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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-27
  • New version: 3.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sling Drift


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Sling Drift is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tastypill. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tastypill, with the latest current version being 3.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 259248 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sling Drift App

How does it Work?

Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.

One tap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay.

How far can you go?

Subscription Terms

VIP Access offers a weekly subscription for $5.99 after a 3 day free trial. Upon purchase of this subscription, you will immediately receive: 3 new legendary cars, 200% extra gems from daily gift and gameplay, and remove all ads. There are 2 additional legendary cars that are unlockable with sustained VIP access. You will receive the first after (2) paid subscription weeks, and the second after (4) paid subscription weeks. This is an auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your iTunes account after purchase confirmation. Your subscription is renewed unless you turn it off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. See below links for more information.

The prices are set for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

Canceling your Subscription

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Top Reviews

  • By Nyan shop

    I Really like the app

    This app is really fun. I play it a lot and my record is 81. But I have some suggestions to make the app better. First it would be cool if it could rain sometimes and then stop and start at random moments, and when it rains the roads get slippery and harder to control. Another suggestion is a little map on the side so you can see the track. It would help a lot because I think it’s gonna be a long turn but it isn’t and die. Think it would be cool if you add some scenery like trees or water and a bridge just to make it look funnier. Also for 5,000 diamond there could be a make your car option so you can make it your own. That’s all I have hope you consider these suggestions

  • By MaddieAldrich

    Really cool game!!

    This would have to be my all time favorite mobile game. I play it constantly and I love how simple it is to get high scores but yet how addictive the game is.. I absolutely love this game and there is nothing that can change my mind.. there are a lot of ads but most of them are for games by Voodoo, and I understand that they have to make money. It doesn’t interrupt gameplay or anything. Overall no problems, no bugs, glitches, or issues with the game. I’m very happy with this. Thank you!!💛💛

  • By Roblox is da best!

    this is great but a little to much ads

    Ok this game is AWSOME but the Reason i left a four star review is because there’s a little to much ads I was playing and I saw the reviews to see if they were real or fake but some were fake but the people who left ads as there review those weren’t fake I was just playing this game and I crashed no ad then I retried and I crashed again but this time there was a ad and I thought that would be the only ad until I played one more then after that there were ads this is great game but can you at least to like a five second ad I see you really want money and I can’t. Blame you! It just that there’s a little to much ads also when you get three perfect turns in a row it turns the whole screen black and white it would be great if you could take that out it’s just a little to much after all this is a awsome great game this helps when u are stuck and bored during corinteen I hope you see this whoever the creator is or a person this is not a fake review!

  • By A rae speaks the truth

    Nothing bad to say

    I saw this game on an add an I thought it was a fun challenging game to play when you are bored so I installed it and when I was installing it I read some comments and reviews and a lot were bad and people were talking about how it is time killing and it has terrible looking cars. 1 if it has terrible looking cars ok that’s why you get diamonds to unlock certain cars 2 if it has terrible looking cars that does not mean your gonna be driving it. 3 if it is time killing then that can be an advantage when you are bored. So do not listen to hating reviews because in my opinion this is a great game so if you see bad comments/reviews just keep this review in mind. I’m so thankful that this is a good game and if you think something is wrong with it maybe it is you and you do not have skills so that’s my review nothing bad to say about this game

  • By Mhfsqetyiohfc

    I’m in review mode

    Yea this game is a pretty good one tap time passer that is doing the VIP subscription I’ve seen other games do. It’s fine when it’s a bigger game with more to it. Take like a card strategy game for example; VIP gets you some better cards and you get those pay to win perks. Sure it’s fine if people wanna do it but I ain’t about it like a lot of others too. I’m just tryin to say it is absolutely unnecessary for a subscription offer like that, but I am glad the refund links are in the app description. There’s another review for another app about paying for no advertisements. Should there be an in app purchase to remove advertisements for the entire developer? Stay tuned folks.

  • By Why with the names

    It’s great, however..

    I love this game. It’s great for wasting time and/or playing if you’re bored. However, there is one major problem. Every now and then in the middle of a run, the game takes me to the AppStore for a random app that I didn’t click on. When I try to hit “back to sling drift”, it goes back for a second, and then takes me immediately to the AppStore again. While this is happening, the game is not paused. So I will lose that run. The only other issue is that there are too many ads, but I’m fine with that, as long as they don’t interfere with gameplay. Other than that, great game!

  • By Naksnskdmebjxcn

    love this game but have some suggestions!!

    This game is very fun but as of right now i am very bored of it. I would enjoy it if there were levels added to the game and each level had a theme (like the game Dancing Line). There could be a winter theme or a fall theme. There could even be places like the beach or the zoo. This would be more fun because you could compete with friends and say “I’m a level ahead of you!” and it would be better than having the same road because the game starts to get very boring after playing it for a while. Hope you take my suggestion!! Thank You!!!😊😊

  • By FriendlyNeighborhoodApReviewer

    Mediocre time killer

    It seems that tastypill has struck again. If you don’t know who they are by name, you most certainly have seen one of their games if you’ve visited the App Store in the past year or two. They make cheap, easy game with simple graphics and lots of ads in an attempt to get kids to give them money... and it almost always works. They’re responsible for games like water bottles flipping simulators. I got this game bracing for the worst. Now, I am not a professional driver, but I’ve seen enough Initial D to know what drifting is, and why it’s so cool. This game doesn’t have any of that. Instead of drifting, the car makes a rotation around a predetermined point of axis, and you control have far it rotates with your tap. It’s easy enough, and the only real fun comes when your in the 20s, speed up, and link 10 perfects in a row. Other than that, it’s a simple time killer. It’s cars are hideous, and you can’t see the designs before you purchase one, so it’s a crap shoot every time. A baby could have the same, if not slightly more, entertainment from it, but this game will hold neither of us captive for more than a day.

  • By Thudabanana

    Fun but a couple of problems.

    I would rate this 5 stars but there is a couple of problems, one is that in the middle of you being in a game of sling drift an ad just randomly pops up and that forces you to crash, another is when you get three perfects in a row, it goes into “fury” mode and it changes color, I disapprove of this because it can be distracting and it can cause you to crash, my last problem is the lack of cars you can get with gems, I played the game for a day and I unlocked every single car you can get with gems, I did not get the cars you have to watch ads to get because it’s really not worth it, but, I would love to see more cars added into the game (that you can get with gems), otherwise, the game is really fun and it helped me get through a long road trip. Would recommend.

  • By ynah meenah


    this is an amazing game! almost. the ads are annoying. i cant even have fun with the game itself. every time i crash, an ad pops up before it even tells me my score. i play this game everyday and i just still hate the ads. its like it wont even let you play. its so rare when u have a round with no ads. which will never even happen. most games are like this. fun, cool, yet the ads ruin the game. i totally recommend this game coz, it takes away your boredom and its sooo fun! but just be careful, the amount of ads will blow your mind. also, i would stay away with the ‘no ads’ purchase. i bet you there will just be less ads then there usually is. Please follow my advice.

  • By NickMegaboy

    Number of adds is absurd

    Listen this is a really fun and simple game and I have a great time playing it. I understand that the main way these people make money from games likes this is adds. I have no problem watching adds between the games. But with this game in particular the number adds I get is absurd and it makes the game not worth playing. They come up mid game for me and it doesn’t pause the game when they come up so then you are forced to select second chance if you want to continue that run and watch another 30s of adds with no guarantee that the same thing won’t happen when the game starts again.

  • By WackySmack3


    The game is fun and addicting for a while but the amount of ads are ridiculous. Also, when you crash, you have an option to watch an ad to continue or retry. It doesn’t matter what you choose, you’ll be forced to watch a 45 second ad either way. It’s become so annoying that it’s only bearable to play this game in airplane mode to avoid the ads. Another problem is that when you restart, you resume at the speed at which you crashed. This means that, when you resume your game after crashing at level 130, you immediately go from a stand still to the same speed you crashed at, which just makes you crash immediately again. Finally, the cars are blacked out when you want to buy them but you also have the option of buying a random car for 250 jewels less. Either way, you won’t be able to see what car you buy. Why doesn’t the app let me see the car I am about to buy if they also have a random option as well. With the way it’s set up, they're both random and it makes the app redundant. This is a good game but there are so many problems and ads.

  • By KenshinYJ

    Fun Game but they are bypassing family sharing app feature by Apple

    The game is very simple but really fun. My only gripe is that the way they have set up the game doesn’t allow family sharing of purchased apps. Under Apple’s family sharing, if a family member buys and purchases an app, the additional family members should be allowed to play the purchased version of the app without having to pay for it again. However these guys do not publish a separate purchasable version of the app. Rather, they allow users to remove the ads via an “in-purchase” route. This way, even though the family members download the “purchased version” of the app without ads, they will still get ads on their downloaded since the removal of the ads was considered as an “in purchase” which typically is for features of the game itself and not for removal of the ads. Very deceiving.

  • By Superfruit fan


    I had 6,000 of those diamonds saved from the many times I have played this game. One day I went back into the game after being gone for at least a day and diamonds were gone. Every single one of them and the challenges weren’t even challenges they were just a bunch of question marks where the quest would be. I tried refreshing the game but that didn’t help. At first I thought the app just needed to be updated but that was not the case it was just faulty editing in the game. Also the is an ad after like every game like can I please just move on to the next game without having to sit through a :30 second or more ad every couple of minutes. This game is definitely not worth your time and it’s definitely not worth mine. UNINSTALLING THIS GAME

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