you invest. So far, it’s one of those game where you are like “sure, I’ll throw in a few bucks to support the developer”. I have had a lot of fun the past few weeks. It’s definitely worth trying. If you like it, show the developer some love and invest a few bucks. You will get your money’s worth. Update: I still love the game, but take out the chat feature. It’s filled with people begging for in game currency.

    • By joelkwon142


      Well, first I have to say that this is one of the best 5v5 battling robot games I’ve ever played. I have been looking for so many for so long until I found this amazing, cool, sick game. I really how they have at least one super power like a speed boost and like a jump boost. And the weapons are bomb! There are a few reasons that I think the game should change a little bit. Number 1. The speed should be a little faster for the slow robots. Some of the bots have better super power and better life, but low speed, but too slow, a little faster. Number 2. I think if there were characters in the game, it will be a little more better. I think that’s it for my review, and really love this game, keep up the good work, Mech Arena!!!

    • By Naskipp33

      Awesome game!

      In my opinion, much better than the others out there. Much more polished in graphics and gameplay. Some other games look more realistic but this is more arcade style. They do hit you with a lot of ads for p2w packs but you can control your spending and still hold your own in mech battles. This reminds me of old PC Mech Warrior for dos back in the day. I would like to see guilds added at some point. Also better chat options to chat between matches and in game. Also pilot customization would be good at some point. Also the ability to take old gear or mechs to retire them for credits. Keep up the good work!

    • By DylanJordanYoung

      LOVING this game!

      This is an awesome app! I am totally loving it! I play on this every single day and sincerely am grateful that the developers were able to come up with such a fun app. I love how you are able to team up with four friends and so forth. It is great. I would have just one suggestion, though. Can more characters be created to be used as profile pics? (For instance, a male with blonde hair or a female with brown hair) There is a great variety and I really appreciate it, but I think a little more would give many people a better chance to distinguish others. Again, this is a very great game. Thanks for making this year great!

    • By Virtualrite


      Hello game developers, I’m a game developer too. I think the game need a big improvement on the recycling system. Right now, if player gets bunch of cards, they won’t be able to fully use all of them, because there is not recycling system. I hope there would be some sort of recycling system for the cards. Maybe players can dissembling cards for money. So it would be more efficient. Also, I hope each mechs would be able to upgrade with different skill trees. Like upgrading it with more weapon slots; overall stats; unique abilities...etc

    • By yourmom638

      Amazing game, one thing to change

      I have had this game for a while and it is amazing. I love the amount of weapons and mechs you have to chose from. But I noticed 1 thing that really annoyed me. When you are doing the derby event for arachnos, one quest is to make a in game purchase. I thought it meant to use credits, so I bought something from the shop. But then I realized it meant that I had to use real money. I hope that this is a glitch, and if it’s not, please change it, because a lot of players can’t use money.

    • By I firesord

      Great game some weapons need to be fixed

      The game is really good until you get to a high level and everyone has the javelin rack. This weapons is so overpowered its just plain unacceptable. Anyone who uses this weapon can hit your from across the map even when your behind cover. The weapon which you can only get with in game currency btw is way to overpowered and makes playing just annoying when i start a game and get killed from across the map trying to get the first objective. You may be thinking this weapon cant be that bad, but it literally will kill any titans in one set off shots. It just launches the rockets in the air and there is no way to defend. Please fix this problem or the game will become unplayable as more people give up and pay for the javelins.

    • By dragonfriend662

      I love it but...

      Overall the game is great though it still needs a few tweaks. 1. Prices for mechs and weapons are to high and it almost feels like a pay to win game because the good mechs are payed for with a coins. 2. Matchmaking could get some improvements by changing it so it detects your kdr, your average captures, and how much you win. 3. Last thing that could be good for the game is different modes like koth, capture the flag, and team deathmatch. It feels like war robots but it has a different play style, and graphics. You guys have made a great game and I have a feeling that it might rival wr. Try not to be too much like wr by adding titans. Ps. I know my review is full of bad but the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide.

    • By Oceanwaved

      Fun but slow in the long run

      I really love the gameplay. It has awesome concepts and they didn’t try too hard like other games witch made it way better. The only downside ( a huge downside) is that when you are high level it gets way too hard to upgrade anything and when I am high level while my Mechs are lacking it still matches me up with people with great Mechs. So it gets very difficult to upgrade after I while but other than that chaos it is still fun. The main upgrade problem is from lack of currency. If it was easier to get more currency then it would be an instant five stars. I do understand why they did that though.

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