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Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks


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Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Plarium Global Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Plarium Global Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.26.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20267 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks App

How does it Work?

Dive in to help Alfred and his fishy friends restore their town to its former glory!

Take on 4000+ FREE Solitaire Tripeaks levels anytime and anywhere, whether you’re offline or 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Earn gems by beating levels and use them to design different sites around town. Give each place your own special touch!

Challenge yourself in special Solitaire events like the Chest Quest to see what you're made of.

Uncover an exciting story along the way and meet an ocean full of charming characters!




- Play 4000+ free Solitaire Tripeaks levels with fun boosters and quirky blocker cards

- Uncover the history of Rocky Bottom through 800+ story quests

- Design your town your way with thousands of free customization options

- Participate in special Solitaire events, in-game challenges, and much more

- Join a Club and work with fellow members to earn cool bonuses

- Befriend Ringmaster Raúl, see Madame Abella's illusions, and meet our 30+ lovable characters

- Start a farm, uncover ancient artifacts, host a circus, and solve crimes along your journey

Download Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks for FREE now and get ready to design your dream town!

NOTE: Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks is FREE to play and download, but you can make in-game purchases with real money. If you don’t want this feature, please disable it in your device settings.

Support: Сontact us from the game by going to ‘Settings > Help and Support’, or get in touch with our tech support at solitaire.support@plarium.com

Community: https://www.facebook.com/306622589927692/

Privacy Policy: http://plarium.com/#/doc/policy/

Terms of Use: http://plarium.com/#/doc/terms/

Privacy Requests: https://plarium-dsr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Top Reviews

  • By The Putt-meister

    Great game. Only one minor complaint

    So this is a great game. I like the different challenges and mini games. I also like the different competitions. All in all it a very original take on this type of solitaire. There’s only one thing that bothers me. Occasionally at the end of a solitaire game, if you run out of cards, there’s an option to watch a video ad to spin a wheel to get some extra cards. On that wheel are two slots with an extra life heart...which gives no cards. Why are extra life hearts on a “get additional cards” wheel? When I watch a video ad to get extra cards the last thing I want is an extra life heart. And it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except I get more hearts than cards...even though it should only happen around 25% of the time. If you want to make this game 100% bulletproof please remove the extra life hearts from the “get extra cards wheel”. Other than that this game is awesome.

  • By everythingbyevans

    It is very different!

    I love this game and I go to it everyday. I love how different it is from all the other solitaire game. I do have to agree with some comments that it takes some time or boosters to get through the levels. But I think the game is getting better with “special missions” that earn you lives and boosters that help. I love the “First time” treasure boxes and the map to open rewards in the shells. I also love that it doesn’t force you to win continuously or you have to try from the beginning all over again. Those little things make the game fun and challenging. Please keep up with those side missions. I want to keep coming back and see how else I can earn lives and boosters!

  • By wickedpissah69

    Love this game.

    I play this game everyday sometimes multiple times a day. The only complaint I have is the limited coins that you win. If you need extra cards you have to buy them and that gets costly. Yes I have spent at least a few hundred on the game already. They need to up how many coins you win or lower how much they want. Example: if you need 5 extra cards it costs 700, you can only win up to a little over 100 coins but that’s only if you don’t use your extra cards but you usually only win 50. I don’t see how that’s right. I really hope they change that soon. Besides that graphics are awesome and it has a good storyline.

  • By Balanced happy

    Great Game

    I really enjoy playing this game. The different set ups keep it interesting and building the “city” adds to the enjoyment. However I have reach the end of the story line it seems and have been waiting for an update. It will be a little disappointing when it finally comes though. I have built up a number of gems while waiting and will be able to move through the story line quickly. Part of the fun of the game was getting the next gem to progress to the next build. When it comes it will just move through the story line til I run out of gems. Hopefully it won’t lead me to another stop in the storyline.

  • By LynnB_66

    Hands down the best

    This is hands down the best solitaire game like this that’s out there. I’ve tried several different ones and would delete them within a couple days. I love that you can rack up on lives and there is no limit. The mini games are super cute. Building the areas are fun. I can skip through the talking (I’m ADD so I don’t want to sit through that.) and skip through the building of things and not have to wait a hour for it to build. There are absolutely no ads. And you are not getting payments thrown down your throat. The levels are challenging in a simple way. I absolutely would recommend getting this game.

  • By Racing lover

    I miss Rio: Match 3 Party. :'(

    If there's one game from your company that I miss very much, wished that it hadn't discontinued, and wished it got more new content, it's Rio: Match 3 Party. I really liked that game very much. As much as it is unlikely to return after not being updated for a year+ ever since the update on mid-Janurary 2019, I still wish you could reconsider & bring the game back. If you can compromise with 20th Century Studios, Blue Sky Studios, & thr Walt Disney Company, please bring back Rio: Match 3 Party & continue where we left off in the Waterfalls levels. That game was one of my favorites. :'(

  • By Shirley pie 1957

    A Tad frustrated

    I also agree with the review about the wheel and there is also another problem that I am having is that , when I click on the game it starts to down load , then POP it is gone , only for me to have to try to download it again , and again , and again by the third time. I am going to App Store and find the game and try to download game sometimes it works , and other times I give up and not play the game . I really love this game it is one of my favorites, I have even rebooted my phone to no prevail . I hope you can help me with this bug ? That is the reason for the four stars ⭐️. I really do recommend this game to all .

  • By lislove23

    Really love but...

    I'm almost to level 400 now. I absolutely love solitaire and city builder type games where you can decorate villages, etc. My only issue is that, now I'm up so many levels, it's almost impossible to win the level on the first try. I'm pretty good at solitaire, and I spend a lot of time playing. But it's like the game wants to stop me from progressing at this point. There will be times where I have 5 cards left to flip to get ex: a single A off the board. All final five cards are useless. It's consistently like that, and definitely frusterating. I feel I've put a lot of time and work into this game to suddenly be given roadblocks.

  • By Cori Lew

    Fun game but bad payout on rewards and lives

    The graphics are fun and so is the game, the only complaint is that the payouts are not enough for all the work you put in and lives take way too long to refill. I shouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes for a life but also only getting 5-8 special tolens per mission completed(some missions are multiple tasks themselves like completing two levels or winning 100 coins)then needing 23 or 35 or 58 or even 92 special tokens just to fill in one picture with it being 5 pictures to complete before you finish and receive the reward box is ridiculous.

  • By Catminder

    Game could be better

    I'm on level 1067 so I've obviously been playing for a while, however I'm about to delete it even tho I enjoy solitaire games and have kept this one longer than any other I've tried. Enough with the infinite lives prizes. I have plenty of lives. What I need is to not have to put more cold, hard to come by cash to have 700 gold to get that one last card that so frequently seems to be left. I can have one card left, have 15 cards left to turn and still not get the one card I need to take it off. I can't begin to count the number of times this has happened. How about letting me get those extra cards in prizes instead of always having to pay for them. This "free" game is just another obvious grab for money by the developers. They always say in these games that you can play without paying but if you don't put money in them it takes so long to progress that you get bored and delete them. I'd like to see a developer for once admit in these games that no matter what they say you can't progress without putting money in them or by playing the same levels over and over and over… Too bad because I really do like this one.

  • By MomoTex

    Undersea Solitaire

    I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months and I will share what I’ve discovered this game. It’s a lot of fun but you need to make a choice. You either have a LOT of patience to get through the levels once you been playing for a while or you spend a LOT of money buying boosters and coins. I can’t say with complete certainly but the longer you go with our purchasing anything the worse your cards get. You may think that I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist but how else can you explain a hand with 5 4’s in a row or 0 cards of another number?! Then, after about 2 weeks since buying boosters I get a hand with 8 cards face up, 20 cards in my draw pile but I can’t clear one card! I just keep going until they eventually give me the cards I need to clear the board. It can take 2-3 DAYS just to get through 1 level. That being said, I still like the storyline and characters which is the only reason I haven’t deleted it!

  • By Everybody's Issues


    Game completely freezes at level 173. You can’t even throw the game, it just brings you right back to the bugged game. Irritating. Other than this freezing issue it’s a fun game (so far), with unique challenges that aren’t too difficult for first time users. The world building is what initially led me to this game and has, save for the miscellanies missions -which have been thankfully (thus far) minimal, been fun. I do enjoy a game that has (at this point) not forced me to spend extra money on designs, I also enjoy the sea area it’s different from many of the world build games out there. The fast forwards option is by far my favorite of this game. Might rate higher as issues and bugs are fixed and depending on how the game develops as it goes- or not.

  • By fookoffmygame

    Really ??

    Love the game but you can’t win a level when you get higher up it takes about 20 hearts !! You use your boosts too and they don’t help !! Always saying check your internet net connection!! My internet is the highest you can Go and nothing wrong with it !! It just happen I was playing got pass a level and now went through 10 hearts and boost and not getting anywhere . Only 2 cards from the deck I could use !!!! Rest nothing I am on level 1650 and had over 123 hearts and down to like 50 . For 2 levels I used over 75 hearts !!! Not happy !!! You get 3 stars till this is fix !!! If not just going to delete the app and find another 1 !! There are lots to choose from 😡

  • By alpha centuri called


    I got this because it seemed cute. The cuteness wears away after a while. As you climb through the levels the game becomes more and more unplayable - terrible hands with the same card inexplicably dealt 3 or 4 times in a row - basically the hand is unusable, and it happens over and over again. There are plays that come down to one card to take, with 6 or 7 cards left in your hand. Simple, right? Nope - the card you need is just not there. This happens 10 times in a row. I know it’s a kids game, but even considering that, the artistic and story choices are bizarre, but the worst was at level 430, where the undersea world of talking fish decide they need to bring in fire salamanders to put in volcano lava, so everyone can watch them “wriggle.” So the fish have free will but the salamanders are purchased and brought in caged for their amusement? Ugh. If it were a children’s book the publisher would have thrown it out. (This little scenario takes about 6 levels to accomplish btw). I’m about to delete it. There must be better solitaire games than this.

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