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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Honkai Impact 3rd


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Honkai Impact 3rd is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by miHoYo Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - miHoYo Limited, with the latest current version being 4.9.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 31671 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Honkai Impact 3rd App

How does it Work?

[Game Introduction]

miHoYo's flagship product and Genshin Impact's companion action game!

Hyperion command system ready. Processing login request... Verified.

Attention, all units! Safety catches unlocked! Download engine transferring high concentrations of energy. Login countdown: 10, 9, 8...

"Captain on the bridge."

Welcome to Hyperion, Captain! From today onwards, you are our Captain!

Come fight for all that is beautiful in the world with us!

HD cel-shaded graphics, infinite combo, ultra-tight controls... Experience next-gen real-time action!

Epic storyline spanning works, immersive stage dialogues, celebrated VA lineup... Become the center of the legend!

More elements including Valkyrie customization, open-world exploration, base building, racing, shooting, and co-op spice up the game like never before!

Get along with a diverse cast of Valkyries and their bonds will become your strength!

Join Valkyries in the war against Honkai to save the fantastic Honkai-verse!

[New Version Content]

[SP Battlesuit | Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]

"In the name of the Prinzessin, you shall be punished for your sins!" SP battlesuit [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!] debuts!

As the first BIO-type archer, she can quick-fire in conjunction with Oz and cast QTE on the field to assist teammates!

[Crossover Event | Outworld Quest]

The city of freedom protected by winds, the tale of swords where thunders clash, the finale sung by ice and fire... What will happen when technology and magic come together?

Don't miss the upcoming crossover event! Play and get Celestial Hymn's new outfit [Heat of Trifolium], [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!] Fragments, and the unique crossover memento [Outworld Quest Emblem]!

[Chapter XXV Updates]

After a nightlong respite, Kiana was pulled into the Theater of Domination and Anti-Entropy was stricken by another crisis. The play is reaching its climax, but for whom will the curtains fall?

Chapter XXV coming soon! Play and get a 4-star event stigma and Crystals!

[Equipment Updates]

PRI scythe [Iris of Helheim], PRI fists [Cosmic Duality], and bow [Mitternachts Waltz] join the arsenal! Moonwatcher set [Wang Zhenyi] joins the arsenal!

Honkai Impact 3rd Subscription Service Features and Apple Subscription Service User Notice

1. Subscription contents

[Adventure Commander] (30 Days) / (90 Days) / (180 Days).

Claim the following items daily:

- Stamina Potion x2, Asterite x200, Mithril x1,000, 50% Captain EXP Chip x1

[Valkyrie Guild] (30 Days) / (90 Days) / (180 Days).

Claim following items daily :

- Valkyrie Fragvyom x1.

Open to randomly receive Battlesuit fragment x1 of the following: Night Squire / Stalker: Phantom Iron / Yamabuki Armor / Valkyrie Pledge

- Random Battlesuit Supply Crate.

Random Battlesuit fragment x1 and ADV EXP Chip x1.

*Subscription rewards are delivered to your mailbox on your first login daily.

2. About Auto Renewal

1) Apple subscription service automatically renews on default and is billed through iTunes Account. The Auto Renewal function can be manually turned off in iTunes/Apple ID Settings. Subscription automatically renews monthly 24 hours before the subscription period ends and is billed through iTunes Account. To cancel subscription, the Auto Renewal function must be turned off no later than 24 hours before the subscription period ends.

2) Subscription services are billed through iTunes account.

3. User Agreement: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/global/en-us/terms

4. Privacy Policy: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/global/en-us/privacy

5. How to cancel subscription

Please go to “Settings” and select the following options in order: “iTunes & App Store” > “Apple ID” > “View Apple ID” > “Account Settings” > “Subscriptions” > “Management”


You can reach us via our customer service email:


Honkai Impact 3rd Official Site: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/global/en-us/

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Top Reviews

  • By CosmicEngine

    First review...

    I’ve never felt the urge to review a game before, but this one has frankly AMAZED me. I didn’t know that these kinds of things were possible in a mobile game, but... yeah. The graphics are awesome, the voice acting (although it is often in a language other than English, it is excellently subtitled) performances are great, there’s so much to do here. An excellent single-player story. Co-op play. Open-world exploration. Anime-style FMV cutscenes. Engaging story with episodes still coming out and many more on the horizon. I can understand why some might spend a lot of money on this game to get things, but I don’t think it’s necessary to do so in order to enjoy it. I’m going to spend money on this game, although I haven’t yet and I’ve been playing for over two months. I’m not going to spend that money because I need to buy something to “win” or have fun, but because I just got an “achievement” that told me I’d spent over 500 hours “in adventures” - and I know I’ve been doing stuff in the game that didn’t contribute to that counter. Anything that can give me over 500 hours of enjoyment is well worth my money. It’s well worth a LOT of my money, and I’m really just amazed that they’ve been able to set it up so that I could reach this conclusion on my own, and I want to reward them for that. This is a really good game. I think you’ll enjoy it - but you don’t have to take my word for it, it’s free! Give it a try and see for yourself.

  • By Iekdemidnedjednjddwcndsjsan

    Game of the year award!

    Wow, at first this didnt look that amazing. But when i started playing it it really was amazing! The graphics are great, its not a mainly pvp based game (which i love!), and the gameplay is awesome! What i dont like is co-op. I like team games, and this one is awesome, but i would like if you could play with people closer to your level. I don’t appreciate playing with a level 50 while im a level 18, because then they do way more damage and work while im doing nothing and still getting good rewards. I would just like it if there was a setting where when you make a match you can set the max level as well (so i could set it where i play with level 17-23 players. But still, this game is the game of the year🙂🙃🙂🙃. Edit: now, after playing for some time, I noticed that you have to be a certain level to do the main story. I know that its just so your a good level but im really good at the game. In fact, im not sure if this is normal for people to do, but i never bring a friend with me because it brings more of a challenge. I just beat poem of wind and i REALLY want to do the next part. But since i have to be level 33 (yep, im only level 31, and i have never lost a level), i cant. The energy is totally fine, in fact, maybe more then fine. I understand i can do hard mode to get xp, but i really want to keep going through the story because in my opinion, it’s amazing. But this doesn’t make it not the “game of the year.” 🙂

  • By locustking444

    Super fun but some problems

    This game is super fun, like I love the characters or Valkyries is what their called in the game, I also enjoy how the game works and all the events. Theirs one problem though, I think their still isn’t enough ways to get crystals, I have so many problems with getting weapons and characters because I don’t have crystals, this game can be a ftp game and a ptp, you can be a free to play but it’s kind of hard because you can’t get high scores just by being a free to play player, and some valkyries need certain stigmas and weapons to be good. Also the gacha crates is another thing I don’t like because they have weapons and stigmas in the same crate, they have this thing where if you open 10 crates and you don’t get a 4 star weapon or stigma, you are guaranteed a stigma or weapons, yea this might sound good but the stigma drop rate is higher then the weapon so you’re probably going to get a stigma, and this is why I think we need more crystals, I can’t even count the times I gotten a stigma instead of the weapon I really want. Theirs also a event called time swirl which you can’t get a ok four star weapon or stigma and the way you get that is by buying a certain stigma then playing the event missions to get fragments and stuff, and the drop rate isn’t that good, and theirs a lot of thing you need to get the ok four star weapon or stigma. But most of the time I play this game have a lot of fun so yea

  • By Special_JKM

    Would still have it if it was my own phone

    I had this game several months ago, and I played it everyday because of how good it was. The only reason I deleted it is because my parents would be on my case if they saw anime women(THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE DEVS SHOULD MAKE IT MORE KID FRIENDLY, BY THE WAY)on their Christian teenager’s phone that they pay for. Anyways, I will say what I like about this game now. I like how(at least, when I had the game)they gave players tons of excess energy and rewards so that you could play for days straight without getting stumped by tough opponents running out of energy. I also like how fluid the animations—and the game, in general—are, and, of course, JIGGLE PHYSICS!!! XD. The background music is very imaginative and I love how the song for the main menu makes me feel like I’m floating in outer space(Whoever you guys have making your BGMs, you better keep them on board XD). The characters have nice designs, the storyline is well developed, and I think I’ve pretty much covered everything except that new characters can be hard to obtain. If you’re trying to gain a higher rarity character, then you better be ready to spend some cash or grind for a long time. Otherwise than that, it’s revolutionary for the quality of freemium mobile games, so THANK YOU DEVS!!! I hope the release for the next Honkai Impact goes well!

  • By EchOesX

    Better than $50 Game?

    When I started playing this game for the first time, I had my worries about what type of free game it was. There has been always that trend that higher the lvl more money you have to throw at it, or “pay to win”. But not when it comes to this game. I get this Overwatch feel from it just because the different selection of characters and as well just it’s overall mechanics that make it feel like a “fresh game”. You can tell that the developers put a ton of love into it and to be honest... This beats all the $50 dollar games that I have ever bought. This game always feels fresh when jumping in, and it feels like the content is always updating. Though, I feel like this game must have more attention via customers, but it already has a huge fan base in Japan. There is so much to do in this game, even being a high lvl as myself, I keep finding more to do. They have a competitive like arena that you compete against others for loot and it keeps me on my toes about every second of the day! In a week span of playing this game, I believe that I can say that I technically “I wasted my whole life” but to be honest... What this game brings.. Isn’t wasteful at all.. But perfection. (P.S. this game is so good, I would likely spend millions of dollars, because this game deserves it.)

  • By Tony~%$

    Wow!!! Best game in years!! 1 trailer seen and hooked!

    I can’t believe how amazingly well polished this game is omg!! I swear I haven’t seen a properly polished games in years!! This is such an amazing game and I actually felt like playing more and more! So many games in the past few years have been lame and are extremely buggy on launch and they feel like unfinished games. However, this game feels like a finished game and don’t get me started on how amazingly optimized this game is!! Graphical settings from resolution change to anti-aliasing that are only for a computer version of a game that is actually presented here!! So impressed! 60fps YESS!This game is improving beyond the level of optimization and polished detail of a product. The OST is amazing!! I fell in love with the two main menu soundtracks on first listen. I can Imagine if this game became an anime!!(unless it already did idk) I would watch it hell yeah!(manga would be awesome too). Never have I played a game where I actually want to spend money on loot crates!! All other games are unfinished and demand crates but this game is far more than polished and optimized and deserves to have loot crates! I believe loot crates should only be acceptable for finished games such as this!! You earned my money!!(for when I buy the micro transactions)

  • By Tipps_

    Never gets old

    This is the only app I have ever reviewed and I’m only doing so because I truly think Mihoyo deserves it. I started playing this game early 2018 not long after it released in America. I can say with full confidence that I will continue to play it for years to come. The developers do not rest when it comes to new content and constant events, even though it’s been years since the game had its surge. Whenever I stop playing for a while and then log back in later, I always get all sorts of new rewards and get to take part in new stories and game modes. The combat is super satisfying and the leveling process is pretty smooth. Unlike most gacha games, if you spend even just 10 minutes a day on the game you’ll progress fast enough that you won’t feel the need to spend money. Although I do have to say, I have spent a decent amount of money on the game (mainly cosmetic items that aren’t related to progression). There are obviously some flaws that come with being a beefy game, like the rare crash during a level or the fact that it takes up 15 GB on my phone. Other than these though, this is hands down the best iOS game I have ever played.

  • By Magicalman1

    Sakura Samsara

    Overall, I love the game. The quality is outstanding. The problem I have is with the Sakura Samsara. Once I reached level 30 I was really happy because I could finally play it. When I beat all the tasks in 6 minutes, I was hoping that there would be more for me to do. Clear more tasks get stronger and get other fragments. When I went back in there I was in the same location and all the supplies that I grabbed was gone. I thought, “Okay, sure whatever.” When I ran out of supplies and I need more I could go to another location or grab other supplies. Nothing reloaded. I get that because it you had unlimited supplies, all of the level 30 players would be level 60 in a day. Instead of having it to reload every three days, why not just everyday. Once you finish your tasks then the next day the set more and do it again. I know this is never going to happen because whoever made this took a lot of time and effort into making everything workout. I just wanted to say that there should be more activities in the Sakura Samsara. Other than that I love the game. I got so many other people into it because of how much I enjoyed it.

  • By Lunanightfire


    I usually never write reviews but believe me when I say this is a good game. The characters have different personalities and you choose which valkyries you want to use for levels. I’ve had this game for quite a while. There were only 4 characters (not counting different battle suits) when I started and it’s been amazing to watch more and more be added. I stopped playing for a while but I got back into it a few months ago and I’m so addicted (AGAIN!). Most days I complete all daily tasks because there’s so much you can do in one day. Evolving valkyries, getting new ones, leveling them up, getting new stigmas, weapons, you name it! Not to mention how beautiful and fun Sakura Samsara tasks are. It’s worth checking out if you have enough space on your phone. This game is amazing but I was thinking 1v1 pvp with another captain would be a really nice addition. Team pvp with multiple captains would also be really fun! Just another thought, creating/ customizing your own Valkyrie maybe? That’s a stretch but these were just some things I thought would probably never get me to put my phone down if this game had these.

  • By AlabasterF

    Best game I’ve ever played on iOS

    This game is first and foremost just fun to play. The battle system is so good! The graphics are stunning. Seriously this looks and feels like a console game. There are normal levels where you run through and battle enemies, there are a couple open world modes, a super cute side-scrolling mode, co-op, boss raids, etc and they’re all so smooth. There’s even a chibi version of your characters that hangout in an apartment that you can decorate. I love games where you collect characters and weapons but many become work after a while. The best part about collecting in this is the fact that you actually play as the character you draw with the actual weapons you get. A lot of games give you cards and weapons but you don’t actually play as/with them which is annoying. Not the case here. The Stigmata cards are stunning works of art, better than they need to be. There’s just so much to do and collect in this game. It’s never boring and never feels like a grind. Highly recommended. The only suggestion I have is to make more outfits and make them more available! Also make pets available again!!!!!

  • By anonymouff

    amazinf :p

    i really love this game, i started playing in 2018, and stopped in 2019. i was captain level 64 before i stopped, and came back. currently, im only level 69. the reason why i stopped is because farming and stamina became an issue for me and i started to become tired and bored of doing the same thing. whenever i try to farm, i would use up stamina and blah blah blah. i need crystals to get stamina, but then again its very limited for f2p players like me. crystals and other things to level up weapons, stigmata, etc is mandatory and it takes a long time or forever to farm, and the supply drops are rarely useful and just waste my crystals. so what im sayin is that there should be another way for f2p players to gain more crystals and materials (materials like honkai pieces and other stuff for late game materials) should be easier to farm and not too reliable on top-ups n all that. otherwise, i really enjoy going back to playing this game ! this game is a work of art. i love all of the character designs and the graphics in this game. i can tell that you guys work hard to make more updates and valkyries for us . this game is amazing and im looking forward for more updates :P (also PLEASE PLEASE add a buff or augument to Gyakushinn Miko!!) thanks :) (also i know this review doesnt really make sense im just a random kid on da internet >_>)

  • By Afgren

    Pretty good game

    Overall, a pretty good game. (I rant about the bad stuff on the top. The good stuff is at the bottom.) If I had anything to complain, it would be the size of the game and the amount of time it takes to fully recover to full stamina. I find myself constantly lacking stamina, not able to play as much as I want since some of the mission go by really quickly. I empty the stamina, went to sleep, woke up 8 hours later, and the stamina bar still isn’t full. I would love either another building in the base that lets you recover stamina faster, or simply making it recover 20 stamina a hour instead. 10 stamina a hour isn’t even enough to play a mission sometimes! The camera lock on system feels pretty bad as well, I tried going off auto and it’s still meh. It need a way to easily select a target we choose. Also occasionally lag, but that’s just my own device. Now on to the good stuff. The graphics are amazing (for a mobile game, comparing to pc isn’t fair). The combat feels good, and the rate I earn crystals is not bad. I think I can probably do 3 of the 10x supply thing in 2 months while just casually playing. As a counter to the stamina issue, I am pretty happy that the infinite abyss and other things don’t cost stamina. The game is free-to-play, though your progress will be a lot slower.

  • By ndbahjabd

    I love this game

    I love this game so much, this is probably the first game ever that made me not want to skip the story and it made me not skip other games stories either, the story is just that good. The graphics are really good like a console game. Tho I’m a girl I’m simping hard for the characters in this game since they all have personality it makes me want to collect them all. If your reading this review something to keep in mind that this is a GACHA game meaning bad experiences can not be avoided. Sometimes u may get the units that u want first try and other times u can spend all your crystals and not get anything, that’s what gacha games are about. If u can’t handle that then I’m sorry this game might not be for you. But this is a better gacha game because it has pity drops so as long as u spend enough crystals u will always 100% get the unit (tho it’s A LOT). Also this game has indirect pvp like abyss which I kinda don’t like because only the top 3 on that floor gets a lot of crystals. Also a suggestion can u make it so u can turn lower tier stuff into higher tier stuff? Like mithril into asterite? Because after a while u have all these low tier stuff that u just don’t use but not enough of the high tier stuff. Thx for reading my review.

  • By Pictsforlife

    Love it but 🤔

    There is a few problems with the game 1. The CG’s there not bad but there the Number one reason why the game crashes on me have a option in the main, login/loading screen menu to turn off the CG’s. 2. Power saving mode this does work from time to time but it’s not that great it does make the game run a little bit smoother but doesn’t help to prevent crashing. 3. The update CG’s this what has been prevented me from playing the game after the open world mode I have played the open world mode but every update after that I haven’t been able to get back in the game because of the update CG’s and I know there is a skip button but it crashes before I can even use it. And I do love the game don’t get me wrong but it needs A few changes. And know this is a big game to run on Mobile devices and the device I have is a iPhone 6 and it’s up to date and it works really well when I played the game but please do understand that not everyone get a new phone or tablet to just play a single game. And I meant to write this review sooner but I got lazy and please don’t take this the wrong way I love your game but I just need to a few tweaks and changes to even work for me and other people have a similar problem. thank you. 😄

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