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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-16
  • New version: 3.9
  • File size: 155.81 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Block Puzzle ·


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Block Puzzle · is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Block Puzzle Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Block Puzzle Games, with the latest current version being 3.9 which was officially released on 2021-04-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 52591 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Block Puzzle · App

How does it Work?

Block Games is the best wooden block puzzle! Play puzzle games for adults like Block Games to train your brain every day!

If you like wooden block puzzle games or hexa puzzles, you'll love Block Games.

Features of Block Games:

- Place blocks on the grid

- Complete a line of blocks across the grid and it will clear

- Try to clear as many lines as possible

- Beat your high score by playing Block Games every day!

Block Games is a top puzzle game played around the world. Play Block Games by Wooden Block Puzzle every day!

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Top Reviews

  • By Playful Time

    The most relaxing game I have ever played

    This game is amazing! It’s the original block game that has not been copied from others! It’s really challenging to get 8,000 points, but it’s worth it, it’s so satisfying to see all the colors that are available. I play this game every day and I finally reached 5,000 points! I feel so proud and accomplished. I feel really good about downloading this game, I got this from an ad, and the ad was amazing too! I love how the colors are rainbow, but there are decent ads that pop up just like this game, which I’m pretty mad about, I don’t want this game copyrighted by strangers because this is my new favorite game 😫😱😭 Five stars for you!! 🥰😍😛☺️😊💕❤️👍👍👍👍👍

  • By MyChulaBebe

    Block puzzle game

    I’ve been playing this since day one. It’s a good “problem solving” game. It’s simple enough to do n is fun!! My grandchildren play it too n they love it! It’s a classic game that will never “go out of style.” It’s great at getting you to use a little strategy n foresight. Plus, is relaxing n gets ur mind to a happy place on those stressful days, that we’re all experiencing now. Thank you for the little upgrades and for keeping it an always easy to enjoy n play!!! Keep ‘em coming!

  • By krummj18

    I like this game way too much...

    I’ve been playing for years. It’s great to play in the background while doing other things.. watching tv, listening to a podcast, etc. It’s incredibly basic, but is a fun challenge. Over the years, my high score is 13,526 (which I’m sure I will never reach again-ha). It’s a great game! The ads are annoying—hands down I would pay for an ad-free version. But still worth it to play!

  • By vggyhh


    Flood of water from a few days ago today people should always Play this game all day everyone likes this game and 60 years old people still play that game people wanna keep playing keep Blanquita please keep my mom say I am play another game that night at night time lay this all day long-standing pop out of the game restart the game night have a nice day I hope you like this game bye I am going to sleep

  • By hdohhfrcb

    Fun spatial reasoning

    This game has wonderful scope for improvement over a long period of time to develop skills in spatial reasoning. There are many types of strategies one can employ to use the three random pieces in tandem to clear more space on the board for the larger pieces. It provides long periods of relaxing problem solving, since there is no time limit to place your pieces and you can pause and pick up the game from where you left off. The only criticisms of the game I would have are: * I wish the pieces were color-coded, like in Tetris, to make it easier to identify pieces. *Sometimes when I get a low battery warning, the piece I was moving automatically gets placed wherever it was hovering! I wish it would just return the piece to the bottom if I get a screen interruption. *I wish there was a way to reduce the element of chance in the game so you use more strategy, like chess. One time I must have gotten so lucky to get all small pieces, and my score went up to 21,000. But I have never broken 8000 before or since.I wish there was a way to be able to anticipate when the larger or smaller pieces were coming, which would affect one’s strategy.

  • By #helpful_reviewer

    Guide for parents who check reviews

    Hi! Let me start by saying this is no necessarily a game a child will be in a few hours or even days. It’s fun for car rides and down time. It is also great to use without WiFi, data, or on airplane mode, because it will block the ads. Yes, there are ads, but they can easily blocked by switching your mobile to airplane mode. Simple and self explanatory game, and if all block puzzle games, this one would be my recommendation. Thanks for checking the reviews. I think a lot of parents do haha.

  • By please remove the add box

    Please do something about the ads nobody is gonna get the game isn’t bad but I do have something that I want to say which is please get rid of the ads or if you can’t do that then at least have ads after two-three rounds because every round at the end of the game there is an ad which is annoying because I’m just trying to play the game and having that much ads will get you a low rating so all I’m asking is to please do something about it

  • By Semijak

    Tapjoy Scam. (Please Read)

    So I know probably most people here are for the reward for doing the reward. And when you get into the app it’s basically a nest of ads. But I tell you this. It is possible to get the 8000 points. After playing over 52 hours of this game I was able to find a pattern on how to play and after 25 hours I got to 4000 points. But the way I do it is I will play and get to a certain objective (Usually 2000 points) and when I reached that point I would try my best to clear the board as much as I could, and take a break for a bit. Then I would come back and get to my next objective and so on. I tell you it is possible!!

  • By tckneisly

    Great game ruined by ads

    Ads have slowly made their way into this game. They used to be the occasional pop-up between games. Then the pop-ups became more frequent. Now there are ads at the bottom of the screen all the time, and there are always pop-ups between each game, and they can’t be dismissed. I understand the need to generate revenue beyond the initial sale of the game, but I would MUCH rather pay a moderate one-time fee upfront, have the option to pay to disable ads via IAP, or pay a very nominal annual subscription than to have to put up with ads that disrupt the user experience.

  • By Muffingirl2010

    Too challenging

    I love puzzle games! I love Tetris and although I realize this game is slightly different from Tetris in the sense we can’t turn the pieces around It’s still quite similar. I do not like playing games that are so easy that there is no challenge but this is a bit much. I started playing initially to get diamonds for another game and I have to score 2000 points to get the diamonds. I am STILL trying with a high score of only 657. I’m not giving up yet but I also won’t keep at it so long I drive myself crazy. Shouldn’t be this hard. Would happily give 5 stars if wasn’t so so challenging.

  • By cosmosdeer

    Too many ads, not enough like Tetris

    I thought this would be similar to Tetris, but the block configurations are not limited to 4 units, and you can not alter their orientation to better fit in the puzzle. The problem with the blocks not being limited to four units is that all of a sudden, you’ll get a 3x3 square block, which eats a lot of space and rarely fits your puzzle. Dangerous also are the 5 unit long straight pieces. There’s no room! Another thing that really bothered me during play was that the shapes come in any and every color; shapes do not have specific/assigned colors, and it would have been more helpful if all the 2 unit pieces were yellow and the 2x2 squares all blue etc etc. As others have said, the advertisements are exceedingly intrusive. I’ll be deleting this one and looking for something better made.

  • By jester1123

    One major flaw in the game

    I love this game, but one major flaw of the game is that, the game needs a better way to recognize which next 3 pieces it’s going to give you thats “useable”. For those who hasn’t played the game yet; You get 3 pieces, then once you’ve used up all those 3 pieces, you get 3 new ones. The problem is that too many times, you’ll get far in the game around 2k-3k range, then the next 3 piece the game gives you are pieces that you abs can’t use at all so it ends the game, or only one of those 3 pieces will fit somewhere in the grid but will lead no where, so again, it ends the game. It’s almost like they give you those next 3 pieces to lose. UPDATE: Ended up deleting this game in favor of a somewhat similar game but better

  • By icedfate

    horrible game, impossible challenge

    i am good at games i am good at tetris i downloaded this forma tapjoy offer it says “get 2000 points” and it’s impossible! the amount of points you get is so miniscule. it takes 15 minutes to earn 700 points..and then you lose the game always throws pieces at you that it knowsmyou can’t place. like when imneed vertical pieces, it throws horizontal pieces. when i need blocks, it throws lines. when i need small pieces, it throws large pieces, but then there is lots of open space, it throws small pieces. 2000 points is impossible! i see other reviewers saying it is possible to get over 8000 and i do not believe that. this game is designed to destroy your soul and crush it into the dust. it “looked” like Tertris, but they just took Tetris as a model and then removed everything that made Tetris fun. this game is NOTHING like Tetris!!! everywhere banmer ads while playing a pop up ad after every loss. and the game constantly asks if you “love it”, not “like” ..”LOVE” like this developer believes their game is God’s gift to the world, like they think they made a masterpiece, that i would not just like it, but LOVE it screw you i dunno why i bother writing a review, they are probably just gonna delete it. . .

  • By byt08

    No option to remove ads

    This app is mostly ads with a little bit of game playing thrown in. I would gladly pay to remove ads but that option isn’t available. Not only is there an ad every minute, but I keep getting an ad with a girl screaming at the top of her lungs. If you are playing music or podcasts, this game hijacks your speakers with every ad. Then the music or podcast doesn’t come back on after the ad ends. If you leave the block puzzle game to turn music back on, the game goes right back to an ad when you come back, so your music goes away again. It’s an endless cycle of ads that ruins the entire game experience.

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