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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-11
  • New version: 6.1006
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The Wanderer: Post-Nuclear RPG


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The Wanderer: Post-Nuclear RPG is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Jamie Parish. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jamie Parish, with the latest current version being 6.1006 which was officially released on 2021-07-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14666 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the The Wanderer: Post-Nuclear RPG App

How does it Work?

Wander the harsh wasteland as one of the last remaining survivors searching for supplies and battling any unwanted visitors in this Fallout inspired pocket based post-apocalyptic RPG survival game.


Pixel quality gaming on your phone with customizable characters and upgradeable stats and items. Experience the thrill of this Fallout inspired action/adventure game with no forced adverts and no pay wall, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.


Traverse through different towns that have unique places to search from random houses -> medical shops -> police stations, all with lots of places to search for supplies.


With each playthrough, the map changes and locations scatter to give a different playthrough as you plan for expeditions.


Be on the lookout for a beloved pet that could help you gather supplies or help fend off attackers. Level their stats up and have a powerful companion.


With a selection of difficulties to customise, the player can manually choose how hard they want their experience to be. This will add to the replayability and will allow players to try out different playthroughs that can really change up how events turn out.


Find all new parts to build the broken down camper van and be able to travel across the wasteland faster along with extra storage space. Get out of radiated areas quicker and be able to head back to your campsite before you become mutated.


Use skill and strategy to battle any unwanted attackers and be rewarded with their loot which will help you survive longer in this harsh wasteland.


While exploring the player will have the chance to engage with various interactions that can affect your karma as well as trade supplies with another fellow survivor.

Have what it takes to survive the wasteland? Download The Wanderer now!


NOTE: We welcome any feedback during your experience to improve the game. To give feedback, in-game go to > Options > Discord or use this link


Visit the Wiki for tips and detailed information -


Please note this app contains social features that allow you to compete for the high scores in the leaderboards and push notifications to inform you when free supplies are ready to be given. You can choose whether or not to utilize these features.

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Top Reviews

  • By ForestFyre

    Very Promising, with Few Flaws

    I’ve only been playing the game for a bit and I love it so far, the leveling system, music, and simplistic art style really sells this game to me. That being said there are a few aspects of the game that break the immersion. For example, while exploring you may uncover some caps, and in certain events the game will not tell how many were found. Found items are also not specified and must be checked for. Items are unusable when the game first begins, among a few other things. Aside from these quality of life changes though, the item system should also be re-evaluated. Various items with obvious differences in size, such as a hand saw, a food can, and a small pill bottle take up equal amounts of space. Aside from these fairly minor bothers though, the remainder of the game is rock solid. It would be cool to see if the game could be built up even further though, such as having different music depending on the weather and time of day, and more detailed backgrounds, such as ones that show the locations you arrive at.

  • By Taylorwulf

    Chill, Classic gaming w/ Updates on the way!

    I love that it’s a new game that brings classic elements to the table such as it being 2D and the graphics are what seem to be 18-bit. however, the game in itself is very extensive providing you with a lot to keep up with as you begin and naturally as you progress in the game. So it’s safe to say you’re never bored. What I also really like about the game is when you’re travelling you have the choice to speed up, simply clicking the screen multiple times until you arrive at your destination and on the way picking up items, encountering foes, quests, moral events etc. But in retrospect you can travel to a destination and just wait it out in real time in case you’re busy but you still want to progress. Finally, the game support is fantastic. the developer provides us with a discord chat to see the upcoming updates, along with being able to reach out to the developer with any in game question.

  • By EmDiscosHard

    Been journeying for over 10,000 days

    An addicting game, you play The Wanderer at your own pace, rationing supplies to keep you (and a pet?) alive in a radioactive future. A few things I’ve noticed- 1) the “(best)” pet level score keeps climbing past what my best actually was. It’s essentially adding my new pet’s level to my old pet’s level, so it’s inaccurate. 2) I’ve accidentally thrown away too many valuable items because of the size and location of the button. PLEASE add a confirmation screen before throwing away. 3) Charisma doesn’t seem to decrease any prices. In fact I’ve only noticed increases. (I am also able to SELL my items for more, but you should also be able to BUY for less). 4) With MAX Intelligence, at danger area 3/5, my attack success with a pipe should be higher than 66%. 5) The “please consider rating our game” screen did not redirect me to this page. I had to seek it out.

  • By BatmanBassist

    Great Game, Update Poses Some Issues

    So far, the game has been great. The last update, however, has created a major issue: none of my consumables appear in my storage or bag, and the only way i even know i have them is when I'm selling or the weight of the bag/storage. This means i can not eat or drink at all, and currently i risk death. Because of this, i can’t travel. Until this gets fixed, the game is useless. Aside from the issues with the recent update, the game has been fantastic and I have enjoyed playing it. It is very simple and easy to understand, and there are always challenges along the way. I especially like the fact that i just developed a mutation that gives me radiation immunity, that was very realistic. On the whole, the game is actually pretty realistic and as soon as the issue above is fixed I look forward to playing it more.

  • By frycrumbs

    Music and sound effects

    Is there any way you can make it so we can turn the music off but keep the sound effects? Like two buttons you can choose either or ... because the music is a little like a old 70’s sitcom or something but the sound effects are nice to have! Thanks if you can. Also on restart the stats don’t save high score of survivors points? Is that intentional or a bug? And also each bullet or shell should not take a whole inventory spot . I mean how can one shotgun shell take as much room as a shotgun? The weight is different but if I have one shell to many I can’t move even tho the weight is so much less in reality. Just something to think about thanks for the great game and for fixing the mutated bug problem .... I lost a really good character to the super strong bugs ...... but I’ll keep playing for now.

  • By tsktsk2018

    Honest Review

    This game is so flippin fun. I literally will sit here for hours and play. It does not force ads on you (ever!!), you do not feel like you have to always watch ads to get/do things, and it is not a game where you can only play for 10 minutes and then you have to wait several hours to play more. It’s pretty straightforward. Reminds me of a very simplified Fallout game. You have a character and have to navigate a post apoc world. You have to worry about health, hunger, and thirst, along with Rads (radiation poisoning), and Illness. You collect items, take care of your pet, sleep, build things, level up stats (you get to pick where the points go). I would definitely recommend at least giving it a shot; it is free after all!

  • By Mordeccia

    I’m an addict.

    To be really honest, nice work on the game. There is lots of things to do like chances of finding a dog and crafting weapons for survival. I'm an addict to this game. I thrive for more updates and I can’t wait to see more progress on this game. For all that are reading this message, I’m not a message not. The creators of this game deserves some praise once and a while. I just can’t wait for this game to update and develop more. I hope you reply and I really thank you for your hard work on this game. I’m grateful for how many hours you put into making this game. I know this sounds too much but I really appreciate people who have the time to create games for our entertainment. Thank you and good luck with the game!

  • By yikes_ok_yikes

    Simple and a good time waster

    Its a game thats easy to play and something you can do on the side while your waiting for something. If you want you can try to learn the game a little more to get better. The mechanics and gameplay are easy to learn though at the first few times you would either get licky or die alot. Learning from mostakes is a valuable skill in getting better. Definitely try to best yourself from your last play through! Overall though I havent found too many issues. The search system is solid though a bit unfair at times since building something to level up the building skill tales ages. A suggestion would be to provide atleast 2 more level points at the start to better the chances of finding things, either that or add a city map or area in the map where buildings are clustered in. Despite finding items is rare it isn’t impossible but overall pretty fun game.

  • By Dr Critic

    An Simple Game for the RPG Enthusiast

    I first came across this game on Apple Suggestions, and found it to be quite entertaining. The gameplay is easy to understand, and the devices in the game enhance it rather than confusing the objective. I also found the fact that you can play this game easily without paying to be refrashing. So few games today can escape the pay-to-play mentality without ads fouling gameplay. This game simply provides entertaining play, and uses revives and extra supplies rather than ad blocking to encourage spending. So in conclusion, pros: simplicity, engagement, lack of consumeristic material. The aspects of this game that I found irritating were few yet present. After a while, the gameplay becomes menotonous. I won’t spoil the events for you, but after a while, the events repeat many times. The special events like the construction of a vehicle are so difficult to obtain that you have to grind for weeks to reach the point where you can experience new scenarios, and for a person with less patience for repetition, you may find yourself going days before returning to the game. In conclusion, more diversity would be nice to break up long periods of saving up supplies to build different implements. All in all, a solid game. I recommend it. - D.H Bluedorn

  • By rawmeatsuit


    It’s an enjoyable game if you liked fallout new vegas and dont feel like using a console. So far real money doesn’t seem to be necessary, you can watch ads to double the loot you already found which is fair. Devs have to eat too! Combat is simple, but the little intricacies in this are a bit confusing. Storage for example is a big pain when leaving to explore (bringing 5 things to explore and getting a notif. that storage might fall out? not sure if storage or backpack), i’m not sure if I need to tap ‘travel 1 hr’ to reach the location or if it’s a choice of patience. I didn’t go through the tutorial because I thought it might nerf my experience a bit, so I may have missed everything I’m talking about. Regardless, I’m enjoying it. I’ll probably spend a decent amount of hours on this game!

  • By NotDependable

    Fun game, wish it was better

    The game is fundamentally outstanding. Could use a tweak to the pay to play versus not paying and having to grind for hours to get anywhere decent. The longevity of the game is largely dependent on how fun you find doing the same thing over and over, and over, and over. Bullets go by much too fast, and are expensive so the best way to replenish is to craft, but everything worth building or crafting costs metal... so bullets or upgrades. Tough call. You hardly do any damage with max melee so you have to resort to using a weapon or gun to take down higher level enemies, but the durability is trash so have fun with that. All in all it’s a fun game, but leaves room for so much that could make it fantastic. Feels like they got a good rough draft then went for money and said “forget it, it’s good enough”

  • By Kai KH

    Great Game. Sadly lost progress

    This is a great game. Big fan of survival games but so many of them just become pay to play and this really allows you to put in the work and get something out of it. However, I managed to work my way up to 200 storage space at my camp and then lost it and was back at 50 storage then spent thousands and thousands of caps to get back up to 110 and then lost it back to 50 but then updated the game and am back to 110. I spent hours playing and spent a lot of caps to have 200 storage space at camp and now had to spend a lot of caps to get back to even 110. Just hope there’s a way to make sure that I don’t spend hours only to lose progress again. Everything else is fantastic though. It just made me hesitate knowing that I could lose the work I put into it.

  • By AstralBoii

    Actually not that bad

    Most games I get are usually a couple day thing then delete but something about this made me just keep it. Now I’m not saying addicting like some reviews are saying, but maybe it’s the style? Or survival type game? Idk. Try it for your self you won’t regret it. | hopefully your working on it Jaime but some new random things happening like “fights, steal caps,etc” would be nice. For ex “you see a mutated animal. What do you do? Hunt or leave it” And the meat of course is mutated but gives high food but like 8-12 radiation?” Maybe you can cook too?!? Idk like i said can be the most random things just to make it seem more realistic they could even happen only once or maybe a couple of times or just thought of one, depending on where you travel “travel to police station, You see a body in the cell. What do you do? Check it out or leave it alone” possible chance it’s alive and mutated or dead with some stuff on it.

  • By RecessiveDean

    Great game, huge problem. No app support.

    I rarely write reviews for games in general, but seeing as I couldn’t find a single option for any kind of app support, I’m not really sure where to post this. I’ll start by saying this game is incredibly fun, think fallout meets turn based strategy. Overall I only really have one complaint, but it’s a huge deal breaker for me. The ad banner. When the banner is active, it literally covers a huge portion of the game screen, which on its own is a scummy business practice that I find incredibly obnoxious. Normally I don’t have a problem with ads, assuming they’re not intrusive, but this one covers up a bunch of important info about the game (how many caps and tokens you have, your level, your day count) to the point where the game is almost unplayable while it’s active. That being said, I decided to support the dev by purchasing the $4.99 monthly subscription, the main reason being that it supposedly removes the ad banner. That didn’t happen. All of the other “perks” (which were negligible btw) are active, and restoring my purchases gives me a “subscription is active” notification, but the ad banner still pops up constantly. It’s at the point where I don’t want to play the game on principle alone. I’m hoping this is something that can be resolved, because I genuinely enjoy this game, but until it is I will not be playing anymore.

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